How Things Were Named 2 - Merrell Twins

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TAEKOOK CUTE - 2 hours ago
Emilio Amaro
Emilio Amaro - Day ago
How was tik tok App
Fiona Asistores
Fiona Asistores - Day ago
I think I know who's the guy voice is it's David😄😅I guess❤❤❤❤❤❤
Angelica Guardado
Angelica Guardado - Day ago
Are you guy's adoptid?
chloe - 3 days ago
For the moana one that is not how she was named. Moana means ocean in maori!!!!!!
Itz sha
Itz sha - 3 days ago
9:06 I'm just guessing they are gonna say are you real
Aya Taleb
Aya Taleb - 3 days ago
Whitney Willis
Whitney Willis - 3 days ago
Gracie GoodVidz
Gracie GoodVidz - 3 days ago
Is it just me or does Nessa look like Sydney Serena!
Campbell Quattlebaum
Campbell Quattlebaum - 4 days ago
Vironica is me. Periodt
Nayeesha Gurung
Nayeesha Gurung - 4 days ago
Do a part 3
Shameera 3
Shameera 3 - 4 days ago
Am I the only one that realized Moana was named Moana because Moana means sea in Moari?
Rachel Gucci
Rachel Gucci - 4 days ago
I love u guys!! These are super creative!😊😄
You guys are so funny love you guys!
ISB Family
ISB Family - 5 days ago
Subscribed to both channels!!
Gacha Life Hamster!
Gacha Life Hamster! - 5 days ago
Vanessa,-looks in fish tank-veronica:so you need a name for a subject Vanessa,-what is that?- Veronica,thats algie bruh! 😯 narrator:Algebra (im 10😖)
Lucie Carlston
Lucie Carlston - 5 days ago
7:09 you saw her Spit
Fluffeefairee & Kookeekittee
when I have a braid in when i go to school my friends say I look like Anna
(by the way I am a red head but my hair color is auburn but I'm also a red head mixed with brown hair)
: *3*
L - 5 days ago
Do google
Like your going to say go girl but fast
So you say googil😂😂😂😂🤷🏻‍♀️
Elle May
Elle May - 6 days ago
My names Ella 😂😂
Patricia Terrell
Patricia Terrell - 6 days ago
Your last name is so simpler to my last name Terrell
Lshel Ewing
Lshel Ewing - 6 days ago
Part 3
Maryam Shahid
Maryam Shahid - 7 days ago
i really like Roni's shirt that she wore at the start of the video.
Marissa Hotaling
Marissa Hotaling - 7 days ago
Lynn Ireland
Lynn Ireland - 7 days ago
Hi I Love you from Boy
TheFanciest _ Llama
TheFanciest _ Llama - 7 days ago
Marshmallow was named marshmallow because yes.. *Logic*
Estefania Iniguez Aguayo
12:56 AM XD I haven't slept
Zaynab Najafi
Zaynab Najafi - 8 days ago
If nessa was eating soup 🍜 with a spoon Ariel would be curling her eyebrows
Lillian Dye
Lillian Dye - 9 days ago
part 3 part 3
Macy Grace Lackey
Macy Grace Lackey - 9 days ago
part 3 harry potter charecters
Sofia Phaneuf
Sofia Phaneuf - 9 days ago
This is how many people love the Merrell twins
Abiel Yunusa
Abiel Yunusa - 9 days ago
Your hair is sooooooooo long
Mujiv's Adventures
Mujiv's Adventures - 10 days ago
Hello merell twins I'm you biggest fan I love you guys 😍😊☺😘
Uno Reverse
Uno Reverse - 10 days ago
Uno Reverse
Uno Reverse - 10 days ago
Mexican Kid
Mexican Kid - 11 days ago
Vanessa looks better as Ariel not Verónica
nayab. - 11 days ago
bruh why they look and sound like they high in the begining
aanya agarwal
aanya agarwal - 11 days ago
• *PART 3 PLS!* •
Lilac Lilac
Lilac Lilac - 11 days ago
Amy van Ballegooyen
Amy van Ballegooyen - 12 days ago
You do know Cinderella is called Cinderella because she sleeps by the cinders right? And her real name is Ella?
Ashley Vlog
Ashley Vlog - 12 days ago
7:16 when roni said lets do it she spited a bit
ASMR Lovey
ASMR Lovey - 12 days ago
Why does Vanessa always sound high at the intros 😂
Mohamed Zekerye
Mohamed Zekerye - 12 days ago
How do Apple get the name apple🍎
Ngoc xuyen Tran
Ngoc xuyen Tran - 13 days ago
So funny and good and cool
Alianis Sophia Figueroa
Alianis Sophia Figueroa - 13 days ago
Do another one
peter gathegu
peter gathegu - 13 days ago
Woooow you have a twin and new sub
peter gathegu
peter gathegu - 13 days ago
Sub means subscriber
ArtsyAshlyn - 14 days ago
I loved the first one and i had been wishing for part 2
Zachariah Smart
Zachariah Smart - 15 days ago
Alaw Roberts
Alaw Roberts - 15 days ago
Eli Sandoval
Eli Sandoval - 15 days ago
us three.
us three. - 15 days ago
like if yall want them to post everydayy.
Eli Sandoval
Eli Sandoval - 16 days ago
Omg! Guys I can’t be the only one that hears it at 11:40 ( Cinderella ) it sounds like Cole Labrant! Like if u hear it too! :D
Papa Papa
Papa Papa - 16 days ago
i love your views
Nemam Pojma
Nemam Pojma - 17 days ago
How were you named Venessa and Veronica?
Arissa Khyra
Arissa Khyra - 17 days ago
please please do more of this!!! PLEASE!
Paige Broderick
Paige Broderick - 17 days ago
I know how tiktok was named u were waiting for someonw to come up with a name then
Gacha Alice
Gacha Alice - 17 days ago
Dose that is what the thinks named? Btw I love you guesses 🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰
Shirlyn Topper
Shirlyn Topper - 17 days ago
Like if spotted da odd one out
Doris Aguilar
Doris Aguilar - 17 days ago
Part 3!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Doris Aguilar
Doris Aguilar - 17 days ago
This is soooo funny 😝😝😝
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