A Smith Family COACHELLA

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Vanessa Love
Vanessa Love - 2 hours ago
My heart 😍
Chia Chong
Chia Chong - 2 hours ago
i mean there is blackpink for atleast 2 seconds in this video so yeah
Big Mac
Big Mac - 2 hours ago
I’m loving the fact that Will Smith has a YouTube channel😂♥️. I’m always late for the good stuff
RACKIEBEATSRAW - 3 hours ago
Yakymel - 4 hours ago
Q feo esta jaden
Oliver Wilkinson
Oliver Wilkinson - 4 hours ago
I whistled for a cam and when it came near the license plate said fresh and ad ice and a mere
Ciro Vargas
Ciro Vargas - 5 hours ago
Imagine “keeping up with the smiths” 🙌🏼🙌🏼🤣
Hernando Gomez
Hernando Gomez - 7 hours ago
Love you Will!!
Ren - 8 hours ago
His son tho
Makail Lyon
Makail Lyon - 10 hours ago
0:44 ah that’s hot
Tanvi Gaur
Tanvi Gaur - 10 hours ago
Only you are perfect in your family. love you man.
Isha Koyou
Isha Koyou - 11 hours ago
I see Blackpink 6:09
carmenjoy Rara
carmenjoy Rara - 13 hours ago
black pink
Janeth Rodriguez
Janeth Rodriguez - 14 hours ago
@1:33 what song is Willow singing?
MoonY P.H
MoonY P.H - 14 hours ago
Yoooo you had Blackpink so hyped up in the crowd at 6:08 👀👀
Rolas omg
Rolas omg - 15 hours ago
Podrías ablar español
GOSTSHUT - 15 hours ago
So nice
Ken Sy
Ken Sy - 16 hours ago
wow, willow is so effing beautiful
Weston Ryb
Weston Ryb - 17 hours ago
I wish to be as proud a dad as will smith one day.
Weston Ryb
Weston Ryb - 17 hours ago
I'm saying this without currently having any kids.
Abhishek Surve
Abhishek Surve - 17 hours ago
Ur sonS so ugly no where near you
Tita Amaral
Tita Amaral - 17 hours ago
Amo amo amo love
Simply Shaye
Simply Shaye - 18 hours ago
Jaden was so cute when he was little, what happened???
Simply Shaye
Simply Shaye - 18 hours ago
Willow is so tall and Jaden is short lol
yane morales
yane morales - 18 hours ago
Me encantan todas tus peliculas me rio muchisimo eres muy simpatico. Ojala seas asi en la vida cotidiana con tus hijos x deben pasarla genial jajja apesar de los altos y bajos de la vida.
yane morales
yane morales - 18 hours ago
Genial tu casa quiero esos sillones jijij
IVthQuarter Closah
IVthQuarter Closah - 19 hours ago
Why dye your eyebrows?
TaSiA - 19 hours ago
Jaden looks like x
Madz Habit
Madz Habit - 20 hours ago
Such a wonderful family!!!!!😍😍
walid elfeky
walid elfeky - 22 hours ago
God bless smith family we grow up together
Umahyra Harrevelt
Umahyra Harrevelt - 22 hours ago
5:14 dead😂😂😂
Rocio Calisto
Rocio Calisto - Day ago
You could put subtitles in Spanish
khushal ganani
khushal ganani - Day ago
Who noticed Rose and Lisa from BlackPink at 6:07
Arjun - Day ago
Will really should have beat Some reality in his kids
Triumph ova Tragedy
I pray willow dont get wit no white boy i know they preying on her
Güllü - Day ago
The best family👍😘😘
ex eaux
ex eaux - Day ago
She calls that work? Wow.
Jan Vincent de Vera
Lexusss0228 - Day ago
What song is playing? 1:18 - 1:23
Where is the elder one😟
Darren Gartlan
Darren Gartlan - Day ago
Did he say working on bad boys is there a third one coming
Akash Gunashekar
Akash Gunashekar - Day ago
What a father🥰🥰
Treasure Jones
Treasure Jones - Day ago
Ok kit....what 😂😂doing?!? I leAned a im! Day....
Sofia Romarate
Sofia Romarate - Day ago
omg i cried
Caleb Petrie
Caleb Petrie - Day ago
In the thumbnail will smith is the only one who doesn’t look like hes been on meth his whole life
Don Diego Fuera
Don Diego Fuera - Day ago
Love jaden scared to death of willow
Emulator Tatta
Emulator Tatta - Day ago
What just happened to jaden
kunjidee - Day ago
Where's TREY? ….He always seems to be left out...
Zakiya Wiltz
Zakiya Wiltz - Day ago
So cool wish I was that famous and I could do whatever I wanted!!!😫💛💛💛
Aun Ali
Aun Ali - Day ago
You can make that happen if you put your mind to it.
Ela A
Ela A - Day ago
Greatest family and not only on youtube! God bless them forever.
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