I Loved My Mom Until I found out the truth

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Makayla Altic
Makayla Altic - 5 hours ago
She wasn't lying to her dad when she said that her mom was at a friend's house because Paul was a friend (even if it was a little more than a friend)
Brooklyn-t guy by poobie

I lied and said she went to a friends house and SHE believed me
the destroyer
the destroyer - Day ago
5:08 she called him she
Rockstar Gacha
Rockstar Gacha - 2 days ago
'Story: I loved my mom until I found out the truth'
Girl: I was so furious that I threw a vase at the wall, and I couldn't believe-
*Domino's Pizza AD comes on*
"You can't believe the ridiculously good prices of our fresh pizza...
*Video comes on again*
-Me. Still thinking about pizza-
"Oh dang it..."
Stefania Lenarcik
Stefania Lenarcik - 2 days ago
If I was there, I would have cut out that mother's and Paul's tongues out!
Fernando Lopez
Fernando Lopez - 3 days ago
I am going through the same thing
Skz Gotcool
Skz Gotcool - 3 days ago
Her: I lied to my own dad!!!
Me: Hasn’t everyone?
Lateef Lawal
Lateef Lawal - 4 days ago
This is not how families are supose to act some families .
Carell Rell
Carell Rell - 4 days ago
The little gril:mad because the dad was moving out.
Me:Because your mom not telling were she at with her lying ass.
yEs - 4 days ago
Stop using the same damn scenes over and over again, this animator is so lazy.
Brookie Blair
Brookie Blair - 5 days ago
Ok I get that your mom cheats and your upset, but her dad is addicted to yelling
CoCo - 6 days ago
the mum is such a bad liar she would get caught straight away.
Rebecca Mikulin
Rebecca Mikulin - 6 days ago
Yes. my mom and dad always were fighting and then my dad started drinking. it got worse and worse until I put a stop to it but in a way i will NEVER forget. I looked up a way that my mom and dad would stop fighting and i told her i found something called "Divorce". i showed my mom and she thought it was a great idea. so, they got a divorce and my dad was KICKED OUT!!! I WAS DEVESTATED! i did not know what to do but, then i was told my dad started going to MY SAME CHURCH!! now, i see him almost every Friday and when he leaves, he always tells me and my brother goodbye and he leaves us some desert for when we leave. So yes, i have some of the same expirences as Jessica.
That guy Hubbs
That guy Hubbs - 6 days ago
If my parents did this to me, I would go on a swearing spree, plus yelling spree.
Julissah Soriano
Julissah Soriano - 6 days ago
You think you have a bad life I have a worse life
jasmine roberts
jasmine roberts - 7 days ago
i really love this vid ok let me go poop right now
Wai Leiong
Wai Leiong - 8 days ago
Hope the mother have a horrible life
Jessica Kitty
Jessica Kitty - 8 days ago
I’m also Jessica
26-year Old Kim Namjoon Cannot Hurt Me
"I ran out of the house"
*GᴇTs ᴏN ʙIᴋE*
Mᴇ:*ƃuᴉɯɐǝɹɔs pǝsnɟuoɔ*
Candis Cole
Candis Cole - 10 days ago
Your mama lied to your face that’s all I got to say
Ashley Ayers
Ashley Ayers - 11 days ago
Dad? Oblivious
Mom? Cheater
Daughter? Liar
Hotel? Trivago
ll Knight ll
ll Knight ll - 11 days ago
My parents did go threw a bad break up but one did.....

Die it was my dad he died when I was 8 months old sadly
Cameryn McIlwee
Cameryn McIlwee - 11 days ago
The like button shows how many times they show the same clip over and over again . LOL OMG
Kelly Dean
Kelly Dean - 12 days ago
Dad and Mom had me and my sister my sister is older than I am but I live with my dad I hardly get to see my mom because she's always in different places my life's been a little bit of rough I hardly speak to her she never buys me anything or nothing I want to do going to stay with her she's always drunk are doing her own thing so I live with my dad my dad's like my best friend
Areej Imran
Areej Imran - 14 days ago
believe it or not your mom is a lire who on earth will kiss such a man and tell he was taking care of her
Justa Normalperson
Justa Normalperson - 16 days ago
I get that your mom is a liar but to do this to yoyr family and blane it to someone else is...just a no no
Trex gamer 5
Trex gamer 5 - 16 days ago
You did a good thing
Devil Boy
Devil Boy - 19 days ago
My mom did 9:52
7 Amal
7 Amal - 20 days ago
Her mom was a gold digger
taira grace pilapil
taira grace pilapil - 20 days ago
We're same uhuuuhu I love mom of course and my dad but I cant choose and may auntie keep me.
I'm Zlow
I'm Zlow - 21 day ago
Lmao hol up.
Mom is a cheater
Dad is abusive
Daughter is liar
Lmfao what a fucking toxic family
Ella Davis
Ella Davis - 21 day ago
The mom in this story is a scumbag.
Plushie Pro
Plushie Pro - 21 day ago
What that she was Angelica from Rugrats
Captain Rose
Captain Rose - 22 days ago
I don't know if you'll ever read this but I went through something similar. My mom was spending lots of money and treating my dad poorly. I was about 1 and it was a few words on my part that made her leave. I was sick with a migraine and my mom was trying to comfort me but my dad spending more time with me when I was sick knew how to make me feel better. She tried to comfort me but I said no daddy do and that was it she left. I know it's not the same but I know at least what some of your pain is like and I'm so sorry for you.
Private Information
Private Information - 22 days ago
I think that was a wise decision and you have to be a strong person in order to have smarter mind then even most adults, but lieing is bad and that part was not the wisest.... My advice do the right thing and your problems may soon disappear.
Boris Bilic
Boris Bilic - 23 days ago
Wow a shocer
grandmahugzarebestforhearts Idrizow
The title of the story should be: I lied to my dad so I could protect my mom
KenronTheGamer - 25 days ago
All I got to say is "These Hoes Ain't Loyal!!!"
Gacha Neko
Gacha Neko - 24 days ago
Me: watching video Also me: *BEGONE THOT!!!*
Ryan Tomz
Ryan Tomz - 28 days ago
Stupid Americans
Shannon Crawford
Shannon Crawford - Month ago
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