‘ISIS is the biggest beneficiary’: Graham lashes out at Trump over Syria withdrawal

LUCY LOVE - 23 days ago
Trump is removing less than 50 soldiers.This not about the Kurds This is about money. Graham is thinking about
His deep pockets
spicecrop - 25 days ago
Lindsey Grham sucks YPG penis. He is just butt hurt because they want to get rid of Assad and the Syrian Government like they did in Iraq.
Lion Lion
Lion Lion - 26 days ago
Isis created by Obama and Clinton, boss is Israel and mostly membership European citizen. 🤔🤔🤔. So complexes. Bad play.
ivy kkb
ivy kkb - 27 days ago
Check on Lindsey Graham.
Alicia Page
Alicia Page - 27 days ago
Trump supports isis, that's what this means.
Mix Lennoxx
Mix Lennoxx - 27 days ago
He has devalued law, the office, American intelligence, and many other places in the world.
L4Disillusion - 27 days ago
Let us remember building number 7 untouched by airplanes yet demolished right along side the twin towers. What a joke. 😂 You politicians are war profiteers period.
L4Disillusion - 27 days ago
Let us not forget the estimated 3 million murdered innocent woman and children in Iraq. You people are biased hypocrites.
John O
John O - 28 days ago
VOTE Blue!! The gop is unfit to govern
mrbobbilly - 22 days ago
@Afi James you stfu trumptard
Afi James
Afi James - 27 days ago
Dan Vercruysse
Dan Vercruysse - 28 days ago
*Bernie has fought since the 1960's for equality! A man of principle and promise! Of values and loyalty for the people!* *Warren is but the media's golden child. Bernie is the American people's hope of crushing the corruption that the media is part of and wants to protect!*
🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
Lily Chen
Lily Chen - 28 days ago
It's a mistake to call it a mistake.
Nancy Prevost
Nancy Prevost - 28 days ago
Don't worry Lindsey. All you complicit repubs get a lot of blame too. You all propped up his sick ego and spite.
Jorge Castillo
Jorge Castillo - 28 days ago
Graham is guilty Too! Accepting responsibility will NOT return loved ones to their families, nor ISIS to their cells or heal the hatred propagated in the Middle East. GOP lacks common sense, have the GOD complex and are full of careless dangerous rhetoric. In my 62 years of life, never have, I ever experienced grave concern for humanity and PLANET. Ethics, values, principles are essential to a functional society. But the present GOP is prime example of Evil being allowed to lead under the guise of being Christian. Change, There’s Still time to Change Direction, time to elect Leaders that Think! About the Future of Our Children and Planet. Find Peace and Happinesses will find You.
Lost Birds Production
Lost Birds Production - 28 days ago
Trump, Commander F up.
Magik Mage
Magik Mage - 28 days ago
Graham owns a portion of this fiasco and like all the Republiklan enablers of Trump, Graham has blood on his hands. Supporting and enabling a corrupt criminal has consequences.
shivam- ek paapi
shivam- ek paapi - 28 days ago
The damage has been caused and now it's too late . Americans have lost their credibility for me now . They are officially out of the major game in Syria making russian the "winners".
Loly Perez
Loly Perez - 27 days ago
shivam- ek paapi Oh.. You American, don’t you cry, This winning thing has cost millions of innocent lives, and USA troops, Really? Winning is that like democracy? USA always ‘wins ‘even when they don’t.
xxx - 28 days ago
Graham is zionist shill. enemy of humanity.
blues player
blues player - 28 days ago
The dumpster does not take the office seriously and his voters are laughing about that in the face of the working tax paying USA!
With the republicans as supporters? Ridiculous.
Nicolas - 28 days ago
Will Storm
Will Storm - 28 days ago
Graham is a hypocrite of world spanning girth his mind and his support of trump and that of the GOP have allowed this to happen. Its Grahams judgement has allowed foreign policy to become the joke of the world.
Joyce Castellanos
Joyce Castellanos - 29 days ago
Free pelosi need to be kicked out with appointment roe shoe same with her lover schooler er
Croakyguy - 29 days ago
Before it doesn't matter... 😂😂😂
Conservative-girl - 29 days ago
Surprised you turned on Our President,
A P - 29 days ago
Graham and most Republicans are puppets for the military industrial complex that keeps America at war for profit , he could not care less how many US soldiers come home in body bags as long as his globalist bosses are making money
Sharone Wright
Sharone Wright - 29 days ago
We are not defeated isis we will not fall we are strong
A P - 29 days ago
No the military industrial complex is the biggest winner the loser are the future dead Americans that graham loves to put in harms way , he is a deep state Criminal globalist traitor , has always been , may god strike all career politicians dead they are the vile corrupt treasonous enemy within
Sancho Ditherson
Sancho Ditherson - 29 days ago
Lindsey Graham is deep state. He has been flushed out earlier than he had hoped.
Abe Kampman
Abe Kampman - 29 days ago
i keep my tin foil hat close by for most youtube comment sections i read
Edward Cox
Edward Cox - 29 days ago
He is gonna pull all American Troops out of the line of Fire...in areas our Troops are being Bush-wacked....lol...get it..let them fight it out among them ...too long a political sore in the eyes of family n friends who have lost loved ones....over he said ..she said..!!
Dottie Smith
Dottie Smith - 29 days ago
chriss fryer
chriss fryer - 29 days ago
Syria will ask russia
Luteplayer - 29 days ago
This is what you get Lindsey for supporting a Kook, as you once called him, I'm glad to see Trump's insane policies trouble you and the GOP.
Sifter of Gold
Sifter of Gold - 29 days ago
Lyndsey, what a back stabber ! you should be standing with Trump, not twisting the knife in his back 👎😡👎
Thomas Gassett
Thomas Gassett - 29 days ago
The Kurds already made a deal with the Syrians and the Russians. They have plenty of friends. Turkey is one of our NATO allies ... what the hell is Graham thinking?
Thomas Gassett
Thomas Gassett - 29 days ago
I wonder ... how many of our elected officials depend on contributions from those that want never ending wars?
Darling Dear
Darling Dear - 29 days ago
Lushes out ? Graham ENABLED Trump, NOW he is lashing out ??
ADZ 050465
ADZ 050465 - 29 days ago
Poor usa,eu and israel, russia won the war, russia are now the hero in the eye of middle east. Long live putin, hura.....hura....hura.
Dan Witzke
Dan Witzke - 29 days ago
Dude, you're as complicit as he is by enabling him. Step down.
Rose - 29 days ago
Graham do your job in the congress let the President   do his   your boyfriend is dead   forget it
W W - 29 days ago
Graham... you are complicit in these actions. Trump is YOUR GOD... NOT THE GOD.
FalconNewsreel - 29 days ago
I am naturalized US citizen. I am a consultant for Japanese and US defense contractors. Lindsay Graham is no different from Trump. They are demagogue. I traveled to all Middle East. Trump made right decision on Syria whilst sanction against Turkey is nonsense. Russia is Assad’s allies. We have many high cards against Russia/Assad. Trump has to repair relationship with Europeans. Well, trump is under impeachment process. Weakest president we have.
Rani Rich
Rani Rich - 29 days ago
Lindsay has panicked before and is again, when he settles down, he'll realize POTUS is right! Time to bring our Troops home ... yesterday!!!
Mom T
Mom T - 29 days ago
Only ppl pretending to worry about kurds are invested in Military Industrial Complex.
David Anthony
David Anthony - 29 days ago
Now we know what Donald Trump and Vladmir Putin discussed in those private meetings.
Loly Perez
Loly Perez - 27 days ago
David Anthony No WE don’t
Ansé Rafers
Ansé Rafers - 29 days ago
So what are you going to DO lindsey 🤔
Franco Palumbo
Franco Palumbo - 29 days ago
Senator - You are Not President of the USA - Focus on Democratic/Communist that threaten the USA! The POTUS will drop several MOAB's on the Syrians if they get out of line - Move on Senator!
Vix Kik
Vix Kik - 29 days ago
Turncoat Trump does it again....well done
Jon Hall
Jon Hall - 29 days ago
I assume we will never see a transcript of his phone call with Erdogan. But really, we don't need to see it. Obviously, Erdogan promised something, as did Trump. But then, Erdogan decided that he would fulfill his promise, but without a lubricant. And all Trump can do now is pretend it doesn't hurt.
Dominion Faith Ministries
Lindsey Graham does make sense when he wants to, but this is what you get when you keep enabling incompetence. You can't distance yourself from Trump now - you are birds of the same feather.
Gigi Schiller
Gigi Schiller - 29 days ago
God bless you for finally finding your brain, and your 🎾’s to do your duty to your country and the right thing 👍🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻
Team LA
Team LA - 29 days ago
He ought to explain the middle east and it's impact on us to Lara Trump. she desperately needs to know.
Oreo Pagus
Oreo Pagus - 29 days ago
What must Trumplicans think now? That Lindsey Graham and John Bolton are part of the "deep state"? LOL!
Cym - 29 days ago
Andrew Yang for President! 1,000 $ a month for life to every American citizen 18 yrs and older. If we can't make Yang the Democratic nominee then I'm defaulting back to Trump. 💙Yang gang
Loly Perez
Loly Perez - 27 days ago
Cy M He’s your choice because of the money? Ok.... don’t think it’s for life, but I saw him on a talk show not to long ago, I’m pretty sure he said 1year, but that money will help a lot of homeless people 👍 and every hard working tax payer, and there families 👍
AMG BOYZ - 29 days ago
We got attacked on 9/11 for supporting Israel .... guess it’s time to pull up shop
H Z - 29 days ago
Miss Lindsey can huff and puff all he wants, now that the tides are turning, but his lipstick has been permanently embedded into trump's behind! We weill NEVER forget all your asskissing Lindsey!
Python PogChamp
Python PogChamp - 29 days ago
The left did a 180 on the whole "the US isn't the world police" thing. When did they become pro war?
Loly Perez
Loly Perez - 27 days ago
Python PogChamp The right, always takes a left, when there president is in another dishonorable/criminal/ misconduct situation..🤔
H Z - 29 days ago
This guy switches sides depending on who's ahead in the polls. He's the BIGGEST weasel of the GOP, even more than Mcconnell!
SHUURIE - 29 days ago
Graham is informed,Iran is already there in Syria taking part in the massacre of Syrian people.
Ron Parks
Ron Parks - 29 days ago
Liberate Wisconsin First
Liberate Wisconsin First - 28 days ago
S H - 29 days ago
Graham and the rest of the spineless Republican sycophants created a lawless, orange, narcissistic Frankenstein; now they have to deal with it!
Oy Vey
Oy Vey - 28 days ago
I agree they enabled that Orange thing.. but the country and the planet has to deal with IT... :-(
Jr new
Jr new - 29 days ago
Lindsey The Bane Graham....clearly the rat is jumping out of the sinking ship....😫
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