The truck is BOOMIN'! *in the best way*

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wshultz74 - 29 days ago
Poe, you never run your power & signal wire together. That will cause humming / thumping through the subs when the engine is running! Best way to do that is run the RCA / Signal down the center away from other wires. I've done system installs on & off for the past 18 years.
nathan sanchez
nathan sanchez - Month ago
What the name that song
Nicholas Belo
Nicholas Belo - 2 months ago
This is why you buy a ram 2500
Rzr Nation
Rzr Nation - 2 months ago
You hit your power off button five times
bdhdfcjf j db f HB djdn
bdhdfcjf j db f HB djdn - 3 months ago
I live in Arkansas
bdhdfcjf j db f HB djdn
bdhdfcjf j db f HB djdn - 3 months ago
It was funny it was funny as crap I watch your videos kind of gays I just met you for a long time
Reid Kemp
Reid Kemp - 3 months ago
What’s that second song he played on the subs?
Wyatt Beasley
Wyatt Beasley - 3 months ago
I love how he says fuck da windshield wiper let's get a subwoofer
Velvet's Automotive
Velvet's Automotive - 3 months ago
Hey Poe, for the wiper issue on the truck it's one of these 3 things, the switch could be bad and just needs to be replaced, or it's a faulty relay, or the wiper motor itself is bad, my car used to do the same thing , the wipers would work sometimes and then not at all until I replaced the wiper motor
Jt Burkett
Jt Burkett - 3 months ago
What song did you use to test the subs???
Justin Walker
Justin Walker - 3 months ago
If you run your amps power and aux cords near each other it will create a humming sound in your sub.
Aidan Ward
Aidan Ward - 3 months ago
Greyson Riegel
Greyson Riegel - 3 months ago
My dad has the same gray desk in Gavin's intro
Justin C
Justin C - 3 months ago
Poe the blue wire is a remote wire it don’t go to the radios power wire it goes to the blue remote wire coming off the radio harness
TJ Ross
TJ Ross - 3 months ago
Rockford fosgate aren't bad I would do skar audio for that truck. 2 evl 12s with a skar rp1500.1. And might I ask why do you prefer the switch over hooking up to the remote signal wire coming from the deck so that it's only on when your radio is. Just a thought.
solo - 3 months ago
10:32 poe torque
Fundemental music
Fundemental music - 3 months ago
lol imagone if he made that song on his song channel (if you know what i mean)
country boy
country boy - 3 months ago
Switch is bad or beat on the motor sometimes they lock them selfs up
Fartgun Modding
Fartgun Modding - 3 months ago
Bruh I love this channel but I hate all the fords
Kyle Hunter
Kyle Hunter - 3 months ago
What's the song hes talking about at 11:00 ?
Jerry Chapo
Jerry Chapo - 3 months ago
What amp do you have
jbkid99 - 3 months ago
You aren’t supposed to run the rca’s next to your power wire. It can cause distortion and cause the subwoofer to play a steady tone when music is not playing
Seth Goncalves
Seth Goncalves - 3 months ago
Poo bois
Riggin Thorniley
Riggin Thorniley - 3 months ago
Some people use a volt meter to check a battery...

Poe uses a battery to check his volt meter
Armando Galvan
Armando Galvan - 3 months ago
More mustang track videos!!
Jacob Frederick
Jacob Frederick - 4 months ago
All super dutys have a bundle of wires that go from under the steering column to the engine bay. That's some* of the wires you said were cut. It for any wiring that needs to go from inside to outside so you dont have to run extra yourself.
m m
m m - 4 months ago
Anyone know the songs at the end?
Leooz Wow
Leooz Wow - 4 months ago
Do a truck build series like do it with dan is! Everyone is loving his and you could do a successful one too!
howzechris1 - 4 months ago
I like how they put in that disclaimer like Ford actually watches his shit videos LMAO
PoeBoys - 3 months ago
howzechris1 lol they do🙃
Aaron Chasney
Aaron Chasney - 4 months ago
my phone called the police yesterday swell when i tried changing my volume
Sadlock - 4 months ago
Splendid Intro and Long Live the subs back in action again!
Mr. Crocker
Mr. Crocker - 4 months ago
Poe the 911 call was because of you hit the power button multiple times quickly it sends an emergency SOS thing
ImWolfiePlayz - 4 months ago
Just get a new wiring harness at this point
KDcars - 4 months ago
Poe Tap your wiper motor with somthing solid it seems your wiper motor is bad.. very common on these forss
KDcars - 4 months ago
Slow_Blown_ Ek
Slow_Blown_ Ek - 4 months ago
Why did you use a constant power instead of one that shuts off with your ignition? The radio power wire itself should give you 12v when ignition on and kills the signal when you shut the ignition off. I mean I would imagine you know this so I’m so confused as to why you want a switch in the mix. As long as it works I guess. I’ve killed too many batteries that way tho cause I always forgot the dam switch.
Pie 4life
Pie 4life - 4 months ago
That's one big Pile of shit truck... should be un road worthy.
u kno
u kno - 4 months ago
Rem wirer not a switch
u kno
u kno - 4 months ago
There is a rain sensor it's bad
s roach
s roach - 4 months ago
Poe, you are likely to have bad road noise with your RCA jack's running on the same side as your power wire. It will be a whinging sound. Good luck brother.
The Mighty Articuno
The Mighty Articuno - 4 months ago
Lol I saw you when you fixed your race car
Mr17riddog - 4 months ago
Love the pliar clipping song lmao
Tate Tillotson
Tate Tillotson - 4 months ago
The only ignorance is the fuckin vice grips on your battery terminal.
Christian Moravek
Christian Moravek - 4 months ago
I love your videos😆😆⏩
D G - 4 months ago
Power wires up one side and audio cables up the other.
kevin cothey
kevin cothey - 4 months ago
Check the multifunction switch, also known as the turn signal switch
Lita Rosch
Lita Rosch - 4 months ago
Poe have you checked you wiper switch
Curtis Anders
Curtis Anders - 4 months ago
The rcas should be 6 inches ti a foot away from the power wire or you’ll get distortion
Josh Hammett
Josh Hammett - 4 months ago
You know iPhones have safety features ones on volume and I’m pretty sure there’s another one but idk but it’s basically a faster way to call the cops say if your in trouble or something and don’t have time to unlock your phone go to calling and dial the number
Michael Smith
Michael Smith - 4 months ago
The power wire on the vantrue goes on the suction mount after you charged it
Happy Pickle
Happy Pickle - 4 months ago
Should of got a Chevy 😂
Jk ready to see the final product
Laces Gamer
Laces Gamer - 4 months ago
I wish you had the old music for your intro but yours now is still cool
A Pat
A Pat - 4 months ago
My iphone did the same exact thing the other day called 911, i was like WTF is going on.
Bubba Kline
Bubba Kline - 4 months ago
Poe what's that wine noise threw the radio...
mike70t - 4 months ago
Radio over windshield wipers 🤣🤣🤣🤣
James Baltz
James Baltz - 4 months ago
You were hitting the power button when you called 911. It’s a safety thing, if u hit the power button 5 times fast it calls 911
Chris Rowlison
Chris Rowlison - 4 months ago
that sucks that your windshield wiper switch broke... you gotta fix that in ur steering column
Jason Shutske
Jason Shutske - 4 months ago
running your rcas next to your main power wire can cause whining and static noises, just so you know if it starts to happen
Matt Stevens
Matt Stevens - 4 months ago
poe plz can you clean your truck it is messing with my brain so much

DirtyDan - 4 months ago
It could be your wiper switch on the column.
Goat _bass
Goat _bass - 4 months ago
0:13 new song snippet???
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