Vox Almanac is going on a road trip

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Vox - 4 months ago
Hey, we've got episode 1 of Road Trip live in the Video Lab today. See it first, and help me make more Almanac videos, by becoming a member: http://bit.ly/vox-video-membership. Video Lab members can watch the first Road Trip episode here now: https://youtu.be/8Xvobo6d9LY
Buckle up. — Phil
Dave Otuwa
Dave Otuwa - 4 months ago
Name that tall guy Schliggy.
Ozzylad 123
Ozzylad 123 - 4 months ago
Phil you’re not looking to good? Are you all right? Or is it the lighting?
Robert Behrens
Robert Behrens - 4 months ago
The name is Mr. Swagger
Andrew Stewart
Andrew Stewart - 4 months ago
Name him “ LiL Willy “
IB_M1 - 4 months ago
Ryan Walker
Ryan Walker - 4 months ago
Do area 51🙏🏼🙏🏼!!!
Bipolar Warcat
Bipolar Warcat - 4 months ago
Simon Hove
Simon Hove - 4 months ago
A good name is on the road
César - 4 months ago
pls tell us about CO² emissions
neo mantiq
neo mantiq - 4 months ago
name him VOX66...
Satyam Singh
Satyam Singh - 4 months ago
Stuart Hector
Stuart Hector - 4 months ago
Mr Blowy
Sazid Mahmud
Sazid Mahmud - 4 months ago
Name : zov
Elle van Veelen
Elle van Veelen - 4 months ago
The friend is called Trippy
Kevin Deschênes
Kevin Deschênes - 4 months ago
Glad to see it take inspiration from borders!
Dan Scan
Dan Scan - 4 months ago
looks like a David to me.
Alex - 4 months ago
Nuran On
Nuran On - 4 months ago
Pretty sure its not THE Concorde but just Concorde...the compromise you get when Frenchmen and Brits design a plane together.
August Florian
August Florian - 4 months ago
That inflatable man looks like an Albert
Leif Leifsen
Leif Leifsen - 4 months ago
Vox is propagandist garbage.
Mary Mary
Mary Mary - 4 months ago
Chemex_MMG - 4 months ago
Red Rocket
Isham Mohd
Isham Mohd - 4 months ago
Toril Azzalini-Machecler
Toril Azzalini-Machecler - 4 months ago
His name is John Sausage
Yaj Jhajhria
Yaj Jhajhria - 4 months ago
His name is Carl. He is a man of few words, but his appearance speaks volumes.
j - 4 months ago
Adrian Kus
Adrian Kus - 4 months ago
Wobbly bloke
JohnnyBadboy - 4 months ago
Jim Bop
Green Leaf 48
Green Leaf 48 - 4 months ago
His name is FRED
Nchima Kapoma
Nchima Kapoma - 4 months ago
Wavy McWavyface
ksenia kwiecińska
ksenia kwiecińska - 4 months ago
Corcoran is an Irish name that means "ruddy-faced"
Chankoowashtay is a Native American name wich means "good road"
whereas Jack rhymes with Almanac so that's fair
Mike S
Mike S - 4 months ago
That’s most definitely a Whirly Sock.
Sanjay Bhat
Sanjay Bhat - 4 months ago
I shall call him Sir Airheart, from the land of Broken Wings.
Anthony Zuñiga
Anthony Zuñiga - 4 months ago
Martim Vilela
Martim Vilela - 4 months ago
Empty Henry, Airy Aaron, Sandy Shakes.
Florian Roth
Florian Roth - 4 months ago
Grob Gob Glob Grod
Bas de Bruijne
Bas de Bruijne - 4 months ago
Castle - 4 months ago
*The thing's name is TRUMPY, is orange, don't know how to move like a normal person and has weird hair*
Brandon Stennett
Brandon Stennett - 4 months ago
Hey ,favor could you guys explain the NO BAIL SWEDEN SITUATION ? would help us ASAP.
Felipe Barcelos
Felipe Barcelos - 4 months ago
Mr. Flimsy
Michael Dierkes
Michael Dierkes - 4 months ago
Bob Ross.
Charlie Edgar
Charlie Edgar - 4 months ago
Wacky waving inflatable arm tube man
emil Feeny
emil Feeny - 4 months ago
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