Kyanerite - 4 hours ago
Why are the sreaming the whole time
KV - 5 hours ago
Oakley Mayes
Oakley Mayes - 6 hours ago
I be VYSCO guess what................AND I OOP!!!!!!!!!!!!0.0:)
Kk Bear2009
Kk Bear2009 - 6 hours ago
Keyper squad
Deanna - 7 hours ago
For second round devan probably had the more expensive
Gabriela Ciesielski
Gabriela Ciesielski - 11 hours ago
# Devon has cheap salt
Tate Morris
Tate Morris - 11 hours ago
Devan going to win
Olivia M
Olivia M - 13 hours ago
Keeper sqaud------------>
jazzmin lily
jazzmin lily - 15 hours ago
No I won't do it
Kodarva - 18 hours ago
He gives me seizures lol
Jacob Baker
Jacob Baker - 19 hours ago
Cheryl Hale
Cheryl Hale - 19 hours ago
lol m favriot is devin
Glochelle Blanco
Glochelle Blanco - 23 hours ago
For me deven is the winer
Damian Smerekanycz
Damian Smerekanycz - Day ago
Are the fire you want because they're always means a lot and I before you win the first time
Julia Shell
Julia Shell - Day ago
I think it is D,C,C
Keyper squad
PokeBoy_ 43
PokeBoy_ 43 - Day ago
Devan was using quail eggs for the burgers
Madison Golder
Madison Golder - Day ago
Madison Golder
Madison Golder - Day ago
👶🏼 👕 this is Jeff he 0 he would like to see how old he can get 👖
Veronica Surita
Veronica Surita - 2 days ago
Bree Williams
Bree Williams - 2 days ago
Dude Did you have power
cookies hotdog
cookies hotdog - 2 days ago
Cook 8188 REeEQE
Chaven Man
Chaven Man - 2 days ago
I collins foods is way more expensive $$$
dragon eye123
dragon eye123 - 2 days ago
devan always win
JHPlays - 3 days ago
The sound of Collins was cute 1:06
Blake Raterink
Blake Raterink - 3 days ago
Did it
Josh Wilkerson
Josh Wilkerson - 3 days ago
Freyja Lane
Freyja Lane - 3 days ago
Can u eat gold leaf?
Just wanna know
Vilmer Ljungberg
Vilmer Ljungberg - 3 days ago
The reason Devan didn’t like Collins is taco is because he just ate the top with only guacamole and the tortilla!
Kathleen Walsh
Kathleen Walsh - 3 days ago
Collins: "it looks like liquorice on the inside."

Me: "what kinda liquorice are u eatin
Mia Jay
Mia Jay - 2 days ago
Gross liquorice haha
Shana Cureton
Shana Cureton - 2 days ago
So funny!
Payton Mcgee
Payton Mcgee - 3 days ago
How could Collin’s burger win if the buns are black
Kielee Larson
Kielee Larson - 3 days ago
Deven got the win for macaroni and burger Collins won the taco
Kielee Larson
Kielee Larson - 3 days ago
I meant Deven for the burger and macaroni Collins for the taco
Gacha Flower
Gacha Flower - 3 days ago
CatChannel Official
CatChannel Official - 3 days ago
Hi can you please share your house
gracie lee
gracie lee - 3 days ago
Sorry I can’t do the cook thing 🥺😢😭😰😥😓🥺🥺🥺
siti rahimah
siti rahimah - 4 days ago
Keyper squad
potato.owo. qween
potato.owo. qween - 4 days ago
Lol collins says that Devins meet is thick and will not be cooked well even tho collins makes it thicker😂
KingSeth39 - 4 days ago
Deven is a super good cook
Potato Cat
Potato Cat - 4 days ago
Collin- *dies* Devan- O no! Devan- O yea we got merch! Collins ghost- O yea!
sal Castro
sal Castro - 4 days ago
10:01 it's not tortilla it's torteia
Deserea Good
Deserea Good - 4 days ago
Skye Bilby
Skye Bilby - 4 days ago
Skye Bilby
Skye Bilby - 4 days ago
Kira Littlewolf
Kira Littlewolf - 4 days ago
Best day life always
Lucia Gonzalez
Lucia Gonzalez - 4 days ago
Cook to 81800
Nene Qoubs
Nene Qoubs - 4 days ago
Deven maybe colin
Diane Marie MCEntyer
Diane Marie MCEntyer - 4 days ago
Cook 81800
Epic Gamer
Epic Gamer - 4 days ago
Make more videos
Allison Chicos
Allison Chicos - 4 days ago
2. Collin
Gabriel Newton
Gabriel Newton - 4 days ago
God of the sea Poseidon
Your the best
Cheryl Bovingdon
Cheryl Bovingdon - 5 days ago
I love you so much Collins key
Keep making fun and inspiration videos
Crazy Pineapple
Crazy Pineapple - 5 days ago
Joe Wade
Joe Wade - 5 days ago
Nether won because it matter if you have fun
Tanner Dorrington
Tanner Dorrington - 5 days ago
Keyper squad
Nkaujzoo Kong
Nkaujzoo Kong - 5 days ago
what its cool
Orlene Scherr
Orlene Scherr - 5 days ago
Keeper squad
Wayne Bradley
Wayne Bradley - 5 days ago
You are so funny 😃😃😃🤪❤️😂
Randomfandom Tv
Randomfandom Tv - 5 days ago
Collins definitely won
Joe Gonzales
Joe Gonzales - 5 days ago
Collins for the mac & cheese
Christine Arrowood
Christine Arrowood - 5 days ago
Cook 81800
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