PC Player Joins Fortnite Mobile Scrim Lobby (Not Fair)

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Beaks - 4 months ago
I’m seeing a lot of comments saying that I was being toxic trying to hit a trick shot on that player in the first game. That game was not a mobile scrim, that was a pop up cup lol
Mr Jccp
Mr Jccp - 11 days ago
We Need more people like beaks that actually support mobile players as they get so much hate (ik from personal experience)
CTT Kronos
CTT Kronos - 20 days ago
Respect for mobile xd 👍
Pro_Default - 21 day ago
Maricio Funez wanna play
Maricio Funez
Maricio Funez - 24 days ago
I’m a mobile player it’s like the hardest platform I’m on a iPhone 6s
RyanTDS - 2 hours ago
They deleted it because of people doing things like what you did in the vid I with they would bring it back that was awesome
Lyric Montoya
Lyric Montoya - Day ago
I just want to let everyone know that if you piss me off than your fucked, My parents are top executives for youtube and i can get you banned
Candy Xia
Candy Xia - Day ago
bro u realise that some pc players also play on 30 fps
and some play on 20 fps as well
luckily i dont
Nigel Lee
Nigel Lee - 2 days ago
All these players play on IPads or IPhones... Beaks
Every other phone and tablet company, Are we a joke to you?
Ruby Arraiga
Ruby Arraiga - 5 days ago
Zero Sang
Zero Sang - 6 days ago
Mobile will be better than cp or controller
Mystiicツ - 6 days ago
im at 30fps on pc
arc bahamut gaming
arc bahamut gaming - 6 days ago
Excuse me I get 25 bobs on mobile
Sammy V
Sammy V - 6 days ago
Who cares
Domineq Rose
Domineq Rose - 6 days ago
Wow. You are such a nice guy
Chase Rose
Chase Rose - 6 days ago
this man spent 2 mins on an intro in order to get a 10 min video 😑😑😑😑😑😑
Hula Hula x2
Hula Hula x2 - 5 days ago
Chase Rose ... wtf bro HAHA suck ma dick
Chris Boop
Chris Boop - 7 days ago
they removed it because it’s unfair
ツXxNevarez23xX - 7 days ago
Yes sir 👍
Kayden Hutchinson
Kayden Hutchinson - 8 days ago
What’s wrong with w key?
Kayden Hutchinson
Kayden Hutchinson - 8 days ago
I’m glad u can’t do this anymore mobile should be able to join any server of their choice since they have a disadvantage but pc and console shouldn’t be able to unless it’s a custom private invite match I play mobile sometimes and when I do I have had many wins taken from me by people with special controllers and keyboards it’s so annoying
DAZ V1P3R - 8 days ago
So I was on PC and my friend on Xbox and his sister was on mobile my friend said that we were going to join a mobile server and (if we actually joined one tho) I still got destroyed lol
fortnite music block maker
So your the one that I kept seeing in the kill feed
HeroMCPE5 Vlogs
HeroMCPE5 Vlogs - 8 days ago
2:11 auto generated subtitles lol
cloud cloud
cloud cloud - 8 days ago
can i have a subscribe i have 0 btw i’m underrated if you want to 1v1 me it’s yt.cloudcloud
Khaot1c AIM
Khaot1c AIM - 8 days ago
Ummm are you making fun of are kind I just got a 20 bomb in classic solo squading soo bet
Sam Jhon
Sam Jhon - 9 days ago
This guy deserves way more respect
Cheeta - 9 days ago
Julian Madilian
Julian Madilian - 9 days ago
They are actually at a 30 FPS disadvantage. 30fps isn’t clear at all lmao
LegowhiteYT - 6 days ago
Some get 60 tho.
TurkeyPOW3R - 9 days ago
It seems like he is playing duos
Jaiden Nuccio
Jaiden Nuccio - 9 days ago
Wait wait wait is it not toxic to be trying to no scope the last person
Julian Madilian
Julian Madilian - 9 days ago
Jaiden Nuccio it kinda is cuz ur implying they are bad and that he didn’t need to try
ItzDriftingDrift45 Sub to ItzAce
Not fair wat do u mean I am a god I got my daily win today
One or nothing or lukesky1232
Ya I play on mobile with two fingers
Exon Fizzy
Exon Fizzy - 8 days ago
@Read your Bible yeah i felt uncomfortable when i switched to three fingers
Read your Bible
Read your Bible - 8 days ago
Exon Gladius it be feeling uncomfortable lmao
Exon Fizzy
Exon Fizzy - 8 days ago
Try four or three i used to play with two fingers and i was good but it held me back i recomend to use three fingers then four
Read your Bible
Read your Bible - 8 days ago
One or nothing or lukesky1232 me w
Slinderman767 69
Slinderman767 69 - 10 days ago
I play on mobile
Thanasis Pernaros
Thanasis Pernaros - 10 days ago
I’m a mobile player and I won with 14 kills
Thanasis Pernaros
Thanasis Pernaros - 9 days ago
Slaternator - 9 days ago
Thanasis Pernaros I’m a pc player and I won on mobile with28 kills
Erick Green
Erick Green - 10 days ago
Thank you 🙏
Erick Green
Erick Green - 10 days ago
I play on a iPad
Dang Anxiety
Dang Anxiety - 10 days ago
What season did u start?
Like 0-4
Reply 5-9
(Tryna grow on YouTube plz help)
Redzone WR
Redzone WR - 11 days ago
Cmx Valentino
Cmx Valentino - 11 days ago
Yo beaks you said mobile players are on 30 fps well, i am playing on pc and i have 30 fps with the lowest settings 😂
Paul Morice
Paul Morice - 12 days ago
I can join mobile servers cause I’m on switch yet I barely get wins cause I don’t have a gun or I have bad guns
Hyper 27
Hyper 27 - 12 days ago
It really is hard to play on mobile that’s the only thing I can play fortnite on
Boomzy - 12 days ago
Cause it's not fair for mobile players u dumbass
FaZeCaliberGamerBTW - 12 days ago
I have 60fps on mobile switch is the one that cant afford 60fps lol
Yordi Salbador
Yordi Salbador - 12 days ago
Mobile have 60 FPS acutely
rtxv mtz
rtxv mtz - 10 days ago
Yordi Salbador I did it for fun but for real builds I play on ps4
Yordi Salbador
Yordi Salbador - 10 days ago
rtxv mtz I mean do you still play mobile or...
rtxv mtz
rtxv mtz - 10 days ago
Yordi Salbador I don’t really know much about mobile that’s why. Last time I played was when the IPhone X only had 60fps
Yordi Salbador
Yordi Salbador - 10 days ago
rtxv mtz other iPhone have it I have a iPhone 8 Plus and has 60 FPS
rtxv mtz
rtxv mtz - 10 days ago
Yordi Salbador on IPhone X+ only I think
Xerxus Family J4N GO
Xerxus Family J4N GO - 13 days ago
I am good on my IPad too
Vinny DiRocco
Vinny DiRocco - 13 days ago
I am a mobile god 4 solos in a row all 20
Hayden Brongersma
Hayden Brongersma - 14 days ago
6:34 someone killed SSNsanta!
Afgrre d
Afgrre d - 14 days ago
Ur a liar custom match making is still here
SP1DR Clan - Fortnite Mobile
LOOK AT THAT THUMBNAIL... Why are you people so annoying? Most mobile players aren’t bad, just watch Ducky play! Just so you know, you shouldn’t put mobile players as defaults. I bet that many mobile players can win in a 1v1 battle 🤦‍♂️ Just please don’t do that, as it’s offensive to me
Sunrise Gamer
Sunrise Gamer - 14 days ago
Simply no. It’s unfair
Emily Harrison
Emily Harrison - 14 days ago
This was made one day before my birthday mine is march 12
Michael Stern
Michael Stern - 14 days ago
love the vid
stormcaller 101
stormcaller 101 - 15 days ago
Yeah, Banned the try hards because people on fortnite always make the game not fun
Sprit Z
Sprit Z - 15 days ago
Your are noob
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