Full Game Recap: Lakers vs Thunder | Kuzma Goes Off For 32 Points

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SuperRip7 - 17 days ago
Lakers just had a victory.
Larry G.
Larry G. - Month ago
They didn't shoot enough 3's. Sad.
Candace Jeter
Candace Jeter - 3 months ago
Tyson Chandler and dat beard 🤤🤤🤤
Christian Martinez
Christian Martinez - 3 months ago
Go THUNDER!!!!!!!!!
Christian Martinez
Christian Martinez - 3 months ago
I have your water bottle Thunder
Joel Arreola
Joel Arreola - 3 months ago
I’ve been a Laker fan my whole life, the team isn’t the same without Kobe
Subscribe to Max
Subscribe to Max - 3 months ago
Oh yeah yeah
Anthony Rustrian
Anthony Rustrian - 3 months ago
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Elijah Hall
Elijah Hall - 3 months ago
Oh yeah yeah
Imaginary Mountain Films
Imaginary Mountain Films - 3 months ago
Basketball needs more diversity.
ohmypie - 3 months ago
Oh yeah yeah.
FaZe Platt
FaZe Platt - 3 months ago
Dysemi - 3 months ago
Oh yeah yeah oh yeah
General Cartman Lee
General Cartman Lee - 3 months ago
Paul George must feel like a dumbass for not coming to LA 😂😂😂 have fun not winning any playoff series in Mediocre City
Jay Anonymous
Jay Anonymous - 3 months ago
Amazing game for them. And if they get rid of zubac they’re dumb af. He should be getting so many more minutes. I don’t get it 🤨
Walter Marbley
Walter Marbley - 3 months ago
Has Tyson been starting??
Sad Crustacean
Sad Crustacean - 3 months ago
Guys I cant beat the first mission in lego Indiana jones
Fred Smith
Fred Smith - 3 months ago
Oh yeah yeah
Christian Martinez
Christian Martinez - 3 months ago
Dude every comment you only say oh yeah
bluedollars - 3 months ago
I’d trade LBJ for AD, then move Ingram for another Forward and really watch the tram Ball out
Truth Hurts
Truth Hurts - 3 months ago
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Jed Festejo
Jed Festejo - 3 months ago
So proud of zubac. From being that bench warmer getting limited minutes to playing the final minutes in the fourth quarter is amazing
Abby Purple
Abby Purple - 3 months ago
Honestly Kuz is so underrated
SandStorm XII
SandStorm XII - 3 months ago
Good game 🏀
Allen Drew
Allen Drew - 3 months ago
Ain't no 6"9' tall semi pro Basketball playing Nigga slamming my 5"1' 40yr old mother I don't care how much my mother she claims to be. She better find some 50yr old. Then he comes over her house she wearing a Nighty with the boy Beasley and another bench rider. LeBron Mom's got issues and she likes them Big if you get my drift. And this Nigga Beasley on the Lakers team to SMH. He must be burning her little ass up. Wherever LeBron goes she goes and Beasley right there to. Nigga ain't slamming no 6"10' dick in my mother weather she wants it or not. When them 3 bench riding Niggaz showed up off to Alaska she would've went.
Joseph Munoz
Joseph Munoz - 3 months ago
Lonzo killed it this game
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Allen Drew
Allen Drew - 3 months ago
LeBron still got that nut Beasley on the same team as him ? After that BS his mother and Beasley did to sabotage his reputation her ass would be in Alaska and he still be in Cleveland somewhere. Better yet taking a walk to the corner store in Chicago worse side of town.
Tana-kah Taurus
Tana-kah Taurus - 3 months ago
Kuzma need Kobe as is personal Trainer
M - 3 months ago
Rage - 3 months ago
I missed this game I logged on 2K saw Ivia Zubac had a Ruby and wonder WTF he did to deserve that
Bj Boykin
Bj Boykin - 3 months ago
Brandon ingram sucks ass
racha crib
racha crib - 3 months ago
kuzma shooting like lebron
SquirrelyBlake - 3 months ago
Hahaha, that's what I thought. Failing and scared NBA.
Wild Wild
Wild Wild - 3 months ago
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Li Harvey
Li Harvey - 3 months ago
NBA really stepped up their youtube game this year
Eric Cartman
Eric Cartman - 3 months ago
#11 on trending
Richard Fellows
Richard Fellows - 3 months ago
The moon is fake
Tulley Novielli
Tulley Novielli - 3 months ago
Awesome game
Tramaine Terrance
Tramaine Terrance - 3 months ago
Tony Stark: [reading the newspaper] Iron Man. That's kind of catchy. It's got a nice ring to it. I mean it's not technically accurate. The suit's a gold titanium alloy, but it's kind of provocative, the imagery anyway.(Iron Man 2008)
Bet Gee
Bet Gee - 3 months ago
We got young talent.. we got James missing games.. the potential we have when he does come back is gonna be good, watch out next season if we do sign another big name.. Kuzma looking like baller tho
yo gu
yo gu - 3 months ago
The Lakers play better without Lefart lol
Brendan88 - 3 months ago
3:34 I mean he made it, it wasn’t pretty tho
lirpa5 - 3 months ago
Lonzo treating Westbrook like a child playing at the YMCA. He neutralized that dude.
Cheyenne Calvillo
Cheyenne Calvillo - 3 months ago
‼️‼️ Please watch ‼️‼️‼️
mario figueroa
mario figueroa - 3 months ago
Lonzo can't create for himself but dang he can really create for others easily
Corbz 13
Corbz 13 - 3 months ago
Go Lakers
Eddie - 3 months ago
Keith Clark
Keith Clark - 3 months ago
Why is Westbrook posing like Sanaa Lathon's character Monica from "Love n Basketball" with his hand/arm up in the air like a girl?
Swazey - 3 months ago
Love how the Lakers loose to the Cavs and the suns. But then win against the thunder and westbrick.
ohmypie - 3 months ago
Fuck you
Queen LadiiLotto
Queen LadiiLotto - 3 months ago
YouTube link:
Somebody let him know🙌🏽🙌🏽
Jarra Hassan
Jarra Hassan - 3 months ago
4:56 run me my like
ExopMan - 3 months ago
Wow, impressive. Love Kuzma.
Jennifer Juanita Chatman Bey
Lorenzo Morgan Jr.
Lorenzo Morgan Jr. - 3 months ago
The L.A. Lakers have a long history and solid reputation for drafting well and also attracting marquee free agents. With that being said, it shall be interesting to see which dimension shall rule out (for that return to the top of the NBA).
SupGays - 3 months ago
Oh 👍
Javus Bonmon
Javus Bonmon - 3 months ago
N V - 3 months ago
Will I know ???
Christian Mejia
Christian Mejia - 3 months ago
Lonzo hustle
JessieMay - 3 months ago
What anout when Lonzo redeems himself in ot.....
Ronald Burse
Ronald Burse - 3 months ago
🏀🏀🏀👍👍👍💪💪💪💪💪💪💪boys went tough
ovichamp - 3 months ago
No all-stars and the young Lakers beat a team with 3 of them. They are gonna be great in 2 years with another all star with them.
M. J
M. J - 3 months ago
Yes kuzma 🙌🏻💪
Keith Glaze
Keith Glaze - 3 months ago
mLg is besting nba in their on highlights lol. They get a mil views every night at least. Ad free, technically
Aj Ambriz
Aj Ambriz - 3 months ago
I love this baby lake show all day can’t wait til bron back !!
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What’s your team
Like : *Lakers*
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anonymous duede
anonymous duede - 3 months ago
Nut they lost to the worst team lol
Stanley. - 3 months ago
Lakers vs OKC, refs, and fans
sickassninja6 - 3 months ago
"Ladies and gentlemen...we got e'm."
jimbo - 3 months ago
Big L
Clopez YT
Clopez YT - 3 months ago
shoutrite91 - 3 months ago
Tony Khan
Tony Khan - 3 months ago
Youngsters were balling when Lonzos shot is falling straight up Beast !! Inconsistent sometimes but he’s still only 21 I’ll take it !! Zubac better start I don’t know why we have a buy out center starting !! He’s old !! Zubac should start from now on !!
Eric Counsel
Eric Counsel - 3 months ago
Sooo many 3’s
Logan Henderson
Logan Henderson - 3 months ago
Thank you NBA!!! It’s about time
heartbreak Cid
heartbreak Cid - 3 months ago
What more proof do yall need to see bron make his team better
Ozzy 818
Ozzy 818 - 3 months ago
What's up with the referees this is making me sick
Manny Diaz
Manny Diaz - 3 months ago
The game has changed a lot. Too many 3s ..
Cristian Buenrostro
Cristian Buenrostro - 3 months ago
7:34 not gonna lie, refs should've called an 8-second violation, lakers clearly had the ball for 8 seconds from the backcourt.
Tiito Motivs
Tiito Motivs - 3 months ago
Lonzo haters silent today
Deejames daboss
Deejames daboss - 3 months ago
Boognish - 3 months ago
Refs admitted they made the wrong call. Idiot.
Albert Gonzales
Albert Gonzales - 3 months ago
Yeah got that L no superstar support on the court n still won by 10 kuuuuzzzz
Christina Garner
Christina Garner - 3 months ago
They keep this up James might not have a spot when he comes back from injury
chae fugate
chae fugate - 3 months ago
Lakers losing 7 of the next 10 it's all over
Ten Thirty
Ten Thirty - 3 months ago
Okc playing down to their competition! SMH
Darius Mylik
Darius Mylik - 3 months ago
That’s the Zo we wanna see. Boy went super sayain Ball.
Ten Thirty
Ten Thirty - 3 months ago
If Billy Donovan were black he’d be fired by now! Get Russ under control or trade him
Pete Durham
Pete Durham - 3 months ago
Remember when Harden was considered a really good sixth man with OKC? We're so impatient with these young guys... I wish teams were allowed to groom their young core into superstars without the trade cloud always hanging overhead... Kuz, Zo, Zu... These boys are going to be a problem. No need to break them up for a max player when they are building the chemistry to go the distance, and developing into all stars themselves.
FAST///M3 - 3 months ago
Boooyaaaah!!!!!!😂🤣😂 Let's go Laker's!!!!💪
ClutchNation21 Clemons
ClutchNation21 Clemons - 3 months ago
Kyle kuzma is legiy
Miko Philo
Miko Philo - 3 months ago
why did the okc fans leave early?
there is no traffic out there to beat lol
Frank Lucas
Frank Lucas - 3 months ago
Oklahoma city Refs vs L.A. Lakers
ismaila amadou
ismaila amadou - 3 months ago
Zubac and kuz were on fire.
Kevyn Battle
Kevyn Battle - 3 months ago
how does westbrook shoot 7-30 lol
InnTheeZonee - 3 months ago
How come the cowboys are trash lol 👀
Sonofman229 - 3 months ago
finally lonzo is being aggresvive and dropping buckets.
Bryan Woodward
Bryan Woodward - 3 months ago
This game just really reinforced for me how much the game has changed. Those 3 pointers are frequent and pivotal for any team now.
montel sprinkle
montel sprinkle - 3 months ago
Chokelahoma thunder blew a 15 point lead against a LeBronless Lakers team 😂😂😂
Gracie Marx
Gracie Marx - 3 months ago
awful call at the end smh
KLEFUS MCDONALD - 3 months ago
Sure miss the Ball Haters in 2019.
J. Ramirez
J. Ramirez - 3 months ago
Turns out Lonzo was told to foul Westbrook by Luke. And even the refs now admitted on record they they were wrong in awarding a shooting foul because if you look closely, Westbrook wasn’t even in the shooting motion, should’ve been only 2 free throws
Hardest Snot_rocket
Hardest Snot_rocket - 3 months ago
Kumza is reminding me of Kobe's first 3 years... Before he discovered is inner "Black Mumba"..
reggie43 !
reggie43 ! - 3 months ago
Haaa 💙 it when okc gets beat down, hope they miss the playoffs
InnTheeZonee - 3 months ago
They arent. The lakers arent even making the playoffs 👀
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