Doja Cat, Tyga - Juicy (Official Video)

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WEEZY SWXNGS - 10 hours ago
Give jason luv one night wit her tho
sonam lama
sonam lama - 11 hours ago
this song is actually good.
Will Perdomo Jr
Will Perdomo Jr - 11 hours ago
Doja cat could have explosive diarrhea King Arthur himself could not remove my tongue out her pooper shooter
iipoetic - 11 hours ago
i dont know that tyga is a big dog :/
Nah Fam
Nah Fam - 11 hours ago
i’d smash
Thalia Bermeo
Thalia Bermeo - 11 hours ago
I need me some of those thickie pops! So I too can be a thich bih 😍
elaine james
elaine james - 11 hours ago
I am a Gemini
Petar Jaksic
Petar Jaksic - 11 hours ago
Abbie - 11 hours ago
what a woman
Get in the van I have candy
Her body is the definition of perfect 🤤🤤 all these bitchs out here with fake ass's fake tits trying so hard to be skinny like a stick while doja out here lookin juicy🍑🍌..fuck a snack bitch I want the whole kitchen
Diego Tepeu
Diego Tepeu - 12 hours ago
Doja is thiccc
No Thank You
No Thank You - 12 hours ago
AjackLee4 - 12 hours ago
Her with red hair is sooo good tho
Keira Behl
Keira Behl - 13 hours ago
I wonder how LONG that took to get her in the watermelon outfit
seventh child
seventh child - 13 hours ago
Catchy song, music and singing. The video is very daring!!!
young 9
young 9 - 13 hours ago
So gifted somany ways
Jude Trujillo
Jude Trujillo - 13 hours ago
Is.... is.... is it real.....?
Donel King
Donel King - 13 hours ago
What the f***? So Black people are literally doing everything to make themselves look like clowns. Smh
Justine Lane
Justine Lane - 10 hours ago
Donel King she’s mixed
R3tro Neo
R3tro Neo - 13 hours ago
I wanna see cardi b and the Cat 🐈 🔥🤪
EmeraldSky - 13 hours ago
I NEED that green/white outfit!
dirtyharry205 - 14 hours ago
i see ya
Stephanie Rice
Stephanie Rice - 14 hours ago
Can see that nasty ass camel toe....😏
Justjin Seagull
Justjin Seagull - 14 hours ago
No one talking about the fact that she misspelled “Sugar” and spelled “Suga” instead
*I smell an undercover stan*
TeaSip 。
TeaSip 。 - 14 hours ago
Why Tyga look like 15 Cent from The Proud Family?
Pity Cat
Pity Cat - 14 hours ago
I love ho they put the skinny girl in there :3
It really resembles natural beauty
Victor Chico
Victor Chico - 15 hours ago
I’m printing out a picture of Doja, her ass still printing to this day
DeusWrath Eternus
DeusWrath Eternus - 15 hours ago
all this time i thought she was talking about the coochie. when she said if u can see it from the front wait till u see it from the back. now understand she talking bout the booty, oh well
Naranjanita Gonzalez
Naranjanita Gonzalez - 15 hours ago
Esa canción me sube el auto♡estima
Kaylee Plays
Kaylee Plays - 16 hours ago
From a distance she looks like cardi b
__ - 16 hours ago
I eat that lunch
TheSenjuGkage - 16 hours ago
0:35 when u stare at the booty so much u dont even notice her midsection is missing 😂😂😂
Cultivar Riquezas
Cultivar Riquezas - 17 hours ago
2:28 a perfect shave
Miranda Strickland
Miranda Strickland - 17 hours ago
What a fruity music video😍🍒🍌🍉🍋🍇🍍🍐🍑🍓
Estrella Calderon
Estrella Calderon - 17 hours ago
The fat injections are real.
Peggy Ann
Peggy Ann - 14 hours ago
Estrella Calderon Nah bruh
I’m petrified of Nipple chafing
Am I the only one who actually like tygas part
mon trésor
mon trésor - 17 hours ago
i appreciate how she represents slim girls and thick girls. i love this woman so much
Kelsey Renee
Kelsey Renee - 18 hours ago
*kylie jenner has left the chat*
Stanley McNulty
Stanley McNulty - 18 hours ago
Honey Nicole Reign
Honey Nicole Reign - 18 hours ago
Łucznik Tucznik
Łucznik Tucznik - 18 hours ago
I want to fuck this ass
Zagrosi - 18 hours ago
The state of the music industry in today's age is genuinely depressing...
ԋαɳʂ ωolʇ
ԋαɳʂ ωolʇ - 19 hours ago
god damn brother this dope
ZEN - 19 hours ago
How many people tried to dance to this video
Spax Ditlhase
Spax Ditlhase - 19 hours ago
The girl has that South African thickness🔥
Alexandra - 20 hours ago
Trinity Antrim
Trinity Antrim - 20 hours ago
That’s that natural baby!!!
Huni Brown
Huni Brown - 20 hours ago
White girl got a natural fat ass. I see. Dont be saying nigga tho sis
Gxbby_bear 5
Gxbby_bear 5 - 17 hours ago
she's mixed her dad is South African and her mom is white
Jan busta
Jan busta - 19 hours ago
Huni Brown she’s half thouhh
its grace
its grace - 20 hours ago
iBlue - 21 hour ago
Doja, Nicki and Megan - The Queens - Like
Cardio, Remy NA, Lil' Kill Lil' Kim - The Repetetive bitches = Comment
Sophiex Pancakes
Sophiex Pancakes - 21 hour ago
Kim:omg I have the best body everrrr
Kim:*looks at some girl*
Doji:*twerks* y’all can’t do it like me
Kim:*gets jealous *;(
Melany Reynolds
Melany Reynolds - 21 hour ago
cant trust a big but and a Gemini 😳
R. Jeter
R. Jeter - 21 hour ago
listen to this song at least 3 times a day. Faithfully
... oh well
mstrusosweet - 21 hour ago
Now I must download fruit ninja
Black Coffee & Chill
Black Coffee & Chill - 21 hour ago
My godddddddddddd Doja
Ульяна Ковалева
Вишенка и арбузик просто шик 😘
Miami Twotone
Miami Twotone - 21 hour ago
My bitch represent for the pretty red bitches
Starr Ellis
Starr Ellis - 21 hour ago
Her body is Not real love the video and she beautiful none the less
Portia Dube
Portia Dube - 19 hours ago
Lol what makes you say it's not real?
Grace Clarke
Grace Clarke - 22 hours ago
0:56 lol didn’t Chaeryoung from Itzy wear those trousers in Icy?
Alijah Anyagwosi
Alijah Anyagwosi - 22 hours ago
The kind of girl we've been waiting for. Natural and organic.
Horologist 1994
Horologist 1994 - 22 hours ago
Heh ill give you my Juicy Juicy 😏😅

My Capri Sun you pervs..🤨
yo girl Amani
yo girl Amani - 22 hours ago
I swear she's underrated asff 😥 people really needa wake up and stop sleeping on her 😭😭
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