I Got A Mini Hummer!!! The Warrior 1000

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Daniel Kapsner
Daniel Kapsner - Day ago
shoulda got a polaris, sorry matt, great dodge comment tho!
Chris gonce
Chris gonce - Day ago
Wait no don’t take of the roof
Chris gonce
Chris gonce - Day ago
50 calaber on top
And take of roof
akmainiac - 2 days ago
Sounds rattly
Pedro Gavia
Pedro Gavia - 3 days ago
I love full metal it’s awesome! More roof lights! 💡
Ayden Wood
Ayden Wood - 3 days ago
32 inch light bar on roof MUST NEED trust me you'll need it
Nopsi - 5 days ago
Nice! Next Dealer is only 3752miles away!
Jeremiah Schulze
Jeremiah Schulze - 6 days ago
Smooth Mobile
Smooth Mobile - 6 days ago
He is a spoiled little bitch
Rahul Yadav
Rahul Yadav - 8 days ago
For a second I thought is this the wrong channel our did Doug just come on his channel 😂
Brandon Calvilo
Brandon Calvilo - 10 days ago
That looks really nice! I think this is something a regular guy can afford? How much is that?
Matthew Durnford
Matthew Durnford - 12 days ago
and Mud lite 2 tires, great for off roading and driving through muskeg and rivers
Matthew Durnford
Matthew Durnford - 12 days ago
A gunrack
Devyn Mayo
Devyn Mayo - 12 days ago
Bigger tires bigger lift
Kevin Tirado
Kevin Tirado - 14 days ago
How much did it cost
THE ART GAMES - 14 days ago
Так и шо вы здесь пишите ?
Trev_Tha_Rev - 15 days ago
Why does Mere like hardly ever smile or look super happy? Does she suffer from an angry resting face like my wife
BigAl56254 - 15 days ago
It needs bigger tires and a gun rack and Colorful Demo Ranch Stencils and a lift kit and over head spot lights
Tommy Trier
Tommy Trier - 15 days ago
Put a light bar on it
#THE GUYS 123 - 15 days ago
can you buy a ATV?
Steven Carsley
Steven Carsley - 15 days ago
Nice Hummer wannabe . Lovely family.
godogsgo100 - 16 days ago
Spray paint it.
marlin moore
marlin moore - 17 days ago
Lift kit, bigger tires, some sweet light bars front and back for work lighting, and some doors
AJ Ramos
AJ Ramos - 17 days ago
talking about spear grass when I was in elementary me and my friends use to throw them at each other and we got in trouble
but it was fun. Who knew that a plant could bring back good memories
morris mercier
morris mercier - 17 days ago
Super Goat
Super Goat - 18 days ago
Attach a horn🔊
Tyson Mclean
Tyson Mclean - 18 days ago
Doors and tan boom
Bob Kawthun
Bob Kawthun - 18 days ago
you mean to tell me you are not welding a pintle mount on top? Metal roof....
cort campins
cort campins - 18 days ago
you should come over to Naples Florida
Melissa Bowlin
Melissa Bowlin - 18 days ago
Light bars and radio with some 12inch subs
Caleb Kincaid
Caleb Kincaid - 20 days ago
put Demo ranch on it
michelle ashbaucher
michelle ashbaucher - 20 days ago
You should put gun box in the front on the flat part
DOGIE_ MADNESS - 20 days ago
My god
STORM 26PHILLIPS - 21 day ago
Gas boo.diesl good💯
nebraska redneck
nebraska redneck - 21 day ago
Lifts it and puts 32 inch tires under her
Zavier Wilder
Zavier Wilder - 21 day ago
Can u buy me one
Lightning Gaming
Lightning Gaming - 21 day ago
Doors or nets
Jimmy Choate
Jimmy Choate - 21 day ago
The can you eat?
Carson Smith
Carson Smith - 21 day ago
Matt needs to get doors for the side by side
Aidan Thompson
Aidan Thompson - 22 days ago
U need a light bar
Braeden Ball
Braeden Ball - 22 days ago
That dodge joke made me dislike a little bit😡 but your fine I get it
Chaz Selby
Chaz Selby - 22 days ago
And put a gun on it Incase you are in a battle
Chaz Selby
Chaz Selby - 22 days ago
Also I would make it bullet proof
Chaz Selby
Chaz Selby - 22 days ago
I would put a light bar and a bushgard
Brendan Whiting
Brendan Whiting - 22 days ago
A channel I subscribe to does his version of another channel I subscribe to? Instant like.
Bull Shout
Bull Shout - 22 days ago
You need to mount 4 50 cal’s on the roof of it and then mount Robert oberst on top to (if he fits) so he can use them
Andrew Coetzee
Andrew Coetzee - 22 days ago
if you want a real fun toy you should look at the Argo 8x8 ATVs. Maybe mount a 50cal BMG sniper on it
Israel Mercado
Israel Mercado - 22 days ago
Omg matt do a video with Doug demuro.??
BetterTelevision - 22 days ago
50.cal on roof and on the back
BetterTelevision - 22 days ago
1:49 i know you want to go in and buy some guns fulfill your destiny join the dark side
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