I Got A Mini Hummer!!! The Warrior 1000

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Redneck Gaming
Redneck Gaming - Day ago
what we did with a polarise general is put a new set of tires on there, biggers ones. gave it a little more ground clearance while not affecting performance u should test it out with that
Jim Biggs
Jim Biggs - 6 days ago
The warrior 1000 at least needs sweet flames and if not maybe a demo ranch sticker. Or even a 50 cal turret on top. Just sayin. Ya never know.
MrAaronthebomb - 6 days ago
Matt what is the ring your wearing on your right hand I’ve seen in plenty of videos you hit stuff with it is it just your class ring from college ?
Gavin Goodale
Gavin Goodale - 7 days ago
I have a UTV and a American flag is a must have.
Bergy 904
Bergy 904 - 8 days ago
Put the 50 bmg on the front with a bipod
ssanderford63 - 12 days ago
Did matt already get rid of this? Havent seen it in forever.
hunter Phone
hunter Phone - 14 days ago
The cat is cute
king of clash cool cat
king of clash cool cat - 16 days ago
Jou kan give it to me
Ritzy 29
Ritzy 29 - 28 days ago
Kid knows everything about diesel but doesn't know that cats purr
Aidan Tube
Aidan Tube - 29 days ago
Light bar
Jack S
Jack S - Month ago
I will not tell mare
THG_ Titan
THG_ Titan - Month ago
Instead of spear grass we threw dead cactus needles at each other
Damien Peirce
Damien Peirce - Month ago
Put some 38's on it
Logan Gerber
Logan Gerber - Month ago
I think you need LEDs and a radio and full doors
Reese Grosch
Reese Grosch - Month ago
paint it PINK
Napa - Month ago
little does he know he will have a dodge soon
Corbin Jobe
Corbin Jobe - Month ago
Better tires and more lights
Jan Beatty
Jan Beatty - Month ago
Omg you n my nephew could be twins...your son is so handsome...love watching
Andrei nervz
Andrei nervz - Month ago
Doud DeMuro easter egg when matt review the car. Niced one matt
Adam Brown
Adam Brown - 2 months ago
Should’ve gotten the tan one, guess it does match the bravehumvee though.
rusty shaklford
rusty shaklford - 2 months ago
He needs to mount a saw on that thing
Josh Morrison
Josh Morrison - 2 months ago
Yeah spear grass is annoying
emberz - 2 months ago
mount your machine gun on it
Caady Scheu
Caady Scheu - 2 months ago
Put a spare gas can so if you run out of fuel you will have not to walk back to the house
Sophisticated Pancake
Sophisticated Pancake - 2 months ago
Do a high speed test.
Chris Baumann
Chris Baumann - 2 months ago
It needs an turbocharger 😂
Tiffany Swope
Tiffany Swope - 2 months ago
It needs an American flag on it somewhere
Dana Jessop
Dana Jessop - 2 months ago
Just took a sip of coke when the wollered out translation came on screen. Not good dude. Though being a southern girl, you were speaking my language.
Danette Hartsock
Danette Hartsock - 2 months ago
I want one!!! It looks like it could be SO MUCH FUN!!!!
Calibir1 - 2 months ago
Well, I want one... and that's all I got to say about that.
Cyrus Nordstrand
Cyrus Nordstrand - 2 months ago
Stealing Doug Demuro videos 😂
GuardOfGuardians - 2 months ago
Light bar on top new paint job dear antlers on hood and airsoft turret on the top
D G - 2 months ago
shoulda bought a ROXOR Matt.... OK I like it but I will get a Roxor ;)
TheFriendlyHacker - 2 months ago
My suggested change: the Humvee look is cool and all. But make it look like a tank >:D
Ella Hosokawa
Ella Hosokawa - 2 months ago
Nice 👍
Jim Lane
Jim Lane - 2 months ago
Way cool buddy, I'll bet that was a pretty penny
Corey Cole
Corey Cole - 2 months ago
Matt you need to see what a trailer hitch ball stands up to
I H - 3 months ago
Dude ^5 on the spear grass!
20312920 - 3 months ago
put a v8 in it
Oakley Knochenmus
Oakley Knochenmus - 3 months ago
Matt you really need an led on the top a big one
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