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Tiarna Ellen
Tiarna Ellen - 2 hours ago
Simon Birch and The Cure, with a teenaged Joe Mazzello.
Both of them involve the death of a child!
Wyatt Waters
Wyatt Waters - 10 hours ago
The two movies that made me cry:
Up (you know the part)
Interstellar (when Cooper watches the videos of his children growing up and beyond him, and the realization that this guy couldn't keep his one promise that he made to his daughter, that he wasn't able to watch his children grow up, the realization that they grew up without a father figure because he made a choice, and that he can't go back to just give them a hug)

Xiaotong Yao
Xiaotong Yao - 11 hours ago
Javier Bardem is the single most charismatic actor in the world today.
Synystr7 - 16 hours ago
The battle of Foy in Band of Brothers when guys are needlessly getting killed because of Foxhole Norman and Winters goes "jesus christ".

This is something also I've noticed about men and women. Women are all about the fluffy and the romantic sacrifice whereas men sympathize with the plight of the soldier.
KennyG881 - 18 hours ago
Mine was Pokemon: Mewtwo Strikes Back when Ash died.
Lastkingof33 - Day ago
Beaches. Nobody said beaches?
Max Bingham
Max Bingham - Day ago
I’m surprised no one said Toy Story 2, the scene where Jessie tells the story about her kid abandoning her and that song!!! 😭😭😭 Still gets me too this day
Jinj Daku
Jinj Daku - Day ago
Don't think i ever cried because of a movie, but i came close watching Lion King as a kid
Oliver Frischknecht
When Sean Penn starts crying in 'Dead man walking' kills me every time
Tiny Marsh
Tiny Marsh - Day ago
The end of "Nebraska" really gets to me. "Does he have Alzheimer's?" "No, he just believes stuff people tell him." "That's too bad."
Ginger VS Ginger
Ginger VS Ginger - 2 days ago
damn 2011
Chuck Steak
Chuck Steak - 2 days ago
21 Grams
rae of sunshine
rae of sunshine - 3 days ago
I WAS JUST THINKIN HOW LION KING WAS MY FIRST MOVIE TO MAKE ME CRY... and my baby Justin Timberlake had the same answer. 😍
jalins6 - 3 days ago
The beginning of up.
John O’Rourke
John O’Rourke - 3 days ago
Toy story 3 and probably 4
Mon Mothma
Mon Mothma - 3 days ago
Pan's Labyrinth, anyone? Pure pain. No other movie has devastated me so much. It's the greatest movie I know, that I will never watch again. I cry enough hearing the beautiful lullaby from the soundtrack.
Celine - 3 days ago
Life is Beautiful 😢😢😢
Gaming Insanity TH
Gaming Insanity TH - 5 days ago
Nikki R
Nikki R - 5 days ago
A Walk to Remember definitely for me, Hatchiko, Marley and Me.
my parents cry too because we're dog lovers, one of our dogs passed away last year, since then I never want to watch another movie with wherein a dog dies.
Malin Hessedahl
Malin Hessedahl - 5 days ago
Swell Sounds Underground
I hate the life ive been made to suffer more then you could ever understand you bums
ThisIsHappening - 6 days ago
Eternal sunshine of the spotless mind.
Clementine: you could've at least said goodbye
Joel: I wish I did...I wish I did a lot of things...
mikaela - 6 days ago
My own private idaho 😭
Sophie Joy
Sophie Joy - 6 days ago
Perfect sisters, the fault in our stars, me before you, the hate u give
David Goodfellow
David Goodfellow - 6 days ago
old yeller ... f*ck that movie. why would you show that to a kid
AJ - 7 days ago
interstellar when he meet his old daughter.
sailorbychoice1 - 7 days ago
Dumbo got me, not as a child, but when they re-released it when I was about 25. I had lost two friends in an accident, and just gone through a bad break up. I was working nights so went to the early (10:00 am) showing for a buck, watched the toon alone in an empty theater. When they chained Dumbo's mother it broke me. I had forgotten about that scene until I was sitting through it. All of my defenses were down~ I was only going to watch a stupid cartoon after all. All these sad emotions broke out of me, and I cried, broken, I sat through the rest of the movie without seeing it, through the down time between movies and they started to play the movie again, I got myself together just about the time that scene came back on and was able to watch the rest. I felt so stupid, yet I felt wrung out by the tears I had been unable to shed over my friends and over a bad relationship falling away, it was probably exactly what I needed then and there, so, thanks Disney.
Ikhsan Utama
Ikhsan Utama - 7 days ago
Absolutely “THE COLOR PURPLE”. Anyone?
ThisGuy Here
ThisGuy Here - 8 days ago
Years ago, when I was little, I watched The Secret of NIMH! It was an animated film from 1982! At the end of that movie, there was a song that made me cry! So believe me, these celebrities are not alone, when it comes to crying out tears while watching movies!
Lynda Medeiros
Lynda Medeiros - 8 days ago
Also the fox and the hound and endless love made me cry
Lynda Medeiros
Lynda Medeiros - 8 days ago
Dumbo, Titanic, Sailor Moon, Kung fu Panda 2 and The Hunger Games Mockingjay Part 2 made me cry. Even A Walk to Remember, The Notebook, The Time Travelers Wife made me cry. I remember when I was in the movie theatre seeing the hunger games Mockingjay part 2 with my boyfriend and I remember the scene when Katiness lost her sister prim and she's at her old house and taking her anger out on prims cat and then she stared to break down and after went to see peseta and hugged him really hard. Here I am in the theatre crying on my boyfriends shoulder and he did the sweetest thing. He wiped my tears with his hand.
Brodha Sattva
Brodha Sattva - 9 days ago
Land Before Time. you know why
Marissa Schultz
Marissa Schultz - 10 days ago
My Girl
Still Alice
Gilbert Grape
Step Mom
Seven Pounds
The Rugrats Movie-when Tommy is mean to Dill, it’s tragic.
Local Events
Local Events - 10 days ago
Forrest Gump
SomeLittleShoe - 10 days ago
No one said Term Of Endearment.
PapaGeorg10 - 10 days ago
Rudy is the only movie that ever made me cry. He tries so hard to get into Notre Dame and no one believes in him. Rudy sleeps in the janitors office that he works at and does any little thing he can to make it. The most difficult thing in life is to go after your dreams when you don't have any emotional support
skimven4242564 - 12 days ago
Part of The Departed's ending devastated me as well
skimven4242564 - 12 days ago
It's so strange, I immediately thought of Dumbo and the scene where his mother's singing to him while she's locked up and Colin Firth just goes and says it
tolman33 - 13 days ago
End of watch, the ending gets me every time
christschool - 13 days ago
For me, a kid of the 70's, it was Bambi. This was a very controversial Disney movie when it came out. If you haven't seen it, watch it and you'll understand. One I can highly recommend is the movie Brian's Song. That one was a real tearjerker for me. The Tree of Life made me cry as well, but I think you have to be older, at least in your 40's for this one to hit you.
sipora westreich
sipora westreich - 14 days ago
how is no one saying the notebook
uselessfujoh shit
uselessfujoh shit - 14 days ago
The Grave of Fireflies? Anyone?
Abcdefghi Jklmnopqrstuvwxyz
I totally agree with James Franco. Sally Fields scene at the cemetery is probably the saddest thing ever! It felt so real! I cry every time I’m watching that scene. 😭😭
Lishram Tondonba
Lishram Tondonba - 16 days ago
As they slowly awaken from slumber.
Alma Brooks
Alma Brooks - 16 days ago
I remember laying in my bed and sobbing uncontrollably for a good twenty minutes after watching “Boy in the Striped Pajamas”. That movie wrecked me!
pam0626 - 17 days ago
Ordinary People. Cried through most of it...
PickUpTheDarnBook - 18 days ago
A Tree Grows in Brooklyn, when Frances receives her graduation flowers that her father saved up the money for and gave to her aunt before he died and she cries for the first time since his death.... I can barely talk about that scene.
Guilherme Castro de Oliveira
Dumbo makes me cry so hard. I don't think i can afford to see this new one without making a scene at the theater.
Snipps S
Snipps S - 19 days ago
Bridge of terabithia
נועה אסידו
נועה אסידו - 19 days ago
Nobody said titanic , hello
Ash the Viking
Ash the Viking - 19 days ago
Dancer in the dark will crush a person. I saw a grown man not wimper but full on sob. Its a kick in the balls
Ashley Bradley
Ashley Bradley - 20 days ago
Wow although I never cried to "The Princess And The Frog", the part where Ray died shattered my heart but I especially couldn't handle "People Like Us".
KatieKerry x
KatieKerry x - 20 days ago
Annie (the 80’s one) and ps I love you I cried every five minutes 😂
babi pan
babi pan - 21 day ago
my private idaho
lol Elle and Dakota
indo with bad english
indo with bad english - 22 days ago
I tend to forget any movies had me cried. But i think interstellar is one of them,.. and maybe that classic oliver ? Is the first movie made me cry?
THE FUNNESTITAN - 22 days ago
Queen eSs
Queen eSs - 23 days ago
Jake Timberlake calls Mufasa dad! And Nicole Kidman is such a fangirl!
Suiram82 - 24 days ago
"Actors spoiling great movies"
paul w
paul w - 24 days ago
Twenty Four Eyes, KInoshita classic
paul w
paul w - 24 days ago
Persona hahahlolol
Cindy Morales
Cindy Morales - 24 days ago
Saddest movies ever
Terms of Endearment, Color Purple, Schindler's List, Braveheart and Beaches
jermed2001 - 25 days ago
I know you're not talking Andrew Garfield... Those "Just one more.." moments in Hacksaw Ridge had me bawling..
Ryan Fox
Ryan Fox - 25 days ago
I have a big list, including Disney cartoons and sci-fi selects, but Children of Men is the one that takes the spot. There’s something on the scene where (spoilers, so please stop reading if you haven’t seen it yet) Leo, kee and the baby are walking down the stairs while the soldiers cease fire... I felt that, it’s too powerful for me and I can’t understand why
Andrew Avila
Andrew Avila - 26 days ago
Did anyone else notice the crazy haircuts or was that just me?
tim versteeg
tim versteeg - 26 days ago
for me, it was the beginning of "Up". still get the feels whenever i see it. "Logan" was another movie that really got to me.
Rafinha Latvezzi
Rafinha Latvezzi - 26 days ago
The Lion King when Mufasa dies, Titanic, Bambi when mom dies, Dumbo when his mother is taken away, Pearl Harbor when Josh Harnett dies, Schindler List, Marley and Me......okay anything pretty much where an Animal dies
Ryan Fox
Ryan Fox - 25 days ago
Rafinha Latvezzi i get you. The Titanic one was difficult to digest, the first time I saw it
Ty Lopes
Ty Lopes - 26 days ago
Nuno Rodrigues
Nuno Rodrigues - 27 days ago
Grave Of the fireflies.
I never cried like that in a movie,that’s the beauty of the movie,you get attached to the two kids
And I’ve watched in Japanese(as you should),the laughter of the little girl at the beginning contrasting with what they went through and that ending....
It’s the best movie I ever saw
Sidharth Shibu
Sidharth Shibu - 27 days ago
what is the movie mark ruffalo said??
Yam Jazon
Yam Jazon - 27 days ago
Juara Ekspres Yakin Sdn. Bhd.
1979 film 'the Champ'... :'(
' Champ... what's the matter, champ?....Champ.. wake up... wake uppp.... wake up champp... don't sleep now.....' :'( :'(
eyesintheroad - 27 days ago
"The Big Short"
I've seen it twice and both times I find myself crying in utter despair at the condition of our hearts, the triumph of evil and the powerlessness of the righteous against the blind-deaf-beast of greed.
Lyme_pithgypsy - 27 days ago
Rhett Willman
Rhett Willman - 27 days ago
You had two of my top three: Bambi, Dumbo and E.T.
Abongile - 27 days ago
justin timberlake?
kokijavier kintero
kokijavier kintero - 27 days ago
Yes James Franco, I also cried with Steel Magnolias.
Hannah K
Hannah K - 27 days ago
Dumbo and Bambi, my heart broke down in little pieces while I watched these movies
Hannah K
Hannah K - 27 days ago
Free Willie is such a beautiful and sad movie
Diego Meneses
Diego Meneses - 27 days ago
for me is The Impossible, with Naomi Watts, within 15 minutes of that movie I'm FULLY UGLY CRYING, to think that those events actually happened, and that family actually lived through that, is heartbreaking
Hanna Byrne
Hanna Byrne - 28 days ago
I can't watch Bambi, Dumbo or E.T.
Movies that made me sob hard:
1. What dreams may come - Robin Williams
2. I am Sam - Sean Penn
3. Passion of the Christ
4. Steele Magnolias
5. The Notebook
Nick - 28 days ago
Natalie Portman and Mila Kunis are my Jewish queens.
The Sleeping
The Sleeping - 28 days ago
Joe De Amaral
Joe De Amaral - 28 days ago
Snoopy Come Home.
Andrew G
Andrew G - 28 days ago
I cried watching I Daniel Blake peobably because I was going through a tough time at the time and so was I crying about my own life or the Chattcaters plight or both, I think it was both..The way the vulnerable are treated badly when they are already down on their luck!
Adam Guray
Adam Guray - 28 days ago
The last time I cried in movies was
Three billboards outside ebbing Missouri
The window scene it doesn’t get me bcoz is sad scene but the wonderful work gets me
Mel Shafiee
Mel Shafiee - 28 days ago
"Nobody cares is you die, because you're dead already!" Winona Ryder- Girl Interuppted
Walter and Davisha Jackson
Imitation of Life
Walter and Davisha Jackson
The Pursuit of Happiness and John Q
Mai Mohamed
Mai Mohamed - 28 days ago
Love it😍
Daoud Karakola
Daoud Karakola - 28 days ago
Manchester by the sea
Melissa S
Melissa S - 28 days ago
László Szalma
László Szalma - 28 days ago
I always shock my friends when i tell tehem i cried on Alian 2 when Vasquez and the seargeant blow themselves up.
Alex Hughes
Alex Hughes - 28 days ago
Green mile every time!!
Charlie M.P. Chick lit
Charlie M.P. Chick lit - 28 days ago
Philadelphia, Million dollar baby, Call me by your Name, Seven (what's in the box scene)... so many...
Chloe Indri
Chloe Indri - 28 days ago
Knew someone would say Marley and Me (it’s my favourite sad movie-mainly cos it has Jennifer Aniston in it)
Zaeema Khan
Zaeema Khan - 28 days ago
The Lion King
The Fault In Our Stars
The Lovely Bones
Scott Laux
Scott Laux - 28 days ago
Fences when Viola Davis pours out her heart to Denzel Washington about her dissipointment and heart break.
cloud campos
cloud campos - 29 days ago
Braveheart's freeeedddoooome killed me as a child as well as pass it forward...these should be illegal
Alex M
Alex M - 29 days ago
I cried like 6 times for My Sisters Keeper, it all hurt
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