As Trump Ignores Hong Kong Protests, Steve King Sinks to a New Low in Iowa

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o - Day ago
T seems to fall in love with dictators. He praises Putin, Xi, and Kim, while criticizing USA allies. has he no moral bearing? Get a room!
Kay Omholt-Montague
Drumpf's "in lust affair" with Kim Jong Un is nothing more than creepy! I am actually beginning to believe that Drumpf enjoys sex on the down-low with men (not that I would give a shit), but he would NEVER admit to that. I mean - who talks about an adversarial, murdering dictator the way Trump discusses Kim Jong Un? People - it is really, fucking creepy!
OrionoftheStar - Day ago
My dog had hip dysplasia.
agus agus
agus agus - 3 days ago
its a carrie lam business, not Mr. Xi business, folks !!!.
hkg/taiwan is a small GDP than china mainland.
china can be re-exporting/ transshipment to US via vietnam phillipine thailand cambodia malaysia srilanka pakistan bangladesh myanmar indonesia etc.
Dan Brown
Dan Brown - 3 days ago
He's definitely taking singing lessons
A C - 4 days ago
which is the song played at the very end - remind me
Bobby Three Sticks
Bobby Three Sticks - 8 days ago
2:49 i want the full song.
Peggy Trawick
Peggy Trawick - 8 days ago
Hong Kong has Canada on its side, which is fighting against the PRC.
Modeerf Rehgif
Modeerf Rehgif - 10 days ago
From China i love his programs! Talented!
Googlelee Goo
Googlelee Goo - 10 days ago
Trump lives rent free in minds of these miserable and pathetic people. He is the overriding concern in their daily lives. He consumes all aspects of their consciousness and that places a heavy downtrodden demand upon their arrogant wills. He is literally driving them insane. He is highly toxic to their mental, physical, social and intellectual well being. He'd be screwing with their spiritual health also but most of them have never found it to be a necessary part of their lives because they believe they are too intelligent to bother with that aspect of verdure.
What I find to be the most gratifying, is that anyone who is not inflicted with TDS can easily see that President Trump is playing them like a fiddle. All of these pompous and so very joyless jackasses believe that they are intellectually light years ahead of Trump, when in fact they could not be anymore detached from reality. They call Trump a LIAR when he says that 40,000 people attended one of his rallies when in fact only half of that number were present. Others say he's DELUSIONAL! They get all incredulous and persnickety as they trip all over themselves to be the first siren to share it with their pathetic social media cyber-friends. Before you know it, it evolves into such superfluous cyber-shit-storm that every leftist in good standing with Hollywood and who is worth every last bit of their free stuff has become aware of the latest 'stupid and or delusional' thing that the 'Orange Man' has said.
It is at that very moment when President Trump could publicly state:, 'CHECKMATE'. And this is why ... Have you ever noticed how narrow the line of camera focus is on our POTUS when he is stumping at one of his packed-to-the-rafters rallies? The MSM doesn't want to let on that Trump is sharing all of his good news with his adoring standing room only congregation. Never in a million years would anyone from the MSM inform anyone in their audience that 15,000-20,000 people attended one of his rallies. That's because the leading loons on the left who hope to challenge him next November can't even begin to generate enough enthusiasm to draw more than a couple of hundred people to their events. This is why you will hear Trump state that their were twice that number of people ... so the righteous and all knowing MSM can chastise him for doing so. But in doing so ... it is necessary for them to give an estimate that is somewhere in the ballpark of what it actually was. So now, instead of the 20,000 people at one of his events not ever getting any mention ... It has become FRONT PAGE NEWS! Every leftist just got red-pilled compliments of their friendly free clinic physicians of the MSM.
One of the greatest accomplishments that Trump will never get credit for will be the astronomical number of libtard voting years he has already decimated ... and will continue to for many years to come. He is without any doubt taking months and even years of life away from of countless millions of miserable socialist minded losers.
desi derata
desi derata - 11 days ago
Stupid Canadian, Colbert.
Colton Wes
Colton Wes - 11 days ago
Hong Kong is gay. Donald Trump is still President??Colbert is gay.
That wedding bit made no sense. Applause sign turned on.
This show is kind of lame. You have to take some muscle relaxers to get through a whole episode. That's why hes good for old people.
wilfrid fred
wilfrid fred - 11 days ago
Damn....what an ass licked by Trump....
He knows his trade war fuck him up,and wanna play the"let's talk bro"....
Dirk Hpunkt
Dirk Hpunkt - 12 days ago

I need you to cope with the Clown in Chief!
Please come back!!!!
lazaro garcia
lazaro garcia - 12 days ago
Colbert you're a disgrace a clown could do it better than you.
lazaro garcia
lazaro garcia - 11 days ago
@henry k Then you should enjoy the show my friend for another four years.
henry k
henry k - 11 days ago
I dont think so ... You can see how bad things could get since we've voted for a clown as president 🤡
Connor Aldridge
Connor Aldridge - 12 days ago

chinookvalley - 12 days ago
It's been 3 weeks and still no LSSC???? What z up????
Joaquín Márquez Ruesta
Joaquín Márquez Ruesta - 13 days ago
I was expecting the Hungry for Power Games farewell for Looper
Sights and Sounds of Pakistan
What is happening in Indian Occupied Kashmir is 10 times worse then Hong Kong. For every 10 people 1 soldier. Indian soldiers are raping women and kidnapping innocent people of Indian Occupied Kashmir. Kindly pay attention to that #stephencolbert #thelateshowwithstephencolbert #indianoccupiedkashmir
Frank Smith
Frank Smith - 13 days ago
Steve King is an idiot and he gets paid to go against Trump,the spectators clapping etc are also paid for and are against the duly Elected President Trump of the USA.
Randall Goguen
Randall Goguen - 13 days ago
Has "Concerned" Steven ever even mentions peaceful right to return Palestinian protesters killed or injured in Gaza? Or does that not fit in with the two party cult script?
Randall Goguen
Randall Goguen - 13 days ago
"As Trump Ignores Hong Kong Protests" Yes Steven because hypocritical countries need to keep their noses up everyone's arse who don't kiss theirs.
DICK STORM - 13 days ago
Damn looks like Stephen hasn't got over his so sure Hilary victory damn he used to be funny
wzimporters import & export
Plz talk about Kashmir too...humans Rights violation are at the top from occupied Indian army
allenfreek13 - 14 days ago
Stephen please come back, we miss you.
silver soulja
silver soulja - 15 days ago
The Hong Kong bullshit has nothing g to do with us. The people have to stand up and fight for themselves.
Loren Renee
Loren Renee - 15 days ago
Remember when Trump met with his protesters??
Ruby Munoz
Ruby Munoz - 15 days ago
Hope its that sociopath Stephen Miller you're talking about--he's an insane lunatic (double standard) and doesn't blink an eye
alpha wolf
alpha wolf - 16 days ago
Who do you leave us? Why?!
Aadith Rajagopalan
Aadith Rajagopalan - 16 days ago
Please bring back the Hungry for Power games - Donkey Kong edition
Logan Z
Logan Z - 16 days ago
Im not getting the part where he ignores the protests
Jesus Hernandez
Jesus Hernandez - 16 days ago
Who the hell proof read kings speech and said hmmmm yup sounds good to me WTF I mean seriously nobody said well ummm wait a minute that doesn’t sound right in any way shape or form 😂😂😂
maureen janousek
maureen janousek - 16 days ago
What an idiot that Colbert is!!! He's not even funny
Dennis Madrid
Dennis Madrid - 16 days ago
This guy is such an idiot and needs to run for president so we can make fun of him.
Mo A
Mo A - 17 days ago
Very profound, We will miss you John Hickenlooper, next on the list is John Delaney.
Speaking of which, John Delaney was not qualified to join the third debate. Goodbye and farewell.
stephen7072 - 17 days ago
This guy is a Democrat puppet. Anyone that supports people that come here illegally are as bad as them.
Marc Ziegenhain
Marc Ziegenhain - 17 days ago
Stephen, you have to sing at the next Inauguration ceremony after Trump.
Some Thing
Some Thing - 17 days ago
Anyone knows when that lazy rascal Stephen Colbert starts working again? He doesn't work hard enough for all that money he earns, does he?
Daniel Rodriguez
Daniel Rodriguez - 17 days ago
Uh?..I guess he thinks he is at one of his green felt tables in Greenland!
Mikael Jensen
Mikael Jensen - 17 days ago
Anyone know if Stephen relates to Trump and he´s rudeness towards Denmark. I cant find the 18 aug-21 where I guess he would comment on it.
Macom G.
Macom G. - 17 days ago
So is that all is gonna be said about Steve King's disgusting affermations? I'm from Europe, so I can't do much there, but shouldn't all american women stop what they're doing and get on the streets until he looses or steps down form his job? Because that can't be ignore and it can't just be a quick news. There have to be consequences.
Antney Fatts
Antney Fatts - 17 days ago
Just like the Left ignores people of Hong Kong supporting American flag and Trump
J L - 17 days ago
Stephen, could you bring this guy on your show, he loves trump as much as you do!
Peggy Jenkinson
Peggy Jenkinson - 18 days ago
I had a exchange student from Hong Kong. Remember!!! They used to be under United Kingdom. She had the China Passport but she and her family had the British Passport.
They know what not being under China is like. It may get worse.
Traci Sims
Traci Sims - 9 days ago
It IS going to get worse. You and I both know that. I fear for the people of Hong Kong.
CJ L - 18 days ago
Stephen is becoming less and less independent and more and more defined but what mainstream media thinks and how CBS directs him. It's a very disappointing process to see but his Colbert Report will always have my heart.
lego spiderman 200
lego spiderman 200 - 18 days ago
Kristopher Ryan
Kristopher Ryan - 18 days ago
firstly, they are not his people (when Trump was referring to XI). Hong Kong is a special administrative region of China, with its seperate executive, legislative, and judicial powers devolved from the Chinese Government.
Brian Avichouser
Brian Avichouser - 18 days ago
Daniel Pinto
Daniel Pinto - 18 days ago
Chen Duan
Chen Duan - 19 days ago
I have friends living in mainland China, Hongkong, US, and just got shocked by how western medias "making news" about everything happened in China, and these anti-Chinese pre-war propaganda are just terrifying.
Stephanie Rose
Stephanie Rose - 19 days ago
Wish he would bring back hungry for power games lol!
Josie Fox
Josie Fox - 19 days ago
President Donald Trump. Brought to you every day this week by Moscow Mitch and the GOP.
ironside31 - 19 days ago
Ok 2.5 weeks without Stephen. We need him to get thru the insanity that is our political situation. No more vacations until 2035
Tunisia H
Tunisia H - 19 days ago
Wait!!! No hungry for power games!! To bid farewell to the dropouts😢😢 come on uncle stephen
trunk monkey
trunk monkey - 19 days ago
Ya mean John Dickenpooper?
Frank Parent
Frank Parent - 19 days ago
1:48 you know Trump didn't write that, they used the word "enlightened". He probably doesn't even know what that means.
تحرير الوعي
تحرير الوعي - 19 days ago
Its really weird how even though us Algerians been marching and protesting in millions for over 6 months every Friday but yet now big news outlet is talking about it fully. more than 20 million people went to the streets the first couple of Fridays! that has never happened in our recent time.
Ali Ahmad
Ali Ahmad - 19 days ago
Hey say something about Kashmir too
Ryan - 19 days ago
While Stephen is grabbing summer by the cajones, Trump is talking about nuking hurricanes. Please come back to us and make fun of this orange fool 😩
fintan darcy
fintan darcy - 19 days ago
Bill de Blasio arrived at his victory party to an unusual tune. Political playlists are usually anodyne but de Blasio strode in to the thumping strains of a new pop song, Royals by a singersongwriter from New Zealand called Lorde. The crowd, young, left-wing and delirious with success, went wild. For 2020 President.
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