Rasmussen - Higher Ground - Denmark - Official Video - Eurovision 2018

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Eurovision Song Contest
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Michael Pink
Michael Pink - 5 months ago
Lyl Ka s
The Pizza Cat
The Pizza Cat - 11 months ago
There even a Nightcore version :3
Mirte - Hour ago
Honestly, this is one of the best songs & perfomances at Eurovision ever.
Adora Belle Dearheart
Adora Belle Dearheart - 2 hours ago
jel nije ovo pesma o momku koji je odbio da učestvuje u vikinškim pohodima, bio ismejan i pogubljen potom?
Nadam se da grešim, i da sam pogrešno informisana.
AKO nisam, LOL. Sram vas bilo.
empty hourglass
empty hourglass - 4 hours ago
I didn't know Tormund Giantsbane had a band...
Niels Razenberg
Niels Razenberg - 5 hours ago
Real winner last year
glitzerfuchs - 6 hours ago
yesterday, i‘ve imagined tormund gives the points from denmark😂😂💖 great game of thrones vibes🗡🔮🐺🖤 still love it 🤪🧡
Desislava Georgieva
Desislava Georgieva - 5 hours ago
same 😂
sachi sachi
sachi sachi - 7 hours ago
The REAL WINNER in 2018 12 points from HUNGARY AGAIN ;)
bilbo bilbo
bilbo bilbo - 10 hours ago
Gänsehaut 🤐😱😍😍😍😍😍❤
Lucy Tatsuya
Lucy Tatsuya - 10 hours ago
This was the real winner...
Chloe Smith
Chloe Smith - 12 hours ago
Watching this after this years Eurovision. Disappointed about the lack of Viking men 😩
Wilma Bright
Wilma Bright - 19 hours ago
Love this song--its uniqueness, presentation, and strong character. Always will be my favorite! :)
Kihom 7x
Kihom 7x - Day ago
The winner in 2018 and 2019 too. Because yes. Fucking epic.
Playgo123 - Day ago
Greetings from Norway... Still listening in 2019...Got the viking blood pumping🇳🇴🇩🇰
Matty97 - Day ago
Jason Hill
Jason Hill - Day ago
Ah..the juxtaposing image of a peaceful Viking..somehow makes me upset
Unknow Person
Unknow Person - Day ago
Malax - Day ago
arya stark
arya stark - Day ago
This is my favorite song from the eurovision 2018, I still love to listen to it 😍, greetings from Germany
Melina Bagratyan
Melina Bagratyan - Day ago
Supeeerrrrrrr Bravooooo💛
TheBurzA_ - Day ago
The real winner of Eurovision
Go Denmark!
Ec Jo
Ec Jo - Day ago
dude yall did a great job, this one was super fun!
Sophie Bay
Sophie Bay - Day ago
Dahlia V.
Dahlia V. - 2 days ago
goosebumps! 💖
Natalja Somov
Natalja Somov - 2 days ago
Не понятно, почему они не победили? Это же так круто!
Alligator X
Alligator X - 2 days ago
It's been a year and I'm still in love with this song and their style
Heidi Kljakic
Heidi Kljakic - 2 days ago
This one should have won
pmolders - 2 days ago
Paulina Karolina
Paulina Karolina - 2 days ago
winner of hearts. still watching in 2019
Despoina G
Despoina G - 2 days ago
Perfect song! So inspirational lyrics! The music amazing ! It deserves to be in the first 5 best songs in the Eurovision Contest of all years...!
Adele - 2 days ago
Blox.XxKnifey :3
Blox.XxKnifey :3 - 2 days ago
Matthias W
Matthias W - 3 days ago
Sweden‘s answer to this Song Swedish Pagans
Sabaton did it First and better
Nuklearni Burek
Nuklearni Burek - 3 days ago
Danis je lajkovo ovu pesmu
Largo #
Largo # - 3 days ago
This was surprise for Eurovision! So unique and original! One of my favorite Eurovision contest, it was brilliant!
Ninshar - 3 days ago
brb I have to go conquer something
Henrik Roos
Henrik Roos - 4 days ago
Little John Umber, is that you?
Maria Juźków
Maria Juźków - 4 days ago
Still watch this in 2019!❤️ kisses from Poland!🇵🇱
Maria Juźków
Maria Juźków - 4 days ago
Still watch this in 2019!❤️ kisses from Poland!🇵🇱
osasunaitor - 9 hours ago
Me too! I came back here after Norway's slaying Sámi singing :D
Red Dragon
Red Dragon - 4 days ago
love it!!!! the best ever!!!!
Laura Pisu
Laura Pisu - 4 days ago
Belli Vichingoni 😁😁
Hriðvitnir Málmi Víkingurin
A full length music video that sounds like the ABC network intro. Cant complain, i like both.
Tessa Elward
Tessa Elward - 5 days ago
This deserves to be at least top 3 I don't believe its 9th this is a great song!! Greetings from the Netherlands❤️🇳🇱
SCosm - 5 days ago
А я даже не знала, что немцы на прошлом евровидении так круто выступили
Vandana J Kuusinen
Vandana J Kuusinen - 6 days ago
Love it!!!!!!!!!
Beatrice Rissone
Beatrice Rissone - 6 days ago
Ciao, sono italiana..... Mi piacciono tanto i Rasmussen
Nofar Yanay
Nofar Yanay - 6 days ago
Epic celtic
Norsk Huauei
Norsk Huauei - 5 days ago
Denmark is germanic xDD
luck - 7 days ago
It was the best in 2018.
Татьяна Грек
Крутые викинги!!!!!!!!!;;
Carlotilla - 9 days ago
Hiccup horrendous Haddock III
I am because, i am still crying. The Denmark of this year niffing by this
DaMiniMaster - 10 days ago
you get it? Higher ground and high ground?
Юлия Косинова
Для меня эта песня стала победителем всего Евровидения за всю его историю. При этом я знала, что Rasmussen не выиграют. Просто этот конкурс еще не дорос до такого уровня) ну и еще Италия с песней Non mi avete fatto niente
John Crane
John Crane - 12 days ago
Even after a year, this song still gives me the chills. Proud to be 1/4 Swedish, but it was a part of Sweden that once belonged to Denmark.
Истина Горькая
OOO, wildlings are very musical !!!
Tornaq 91
Tornaq 91 - 14 days ago
it was so amazing!!
Somalia Hockey YT
Somalia Hockey YT - 16 days ago
The real winner of 2018 eurovision. The winner from Israel was one of the worst songs i have ever heard
Инна Кузнецова
Вы лучшие!;!;
Andrews Random Videos
Andrews Random Videos - 18 days ago
I love this
Анжелика Васильева
оболденная песня и исполнение, молодцы)
Víctor Conejo Merino
Víctor Conejo Merino - 19 days ago
Muy buena
wojciech gajda
wojciech gajda - 20 days ago
wojciech gajda
wojciech gajda - 20 days ago
wojciech gajda
wojciech gajda - 20 days ago
Poland 🇵🇱
wojciech gajda
wojciech gajda - 20 days ago
Kto sucha 2019 roku łapki do góry! 🇵🇱
Nathan You
Nathan You - 20 days ago
This is agressively pasifistic I love it
Gianna Tomino
Gianna Tomino - 21 day ago
I love this song
from Philippines
Luke Gaming
Luke Gaming - 25 days ago
anyone here in 2019?
Robyn Gore
Robyn Gore - 26 days ago
Don't understand how this one did not win... Everyone's songs were great, but this one was hands down the best of them all.
Piet Hein
Piet Hein - 27 days ago
What if denmark finland sweden norway and iceland reunited and becone the viking empire
jatojo - 16 days ago
The UK wouldn't find it amusing.
Sigrún - 26 days ago
Piet Hein Lmao I’m down🇮🇸
Miska Pihlajasaari Pihlajasaari
Obi Wan: Its over bitches I have the higher ground😛
jannedieuwke - Month ago
Love you
Wolfy Taylor
Wolfy Taylor - Month ago
this sound before performence is perfect!)))
kathrina's movie
kathrina's movie - Month ago
The best song
Алексей Понкратов
Шикарная песня, но победу одержала кукарекующая леди. За шо?
HAWXLEADER - Month ago
I'm from Israel and this was my favorite.
It's so extremely epic!
I just love the vibe.
Another's mama girl
Another's mama girl - Month ago
Ships in the making
Bound for a distant shore
World for the taking
Men gone forever more
Boarding and setting sail
Yet victory won't prevail
Freeze the arrow in the air
Make your mark and leave it hanging there
Be the first to turn around
Take the leap to land on higher ground
Call it surrender
Still won't feel like defeat
Men laying down their swords
Each of their own aboard
Freeze the arrow in the air
Make your mark and leave it hanging there
Be the first to turn around
Take the leap to land on higher ground
Raise the banner to the sky
Face the fear and hold your head up high
Oh oh oh, oh oh oh, oh oh oh
Take the leap like you are bound for higher ground
Freeze the arrow in the air
Make your mark and leave it hanging there
Freeze the arrow in the air
Make your mark and leave it hanging there
Be the first to turn around
Take the leap to land on higher ground yeah-oh
Be the first to turn around
Take the leap and land on higher ground
Sigrún - 26 days ago
Αγγ καλομοιρη You forgot the Icelandic part (which I’m extremely disappointed in since I’m Icelandic and didn’t understand a word of it)
Gavin Harper
Gavin Harper - Month ago
Walk with us!
cris the cool guy you were all waiting for
The official fortnite build battle song
John Manthorpe
John Manthorpe - Month ago
Wouda fit how to Train your Dragon so damm well
Αναζητώντας την Αλήθεια
Amazing song I like it
from Greece 💗💗
Rene Jakobsen
Rene Jakobsen - Month ago
Michał Piwowarski
Michał Piwowarski - Month ago
It's over Obi Wan! I have the higher ground!
Jeanette Hald Pedersen
Still LOVE this song ❤️ So PROUD that we participated with such an EPIC song, that we really could relate to 😘❤️👍
Klara Nemeckova
Klara Nemeckova - Month ago
Wow, I havent seen the eurovision 2018, but I have to say that Your song Is wonderful, So much energy in Your singing...looking forward to Your new songs! Keep going! Greetings from the Czech republic!
Anood Mutiri
Anood Mutiri - Month ago
billion hearts for this song ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
Black Cat
Black Cat - 2 months ago
This song is too good for Eurovision
MER FIJN - 2 months ago
This is my winner on 2018 ❤❤
AquaticFury - 2 months ago
I can’t help but feel like this song would be the perfect soundtrack for Game of Thrones or Something.
Fusioncore22 - 2 months ago
Anyone notice that the little chord played before the song began was the same one used in 2014's edition when it was hosted in Denmark? :D
Ronen1123 K
Ronen1123 K - 2 months ago
stop on 1:48
Wolf Jabura
Wolf Jabura - 25 days ago
Why o.o
Paméla Boutet
Paméla Boutet - 2 months ago
That was pretty cool!
jean Crikke
jean Crikke - 2 months ago
Very funny text and song......!
The Danes own half of the world, at that time....!
Felix Pavlovix
Felix Pavlovix - 2 months ago
Tamta 808
Oanh Kieu
Oanh Kieu - 2 months ago
Good song:))
Adam Meldgaard
Adam Meldgaard - 2 months ago
What a masterpiece.
Aline Warin
Aline Warin - 2 months ago
ils auraient du etre dans les 5 premiers j ai pas trop aimer les votes de l an dernier car cette chanson est magnifique
Ana Stamatov
Ana Stamatov - 2 months ago
We never knew Tormund can sing ...
Erika Szůcsné
Erika Szůcsné - 2 months ago
Bàrmikor meghallgatom!❤❤❤👌👌👌👌👌
Dio And Stuff
Dio And Stuff - 2 months ago
Obi-Wan's favourite song.
Xana G
Xana G - 2 months ago
True winners in my country Portugal! ❤ A great show in my country but a bigger injustice with the winner. 😳
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