19 Celebrities Reveal the Sad Movies That Made Them Cry | Screen Tests | W Magazine

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Johanne Saïd
Johanne Saïd - 3 hours ago
"Color Purple"... When Whoopie Goldberg's character reunited with her sister and then they played the game they used to play in their childhood
Alexa Hernandez
Alexa Hernandez - 4 hours ago
So many movies made me cry; Hachi, A Walk to remember, My Girl, Marley and Me, Good Will Hunting, Dead Poets Society, Coco, Instructions not included, Avengers Infinity War and Endgame, The last Song, Life of Pi, The Help, Tangled, Up, Wall-E, Mamma Mia 1 and 2, Hotel for Dogs, All dogs go to heaven, A dogs purpose, The sisterhood of the traveling pants, A star is born, Matilda, A little princess, etc.

Man am I an emotional person or what? 😂
alice f
alice f - 6 hours ago
which movies did Helena Bonham Carter mention? I cant quite figure out what she says :/
Zaigham Abass
Zaigham Abass - 12 hours ago
what movie Andrew Garfield was referring? please someone tell me
That guy you thought you knew once
I watched Marley and me the day after I got my first dog. Bet you can imagine how that went.
Lucia Villarreal
Lucia Villarreal - 16 hours ago
Avengers Endgame and Toy Story 4
Cookie - Day ago
For me it’s saving private Ryan, maze runner the death cure( newts death)
And endgame.
Kenan S
Kenan S - 2 days ago
avengers endgame by far... the moment when thor became fat
Vona Rose
Vona Rose - 3 days ago
the lion king was the first movie I cried watching.
me_ ugh
me_ ugh - 3 days ago
*Old yeller*
Emily Elizabeth
Emily Elizabeth - 3 days ago
Stepmom with Julia Roberts and Susan Sarandon. MY GOD.
Foreign Film Fanatic
Foreign Film Fanatic - 4 days ago
Hearty Paws
Dear Zachary
Grave of the fireflies
Miracle in Cell no. 7
Tae Guk Gi
Məlt Roga
Məlt Roga - 4 days ago
I would like to add WONDER too in your list of sad movies. Starring Jacob Tremblay :)
breezyjimin - 4 days ago
i’m an easy crying person when it comes to movie so i cried literally every sad moments in movies, but my favorite always gotta be the toilet scene in pursuit of happiness
Natasha Sarin
Natasha Sarin - 4 days ago
A Walk to Remember gets me every single time. It's still my favourite love story 😢❤
Natasha Sarin
Natasha Sarin - 4 days ago
Anyone seen Grave of the Fireflies? That movie isn't only sad, it's the actual definition of "heartbreaking" 💔
Natasha Sarin
Natasha Sarin - 4 days ago
Yes, Colin Firth! 100% agree Dumbo is so sad :'(
Gabriela Trindade
Gabriela Trindade - 4 days ago
What Maisie Knew. gets me every single time.
RainmanCT - 4 days ago
Not a big crier generally, but - "It's a Wonderful Life"...every year, at Christmas...tears just flow and flow. More recent films, "Temple Grandin" so powerful. God I can watch that film every week.
Paul Landis
Paul Landis - 5 days ago
A league of there own when Betty spaghetti finds out her husband died in the war always chokes me up a bit
Charlotte Ruby
Charlotte Ruby - 5 days ago
“It was Dumbo (looks down like a man remembering a painful childhood trauma)...Dumbo.” Right there with you Colin.
Luz María Torres II García
Nikki The Wild Dog
Stiles Stilinksi
Stiles Stilinksi - 5 days ago
i cry at anything literally but i sobbed at these;
A walk to remember
The light between oceans
Dear john
The boy in the stripped pajamas
The pianist
The book thief
Mama mia
Stiles Stilinksi
Stiles Stilinksi - 4 days ago
@Məlt Roga love her loads ❤🤗
Məlt Roga
Məlt Roga - 4 days ago
you have two Amanda Seyfried movie :)
Roffa 5311
Roffa 5311 - 5 days ago
Hachiko is a movie that makes me cry, almost the whole movie lol.
I can actually about a lot of movies and i mean a lot but i can hold in my tears.
I’m a very sensitive person 😂
Joely_llj - 6 days ago
Blue valentine.
holy crap
holy crap - 7 days ago
one word : TITANIC
Raheelah Saqib
Raheelah Saqib - 7 days ago
Garfield's answer. My God.
Lezy De Meyer
Lezy De Meyer - 8 days ago
Elephant Man, Eight Below, Hachiko, Boy in the Striped Pajamas and so many others 😭😭😭😭 tooo many to actually mention..
Chanel Coco
Chanel Coco - 9 days ago
When LittleFoot’s mother dies in Land Before Time I always always cry without fail. So so sad 😭
Ellen Marie
Ellen Marie - 11 days ago
The ending of La Vita e Bella (Life Is Beautiful) when you here those gunshots..
Martje Onikoyi
Martje Onikoyi - 11 days ago
2019: Avengers endgame
Revelations - 11 days ago
Who had the list?
Melony Garcia
Melony Garcia - 11 days ago
My list could go on and on, but I definitely balled during Interstellar and Me Before You (also cried reading the book).
ABHINAV KHANNA - 12 days ago
This will be surprising, but avengers infinity war made me cry at the end. That movie is probably the greatest roller coaster of all time.
Ovidiu Nita
Ovidiu Nita - 12 days ago
Bening's choice - Persona- is what I call a breathtakingly beautiful film.
Sarah Booth
Sarah Booth - 12 days ago
YES Mila Kunis SAME! 😭
rainingsunshine - 12 days ago
andrew garfield is BRITISH???
Shashank Gairola
Shashank Gairola - 12 days ago
People say we dont talk about "Fight Club"....instead it must be "Grave of The Fireflies"
These guys havent watched "COCO" too
Nakyah Collier
Nakyah Collier - 12 days ago
Marley and me, A dog's purpose, Avengers: Endgame, The fault in our stars, etc.
FruTe - 13 days ago
Colin firth my dude you’re the best
Thomas Steensland
Thomas Steensland - 13 days ago
Pokemon the first movie?
KC - 14 days ago
Why is there not ONE black actor in this video?
Olivia Horan
Olivia Horan - 14 days ago
Meanwhile I cried just 8 minutes in UP....it's such a sweet movie
blahhx49 - 14 days ago
Return of the King. "My friends. You bow to no one" and when Frodo says good bye to the rest of the hobbits. Oh, and then the end credits knowing full well there will never be another perfect trilogy. TEARS FOR YEARS. Also, most recently, Coco.😭
Maggie Kloske
Maggie Kloske - 14 days ago
Mine will forever be Old Yeller my god I remember balling. Black and white film about a boy loving his dog enough to put him out of his misery even though it hurt him. 😭😭😭 I can cry thinking about it.
Joe Cook
Joe Cook - 14 days ago
Mr hollands opus, for me. Niagara falls.
K August
K August - 14 days ago
Cinema Paradiso. That last scene with the assorted film clips wrecks me.
WOAD - 15 days ago
Any else really bored of Justin Timberlake?
James Williams
James Williams - 15 days ago
Tom Hanks’ final scene in Captain Phillips. It tears my heart out every time.
D Walker
D Walker - 15 days ago
Batoul Asaad
Batoul Asaad - 15 days ago
I cried for a whole hour after The Green Mile ended... It still makes me choked up
Mito Producer
Mito Producer - 15 days ago
Im sorry but there is something very superficial about actors.
syona mulumoodi
syona mulumoodi - 16 days ago
how come no one said green mile?
Mini Lily
Mini Lily - 16 days ago
Double-barreled Doggo
Double-barreled Doggo - 16 days ago
Atonement and the ending of avengers: endgame
mol - 16 days ago
perks of being a wallflower
UP :((((
bridge to terabithia
and marley and me ofc
lalazooms23 - 17 days ago
The ending of The Last Samurai!
Stuti - 17 days ago
Pursuit of Happiness
xyhanx - 17 days ago
13 Going on 30 made me cry so much when I was a teenager. Recently, it is A Star is Born.
(8 yrs and it is just now that YT recommended it to me.lol.)
ELENA DI RUVO - 17 days ago
Colin Firth crying over Dumbo is so sweet
Pennywise Hoe
Pennywise Hoe - 17 days ago
Helena Bonham Carter looks SO GOOD
george - 17 days ago
When the wind blows
Josie N
Josie N - 17 days ago
Life is beautiful and the book thief made me cry
george - 17 days ago
Graveyard of fireflies
Lucy wood
Lucy wood - 13 days ago
Ughhhhh it ruined my life
ty _
ty _ - 17 days ago
My Girl always makes me cry too, I never thought I’d find someone else who agrees!
Rina Malka
Rina Malka - 17 days ago
Les Choristers. I won't spoil it for anyone: I don't cry at films, but the narration saying "it was a saturday" at the end was just poetic justice and broke me with sad yet happy tears. WATCH IT. It's in French but you can find it dubbed or with subtitles easily, theres a really good version on Youtube free.
allancg - 17 days ago
Schindler List, when Schindler receives the ring from Stern and breaks down, it always get me
alice minnie
alice minnie - 17 days ago
The ending of The Imitation Game.I just cried like a baby.
iggy 262002
iggy 262002 - 17 days ago
Stephen Davis
Stephen Davis - 17 days ago
It’s a crime that no one said Selena.
Hilary Acevedo
Hilary Acevedo - 17 days ago
And a Star is born
Hilary Acevedo
Hilary Acevedo - 17 days ago
The only movie that ever made me cry is endgame
LIEANA MATOS - 17 days ago
I cry when I watch “Hachi A dogs Tale” and “ Mamma Mia 2 Here we go again” bc Donna died at I Loveee heerrr!!! 😭😭😭
Angel Devil
Angel Devil - 17 days ago
A lot of movies made me cry 😭 just thinking about them makes want to cry again
rayana jahra
rayana jahra - 18 days ago
Manchester by the sea, the Pianist, Schlinder’s list - I cried like a baby.
Steffi Goh
Steffi Goh - 18 days ago
For me everything Robin William stars in....*Cries* you were too good in what you're doing that you hid the whole world your sorrow till the end. T_T
Queen Freddie
Queen Freddie - 16 days ago
Steffi Goh me too, I felt like I lost a friend I never had. He’s was such an extraordinary talent, watching him in film felt like you knew him. He’s the only actor I’ve ever felt connected to. Now anything with makes me cry
Iana Edrianne Awayan
Iana Edrianne Awayan - 18 days ago
Don't mind me. I'm just here reading the comments and looking for movie recommendations lol. 😂
Chris Vicedo
Chris Vicedo - 18 days ago
Big Fish
Chris Vicedo
Chris Vicedo - 18 days ago
Million dolar baby
The pianist
Call me by your name
The princess mononoke
there are so many...
Jeffrey Wendt
Jeffrey Wendt - 18 days ago
Jesus Christ, except for Jesse Eisenberg all of the Millennials chose the most banal Hollywood crap.
Geraldine Powell
Geraldine Powell - 18 days ago
The Color Purple
Chelsea Ezibe
Chelsea Ezibe - 18 days ago
I just realized that Natalie Portman has a really soothing voice.
blownfuse76 - 18 days ago
Project X
Sandy S.
Sandy S. - 18 days ago
Bawled my eyes out when I saw The Pianist.
The Wraith
The Wraith - 18 days ago
Star Wars: Episode I - The Phantom Menace
Star Wars: Episode VIII - The Last Jedi
Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull
The final season of Game of Thrones
盲武士 - 14 days ago
Hahaha. Crying for all the wrong reasons
Cornetto MSc
Cornetto MSc - 19 days ago
Moulin Rouge...
Nicole Moreno
Nicole Moreno - 19 days ago
Seven pounds & the boy in the striped pajamas
Anub1s0 - 20 days ago
Hachiko is just heartbreaking
Skogsalven B
Skogsalven B - 20 days ago
I cried when the last lord of the rings film came out i was depressed for days even though i was 13 years old it effected me in such a was. Also most recently because of Bohemian Rhapsody...
Señorita Seacucmber
Señorita Seacucmber - 20 days ago
so we're not gonna talk about the notebook or the color purple??? ok.
Ro Frederick
Ro Frederick - 20 days ago
they couldn't find any black celebrities?
perfectpitchtodd - 21 day ago
A walk to remember. Does it every time.
Marissa R
Marissa R - 21 day ago
Not a single celebrity of color .... way to show representation
Keelyn Davis
Keelyn Davis - 22 days ago
Fruitvale station
Kevin McLaughlin
Kevin McLaughlin - 22 days ago
Forrest Gump talking over Jenny's grave telling her how smart Forrest Jr is.
Dani - 22 days ago
A Little Princess. When Sara traces a circle on the floor and cries for her papa while it’s raining outside. It’s way too sad!
Dante Ferrise
Dante Ferrise - 24 days ago
Alucard Peach
Alucard Peach - 24 days ago
I cry at everything! Some that get me every time I watch them - The Color Purple. Set it Off. The Very Long Engagement. The Passion of the Christ. The Man in the Iron Mask. The Notebook. Bully (documentary). Schindler's List. I recently saw the Lady Gaga version of A Star Is Born and it got me. Good lord, there's so many!!! I'm like Javier, I even cry at the Christmas commercials. Oh, and to hell with Justin, bringing up that part of Forrest Gump-that was harsh! Oh!!!! And I don't know if it qualifies as a movie, it's a movie length music art performance (don't know another way to describe it) but on YouTube, Todrick Hall "Forbidden" - it's brilliantly done, and it breaks me every time. I also think it's an IMPORTANT piece of art, really eye opening for a lot of people. GO WATCH!!!
Highly recommend "The Very Long Engagement" - it's a French film, so if you don't speak the language, you'll need subtitles, but it's unlike anything I've seen before.
Alice Goldenvalley
Alice Goldenvalley - 26 days ago
I think I cry watching every movie 😅 I’m a mess
Hokuspokus - 26 days ago
As a kid I remember I cried with Little Foot, The Lion King, E.T. and Antarctica. Then later I also cried with American History X, Platoon, Casualties of War, K-19, The Wind that shakes the Barley, I am Legend (that part with his dog Sam), La Vita è Bella, Somewhere in Time, The Green Mile, Amistad and Schindler's List (this last one makes me cry so hard that I can hardly bear to watch). Anyway, I remember these well because I hardly ever cry so for me it's always memorable when it happens XD
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