Building a Shipping Container Home | EP03 Doors, Windows, and Insulation

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Sherry Rees
Sherry Rees - 5 hours ago
I love the concept.... but, I'd have to settle for a travel trailer.
Paul Davis
Paul Davis - 6 hours ago
I would have welded two large containers together and removed the wall so I could have more space because the width of these is something I would have a huge problem with if I had to live in something like that permanently.
Frank Bonilla
Frank Bonilla - 9 hours ago
Boycott Home Depot.
Travis Walden
Travis Walden - 10 hours ago
Seems like this construction would make a maintenance nightmare. Welding, sprayfoam, and glue everywhere.
Jason Finch
Jason Finch - 13 hours ago
The best tip was to hire out your drywallers. Those guys are amazing and worth every penny. That is the one thing I refuse to do myself.
somethin somethin
somethin somethin - 14 hours ago
I would love to see you take a FLIR camera from Fluke, and see how how the insulation worked. The metal floor braces I would expect to conduct heat. A flir camera set up and timelapse inside and out would be awesome.
John Rambo
John Rambo - 15 hours ago
Arm Band tattoo's. Uh huh. Tom Delonge called. He wants his arm band tattoo's back
Maya White
Maya White - 19 hours ago
New drinking game: every time he says anything about “learning as we went” take a shot
I believe the idea of utilizing containers is that it reduces building costs. You bought in the middle of nowhere, paid more in fees than you paid for the dirt and overbuilt for an earthquake that will never happen.
JonDeBerg - Day ago
I love it. But I am using spray-foam insulation. I've built many homes in my life, and nothing is better than spray-foam. Best R-Factor for the money, plus it tightens up everything. I love the sub flooring you put it.
Nathan Slijkhuis
Nathan Slijkhuis - Day ago
why not use glas wool ore stone wool
Jeff Priest
Jeff Priest - 2 days ago
How many cans of great stuff did you use great work though
Ti Leit702
Ti Leit702 - 2 days ago
Seems you're killing your interior space studs osb then rock.. wow.. studs paneling and paint would be just fine to me?
Lenin Ramos
Lenin Ramos - 2 days ago
Thanks so much for the info. I really appreciate it.
Heap of Fish
Heap of Fish - 2 days ago
What a waste of time and steel. Too anal. Just do a SIP building and be done with it!
perfect freetwoplay
perfect freetwoplay - 2 days ago
at 4:23 blaming tony.... not cool man not cool lol
Ozzy Gtz
Ozzy Gtz - 2 days ago
YES, (Sheet-rockers) did it in 2 days ‘cause they Must be a mexiCAN crew!!!💪🏾😁
Montana Ranger
Montana Ranger - 2 days ago
All this is great information. I sent these videos to a friend in Alaska who is preparing to do a shipping container home build.
David Greek
David Greek - 2 days ago
I might be wrong , but isn't there health issues with using spray foam insulation in warmer climates, as it give's off a toxic/ammonia substance.. D
Jackson Porter
Jackson Porter - 3 days ago
You already know he got the idea for this from trailer park boys
Jon Luman
Jon Luman - 3 days ago
So far, it looks like you are "sucked into" every in-efficient make-work operation known to the construction (if it takes twice as long, I make twice the money) industry.
Ellenor Bovay
Ellenor Bovay - 3 days ago
Wow, you did a really good job on this video, very good graphics and attention to detail. We had been thinking of building a house out of shipping containers for years, but we finally decided not to. You did a really good job on yours though, and it looks like you're going to have a super strong house and you won't have to worry about termites or fires. We have a bunch of shipping containers, but we just use them as a garage for a back hoe, and as storage.
talktalktalktalktalk - 3 days ago
Wilson Sia
Wilson Sia - 3 days ago
Hello there, I really enjoy your video. where in US States is this located?
Richard Zippler
Richard Zippler - 3 days ago
Bhatt Hole
Bhatt Hole - 3 days ago
I'm sure someone has said something like this already....but with all the steps needed to reinforce and adapt the container, and with all the framing which had to be done anyway.....wouldn't it have been FAR easier just to build the damn house traditionally? You'd have skipped so many levels of problem-solving, welding, modification, ect. Plus...possibly cheaper.
Charles Forbin
Charles Forbin - 4 days ago
This place is going to make an Awesome home with great Scenic desert views......for the Squatters who move in while you're gone to Boston.....
veranet99 - 4 days ago
With all this over-engineering, what's the point of the container? Dude, you got boned.
TheLiasas - 4 days ago
That "sprinkler system as a must" is beyond bullshit. Specially consideron that retarded fee for some idiot to run a str8 pipe connected to a few pf rhose above your head. Smh
CleanYo Screen
CleanYo Screen - 4 days ago
i have a question, if i wanted to make a house from cement blocks and concrete, is it more or less expensive than a traditional american house made from wooden boards and studs?
Alexander leon
Alexander leon - 5 days ago
Although the idea is very cool a concrete structure would of been a lot faster and cheaper especially in labor.
Oblivion - 6 days ago
insulation, insulation and more insulation. How many inch of living space finally?
Buc Wheat
Buc Wheat - 6 days ago
Living in Canada you went way overboard on the construction for a warm climate... Remember you only need to adhere to State and National Building codes.... Key thing to remember in Humid and warm climates or Cold climates... airflow and ventilation... let things breathe and don't go crazy. You should have involved or hired an experienced builder as an advisor IMHO...
VanadyStar NM
VanadyStar NM - 6 days ago
How many containers do you think someone would need to do 30,000 ft.²
Vitalijus Pirogovas
Vitalijus Pirogovas - 6 days ago
really cool video. thumb up! basically you built timber frame house inside the containers?why you had to use that much timber? is it about regulations in california?
thatjokerperson - 6 days ago
im surprised no one is adding
"new homes must have sprinkler systems"
to the list of why no one likes california.
Ti Leit702
Ti Leit702 - 2 days ago
@Josh California requires it in all new construction... wildfires or you creating a wildfire
Josh - 2 days ago
thatjokerperson I’ve never heard of a house needing sprinkler system.
Tee K
Tee K - 6 days ago
need more spray foam
AlkalineGamingHD - 7 days ago
There is a theme here. you over paying and getting RAKED over the coals for your money. 6k for 850sqfoot fire suppression!? Bro....
AlkalineGamingHD - 7 days ago
care to mention how many companies you shilled out for in this video sponsored you? Got nothing against them helping you out with the costs but you're weirdly flexing products and their brand names. Feels like a sponsored plug that you're not properly disclosing.
JcoopinNeWYork - 7 days ago
ver bad videos io dont see anything fcking clickbait
Inner Cynic
Inner Cynic - 7 days ago
Wouldn't you put some sort of reflective insulation in at the beginning? This thing is a heat magnet!
coler154 - 5 days ago
reflective insulation needs air gaps in order to work properly.
J R - 7 days ago
I know now how to spend less on my container home!
melinda3281 - 8 days ago
I've dreamed of this ever since a kid. Not even lying no joke I actually wanted to live in one. And now it's actually happened in real life... When I grow up I'm going to get a house like this, no joke 😀😀👍👍👍👍👍👦👉👨
melinda3281 - 8 days ago
If I'm able to 😐🙂☺️😀
Bernard Lam
Bernard Lam - 8 days ago
At least half of the people commenting on here gets it. This is a normal house with real shipping containers acting as siding. It would be cheaper to build an actual normal house (box) and then use metal siding to get the container look. But its not his fault. Its just whats required by the building department because there are no building codes designed for containers. I researched about building container homes for years and decided against it because of this. The cost is at least as much as a normal house if not more. He's doing it as an exercise and for education for everyone else. For these "boxes" kind of homes, the fastest (therefore cheapest because labor is $$$) would be to use SIPs. Or, since this is really a DIY channel, he could have framed the entire house with 2x6 all by himself if he wasnt trying to use containers lol.
Crook County Customs
Crook County Customs - 8 days ago
All that work and money just so someone can come by and steal your house.
Sarah Baby Girl Salvador
I'm just interested in watching and learning about building houses, from big to tiny homes, shipping containers build, restoration, van conversion, and this is by far The Most Awesome build from beginning to end that I have seen. You and your team are amazing!
merritt McDowell
merritt McDowell - 9 days ago
I'm willing to bet you spent more on this than the same size stick built house
stephen payne
stephen payne - 9 days ago
First-year architecture student here, just wondering, why are you insulating so much in a hot arid area? and what purpose does having glass at every opening really add to the design and functionality of the project? Do you think would have an effect on temperature control? and why is there no concern about air flow?
u3962521 - 9 days ago
you've done a great job on this video series, super impressed
James Sawyer
James Sawyer - 10 days ago
Would you have saved a lot more having a rolling home so you don't have to go through all the permits and fucking sprinkler?
Turbo - 10 days ago
you are a faggot lol
Freder Snorlax
Freder Snorlax - 10 days ago
Your construction methodology is very courageous. I'd like to see a report on the condition and comfort of the home in 1 year and 10 years.

Good luck!
Jman86 Gamertag
Jman86 Gamertag - 10 days ago
...and here I was just gonna run a power cord in and pop hole in one corner to put a small ac in.
Ramondo - 10 days ago
i wouldnt have glued the floor ur carpenter done a good job of cutting and stepping on the joins to fit perfect , if u need any extra wireing u can put hidden lift hoops in the seems and in case u change the finnish flooring in the future u can lift the floor and drop more cables if u need them...
Bl Ah
Bl Ah - 11 days ago
Should only have required drywall inside. The container is already a self supporting structure. And requiring a sprinkler system in a family home is just ridiculous. I'm sooo glad I don't live in Ca anymore.
Amir Chamma
Amir Chamma - 11 days ago
Holy moly what a view, great channel
Max - 12 days ago
Home Depot: How much spray foam do you need?

Ben: Yes
Bhatt Hole
Bhatt Hole - 3 days ago
Auto-pilot comments! Weeeeeee!
rmp5s - 12 days ago
Mr MEMé - 13 days ago
What type of Gas did your Welder Use ????
suavilica - 14 days ago
I am sorry I don't have patience to read 500+ comments. Curious how much did the each unit cost fully built? Thank you so much!
Taiiwo Llort
Taiiwo Llort - 15 days ago
Hello, in this section of left only audio...
Patrick Bates
Patrick Bates - 15 days ago
Those engineers made you overbuild just to cover their asses.  Only in America!  You could have built 3 houses with all that material in Mexico.
Ken Royall
Ken Royall - 16 days ago
I'd go with this instead:
Msizi Mlu
Msizi Mlu - 16 days ago
How do I become your mentee?
Lyla Grace
Lyla Grace - 17 days ago
Just wondering Why Someone would Actually Choose to live in a 105* Desert?? Kinda Weird to Me!! Enjoy sweating ur balls off?? Lol Must Be!! Enjoy ur actual "Sweat Shop"!!! Lol
Randy Torres
Randy Torres - 18 days ago
Soooo what happens if a baseball goes through one of your windows?
Podular - 18 days ago
for prefabricated modular without the hassle - see free delivery
Johnny Willis
Johnny Willis - 19 days ago
I the first episode, you mentioned thoughts on various types of foundations. One thought that comes to mind is similar to the slab. The difference being to set in a ledge to set the container down into, thus creating a fastening point that flashing, or as you used, angle iron with insulation to seal the gaps. The second being how you eradicated the area on top of the container that traps water. How did you deal with that issue?
colkestrel - 19 days ago
You pretty much were forced to build a house inside the container so in the end what is the point of the containers?
DesolatorMagic - 19 days ago
Call me crazy but I would have done like 50% of the work at night. Like literally anything that didn't involve contractors. That's too darn hot!
AK The Savage
AK The Savage - 20 days ago
"Spatter", not Splatter..... lol
john bekkers
john bekkers - 20 days ago
I built a 20mt x 20mt house brick and steel 4 bedrooms 2 bathrooms theater and family room total cost $125000 in australia
john bekkers
john bekkers - 20 days ago
cheaper and quicker to build a normal frame house
Legeta H
Legeta H - 21 day ago
Noticed you didn't put foam around the elbow on the outside not worried about freezing?
Richard Beek
Richard Beek - 21 day ago
nice work. A 12 meter long container cost about 5000 here in Holland..
Now I wish I lived in a bigger country because you can hardly do anything here because it's so small.
Mike Flint
Mike Flint - 23 days ago
Best thing to learn here is not to build a shipping container house
Alex Prevett
Alex Prevett - 23 days ago
The biggest thing I saw was that there needed to be strike plates where any electrical or pipes might be so you don't screw or nail into electricity or water later.
Lloyd Christmas
Lloyd Christmas - 23 days ago
Sooooooo much wasted space
thomas - 24 days ago
Hell man. If you gotta stick frame the whole inside why not just build a wood house. You are using the shipping container for siding only. Whats the advantage? Or are you just an ignorant democrat?
Edward Wright
Edward Wright - 24 days ago
I always thought cost was the reason to go shipping container... But after doing some cad you can build the same thing with timber for a fraction of the price .. am I missing something?
Nihal Abbu
Nihal Abbu - 25 days ago
Shipping Container: $1000
Permits: $20000
Gerald Rodriguez
Gerald Rodriguez - 27 days ago
so pretty much you need 200k for a two container build
Dead Eyed Demon
Dead Eyed Demon - 28 days ago
In California, all vertical structural welds must be welded up, not down... using er70 wire or 7018 rod. And it's a negative on weld thru paint, all welds must be down on clean ground surfaces.
Mumpy Gumboo
Mumpy Gumboo - 29 days ago
Hmmm... the more I look at different building methods and DIY projects, the more I would simply buy a prefab home, and just pour a pad for it. PLOP! Done....
Great project, though. Really well done. Impressive. Just not my thing, doing all this workie workie.
Shawn Crocker
Shawn Crocker - 29 days ago
Really lovin it! This is some really detailed documenting that other videos iv seen on the same topic don't have. This series really make it clear building a house from shipping containers is really no where close to cheap. It would seem the only savings is the cost of roofing and siding minus the cost of the container?
Tuva Hellqvist
Tuva Hellqvist - 29 days ago
Use spray foam
CryptoDaddys - 29 days ago
so whats the cost for the permits?
Cheril Cooper
Cheril Cooper - 29 days ago
Thank you for your hard work.. You've ran into things.. I've not thought about! 😁😀
Cheril Cooper
Cheril Cooper - 29 days ago
Would it add extra coolness to spray the outside with that Rinhno liner type stuff.. Like the people who live in van's and ambulance's converted into home's?
Cheril Cooper
Cheril Cooper - 27 days ago
@Lawn Bear Makes sense.. I would try the south side of the house first and see if I could see a difference before I did the whole house... Let me know.. I'm trying to think of new things also!😊😊
Lawn Bear
Lawn Bear - 28 days ago
I thought the same. I think you could texture it to look like stucco. 👍
Shrey Dip Bhandari
Shrey Dip Bhandari - Month ago
What to do if paint comes off the container and rust acts in
jay_615 - Month ago
This is satisfying to watch even dough I cant afford it
Shekhar Moona
Shekhar Moona - Month ago
Glad you blocked those holes. The first thing I thought was rattle snakes. If you get snakes during this project please post them.
Slowmo - Month ago
Great! Now do it in the state with the most lax building codes..
Dennis G.
Dennis G. - Month ago
I just want to know if this, on a less grand scale, is more cost effective than building a house.
eri - Month ago
If you don't do it in California, it might be.
Kevin P
Kevin P - Month ago
Looks like a buffet for termites. LOL
kululv - Month ago
I still see light coming through the framing around the windows! could you foam that later?
Wes Johnston
Wes Johnston - Month ago
Did you pull the 2x4 wall studs off the outside steel to stop thermal bridging?
coolvids95 - Month ago
I don't get why people would build using containers since they end up having to make a frame anyway. Plus the dimensional constraints from the containers is a big NO for me. Also, for people complaining about the prices in California, I agree 100 percent with you guys and I live here.
Yayan Suryana
Yayan Suryana - Month ago
Sya mau membuat rumah yg serupa kira2 membutuhkan biaya berapa??
James Little
James Little - Month ago
This would be really cool if you used 3 of the long containers setup in an "U" configuration with the arms pointing east. It would leave a small courtyard that with the help of an awning/screen would be protected from the afternoon sun.
poulp34 - Month ago
Nice to share that with youtube, but next time make your self a real house, it will be cheaper and less tirering !
You americans are the best to waste time, money and pollute so much for nothing !
But still, thanks for sharing, everybody now knows what not to do with a shipping container !
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