BEST-OF Mitsubishi Evo sounds compilation 2017

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steevo_102 - Month ago
No evo4 love? 🙁
qasim chaudry
qasim chaudry - Month ago
I love the evo 5 most
ReferG420 - 2 months ago
Got both an 05 Evo 8 and and 06 Subi Sti. I Strongly prefer my Evo because not only is it fast, easy to work, but also LOUDLY ANNOYING WITH THAT HATER PIPE BOIIIII.
nezics - 2 months ago
thanks to this i don't need pornhub.
EZO - 3 months ago
5:50 PERFECT💙🥂
EZO - 3 months ago
7 is my fav, I don't like the 9 bumper
Sean C
Sean C - 4 months ago
Evo 6 is best looking Evo ever and becoming collectible
Zaitsev Chris
Zaitsev Chris - 5 months ago
Evo 5/6 ftw!
KISKE URUHARA - 5 months ago
Lancers are the ones ykow
Mitsubishi Evo 9 Mr
Mitsubishi Evo 9 Mr - 5 months ago
This is in Uk
I live in uk but i see
Toyota Supra,Gtr,Skyline R34 R33,Evo 9 Evo 10 and Evo 6,etc.....
In Great Yarmouth
Mitsubishi Evo 9 Mr
Mitsubishi Evo 9 Mr - 5 months ago
Mitsubishi Evo 9 Mr
Mitsubishi Evo 9 Mr - 5 months ago
My dream is Evo 9 Mr Fq400
Stavros 207
Stavros 207 - 5 months ago
I like the Mitsubishi evo 9
John Seko
John Seko - 8 months ago
All hail the powerful 4G63 engine
Grim Reaper
Grim Reaper - 9 months ago
The evo 3 is badass
rendy oren
rendy oren - 10 months ago
Oxi Clean
Oxi Clean - 10 months ago
The amazing sound of the 4G63 is ruined by the stupid turbo whoosh ;-;
Azim YT
Azim YT - 10 months ago
Evo in my heart ❤💙❤💙
Mitsubishi Evolution 9
Mitsubishi Evolution 9 - 10 months ago
Evo 10 is the worst evo ever made
James Dodson
James Dodson - 11 months ago
The evo x‘s r so ugly lol my opinion but they r lol i have a 2003 evo8, electric blue very clean got about 310 hp, id still choose a evo over a subie sti lol any day
Raul N
Raul N - 11 months ago
OMG The paradise ❤😱😎😍😍
honest person
honest person - 11 months ago
1:40 its dodge srt 😆
Strxw - 11 months ago
14 evos.. 1:32
Dark Cat
Dark Cat - 11 months ago
Evo 6 is awesome!! I wish to have one
LEGEND 25 - Year ago
Can feed their dust to the slowbies everyday
AirB_ - Year ago
That's the sounds of the 4g63, same on the eclipse g2.
Famus 801
Famus 801 - 7 months ago
Cause it has the same engine you dingus
farisfaris - Year ago
Im so in love with evo ix ass fuuuukk
Burberry man
Burberry man - Year ago
Is there a petition to Mitsubishi going on to bring back the evolution ?
Charles Tran
Charles Tran - Year ago
I love my Evo 7
joek rockspin
joek rockspin - Year ago
evo Red Bull ... nice😍
Crazy boy
Crazy boy - Year ago
8:08 I like it
BboyJohn Anytimesoon
Evo is my dream car so sad the Mitsubishi discontinued the production.
Ward Bajbouj
Ward Bajbouj - Month ago
me to
Mario Adexx
Mario Adexx - Year ago
Love ❤ fucking mitsubishi evo
OG_08GSR - Year ago
Damn England got some slow ass evos
John Davies`
John Davies` - Year ago
@OG_08GSR Lol sorry why did I repeat myself duh!!!!
OG_08GSR - Year ago
? Uh ok lol
John Davies`
John Davies` - Year ago
But we got the 6 you aint you aint!!!!!
Doppio Dagger
Doppio Dagger - Year ago
3:07 subie? 👀
Doppio Dagger
Doppio Dagger - Year ago
my friends back at subie, I've made it in
Tehmas Khan
Tehmas Khan - Year ago
6:16 gone is the half life of its transfercase.
el f1del
el f1del - Year ago
10:13 how do i make an evo sound like that zomfg
Orange :v
Orange :v - 11 months ago
Straight pipe and a few bolt ons
Joanne Paul
Joanne Paul - Year ago
Lambo is afraid of the boss
Mr  Crep
Mr Crep - Year ago
4:57 music to my ears
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