Building a Shipping Container Home | EP03 Doors, Windows, and Insulation

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The Modern Home Project
The Modern Home Project - 29 days ago
Hi! sorry for the delay and the audio issues. I have been traveling a bit lately and its been hard to keep up on editing. I wasnt sure how in depth to in the design notes section but i will try to add more information to the web posts which i am working on now. Here is a link to the architecture firm i co-founded: if you want to see some of the other houses we have designed. Go to for a 360-degree tour.
Here is a link to the collection of the products we used from Home Depot which was the sponsor for this project:|O|FY18|NA|YT|Multi|Multi|ContainerHomeDescriptionCollection|
Product Links
Forney Welder
Insulation 2” R-13
Subfloor Panels
Liquid Nails Subfloor Adhesive
Joist Hangers
Ryobi Generator
Goal Zero Solar Kit and Power Pack
Clw Clwh
Clw Clwh - 13 hours ago
+The Modern Home Project hmmm...would you be willing to do such a construct in the Caribbean? I would like to give back to a community by setting up a central compound livity centre.
Clw Clwh
Clw Clwh - 13 hours ago
+David Findley hmmm...would you be willing to do such a construct in the Caribbean? I would like to give back to a community by setting up a central compound livity centre.
joey dubbs76
joey dubbs76 - 3 days ago
Building codes in California are ridiculous.
twychopen22 - 10 days ago
+Abel Rodrigues you mean a shipping container be shipped overseas? Highly doubtful.
Felipe Matzymor
Felipe Matzymor - 16 days ago
With this videos you show us very detailed instructions to everyone dream to build a container home..
Seth Miner
Seth Miner - 8 hours ago
In conclusion kids, he builds a regular tiny home that happens to have metal siding.
Zo - Day ago
Excellent videos! They should be a T.V. Series.
Bobby4D TV
Bobby4D TV - Day ago
Is the series finished? Was looking forward to a full house tour episode!
Johnathan Saunders
Johnathan Saunders - Day ago
What is with talking about the cost, it will turn people away if you make it about money.
MetalGearMk3 - Day ago
Ben, it would of been cheaper and better if you built a rammed earth home. It's fireproof, good insulator,mold proof, termite proof, and earthquake resistant , combine that with an earthtube you won't HEVC system. Living in a metal building is not good for your long term health.
TheOtherBill - Day ago
This thing is getting ridiculous. Should have known it when it was first said it was being built in CA. From the asinine regulations to the multiple crews on a supposedly DIY project. Thumbs down and unsubscribed.
Doyle Williams
Doyle Williams - 2 days ago
Sitting here waiting on Episode 4 😁😁😁😁
Vincent De Groodt
Vincent De Groodt - 2 days ago
The long waiting between episodes is killing me 😩
Stanley Banks
Stanley Banks - 2 days ago
I bet all those windows will crack from all that welding spatter.
hernan oñate
hernan oñate - 3 days ago
Why use wood panels and after plaster. Would not it have been better to use only plaster?
Jamie Jackson
Jamie Jackson - 3 days ago
3 weeks later and no ep 4
stokestack - 4 days ago
Really informative. Did you consider putting two containers side by side and cutting out the intervening walls to create a wider space? Any idea if that's practical?
stokestack - Day ago
+Jason Storey Why would you need another wall? If it's a structural issue, why not just put a beam from side to side?
Jason Storey
Jason Storey - 2 days ago
You'd have to then build what is essentially another wall to support them...You wouldn't get a wider space that way, just a different type of wall.
Dave P.
Dave P. - 4 days ago
Beautiful house, But that road to it may lead to purchasing a house for sale sign. I'll bet if it weren't for the profit the inspectors wouldn't drive that road either. Also you can see by your neighbor that wind energy works out there, will you be using it too? By the way, what ever happened to the few days planned for long distance videoing by Home depot?
tavish mckenzie
tavish mckenzie - 4 days ago
brilliant tips!! it looks great, thanks for all the tips
Andy Damiano
Andy Damiano - 4 days ago
Got to ask you. are you required to have structural engineers,architecture, blueprints? I am in California as well.I know how and what I want to have built but felt I won't need to spend bucks on the 3 groups I 've mentioned.
Patricio Appel
Patricio Appel - 5 days ago
Hi, great video, how much did the client paid for the complete project.
Citizen Fox
Citizen Fox - 5 days ago
Better solution based on what you did: build a normal home, and just slap on the corrugated steel outer walls to the outside. You don't really have shipping containers at this point.
VicVal - 5 days ago
Man these are great videos but there is so much work to put into these things now I'm really rethinking buying these containers and building a house either way great videos man keep putting them out
carlcat - 5 days ago
I like the shipping container idea but once I saw how much time and money I began to think one could have bought a book of vacation home plans and ordered the plans for very little. On top of that you would have wound up with a very beautiful vacation home. A shipping container home would only make sense to me if it was wayyyyyyyyy cheaper and faster. On top of that a shipping container home is not a very interesting space. Still enjoyed watching your videos.
jfly888 - 5 days ago
Episode 4 coming soon?
Ahmed - 5 days ago
When is the next video
BeyondWrittenWords - 6 days ago
Meh. Just level the ground, put the container on something hard. Start living. I'd build a bigger wooden house with all this hassle.
Bad Samaritan
Bad Samaritan - 6 days ago
Your audio switching to left side mono during your diagram explanations, is really annoying. Loving these videos otherwise.
Khaerul Jamal
Khaerul Jamal - 6 days ago
I like this channel. Keep going on your work!
Ocular Shift
Ocular Shift - 7 days ago
Question: on the insulation, it looks like the insulation panels leave gaps over the walls' indentations. Could that cause condensation issues? I've seen numerous other projects use spray foam insulation. Thoughts?
Stefano D'Armini
Stefano D'Armini - 7 days ago
Really a good job but unfortunately you didn' t show the final results.
Jon Smith
Jon Smith - 8 days ago
There are now several suppliers of a paint that can be applied directly to rusty metal or nice clean metal. The important thing is to use a strong cleaner to strip any residual oils that come on new metal. The product I’ve had the best performance from is from the Eastwood Company. It’s called POR, paint over rust, it’s not designed for welding through but once you do all your welding, you can wire brush by hand to remove the welding soot, once again use a thorough cleaner, apply the POR and THEN apply your calking. POR dries to a very hard, nearly chip proof finish that resembles baked on Powder Coatings. Never gonna need to be done again. No mater WHAT you try to paint on, if you’re gonna weld on it... it better be well sealed from the chance of moisture or you WILL get rust. All that 1/8” and thicker steel you used for the windows and doors is gonna outlast you, almost certainly. The sheer dryness of the climate there and the heat will evaporate moisture. POR man, tough as nails, easy to apply and excellent bang for the buck price wise. 👍
Naveen Anujaya
Naveen Anujaya - 8 days ago
i will shit my pants when start lightning around there and living in a steel box 😬😬
Hamdi Alaydi
Hamdi Alaydi - 9 days ago
what a nice project you've done, i think if you split your project to two half .. before shipping you can do the cutting cabling wiring & insulation work .. the other half must be in the location.. this way might be reducing the cost
Alex Kulenkampff
Alex Kulenkampff - 9 days ago
Nicely done, any cost for the project?
Jeppe Ekvall
Jeppe Ekvall - 9 days ago
Why does the doors swing inwards? Exit's should always swing outwards (in case of an emergency). Great project though :)
Nada Whey
Nada Whey - 9 days ago
Ben may I recommend a double roof, and paint it white, to help reduce temps inside the home.
Ricky Farrow
Ricky Farrow - 10 days ago
Please do a part 4
Mark Black
Mark Black - 10 days ago
Why am i seeing this?
Kevin Arevalo
Kevin Arevalo - 10 days ago
Great Video! I have a piece of beachfront land in El Salvador, top surf destination... I am planning on building a hotel, looking into using containers to make 8 small studio apartments with beachfront views. Do you suggest containers would be cheaper/easier alternative rather than typical brick/cement? (el salvador use brick for construction, not wood)
Cleber Lirio
Cleber Lirio - 10 days ago
You are such a cool guy sharing the information step by step. It is highly appreciated, as well as exciting to watch you building your house and been patient enough to share with us everything that you are going through.
I cannot wait for the video 4.
Avi Ator
Avi Ator - 10 days ago
anyone see that bug at 11:03? Great content. Love the overhangs on the windows and the brilliant ideas for framing and floors. All around great video including 1 & 2!
Vicent C
Vicent C - 10 days ago
Who needs Game of Thrones when you have this masterpice. Thanks for the video. Can't wait to see E4!
Saad Al Jabri
Saad Al Jabri - 10 days ago
Great job, thank you for sharing
golf del Rey
golf del Rey - 10 days ago
Great videos,and concept,congrats
Patrick Melson
Patrick Melson - 10 days ago
Did a great job! Did you frame 2x4 stud walls? Looks like 2x3. Adding that additional subflooring is way overkill in my opinion. Did you think about installing the sewer pipe under slab and coming up through the bottom of the container instead of cutting all through the steel floor?
Mohammed Abdullah
Mohammed Abdullah - 10 days ago
I think it'd have been better to join all 3 containers for better rigid support against Tornadoes and earthquakes.
ranjeeth palanisamy
ranjeeth palanisamy - 10 days ago
im eagerly waiting for the next video
Damon West
Damon West - 10 days ago
I'm looking forward to the next video. You and your crew have done a great job and I'm enjoying the process. Grind on.
Joy Deb
Joy Deb - 10 days ago
Episode 4 please...😌😌
Tekka579 - 10 days ago
This is amazing and an option for me... Subbed
Salt_ - 11 days ago
This is so detailed and in depth. Thank you for bringing this to us. Cant wait for the next ep!
McMas - 11 days ago
thanks for sharing these episodes about shipping containers....too bad that you were required to do things for code in Cali, great job Ben
King Kasey
King Kasey - 11 days ago
why dont u fully weld the metal?
0311 KV
0311 KV - 11 days ago
Did you think about lining the roof and the side that faces the sun with dynamat heatshield or the like?
Brandon Harrison
Brandon Harrison - 11 days ago
voodoo glow skulls t shirt FTW
Michal Treder
Michal Treder - 11 days ago
This is a great series. I love the attention to detail in describing the design, engineering and construction process. I work as architect in europe and I find many of the materials used a bit of overkill but biggest one is requirement for sprinklers in a single family one floor dwelling. I would consider this maybe if the house was powered by gas but in this case I am sure its not. Looking forward to seeing more videos!
paramet - 11 days ago
Hollengrhen - 11 days ago
Episode 4 already, Come one people!!
Best channel ever!
darf vader
darf vader - 11 days ago
Dudes I'm impressed so how much was it for the total project
Spartance - 11 days ago
Where is next episode dude🤔 I am waiting
Ahmed Moustafa
Ahmed Moustafa - 10 days ago
Soon :D
Fredgast - 11 days ago
15:26 "even when i went nice and slOW"
G. K.
G. K. - 12 days ago
Those doors are epic, never seen bifolding doors like that
AnimaLogain - 12 days ago
So this is how you make a beautiful metal frame inflamable
Garry Collins
Garry Collins - 12 days ago
Is the container roof sloped for rain run off?
Ned Ryerson
Ned Ryerson - 12 days ago
Great video guys. I must include and as partially mentioned in other comments, it's imperative to note; condenstion is not your friend. There should have been some sort of exterior vapor barrier and vents incorporated. Also, the flooring lumber is a disaster waiting to happen. Heaven forbid there is any type of flooding from inside or out, or plumbing problems. Other than that, this is a pretty decent build.
Austin Avery
Austin Avery - 12 days ago
Great video series, very informative
Eduard Burt DC MUAC
Eduard Burt DC MUAC - 12 days ago
We are building Net Zero in CA - impact fees is what kills the project. Permit was not too bad and quiet fast for Amador County. Should be done by the end of June. In California on any property that is 5 acres and over you can apply for LDRD - Low Density Residential Dwelling - that permit eliminates sprinkler installation on a new construction. We saved at least 40k there. I am not sure what you are going to use for power at your project. We have 7.8kwh of solar and 36kwh of battery capacity off course off grid completely. That will give you title 24 exemption - that means that you would not have to deal with insulation per title 24 requirements.
Chuck Brown
Chuck Brown - 12 days ago
Incredible job on the work and your videos series.
Un Drago
Un Drago - 12 days ago
How to build a wooden house into a container
Ahamad Ali
Ahamad Ali - 12 days ago
Hope this series doesn't get cancelled.
Talha Hos
Talha Hos - 12 days ago
It would be even more better if you add swimming pool.
john marshall
john marshall - 12 days ago
Buy a foam gun.
david morales
david morales - 12 days ago
Russ Montgomery
Russ Montgomery - 12 days ago
Weld-through primer is just fine. BUT! keep in mind that primer does not provide A moisture nor does it stop metal from rusting. Primer is is only intended to give a coating a clean place to stick. In A dry climate you should have no problem.
BIG DIRO - 13 days ago
dying to know / trying to guess the final cost - and really wondering whether, especially in a desert environment, so small makes sense. I have a feeling you could have added a lot more floor area without a concomitant increase in cost. just saying.
I am Silver_42
I am Silver_42 - 13 days ago
I’m also waiting for ep4! Good job! This is inspiring!
Andrew Haynes
Andrew Haynes - 13 days ago
Thanks again for this series. Great videos and your notes at the end are very very valuable.
Damián "el Salsuero"
Damián "el Salsuero" - 13 days ago
Episode 4, eh? Right.
Keith Veltkamp
Keith Veltkamp - 13 days ago
There are builders, and there are over builders! I think you fall into the Over builders catagory!
Aiden Corona
Aiden Corona - 13 days ago
How much was it all total not including land I'm here near Joshua tree like 40 min away and I'd love to set something similar up?
S. Lowe
S. Lowe - 13 days ago
I love that everythings available at home depot, and that they'll deliver to the jobsite. your videos are incredibly informative. I feel more capeable and less intimidated with the process for sure. It becomes more "doable". thanks for these!
MrD. G.
MrD. G. - 13 days ago
It really looks like you build a house inside a container. I've seen companies that do pre-build homes and deploy to location. I think that's a better deal than containers.
Arenas A.
Arenas A. - 14 days ago
Just rewatching and waiting for ep 4
schmatever - 14 days ago
New subscriber from London, UK. Really interesting clips. Look forward to seeing the full reveal in the near future. Also curious to know if you considered linking these together using glass bricks? Wondered if this would make it more secure as a residence so that its one space interconnected rather than a series of different spaces that need to be locked each time you leave them?
Elizabeth Faraone
Elizabeth Faraone - 14 days ago
A pleasure to watch the process! You’re amazing.
arthur - 14 days ago
Excuse my naivety but any security issues with living so off grid here ? Sure it's safe but you only have to watch the movies ... Fascinating videos thank you .
Feed me to the Floor
Feed me to the Floor - 14 days ago
"Still let the sun in to warm the house in the winter." Here I am crying because I live too close to the arctic circle.
LeFauxPanneau22 - 14 days ago
wow.. i know absolutely nothing about architecture or engineering, this stuff blows my mind. very well-made and nice to watch, can't wait to see more!
Sebastian96 - 14 days ago
I wish I could design a project like this.
Mehrdad Dalamie
Mehrdad Dalamie - 14 days ago
Wow, the lingo is completely alien to me...didn't really understand anything said...a lesson to never try this....This is a video for expert builders who may have never worked with shipping containers, and no one else
Thomas Burke
Thomas Burke - 15 days ago
You guys should do one on cleaning and covering rust spots
Kevin Coates
Kevin Coates - 15 days ago
I used that much foam board for sound-proofing when I built a recording studio and rehearsal room in my basement. After finishing the drywall I noticed that it created a really bad echo and I had to use a ton of foam sound panels to deaden it. Have you had this problem with your containers?
Юрий Котов
Юрий Котов - 15 days ago
А не проще было каркасник обшить профлистом
MrAndyCarlos - 15 days ago
Why did you chose a desert place to live in?
Happy Fox
Happy Fox - 15 days ago
#RIP popcorn cielings
wheelstandr - 16 days ago
Glad I watched this. Way more effort than its worth compared to other methods of building. Lesson learned.
Johan V
Johan V - 16 days ago
Next video ?
Brian P
Brian P - 17 days ago
You have R46 in your floors but R22 in your walls which will see impacts of the heat significantly more then your floors lol. I did not know that about the overhangs though, thats really interesting!
Joan Solomon
Joan Solomon - 17 days ago
So, in effect, a container is just really difficult siding and roofing, with extra difficulty working in a cramped space.
Rahul C
Rahul C - 17 days ago
When is ep4 coming?
Albert - 17 days ago
Excellent video. Just one small thing: The sound at the end is mono. :-)
Patrina McBride
Patrina McBride - 17 days ago
Angle Iron better than tube? You are on glue. Just because you don't know how to control and stabilize your tube doesn't make angle iron better. I know in the desert they don't have snow load, but don't mislead people with misinformation.
Isaac Appah
Isaac Appah - 17 days ago
Great work. thanks for sharing
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