Hop Quiz with Kevin Hart

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malisa Rosario
malisa Rosario - 4 hours ago
Kevin lmao you're to much lmao but I love ya that was to funny.
Eugen Spinachi
Eugen Spinachi - 23 hours ago
How to be. Scared maaan its a rabbit
Cupi Studio
Cupi Studio - Day ago
Poor rabbit
Tanzeen Hussain
Tanzeen Hussain - Day ago
The thumbnail tho 😂
xsammyx101x - Day ago
Im not going to lie, I thought that was his whole eye aswell, not just a patch on the fur and got legitimately freaked out until flopsy got his close up.
ThePugGuardian - Day ago
Im kinda offended when Kevin said "look at those rabbits eyes" because rabbits with those eyes don't get to be adopted as much as rabbits with black or brown eyes for example... and those rabbits are mostly used for animal testing which is horrible... It was funny when Kevin was scared of how big they were... so yeah... I should know i've got 2 rabbits myself, the oldest is big and heavy XD
royce - Day ago
kevin hart's about to cry
Jay Sag
Jay Sag - Day ago
Ich glaube kevin hat keine Haustiere😂🐇
Sara xxx
Sara xxx - Day ago
8 mins of me laughing my eyes out
Asif Khan
Asif Khan - Day ago
.....And he was the Rabbit in 'Pets'....!
Edana Donahue
Edana Donahue - Day ago
Oh nooooooo 😂 poor Kevin ! He looked so scared at the end !
lunadeitha ;
lunadeitha ; - Day ago
Do the can you feel it game with Kevin Hart!
TheLegendOfRandy - 2 days ago
Kevin Hart once joked about being afraid of gnats. I don't think he was joking anymore... lol
Kenneth King
Kenneth King - 2 days ago
Kevin and any animal is hilarious
FoxNation18 - 2 days ago
Better this than Duck season lol
Jomin Jessil
Jomin Jessil - 2 days ago
Iceland is green and Greenland is full of ice, common sense huh?
Nick Porter
Nick Porter - 2 days ago
can anybody tell me the name of the song playing in the outro?
Arika Karin
Arika Karin - 3 days ago
8:00 did he just playing dead to some hare 😂
Black hole
Black hole - 3 days ago
Ravi Rajput
Ravi Rajput - 3 days ago
don't you hurt no rabbits alright.........put a disclaimer
Nada Saue
Nada Saue - 3 days ago
Hi fallon hey :- ! Kevin hope you have a awesome day or night God bless you
BLUE FOOD - 4 days ago
Princess sunshine
Princess sunshine - 4 days ago
Why is Kevin Hart such a whimp? like dude...It's a bunny
Ososeno Ikhide
Ososeno Ikhide - 4 days ago
When Kevin’s voice got higher...
aliooo - 4 days ago
xFunky Mango
xFunky Mango - 4 days ago
Rabbits dont like the cold? Then you choose sweden 😂 also they have fur
Idle Asf
Idle Asf - 4 days ago
It’s funny how scared he his of the rabbits
Shivangee Dhar
Shivangee Dhar - 4 days ago
omg his face ar the end with 2 rabbits
Char - 5 days ago
I want the rabbits. :3
Maja Karina
Maja Karina - 5 days ago
ohhh no the poor rabbits
Halos - 5 days ago
Who here after his accident?
keidwree hybno
keidwree hybno - 5 days ago
Iceland is actually d green one whereas Greenland is d cold one hahaha
pau suarez
pau suarez - 5 days ago
His face Is epical. I love this programa. It's so fun
floww bucket
floww bucket - 5 days ago
Poor guy he tried his best I can honestly say being scared by dogs because they chased me I can understand how he feels
dbevans1328 - 5 days ago
When the rabbit went on him, he cried
dbevans1328 - 5 days ago
Girl rejects you
Pause at 8:02
Gina Marie
Gina Marie - 5 days ago
Awww they are all so cute. I’d hold ALLL the bunnies 😍😍
xXNicoXx - 6 days ago
Is Kevin srsly scared of a bunny?! When I saw the bunny on jimmy lap, I want all the bunny on my lap now! :3 030 kawaii bunny
Cookie - 6 days ago
i can relate to kevin so hard, we are both afraid of all animals
Kenneth Vun
Kenneth Vun - 6 days ago
What I've seen in comments are mostly "Why's he scared of bunnies? They're cute"
Guys maybe he has a phobia?
Rafayel Islam
Rafayel Islam - 6 days ago
Kevin Hart is excessively extra! These are tv shows. If guest says, I can't handle animal, they won't do these and get sued. Yet, so much yelling and trying to grab attention in a bad way. Kevin Hart is a very low grade overhyped pseudoactor.
marco oselladore
marco oselladore - 6 days ago
Hope he’s good 😞
Cody Ross
Cody Ross - 6 days ago
he was about to cry at the end damn thats crazy they were cute little rabbits
Kenneth Vun
Kenneth Vun - 6 days ago
That's like telling an arachnophobic person that spiders are cute I don't get why you're scared of them
Cody Ross
Cody Ross - 6 days ago
rabbit so cute why would he not want it?
Lost_ Feelings
Lost_ Feelings - 6 days ago
This is so wrong..
Billy Bob John Adam Joe
Sir Hart would be perfect on King Arthur’s expedition to find the Holy Grail. He’d make sure they wouldn’t go anywhere near the cave rabbit in the first place.
Mindy McClaran
Mindy McClaran - 7 days ago
I'm getting to the point I don't like Kevin Hart over his ridiculous fear of any animal.
Asha Ell
Asha Ell - 9 days ago
I know Kevin is genuinely scared but his reaction is just so hilarious. Like dude you voiced these adorable little things!!
ok_babe 1
ok_babe 1 - 9 days ago
i like equal pray to kevin hart :(
Choze Plays
Choze Plays - 10 days ago
And now he has major back injuries due to a car crash... ;(
richard hebda
richard hebda - 10 days ago
They were letting him know that he is done if he doesn't straighten up. Hence the white rabbits and the look of pure horror at the end. You knew the wreck was coming brother. We did. God bless you and may you walk in the Truth.
Mary Hossack
Mary Hossack - 10 days ago
the second rabbit is as big as Kevin
Josephine Irwin
Josephine Irwin - 10 days ago
Its ironic that Kevin hart is afraid of rabbits when he voices one🤣
D Kirk
D Kirk - 10 days ago
The funniest thing I've seen on UT.
Marina Roe
Marina Roe - 11 days ago
But.... Iceland is all green... I think Kevin might wanna take 6th grade geography again.... he’s thinking about greenland
Nini sablan
Nini sablan - 11 days ago
The rabbit devil 🤣🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂
Fauzan Ikhsan
Fauzan Ikhsan - 11 days ago
5:42 that rabbit is still in emo phase
patrik öhgren
patrik öhgren - 12 days ago
kaninhop = bunnie jump
I can't choose between Tae and Kookie HELP ME
Kevin is literally me if I was there 😂😂
HysteriAH - 12 days ago
The face of fear in Kevin’s eyes killed me
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