A Smith Family COACHELLA

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Peter Petruzzi
Peter Petruzzi - 20 hours ago
4:26 everything that is wrong with these parents.
miriã martins
miriã martins - Day ago
Amo... Desde os filmes até seriados ! Tem muito humor, criatividade... e por aí vai👑💎💖❤
Mikael Rodrigues Quirino
Music 3:44??
Zalland Kasi
Zalland Kasi - Day ago
who also noticed blackpink in concert?
Master gamers 3.0
Master gamers 3.0 - Day ago
new movie 2019
Richardson Silva
Richardson Silva - 2 days ago
Will Smith Brasil ti ama muito
Jenny Nguyen
Jenny Nguyen - 2 days ago
Was Jaden 10 when he was in karate kid
lil_braceface_karis - 3 days ago
Omggg, y'all family is so precious. I love y'all smmm🥰😭
Kimmy Kimmy
Kimmy Kimmy - 3 days ago
I luv will
Alanood Maazab
Alanood Maazab - 3 days ago
I saw black pink
eliany ps
eliany ps - 3 days ago
D100 MUSIC - 5 days ago
SARA GONZALEZ - 5 days ago
Tiene un padre increible
Blxck Rxses
Blxck Rxses - 6 days ago
Who else saw Lisa from blackpink?
I I - 6 days ago
Willow is so beautiful
Ashley Billings
Ashley Billings - 6 days ago
Lol wills walk 🤣🤣
Cierra Harris
Cierra Harris - 6 days ago
OMG,. So many tears of joy,. I love you, Smith Family,. Always have always will❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
Raymox - 7 days ago
GAMER OVER - 8 days ago
Família abençoada
Barry Cantaloupe
Barry Cantaloupe - 8 days ago
What happened to his eyebrows?
let God
let God - 8 days ago
I just love you will Smith,ur personality is lovely
Brandon - 8 days ago
Will did a great job for hollyweird...but it makes Trumps parent job stand out that much more...trump 2020...
Vanderson Moreira
Vanderson Moreira - 9 days ago
Hello Will Smith my name is Vanderson de Rio de janeiro Brasil sou seu fã também sou um maluco aqui no pedaço... Kkk 😜✌️
Wynema Cantrell
Wynema Cantrell - 10 days ago
~Will Smith walking sassy like me.~😂🤣
Wynema Cantrell
Wynema Cantrell - 10 days ago
~The Smith's sweetest family ever.~
Philip Pearson
Philip Pearson - 10 days ago
Wow jaden looks super ill
julz gaming ph
julz gaming ph - 10 days ago
Very supportive dad and mom sister wow im jelous
Tropicalpoppin !
Tropicalpoppin ! - 10 days ago
BLACKPINK 6:07 !!!
Sapphire Smith
Sapphire Smith - 11 days ago
This is the cutest video omg 😭😭🥺
Jé Park
Jé Park - 11 days ago
Blackpink is here....!
Jé Park
Jé Park - 11 days ago
So amazing..
Cresci te assistindo e me orgulhobrigado WillSmith
Rita De Cassia Machado
Rita De Cassia Machado - 11 days ago
Que Deus abençoe a sua família gostaria de conhecer um dia vcs que um dia Deus possa me conceder essa oportunidade bjs a todos🤗😍🙌
Janay’s Gabfest
Janay’s Gabfest - 11 days ago
Nisrine Sbihi
Nisrine Sbihi - 12 days ago
Will pleas adopt me
Jota Araujo
Jota Araujo - 12 days ago
Will Smith cara família demais, sucesso sempre
ELNT - 12 days ago
The reverb voice at the end tho 😮
Rosimeire Cruz
Rosimeire Cruz - 13 days ago
Rodrigo Reis
Rodrigo Reis - 13 days ago
show....happy...will smith...
Gisele brito
Gisele brito - 13 days ago
Smith family
in Brazilians🇧🇷 we love you 😍😗😙😙😚
Ola Vasaasen
Ola Vasaasen - 13 days ago
"Cause it ain't a damn thing that he can teach me on how to love my kids" brother you got that right, you're doin perfect.
ategx - 13 days ago
6:07 blackpink
Helend Netanu
Helend Netanu - 14 days ago
Erica Teoh Pikachu
Erica Teoh Pikachu - 14 days ago
I don't understand what's the joke "from whence he came" is about.. can someone please explain to me why is it funny😂😅
Thank you!
Taffy Days
Taffy Days - 14 days ago
Wish we had Coachella in Australia

leandro vieira correa
leandro vieira correa - 15 days ago
David Torres
David Torres - 15 days ago
6:06 My girls BLACKPINK enjoying the Smith's performance at Coachella 😍😍😍😍
Micaela Quintiliano
Micaela Quintiliano - 15 days ago
Sou Brasileira aqui de Recife cidade do carnaval.
Micaela Quintiliano
Micaela Quintiliano - 15 days ago
Não sabia que vcs tinham canal no YouTube
Agora que sei vou acompanhá-los 💕🤗
Micaela Quintiliano
Micaela Quintiliano - 15 days ago
Amo vcs😍
Joe Danquah
Joe Danquah - 15 days ago
anyone here in October,2019?
Queen Ashley boi
Queen Ashley boi - 10 days ago
Joe Danquah yes
Games and Colors
Games and Colors - 15 days ago
Awesome family Will
leandro - 15 days ago
Foda demais.... uauu..
Tt Ss
Tt Ss - 15 days ago
Were not just black were cops too we'll pull ourselves over later.....hahhah
Jav Heremia
Jav Heremia - 16 days ago
Me: seeing thumbnail, wait is Jayden bald
?????????????????????? - 16 days ago
Crianças não usem drogas
Jessica Ariño
Jessica Ariño - 16 days ago
I just LOVE the Smiths. They are beautiful in all aspects.
And Will...so freaking wise and encouraging. Always connecting to his wife and kids. Thank you. I learn so much from you.
Guilherme Oliveira
Guilherme Oliveira - 16 days ago
Smith, coloca legendas em português nós seus vídeos, sou seu fã mas não entendo nada em inglês...
Viva Brasil....
blackbee227 - 17 days ago
Still got less subs than pewdiepie which is ridiculous bro
FAIRUSK - 17 days ago
Legendas em português por favor
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