Joe Rogan Experience #1278 - Kevin Hart

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Patrick Langston
Patrick Langston - 15 hours ago
Beautiful, amazing what two open minded.driven individuals can provide to the world when they really focus and care about what truly matters and makes life meaningful. It was great hearing Kevin speak, extremely down to earth individual, I love Joe's ability to provide an open and comfortable space of non jugdement where he can extract the juicy meaningful conversations full of knowledge that is so easily revealed when we are given an understanding and receptive environment of mindfulness to share with.
Second Opinion
Second Opinion - 20 hours ago
*Kevin, I get that you've worked out a contract with JP Morgan Chase to spread their "Financial Fitness" to minorities but Chase = Debt. Chase is not a blessing to people. Chase, by law, is required to bring prosperity to their shareholders. Period. Again, I get that it's lucrative but connecting individuals with Chase is a disservice. The only time I ever refer to "The Bible" is on this subject. Apparently the ONLY time Jesus was ever physically aggressive or violent was when he turned over the tables of the money lenders. That's Jamie Dimon and JP Morgan Chase.*
Leonel Gallardo
Leonel Gallardo - Day ago
Money Mayweather movie featuring Kevin Hart?
Planetanitaac - Day ago
Dude, this podcast is the sh*t. I freaking love it
christopher pruitt
christopher pruitt - 2 days ago
Funny. Instead of the government it was the leftist mob that went through his history and pulled him aside.
Danny Rho
Danny Rho - 2 days ago
On that apology segment,,,, where is Patrice O'Neal when you need him? Love to see that man schooling all the SJWs. RIP grand master.
Lone Star
Lone Star - 2 days ago
I think Kevin Hart might be better at philosophy than comedy. Hes still funny tho.
Laszlo Mag
Laszlo Mag - 2 days ago
hahaha, damn I've never seen Joe laugh so hard :D
Riya patel
Riya patel - 2 days ago
Will smith will be a good guest
Jakobe - 3 days ago
i get like 12-14 hours of sleep lmfao
B.T Martin
B.T Martin - 3 days ago
I can picture kevin running through the house screaming “ it’s taco tuesday bitcheeessss” “get y’all ass up it’s taco Tuesday “🤣🤣
L'Quik Shrtz
L'Quik Shrtz - 3 days ago
I think Kevin is just too awared of himself, relax dude human beings had been weird since the beginning
dreagonzalez24 - 4 days ago
Man , newfound respect for this man
Glam Coffee
Glam Coffee - 4 days ago
I needed to hear all that Kevin Hart just said. What a guy.
yes i am a fucking algerian gamer
Some Times Some Jokes Should Never Be Toled Or Not Even Thought Of
PCBacklash _
PCBacklash _ - 4 days ago
I never knew this guy was so deep.  He's definitely worked a lot of things out, and continues to strive for more wisdom -- which, I think, is one of life's most important goals.  Duly impressed, Kevin Hart!
MitchiiMitch beats
MitchiiMitch beats - 5 days ago
Just embarrassing to see people go crazy and uncontrollable when they see a celeb! I catch the feelings of both parties and wow!! Feel embarrassed for the fan who acts a fool and feel the pain of this celeb having to deal w/the fans.. I treat them the same way I want to be treated!! I met Ghost Face Killa from WU TANG on a night out w/a homegirl who was on a mission to get involved w/someone popular, wealthy, etc. While my friend was talking up a popular jock in Syracuse football and then sum, I went outside the bar and across the st w/my peeps to smoke a blunt. We stood outside the spot where a big rap concert just venues but was over, all lights out everyone gone. Red pickup truck about 50 ft away kept beeping. Probably looking for a hooker, sorry that we’re not. Anyway they beeped a couple more times we just ignored and smoked. Then a man gets out the drivers side and walks up to us asking if we want to meet Ghost face. My sista n law and I looked at one another and was like cool. Anyway we got to passengers side window where Ghost was sitting, and this is a very tall dude. We said what’s up, nice to meet you. He asked if I wanted to go party I said no ty. We’ll smoke w/ya but not that kind of chick! Thinking how much my girlfriend in the bar would of jumped on that at beep beep is she knew he was outside, but she was too busy w/bad breath sport dude!! And she doesn’t smoke weed. Hahaha No pics! No need to show off. It doesn’t make you anymore of a better person to those who havn’t met a celebrity! Just dumb. It’s the stories that make for good convo not pics!! Anyway Joe I have a lot more respect for you now that I learned more about you. Key your funny as shit but don’t get scripted bruh. Stay true and receive true karma. Do dirt and receive bad karma 10 fold. Everyone pay their dues.
E Cox
E Cox - 5 days ago
If you haven't, look up Patrice O'Neal stand up, then watch Joe's, then try not to get mad when Joe says he's a "comedian". His 2017 stand up, I would have been EMBARRASSED if the camera panned to me in the audience as proof I paid for that garbage. Love you Joe, but you don't have "it" after 30 years.
F L - 5 days ago
Kevin had legit small man syndrome. Dudes so cocky and arrogant for how shit his comedy has become
Garrett Turner
Garrett Turner - 6 days ago
Keanu Reeves!!!!
Guillermo Mosquera
Guillermo Mosquera - 6 days ago
Thank you Kevin
God bless you
Myles Powell
Myles Powell - 6 days ago
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Jim Bryant
Jim Bryant - 6 days ago
One of the best podcast I've watched. Authentic.
Keifer - 6 days ago
I have the four hours of sleep and I'm good if I sleep more then six my body feels like shit.
Mervin Buid -
Mervin Buid - - 6 days ago
I heart Kevin Hart
Alex Saucedo
Alex Saucedo - 7 days ago
“We march with the same beat” 🔥🔥🔥 heart beat productions 💯
xgrapher - 7 days ago
Joe doesn't agree with Kevin's take on modern gadgets but he played along not to be a jackass
redrooster303 - 7 days ago
"you know what Joe Rogan, you can kiss my ass"
InkWavve - 8 days ago
I want to set Kevin Hart saying "Popeyes" to be my alert sound.
Chet Steadman
Chet Steadman - 8 days ago
Never realized how well Kevin Hart can pontificate. Im glad I watched this
Mr Alexx
Mr Alexx - 8 days ago
He won't show... But get katt Williams on....
Mutha Tukka
Mutha Tukka - 8 days ago
Kevin Hart is one of my favourite humans
ganesh venkatesan
ganesh venkatesan - 8 days ago
Huge respect to Kevin Hart. Really good podcast. Beautiful way of living.
Bitcoin Life
Bitcoin Life - 8 days ago
Calling a man who like cock and cock sucker i s a hate? Then stop sucking dick and stop getting bang on your ass i wont say the truth. Calling a women like licking pussy and dildo user is hate wow im just saying the truth and you say its hate i call it you got mental issue coz every word i type is true and you get offended bwahahaha american idiot no not an idiot its mental illness
Dr Doz
Dr Doz - 9 days ago
I almost had a heart attack when he said “Jamie dimon good guy” gtfo 😂😂😂
William Swanson
William Swanson - 9 days ago
some of the best info comes from when two smart caring men just talk , thanks joe and kevin
Jeff Martin
Jeff Martin - 9 days ago
Mad respect for Kevin hart.kevin has a servants heart.
justin805 - 10 days ago
So far I’ve watched an hour of this “positivity “ and I feel there is a misconception with the gaining of money or success when in reality it’s all about wisdom and truth . It’s not about a dollar amount or engaging in one’s ego or self pride . The only true thing that remains is wisdom
E Cortes
E Cortes - 10 days ago
Kevin ALWAYS makes me smile and btw I LOVED "The Upside"! Kevin has such a great energy. "What the fit" is so awesome! I wish you the best Kev! Keep your head up! Don't let the haters get to you
DeAnte Christian
DeAnte Christian - 10 days ago
This podcast is great. So many positive messages and information from different personalities and perspectives. It makes me want to strive for success.
Dustin Stewart
Dustin Stewart - 10 days ago
45 mins in, wow. Mister Kevin Hart you have inspired the hell out of me. One of the most real, genuine conversations I've ever seen. Real to the CORE
Kyle Huynh
Kyle Huynh - 10 days ago
Pls get dave chappelle on and my life will be complete
Chris Dyer
Chris Dyer - 10 days ago
Yey! Positivity Wins!
Tek Guy Gaming
Tek Guy Gaming - 10 days ago
I just want to say, thank you. I spent the last year extremely sick, to say the least, it really changed my life. Since June, I got on the right meds and now things are moving forward. But in my time being bedridden, I had lost who I was as a person. I forgot how to smile, laugh, or even how to be a person. One day, I looked up Joe Rogan after hearing about you having great podcasts. I never knew how much it would fundamentally change who I was as a person and reminded me of who I am. I can relate more then I would like to say to the both of you.
I hope one day to meet each of you and get to tell you how much you truly have helped me. I will change the world and I want you both to know that you have made that possible. I wish I could write more, but how do you express into words a feeling that only the soul can feel. In my mind, only a handshake and a conversation can really express that.
Please keep doing what you are doing because you truly are changing the world one word at a time. Thank you once again for words can never express the gratitude I feel because of this.

I want to add that any comment on this, I really do not care unless it is positive. If you have some negative banter about what I have said, you can leave. I said this for them, not you the commenter. I wanted to make that clear before the internet does what it does.
Elminster Chosen of Mystra
When are you gunna do a podcast with Dwayne Johnson?
Brandon Shepard
Brandon Shepard - 11 days ago
This why I have no social media. If you need me call me. The hand shake is my favorite part of a greeting, it shows sincerity in your greeting
Jon Cripps
Jon Cripps - 11 days ago
Kevin is a cool guy
Riaan Prinsloo
Riaan Prinsloo - 11 days ago
Joe “mmmmmmmm” Rogan
Natasha Shishani
Natasha Shishani - 11 days ago
wow 10 minutes in and i already utterly adore this man's energy
Elminster Chosen of Mystra
Stay powerful. Stay positive
Yaben Jr
Yaben Jr - 11 days ago
Kevin heart sounds like less obnoxious mini dr ray DeAngelo Harris off gta
Corey Harbaruk
Corey Harbaruk - 11 days ago
Another amazing podcast! Keep up the great topics and AMAZING cast! You the king Joe! Thank you for being you!
Mallory Knapton
Mallory Knapton - 11 days ago
I really enjoyed this, thank you
Ryan Hernandez
Ryan Hernandez - 12 days ago
Didn't know Kevin was so smart and in-touch with everything like that. Shouldn't be surprised I guess, you gotta be a smart dude to be so funny
Melodramatic One
Melodramatic One - 13 days ago
I have been saying this for years! Stop recording and taking pictures of everything. Just enjoy the moment. That picture or video is just going to sit in your phone or on Facebook but that moment is worth so much more. When it is enjoyed through your mind and eyes, and not the screen of a device...
Elly Eisenbeutl
Elly Eisenbeutl - 13 days ago
Woahhhh Kevin's on fire! I love him! Love the inspiration, his positivity, his heart. Thank you for this beautiful talk, feel like moving my lazy butt and getting sh*t done!! 😬
De B
De B - 13 days ago
The whole Oscar thing is a result of the execs from Sony. Remember when their emails got leaked saying Kevin was a whore because he didn"t want to use his personal social media to promote his Sony projects. He wanted to be compensated. Just another case of racists wanting to keep a Black man in his place. Rock on Kevin - stay positve & keep getting those $bags$!!
Elmo Heyns
Elmo Heyns - 13 days ago
This is probably my fav podcast to date
Zach Harris-O'Keefe
Zach Harris-O'Keefe - 13 days ago
I need Joe Rogan and Keanu Reeves and I need Joe Rogan and The Rock
TheMotoManiac - 13 days ago
The end of this really was relatable to what I'm going through in life right now. Thanks for the inspiration, I have new found respect for Kevin Hart.
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