I Don't Really Like My Parents Because They Don't Accept Me For Who I Am

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storybooth - 16 часов назад
Parents and friends can be really complicated sometimes. 🤨 Not everyone see's eye to eye. 😕
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Вася Васян
Вася Васян - Час назад
So I do not call myself an atheist, for not to be in the same row with gays Lol he is gay, cry, cry, cry no body understand him =((( go suicide bich! die alrady!
Bart R
Bart R - Час назад
storybooth ....your videos are disgusting!!!! Pushing this shit on people...
Bin Nhỏ
Bin Nhỏ - 2 часа назад
Everybody Come to my chennel to watch but good music video. Please! 😊😘
Zenab Ansari
Zenab Ansari - 2 часа назад
Hey don't worry even my parents are like that but I still love them
Gabriel Leonard
Gabriel Leonard - 2 часа назад
I am homophobic I am a fascist I am a Christian Ho accept me ? =D
Kesmas Sahran
Kesmas Sahran - Час назад
I think i 79,2% agreed with ur parents. Maybe i am a little bit strict?
PinkCutiefulHaram - Час назад
I'm Muslim and I'm from Pakistan too island :)
xWolfy Chicx
xWolfy Chicx - Час назад
I love meh parents but my mom sometimes forces meh to wear bikinis and dresses
(Im not tomboy or lesbian btw i just hate girly clothes)
TJS_123 - Час назад
Ar man good for that guy 🤗😄
Blossom - Час назад
Congrats you made it to trending
Fabio Jones
Fabio Jones - Час назад
Gay bitch
Alex TheDino
Alex TheDino - Час назад
In a world where being gay isn't acceptable for soooo many people, the community still stayed strong. No matter what people said, what people thought of them, they stuck with their decision and with the fact that this is who they are. This is who they wanna be. People say "being different and unique is great!" but they can't accept how unique gay people are. They're not demons from hell. They're humans. They're normal people. They're amazing. The problem isn't from the LGBT people. It's from others that have a shit in their brain and are not open minded. They don't want anything to do with the LGBT fam because they don't know anything about them. They think "iTs jUsT a mEntAL tHinG". It's not. It's their decision. I'm gonna admit: I was a little bit confused about the whole LBGTQ thing and I didn't support it. But then I met a bunch of awesome people online that told me about everything. I started watching videos, reading articles and trying to know as much as possible about the people. Then I realized how strong they actually are. They've been through hell. They've been through so much just to be accepted for who they are. If people do some research about the whole situation, they're gonna realize that the LGBT people aren't the problem. Other gigantic cockfaced assholes are! Surprise! I'm personally not gay or bi but I still support the people and everyone else should do the same. Stay strong y'all. I hope you're gonna be accepted everywhere sooner than later.
BlackMAN Peter
BlackMAN Peter - Час назад
RIP California. Liberals like you have to fix themselves.
dat boi
dat boi - Час назад
people call me gay😳😳
Blazarr - Час назад
Yeah girls in the right place.
Jude Dam
Jude Dam - Час назад
All I hear is a lack of gratitude
theonly Wan
theonly Wan - Час назад
zacout - Час назад
Verońique playz
Verońique playz - Час назад
Yessss " Dont care what they say, your perfect in your own way. Dont be afraid, just be yourself"is my life motto
Super Hamster
Super Hamster - Час назад
I dont hate gays or smthing but they are from the devil why? God made adam and eva to be a boy and girl . Not boy boy or girl girl
Sadeen Saeed
Sadeen Saeed - Час назад
And girl's should learn should have phone's and be treated we'll look at me I whore hijab before and I started to hate it so much when one day me and my mom had a short talk about it she said she will not force me to wear it I could start wearing it at any age my mom doesn't let me do chores I have a phone and iPad she lets me live like I'm free
i eat kids
i eat kids - Час назад
Congrats on #1 on trending!
FireWolf Gacha
FireWolf Gacha - Час назад
Same with my family but some times and I am not gay
Popcornbutter - Час назад
Hmmmmm where is extremely liberal.....🤔🤔 fuckin California of course
Clorox Bleach
Clorox Bleach - Час назад
Why do gay people have to suffer? It's just a gender
Theodore Santos
Theodore Santos - Час назад
You should still listen to your parents they brought you to this world even though some of their comments are disrespectful but they care and they want the best for you
Enchanted's Speed Builds!
Enchanted's Speed Builds! - Час назад
And I want a gay son
Azka ZF
Azka ZF - Час назад
Its the parents. Not the religion. Dont generalize please!!
emin omran
emin omran - Час назад
I am also a muslim and I am from iraq my parents are my parents are good to me and I don't dates girls because I am just 12 and I don't even want to date girls I have my sister and my little brother I am the oldest
Eømma Cece
Eømma Cece - Час назад
My best friend is a lesbian and her parents are also very homophobic...while I'm here being a proud lesbo with a giant rainbow flag hanging on my wall and screaming '"I'm a sparkly rainbow." \(^V^)/
Rithwik Anand
Rithwik Anand - Час назад
If I want to be gay(I will never anyway) and tell my parents, they would disown me. I don't support LGBT
Cats man
Cats man - Час назад
Well I am a muslim too but if you are a muslim and your parents are you should know that being gay is really really illegal in islam.
Andrew Philip
Andrew Philip - Час назад
I am christian, though I don't agree with gays or lesbians I was taught we love everyone like my God has loved me
Вася Васян
Вася Васян - Час назад
So I do not call myself an atheist, for not to be in the same row with gays
Lol he is gay, cry, cry, cry no body understand him =((( go suicide bich! die alrady!
- UnbreakebleCow
- UnbreakebleCow - Час назад
They are right what can i say...dont get me worng i mean they are right only beacuse they are homophobic....but not allowing to take a driver license or a phone..well wtf?
Joseph Janeth
Joseph Janeth - Час назад
muslims are not republican. you ever heard the word rebellious. me me me me bla bla bla i hate this video youtube.
Mar’hogany Hawkins
Mar’hogany Hawkins - Час назад
❕Warning grammar a bit off.❕

Hey be gay all you want, but please don’t disrespect your parents on a video and act fake if you felt that much resentment towards them then don’t take their money and save up to go out on your own.Then you act like their physically abusing you or something maybe they just don’t exactly know what to do in that type of situation. Maybe instead of making them the bad guy in the video go and talk them about this. One thing you can’t do is control or change someones mind about anything that it’s set on and if you try your just mentally draining yourself. That’s what people gotta realize in my generation you can’t control anyone’s views just accept that they got an opinion and move on. 🙃🙃🙃
Cooldoge 67
Cooldoge 67 - Час назад
YouTube Worker: So what video should we put on #1 trending?
YouTube Worker 2: Well Stan Lee does, Toy Story 4 is coming and so is Detective Pikachu
Random Guy: How about a guy that’s having family issues?
Alexandra Pincay
Alexandra Pincay - Час назад
Your parents sound cool
Nikita L
Nikita L - Час назад
Another gay propoganda
Sadeen Saeed
Sadeen Saeed - Час назад
Actually begin gay is very Haram and you will go to jahnam
Anas Grey
Anas Grey - Час назад
Well this hit close to home lol.... it’s rare seeing your own version of events being reflected on such a big platform, loved the concept
Cassie - Час назад
Did they change the title?
irini pt
irini pt - Час назад
Why are people hating in this boy for being gay? It's 2018 people, get your crap together. Also everyone calls everything gay these days (including BTS and other artists, especially K-Pop) wtf is wrong with this generation.
Gigi c
Gigi c - Час назад
not all the muslims like this!!!! You should know that!!!!!!
High Zenburgh
High Zenburgh - Час назад
50, raised by a Catholic grandfather and WASP grandmother. Very conservative people. My parents had contact with me, but it was strained, to say the least. I came out in my mud 20s, and it was traumatic and difficult. Did I blame my parents? Nope. I don't have this entitled, unrealistic expectation that everyone just accept me. I'm not a whiney little pussy like the guy in this video. I give zero fucks if you like me or not. I'm going to keep goung, and maybe somewhere along the way things will change. Respect is a two way street. I have heard so many yoynger people do videos where it's "My parents don't accept that I'm a quadrasexual, vegan, non binary pagan who is into cosplay...so I hate them!" Want some cheese with that whine? Grow the fuck up!
Rho'enzo Fennik
Rho'enzo Fennik - Час назад
How to get #1 trending with any video.
"Basically, I'm -monkey- gay. (and also am oppressed because my sensitive feeling make me feel depressed and I want to be different for attention)"
The Cute Wolf Girl ヒメネス アン
So we had english class in japan and the english teacher showed us a video and it showed different kids around the country and they say "and this is my rainbow *draws the real color rainbow*" ummm and i say in my mind is he gay then im like nvm he just writes the color of the rainbow cause he likes all color then i say to myself i"you know what im not gonna make fun anymore im out"
Carlos Rodriguez
Carlos Rodriguez - Час назад
Fucking gay libtards
KSI Destroyer21
KSI Destroyer21 - Час назад
Roses are red
Violets are blue
I like my own comment
Cus nobody do
邱aryu - Час назад
your parents are monst 。 fight with them 。。
El Armor
El Armor - Час назад
That is stupid . One, Why do you want to be gay ? If u want sword fight, Go play minecraft . Bruh Never argue or lied with your parents , your parents take care of you since you were born. That is why we read Al-Quran , so we know what is wrong and right . Ffs and Im a muslim.
Ultimate Draco Killer 9000
Ultimate Draco Killer 9000 - Час назад
I am also a Muslim and I understand how he feels but my parents are not like that
MoonFox 40
MoonFox 40 - Час назад
My family doesn't understand how i feel. I want to be with my friends in school forever, i dont wanna be at home. Friends and Bts always makes me smile, laugh and happy. My family....not always...sometimes, they added my depressions. I wanted to be a kpop idol, but now i'm thinking negative stuffs like 'I wouldn't be a kpop idol because i'm talentless, I'm fat. My family told me im too fat' 'You're not going to be a kpop idol because you're ugly' it just hurts me. They broked me one by one. My friends is there to support me, building me up again. They're always the one who save me. Now i'm thinking that i should be who i am. I should love myself. I should trust myself being a kpop idol. And that's why i wanted to be in school with my friends forever... but i still love my family no matter what :)
Paige Simons
Paige Simons - Час назад
I'm in a similar relationship but with only one of my parents. This comment section is acting like getting far away as possible is wrong. but. it feels so real and it hurts so much to be around these kind of people. Instead is saying how 'this is how leftists are, disrespectful parasites on free money', what should kids in this situation do? I struggle everyday and feel trapped. Is the solution not to get away with the chance you get? To a college far enough away to feel relaxed and productive for once? What is the solution we should be looking for instead?
Joseph Janeth
Joseph Janeth - Час назад
YES go there AND STAY!
Neki Neki
Neki Neki - Час назад
That’s so me everyday I still stuck in Things with my parents actually I don’t even know my gender is I know I’m lesbian but I can’t show to my parents they going to kill me and cut me out and I can’t do anything if they won’t let to it so fuck up all the time I can’t even go anywhere if they don’t confirm to let me go
Its Natey
Its Natey - Час назад
I want the free iPhone X plus..🥰
Yaman 055
Yaman 055 - Час назад
I’m Muslim and my parents are waaay nicer than his parents. they don’t treat me like that they support me and my mom works she is not all the time at home. I really love my parents and I am thankful
miraxx 18
miraxx 18 - Час назад
I believe in Jesus Christ ❤️
Esie Kecil
Esie Kecil - Час назад
Kenapa video seperti ini bisa trending 1 ya,,aku numpang tenar ya 😉
Mistikkii._ Playzz
Mistikkii._ Playzz - Час назад
Why do we relate?
Haziq - Час назад
Gay people must die. Heil hitler and good evening everyone
AbigailRose - Час назад
Congrats! You finally made it to first on trending! Love you guys!💖
marvel goh
marvel goh - Час назад
*Mom and Dad wants to know your location*
Marshal Lee The Vampire King
Marshal Lee The Vampire King - Час назад
Brielle Agno
Brielle Agno - Час назад
Wow. I'm les. And my parents gladly accepted it
Aya Al wesabi
Aya Al wesabi - Час назад
He is making us Muslims look bad my parents aren’t like that they r not as strict
Kuri0 : Gaming & More
Kuri0 : Gaming & More - Час назад
I hate my parents because they rejected me for identifying as an Apache Attack Helicopter. Fuck all you heliphobes
Team Graphic
Team Graphic - Час назад
Nothing wrong with not liking gay people after all nothing says you have to like everybody if your rules is not to mess with the LGBTQ shit then don't do it .don't introduce your kid to it and definitely draw the line we all live by different morals and believes these days people are way to much in there feelings and need to chill not everyone agrees with this gay agenda I don't but really I don't care though I'm just bored so I typed this thing
ULTRAPRIME715YT :v - Час назад
#1 On trends!
naughty gameing
naughty gameing - Час назад
Instead of dealing with your issues like a real man you ran away like a b**** basically why is this one number one trending I disagree with this whole s***
Maxwell Kaizer
Maxwell Kaizer - Час назад
Embellished much? Now think before you go comment on this.
Gacha Candice
Gacha Candice - Час назад
why the hell is this on 1st Trending
Kinoshita Yuuko
Kinoshita Yuuko - Час назад
Sick of Muslims. Get outta the U.K.
Kuri0 : Gaming & More
Kuri0 : Gaming & More - Час назад
Why is this number one when detective Pikachu has 20 million views ?
Vinnizu Mizu
Vinnizu Mizu - Час назад
*Reads title*
Werewolf Shifter
Werewolf Shifter - Час назад
My parents are homophobes too:/
Gai chu
Gai chu - Час назад
I can relate.. I am muslim but I am bisexual and have depression when my father found out I have a girlfriend
naughty gameing
naughty gameing - Час назад
Always. Ayia
Always. Ayia - Час назад
I’m Muslim and my parents don’t act like this. at all I guess they are not as stern as his parents are.
Ervine John Ariar Flordeliza
Ervine John Ariar Flordeliza - Час назад
A song that is related to dis vid:

Gacha By Yeshua
Gacha By Yeshua - Час назад
I hate parents like that
Kuri0 : Gaming & More
Kuri0 : Gaming & More - Час назад
You know YouTube are liberals when they recommend this
Toruttes and Pills
Toruttes and Pills - Час назад
Im transgender ftm and gay as hell #PRIDE 💙
Shahreen Malik
Shahreen Malik - Час назад
This guy is kind of disrespectful towards Muslims. I’m a Muslim and I completely respect gays. My sister is pansexual and my parents are homophobic but they wouldn’t disown her if they knew. He’s giving Muslims a bad rep
Nur Qaisara Mohd Hafidin
Nur Qaisara Mohd Hafidin - Час назад
But u still need to muslim!!!
Bart R
Bart R - Час назад
How bout you grow up , get an education , make a good life for yourself and if you’re gay it’s your business....the world don’t care what you want or what hurts your feelings ....stop being pussies already
Bart R
Bart R - Час назад
Bobby Anthony ....first pussy replies....
Bobby Anthony
Bobby Anthony - Час назад
Kayleigh Diaz
Kayleigh Diaz - Час назад
I know how this kid feels
Waffle_ Moustache
Waffle_ Moustache - Час назад
I LOVE both my parents and they are both Pakistani Muslims
They are thankfully super Awesome💜💜💜
Kate Parker
Kate Parker - Час назад
*my silent scream*
Khaleel Husairi
Khaleel Husairi - Час назад
his parent is muslim but where is her mom's hijab
Super Johana
Super Johana - Час назад
KUSTOM - Час назад
Why am I in this generation, I hate it
Edit: as a kid just screamed a gif (saying it like jif) is a video smh 🤦‍♂️
Bobby Anthony
Bobby Anthony - Час назад
Måssiłiå Nichołs
Måssiłiå Nichołs - Час назад
#1 on Trending!
Claire And Clara
Claire And Clara - Час назад
Am Musslim As well
doubteddreams x
doubteddreams x - Час назад
Why are so many people in these comments absolutely stupid? Lmfaoo.
doubteddreams x
doubteddreams x - Час назад
idont know You don’t even know which “side” of these arguments i’m insulting- there’s just a lot of stupid people who are unaware of what they’re talking about.
doubteddreams x
doubteddreams x - Час назад
Bobby Anthony Who knows. You don’t even know which side of the majority based arguments going on in the comments i’m insulting. Oh well.
Bobby Anthony
Bobby Anthony - Час назад
doubteddreams x why are you the most stupid and dumbness person
idont know
idont know - Час назад
??? what is wrong with you?? your the one that's stupid
Ashley Mejiaramirez
Ashley Mejiaramirez - Час назад
Dont worry im Les and my dad doesn't really exepect LGBTQ people that much soo im really scard to tell him I'm one
Slimeup time
Slimeup time - Час назад
I'm also from apkistn and. Muslim
#1 Mario Fan 2.0
#1 Mario Fan 2.0 - Час назад
This #1 on Trending
SunsetAndSea - Час назад
this is actually my life
david forte
david forte - Час назад
This forcing acceptance on people is getting ridiculous, there's even a cartoon for kids with three tranny's that are flying superheroes. How wonderful for children to see sexualized cartoons!
Game Play
Game Play - Час назад
Im islam 😊😊 and i love my religion
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