Final twists as Bodyguard reaches explosive climax - BBC

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Waraney Matindas
Waraney Matindas - Day ago
what is the title?
Holly P.
Holly P. - Day ago
I need this show to come back!
DOGGWHISTLE 1 - 2 days ago
We don’t negotiate with terroists
pinetreesrule - 13 days ago
0/10 to many guns for brittian
Zandie Mitchel
Zandie Mitchel - 13 days ago
Someone help me out... I’m super confused. Why did he call the cops and then hide from them
Zandie Mitchel
Zandie Mitchel - 5 days ago
aportakal thanks
aportakal - 5 days ago
Zandie Mitchel Well, to explain without spoiling it too much - he was investigating an organized crime group, during which he was kidnapped, drugged and put into the vest by the said group.
Zandie Mitchel
Zandie Mitchel - 10 days ago
aportakal Thank you, how did he get strapped in the vest
aportakal - 10 days ago
Zandie Mitchel He was strapped to a bomb vest. He was hiding not from the cops but from civilians, in case the vest went off, either from the DMS failing or through remote activation. He did come out once the area was secured.
Business And money
Business And money - 13 days ago
What the movie called
Ray Valero
Ray Valero - 14 days ago
What show is this
kevin lamce01
kevin lamce01 - 14 days ago
Police number its 911 no 999 by the way
aportakal - 10 days ago
kevin lamce01 It is 999 in the UK.
Darpan Yerne
Darpan Yerne - 14 days ago
Name of the series plz
RamanAbdullen - 14 days ago
Name of move/series?? Oh yeah it's bodygard lol
LanceTristanJames ThePro
LanceTristanJames ThePro - 14 days ago
999 oh my god

Illuminati confirmed
Rolando Anaya
Rolando Anaya - 14 days ago
I hate England people cuz their retarded mostly all of them but except this movie
Esethu Tshaka
Esethu Tshaka - 15 days ago
I still don't understand why they killed her
Martin Pagulayan
Martin Pagulayan - 15 days ago
OMG I hated this episode!!!!
JUMPI PLAYS - 15 days ago
Bodyguard reaches an explosive climax
Do you have a dirty mind?
Phoenix - 15 days ago
"This could turn into a negotiation"
*Doesn't even try to negotiate properly*
aportakal - Day ago
Phoenix To be fair, nobody on the scene was a negotiator - they specifically called for one on the radio. Plus, (not to spoil too much) at least one person on the scene does *not* want the situation to be defused.
DRAGON SLAYER - 15 days ago
Why does the military dont listened to him. They are quite damn
Garry - 15 days ago
not as good as the swedish police on the documentary called 112 aina
JDHForward - 16 days ago
Lioe seriously im ij the middle of watching this on netflic and you had to put this up as a vid like if anything make it seem less like it as i know whats gonna happen now really disapointed
Tvvv Bb
Tvvv Bb - 16 days ago
God damnit I wanted to see what happened it ended at the worst time
Ǥнσsτxxx_iOS - 16 days ago
What’s the movie called
GFD - 17 days ago
Dang this scene is really the *BOMB*
xPURE_Tx 🔧
xPURE_Tx 🔧 - 17 days ago
Does anyone else see the problem with the title
Smilez - 18 days ago
The ending was amazing in my opinion.
Dinahi - 18 days ago
"don't shoot!"
"dude just hands up"
"don't shoot!"
"we need to get away from these buildings"
"don't shoot!"
GeorginaBardner - 19 days ago
everything about the last episode in particular was amazing. The intensity had my heart racing and tears streaming down my face as nobody was listening to david and when his wife ran to him😭🤧😭 brilliant ending though and the whole making of it is extraordinary.
Jack Haxton
Jack Haxton - 20 days ago
Saw it on Netflix I cried
your father
your father - 21 day ago
England very cool ..You needed to get out Brexit.. And Keep PM May she is ok ..
Lol Xd
Lol Xd - 14 days ago
your father idiot
The savage Beast
The savage Beast - 22 days ago
[GTA]monkey - 26 days ago
Wish my wife could make it to an explosive climax
Lexa Pramheda
Lexa Pramheda - 27 days ago
kaitlin fisher
kaitlin fisher - Month ago
what show is this'
Marco Casas
Marco Casas - Month ago
We need season 2 ASAP!!!!!!!!!! Thanks
Peter Trexler
Peter Trexler - Month ago
Watched this all day hooked wish there was more five star show
seulblack - Month ago
To me the final was excelente!
emmawisdomo - Month ago
Vincent 2099
Vincent 2099 - Month ago
Its was a great show but I wish it had two more episodes. There was just not enough time to fit all those themes and investigations in a more well-paced manner
Realist - Month ago
john mehr nicht
john mehr nicht - Month ago
i think they dont understand him, am i right?
Schum - Month ago
The title... I have a dirty mind
jay cee
jay cee - Month ago
That must be a knock-off cloak of invisibility.
Aiden Sundara
Aiden Sundara - Month ago
he have boom boo
he don’t wanna attac
but most importantly
he have blood in his fac
Dankmemes21121 - Month ago
BBC please do another season of this. I absolutely loved it
Dankmemes21121 - Month ago
Beth Davis nice
Beth Davis
Beth Davis - Month ago
They hinted at season 2 in today's comic relief !
Adan Force
Adan Force - Month ago
what is this show movie thing
Pyro - Month ago
barrelroll38 - Month ago
Christopher Amoloria
Christopher Amoloria - Month ago
Whats the title of this movie
Dale Whitecross
Dale Whitecross - Month ago
I was watching this with my fam on a Sunday at 10 and I thought bruh WTF
Dilapidated Banana
Dilapidated Banana - Month ago
This shit always pisses me off

"Don't shoot! The bomb will go off!"
- If you don't comply you will be shot
"I can't move away from the area, the bomb will explode if i step away from it's range!"
- I need you to step over here and comply, failure to do so will either result in you being shot or forcefully brought down. We need you to move now
"You must not get near me, the bomb has a proximity range, anyone that doesn't have clearance to it will make the bomb explode!"
- We will bring a bomb squad unit in to defuse the bomb

Like for fucks sake listen to the man you idiot cops
Seru - Month ago
this guy looks like brax/swag
Conor Chambers
Conor Chambers - Month ago
Because white British People do blow themselves up
SlowSlowSloth - Month ago
Nice spoiler in the thumbnail as well. Good one BBC.
UnEd - Month ago
I swear I've seen a Pornhub video with the exact same title.
UnEd - 17 days ago
+Awfulbowl Gaming The exact same title.
Awfulbowl Gaming
Awfulbowl Gaming - 17 days ago
with or without the bbc lol
Patrick Bridge
Patrick Bridge - Month ago
Lmao Best comment ever. That earns a like.
Dank Quixote
Dank Quixote - Month ago
Such a good series I loved it. Absolutely brilliant.
Dank Quixote
Dank Quixote - Month ago
Jens Boer
Jens Boer - Month ago
What is the name of this series, i am from the netherlands
svyatogor92 - Month ago
Is it worth watching guys? Or it's too SJW?
Cozbinot - 17 days ago
It's not SJW at all
Favio - Month ago
This TV series is all about great opening n worst ending
Manpreet Singh
Manpreet Singh - Month ago
did you see where he "went"?
Rachelle Janssen
Rachelle Janssen - Month ago
most intense f-ing series I watched since homeland!
Organic Giraffe
Organic Giraffe - Month ago
Everytime when there's a situation that requires everyone to be calm, everyone just lose all sense of rationality. That cuz has a detonator in his hand and you think YOU have the right to tell HIM what to do? Let the man speak ffs, stop talking over him, gosh I wish he would've blown that cop up.
FORMORTAL - Month ago
is that cop stupid? reason why david keeps saying its a deadman is cause that idiot with the rifle keeps ignoring him, JUST ACKNOWLEDGE YOU HEARD HIM JESUS
Abdykalykova Zhibek
Abdykalykova Zhibek - Month ago
SirChristian100 - Month ago
Destiny Fan
Destiny Fan - Month ago
1:55 Parks the car blocking her escape route
superasian kid
superasian kid - Month ago
As a cop I will shoot his hand
Cozbinot - 17 days ago
thats not how that works
Prakash Behera
Prakash Behera - Month ago
Download Bodyguard season 1 -
Callum Rock
Callum Rock - Month ago
This scene pisses me off. Like listen to him. For trained soldiers and counter terrorism surely they’d handle it better and know what a dead mans switch is.
ramp622 - 2 months ago
The bald cop guy, forgot his name, was in on it also. So Im assuming season 2 will provide us with some much needed answers. They left the case not fully complete in preparation for the second season. We have questions, questions that will be answered in season 2. David needs to finish finding everyone involved in this because there are a lot more people who had a part in killing julia.
shams ul haq
shams ul haq - 2 months ago
julia isn't actually dead 🤔
이충현 - 2 months ago
여윽시 KIA k5 국뽕에 취한다 캬아
Admiral Icywolf
Admiral Icywolf - 2 months ago
Anyone else hear the Stuka?
Captain Memer
Captain Memer - 2 months ago
Can someone explain what the hell is going on I don’t get anything coming from America
Cozbinot - 17 days ago
watch the show
FO - 2 months ago
why are people complaining about the ending? the last episode was the best 1
Cozbinot - 17 days ago
+FO It's supposed to have a satisfying finale that raps up the story. Cliff hangers are fine but this just didn't feel like a full ending and for the huge conspiracy it didn't feel like it was properly resolved but they made it seem like a happy ending.
FO - 17 days ago
Cozbinot well a series finale is supposed to do that, it’s not a movie
Cozbinot - 17 days ago
it left a lot of unanswered questions
Ledt Mxnster
Ledt Mxnster - 2 months ago
I hate when they keep calling women Ma'am, sounds like they're saying Mum
Rustem Hamdoosh
Rustem Hamdoosh - 2 months ago
Yasterday did i finger a bitchs pussy till she cum... she scream really bad.
Imp - 2 months ago
“Explosive climax” c’mon BBC
Jonahrenz Jacob
Jonahrenz Jacob - 2 months ago
*i thought it was *top 10 plot twist*
Gizmø KøVeK
Gizmø KøVeK - 2 months ago
Man this scene had my hard racing when I was watching this on Netflix
Marcus Dupas
Marcus Dupas - 2 months ago
What’s this show called
Mrashiaap -Creative Destruction
I didnt know wtf is this i didnt watch from the first series or something but its actually great vid
Simeon Wilson
Simeon Wilson - 2 months ago
This defoes happens in london
Query - 2 months ago
"Final twists as Bodyguard reaches explosive climax"
StarPrimePlays,PUBG Mobile,Reactions,Roblox
"Final twist as bodyguard reaches explosive climax" way for wording your title I see but I've feel like I've seen this before on another website called PornH-....
Joshua De jood
Joshua De jood - 2 months ago
Whats the Full show called
Cozbinot - 17 days ago
Ace Cat
Ace Cat - 2 months ago
wheres the next part
Dre Shepherd
Dre Shepherd - 2 months ago
Is they going to keep this going
David Cáceres
David Cáceres - 2 months ago
One of the best series I've ever seen 👌🏻👌🏻
Lydia Thompson
Lydia Thompson - 2 months ago
How can I watch this, name of movie?
Coc Ca1
Coc Ca1 - 2 months ago
I am cooporeyting dont shit hahaha english movise are so funny
Jason Bourne
Jason Bourne - 2 months ago
best series ever..when is season 2 coming?
Mino Tore
Mino Tore - 2 months ago
It seems England has brought their game up in movies.If it wasn't for the accent u will think u watching Americans movies
TheDoh60 - 2 months ago
What annoys me about the BBC is that every important position was played by a woman. But in the real world these positions have to be earned.
Cozbinot - 17 days ago
and a woman earned the position. And there were many males
Markass Brownlee
Markass Brownlee - 2 months ago
“Final twists as Bodyguard reaches explosive climax”
( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
Juxe _
Juxe _ - 14 days ago
Porno title
Fsy North
Fsy North - 15 days ago
Markass Brownie
MrStealYourComment - 18 days ago
Nikola Tesla
Nikola Tesla - Month ago
It's markass brownie
Prakash Behera
Prakash Behera - Month ago
Bodyguard season 1 download-
Jdalaigh2017 Jeremy Dawley
Give him a diseases he'll go home and kill them all
JustDavidEGS - 2 months ago
David butt: Yas man
JustDavidEGS - 2 months ago
I love the seirie
Steve Mick
Steve Mick - 2 months ago
Comply... I am complying.. Wtf.. That's what's wrong with all things. Law
Dr_Chaos 515
Dr_Chaos 515 - 2 months ago
LOOK At the Phone its 999 and if you put it upside down you Know What
COLDFIRE 33 - 2 months ago
Owwww fuck spoiler
NATE GARCIA - 2 months ago
This show is so damn good
Tim G
Tim G - 2 months ago
8/10 for action, 7/10 for overall acting. Robb did a great job. But fucking plot line?
One of those scripts that makes you feel like the writers didn’t even know what was going on half the time. Having the audience confused and guessing doesn’t mean it’s a good plotline. Bringing up twists and turns when it doesn’t make any sense and revealing everything in the last 30 minutes of the show is straight bollocks, and that’s coming from an American. Started the last episode excited, left laughing. Got cheesier every single minute. Terrible writing.
Victor Koper
Victor Koper - 2 months ago
Plsssss make a second season.
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