PC Player Joins Fortnite Mobile Scrim Lobby (Not Fair)

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Beaks - Month ago
I’m seeing a lot of comments saying that I was being toxic trying to hit a trick shot on that player in the first game. That game was not a mobile scrim, that was a pop up cup lol
Llamas Are da best
Llamas Are da best - 11 days ago
Beaks I’m mobile and I can floor wall ramp
William Dolecki
William Dolecki - 13 days ago
I respect u do much for the begging of the video
Neji FNM
Neji FNM - 14 days ago
You should check out flash , he’s even better than ducky
Tanner Fletcher
Tanner Fletcher - 19 hours ago
Should have capped his frames at 30
Connor Robinson
Connor Robinson - Day ago
This gameplay isnt even good
ZMR Zander
ZMR Zander - Day ago
He’s a god, ON MOBILE.
ツAsvpFN - Day ago
He pushed everybody in a scrim lmao
Meg Cammack
Meg Cammack - 2 days ago
I play on Mobil and I’m the best Mobil player I started in season six I have 43 wins and my highest kill game with a win is 8 kills so if you want a win add Fighterpilot7 on Fortnite ✌️
Meg Cammack
Meg Cammack - 2 days ago
And I can build soo good
Meg Cammack
Meg Cammack - 2 days ago
I know that’s not A LOT of wins but for Mobil you bet it is
Teamdeathray Forever
Teamdeathray Forever - 3 days ago
All my friends play on Xbox and ps4 and I rekt them
Oliver Alvarez
Oliver Alvarez - 3 days ago
Why would you play moble
Nicolas Figueroa
Nicolas Figueroa - 3 days ago
Viste como conozco al dukii
MemeBoi88 YT
MemeBoi88 YT - 3 days ago
Respect man
Logan Bray
Logan Bray - 4 days ago
I used to play on mobile and it is iposable to bilde
Sukhjit Basra
Sukhjit Basra - 2 days ago
Guessing it’s also impossible for you to spell?
flippinsaurs - 4 days ago
You Sound like chills
SweatyS7 Anime,ROBLOX,and More!!!
6:20 what skin is that?
Hardcore Gamers
Hardcore Gamers - 4 days ago
I actually have a friend that friends with Ducky, and I’ll admit that ducky’s pretty chill
King Shak josef
King Shak josef - 4 days ago
Thank you for helping us beaks
Original Giraffe
Original Giraffe - 4 days ago
Thanks for respecting the mobile community
God Of Anime
God Of Anime - 5 days ago
Kill yourself if you hadn't already ps: just a joke
Jonas Chen
Jonas Chen - 5 days ago
wait... so is it bad that i get 30 fps on laptop lmao
Jack ツ
Jack ツ - 5 days ago
imagine there FPS
NSO Čødê
NSO Čødê - 5 days ago
When you see the legendary ak 😮😯
Paradox Spxrky
Paradox Spxrky - 5 days ago
Ducky:Don’t w key everyone

*W Keys Everyone*
SuperProGamerSP - 5 days ago
I wish they would make custom matchmaking for everyone and not just registered youtubers
Fortnite monster Fortnite
They did bring it back im watching in 2019
Timey255 - 5 days ago
I’m deeply offended from this. I play on iPad Pro.(jk ily)
Chronicsway - 5 days ago
What pc do you have ??
margaret miller
margaret miller - 5 days ago
I play Samsung s8 why u hating on android we play to.
Tyler Mccalll
Tyler Mccalll - 6 days ago
They brought it back
HitaruPlayz - 6 days ago
Its because its really unfair for mobile players to go up againts pc players cause thats just a major disadvantage for the mobile player, some people are use to playing mobile and build like crazy but majority of mobile fortnite players struggle to switch there stuff for building like stairs,floors and sweaty triangles, jeez i hate those things, anyways yeah i think thats the reason they removed it and like the video if you agree, dont like this comment, like the video
Svarog Plays
Svarog Plays - 6 days ago
I have an idea ill use anonnymus mode and just DELETE
We are the best at Fortnite Or are we
Can we 1v1
Geo Esqueda
Geo Esqueda - 6 days ago
those keybinds tho
StuckInASock - 6 days ago
Why would you ever need a 2 minute intro
SkeetMaa MWD
SkeetMaa MWD - 6 days ago
Ur high key a bot
B3to2 C3to2
B3to2 C3to2 - 6 days ago
I want them to remove switch players with Mobile players I dislike it sorry
מיכאל טל
מיכאל טל - 7 days ago
Biggynrex better than ducky the gamer
Oh yeah yeah
Oh yeah yeah - 7 days ago
At 1:51 he said ' this is what happens when a CONTENT CREATOR joins a mobile lobby' even tho DuckyTheGaner IS a content creator!
I'm a mobile player as well 😊
Dinoto Gamer
Dinoto Gamer - 7 days ago
I got banned from ya server can u help me join
Big Ro
Big Ro - 7 days ago
Talks about not being toxic while tries to trick shot last guy
Tanvir Taj
Tanvir Taj - 7 days ago
Moblie dodo
noahzagod - 8 days ago
imagine chilling on mobile then running into this virgin
SiriTV - 8 days ago
It’s so laggy. 25 ping
Sokvisal Orn
Sokvisal Orn - 8 days ago
Mobile players are pretty good
Hayes Smith
Hayes Smith - 8 days ago
Mobile gang sorry
Hayes Smith
Hayes Smith - 8 days ago
Mobile game
Phaxay Thammavongsa
Phaxay Thammavongsa - 8 days ago
Finally someone respects mobile players, to be fair some mobile players are really good, btw I suck on mobile and pc
tori the cool gamer
tori the cool gamer - 8 days ago
this is embassasing for u
tweede kleuter Transvaal
How can you JOIN a scrim
YouTube NRG LIL KJ - 9 days ago
Thanks I play on mobile I just qualified for the World Cup I appreciate your respect for mobile players
Connor Robinson
Connor Robinson - Day ago
The world cup isnt for mobile smart one.
Sukhjit Basra
Sukhjit Basra - 2 days ago
No mobile player qualified stop lying
smarz - 3 days ago
Show proof
Strawberry Plays
Strawberry Plays - 9 days ago
I play mobile lol
twoja staraxd
twoja staraxd - 9 days ago
grant the goat is good too
Yetunde Smith
Yetunde Smith - 10 days ago
Because you can auto run on mobile Now you can on Nintendo switch
Casper Duster
Casper Duster - 10 days ago
They removed it because you suck ,,play in your lobby you stupid
the zambie gamer
the zambie gamer - 10 days ago
A note9 can run fortnite on high settings with about 58 fps
Hi I'm Day z
Hi I'm Day z - 10 days ago
Raymundo Gonzalez
Raymundo Gonzalez - 10 days ago
And switch
Raymundo Gonzalez
Raymundo Gonzalez - 10 days ago
I’m on mobile
Beast Batman217
Beast Batman217 - 10 days ago
Yo I am a mobile player and I have played with a pc player and they were toxic thank you being nice to mobiles cause it is really tough to use and I subscribed
Ivan Fortnite PS4
Ivan Fortnite PS4 - 10 days ago
Ducky the gamer can go suck a pickle
Ivan Fortnite PS4
Ivan Fortnite PS4 - 10 days ago
Fricken used AUTOFIRE in a scrim
LonzoInThe House
LonzoInThe House - 10 days ago
Beaks you should join xd clan
Reviah - 10 days ago
Afk Noobz
Afk Noobz - 10 days ago
Stop making fun of mobile players cause I play mobile and I am almost as good as u
YT Pink
YT Pink - 11 days ago
Turn blue if you love beaks# I have channel trying to hrow
Franny Panny
Franny Panny - 11 days ago
Thanks for respecting us mobile players for this Ill give u a like and sub
Salty Water
Salty Water - 11 days ago
im eating
YTnoahMC - 11 days ago
I'm the biggest bot in the fortnite so it's fair
Random Gamer
Random Gamer - 11 days ago
Lol you literally just answered your own question in the intro.
CripticZ - 11 days ago
He talks so annoying like in pauses
lilday ._.
lilday ._. - 11 days ago
They removed it because it was unfair
Nobody Important
Nobody Important - 11 days ago
Dent forget android players still play Fortnite and I'm a decent player
Krispy - 11 days ago
Nobody Important None of this made any sense whatsoever
AKA Jeicon
AKA Jeicon - 11 days ago
Your lying I play on 60mps on iPhone xr
FUK_LeviBOMBE - 11 days ago
Why you Play with pc in Handy Scrim lobbys
Cruz Hartsell
Cruz Hartsell - 11 days ago
I am mobile player and dropped an 28 bomb once
Krispy - 11 days ago
Cruz Hartsell No one cares
Jasim Gamer VI
Jasim Gamer VI - 11 days ago
Im on pc and a mobile player has beter FPS then me? WTF
Rico Gaming
Rico Gaming - 12 days ago
Why you... why you bully me
Jovani Medel Morales
Jovani Medel Morales - 12 days ago
Cause mobile players spam
Slid Marksman
Slid Marksman - 12 days ago
Any way ducky would beat all of you besides beaks
GummyBearGusher - 12 days ago
Mobile players play on a higher FPS than me
GummyBearGusher - 12 days ago
I play on computer
Jona Muñoz
Jona Muñoz - 12 days ago
Ducky is a joke
Nixon Yarnold
Nixon Yarnold - 12 days ago
Pzr - 12 days ago
What does he mean W key?
JaxxSuckss - 12 days ago
W key for PC is their run key ! bro if u could sub to me it would be great plz . 😘
David Metreveli
David Metreveli - 12 days ago
It is note hard to play on model I’m a pro my self
FΛƬΛ Bodhi
FΛƬΛ Bodhi - 12 days ago
It’s funny that you think we are at a disadvantage, even though only people who play with two thumbs are bad lol
Gaming π
Gaming π - 12 days ago
*This video is sponsored by Duckythegamer*
Nadix Gamer
Nadix Gamer - 13 days ago
Ducky: “Don’t W key too hard”
Beaks: Ok 👌🏾
Also Beaks: *Rushes every player he see (even boxed)*
LEYZ PLAYZ oh yeah yeah
LEYZ PLAYZ oh yeah yeah - 13 days ago
They removed it coz it wasn't fair that's why
Moz Weiner
Moz Weiner - 13 days ago
I play on 60 fps
marcus - 13 days ago
10:02 money hungry
Nobock - 13 days ago
pretty dumb to try play at high level on a mobile... stupid people !
Sunset Lover
Sunset Lover - 13 days ago
I used to ay on phone but now I play on ps4
M3alem Ana
M3alem Ana - 13 days ago
Those spectators kept watching because he is so good and they thought he is playing on mobile
RoyalFreak - 12 days ago
+M3alem Ana Aw, your welcome
M3alem Ana
M3alem Ana - 12 days ago
Maybe!! + thanks for your reply im happy now someone carred for my comment😍
RoyalFreak - 12 days ago
Or maybe because everyone stays spectating in a scrims???
Max Conville
Max Conville - 13 days ago
Is w keying just another way to say move too fast I’m new to pc so I don’t know all the terms and stuff?
Sakdipat Vijitvoravong
Sakdipat Vijitvoravong - 14 days ago
How do you know they are not playing on Samsung
Monish Avvaru
Monish Avvaru - 14 days ago
Xf Gamer
Xf Gamer - 14 days ago
Ha lol am going to drop a 20 bomb when custom matchmaking come back
Xf Gamer
Xf Gamer - 14 days ago
Plarage well I can if I want bitch get your fucking facts right
Plarage - 14 days ago
no, ur not good enough
Fortnite Montage
Fortnite Montage - 14 days ago
I was playing it without even knowing
BOI - 14 days ago
They lowkey trash though even for mobile players
Hyperz. Ayeo ayeo
Hyperz. Ayeo ayeo - 5 days ago
Bro stop being toxic Most players in that looby were trash bcuz of lag and Ping bcuz ducky is name and most players were NAW and also there are a lot of god players that play on mobile out there
GTA5 Clip maker USA-FR
GTA5 Clip maker USA-FR - 14 days ago
Can somebody tell me how to get there
Kevin 11
Kevin 11 - 14 days ago
"Please don't be toxic", goes and pickaxes the last player in a Scrim lobby.
Blek Spoderman
Blek Spoderman - 3 days ago
Rory YT nah he did pickaxe a guy in the scrim
Rory YT
Rory YT - 3 days ago
My dude,that was a pop up cup,not the scrim lobby lol
Supersonicstella - 4 days ago
Kevin 11 My dude thats a lie
Blek Spoderman
Blek Spoderman - 5 days ago
To be fair that was giving the other guy a chance
Kevin 11
Kevin 11 - 14 days ago
Mobile lobbies are so adorable LuL!
square_month Fortnite
square_month Fortnite - 15 days ago
Cause it’s gonna be hard for most of the times and we need same fbs with every player
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