VOICES - SWITCHFOOT feat. Lindsey Stirling

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Anastasia Dubovoy
Anastasia Dubovoy - 3 hours ago
anyone who wrote those comments probably were the ones who disliked this video. Well, too bad for you guys. THey didn't listen to you. And thats a good thing
Nicci - 4 hours ago
I just love this song. All the negative people just need to shut up.
June - 5 hours ago
Those comments are just someone's opinions, nothing else.
Also instead you should be proud that you made people mad by releasing the good stuff.
Chris Grady
Chris Grady - 9 hours ago
I love your song it just touches my heart don't listen to them.
Kaitlyn Shea
Kaitlyn Shea - 12 hours ago
"They're not even cute"
Katie Cook
Katie Cook - 13 hours ago
This is such an awesome team up. So glad to see Switchfoot back around. Thanks for all the positivity your sharing through your music, it's moving to the soul.
Keslie Warnick
Keslie Warnick - 13 hours ago
Thabk y'all for releasing this to spotify!!😍😍
william milam
william milam - 13 hours ago
Lindset stirling? thats a throw back :D
bruce bell
bruce bell - 14 hours ago
I have been waiting to see a new video and song from her for so long. Nothing lifts me up more than the sweet sound of her violin and sharing in the positive energy she releases to the Universe in her videos. I wish I was close enough to one of her concerts to go see her. Maybe some day.
_x_t_r_e_m_e vs1998
_x_t_r_e_m_e vs1998 - 15 hours ago
You're the best!
comicbookprodigy995 - 16 hours ago
Jason Dohring? Ruby Modine? Awesome!
Ane Olliver
Ane Olliver - 17 hours ago
thank you for existing Lindsey
Daniel CS
Daniel CS - 19 hours ago
Lindsey =❤
AnotherReader - 22 hours ago
lujain samarkandi
lujain samarkandi - 23 hours ago
Thank god you ignored all the haters they're all jealous of your skill you have 20x more fans than haters
Victoria - Day ago
I LOVE Lindsey and Switchfoot, both are my favorite band and compositor. Thank you so much for this song, I just love it! Preach the message of love to everyone and don't care about the "haters", you bless so many people.

P. S: Sorry for my English.
Carri Jackson
Carri Jackson - 16 hours ago
Your english is great :)
Леонид M
Леонид M - Day ago
murdermysterylover - Day ago
Some of the most addicting music! I don’t know who has to be horribly mean but I’m glad that you didn’t listen to them! And I hope you know that they were wrong, because they are!
Nevil Riker
Nevil Riker - Day ago
What fellowship does light have with darkness? Mormonism is incompatible with biblical christianity. On the upside, take away the drawing on faces and the song has no real message at all
Shelby Spivey
Shelby Spivey - Day ago
This is AMAZING. I love both SWITCHFOOT and Lindsey Stirling's music! Don't care for the rude comments. This is great.
tom shadowknight
tom shadowknight - Day ago
Lindsey you are amazeing your music everything never let those bad people get to you Bc there’s those of us here that love you. You inspire so many being the artist you are keep up the great work with your head high and continue to fly
Jimmy Carter
Jimmy Carter - Day ago
Betsy Sherman
Betsy Sherman - Day ago
all the people who say things like that need a change of heart.
Kenneth B
Kenneth B - Day ago
She is fine, just the way she is.........
Mk Liz
Mk Liz - Day ago
Im glad you're in the light side ,ya know what i mean
BlazeStar - Day ago
Powerful song good for her fighting back
Bryan Fetrow
Bryan Fetrow - 2 days ago
"she makes a joke of the violin... "
Can I see you do it???
Amy S.
Amy S. - 2 days ago
Thank you for what you do. Being a beacon of hope and light will bring you against many who dwell in the dark. It is an opportunity to show them light and love and help those who are hurting. Wonderful video!
Raine Chandler
Raine Chandler - 2 days ago
First time hearing Switchfoot and I think they're amazing. And Lindsey... well, you're one of the most beautiful, inspiring, talented human beings I know of and your music has helped me through a lot of tough times in my life. Don't listen to those people, you guys are awesome.
Dmitry Bogdanov
Dmitry Bogdanov - 2 days ago
The One that let me stay alive!
Thanks Lindsey !!!
Such a brilliant music video concept! Well done team! Lindsey, I see that you were one of the directors, producers and the editor. They just forgot to add that you were one of the main musicians in the video;) Well done. Most impressive.
niko Sup
niko Sup - 2 days ago
Keep fighting the good fight
Destiny Lester
Destiny Lester - 2 days ago
Never heard of you guys till now and i think your music is amazing!!
TiaSelections - 2 days ago
Lindsey is so beautiful. Her violin playing is different and that’s beautiful. I listen to her more than any other violin player 🤷🏻‍♀️ she certainly makes my day brighter with her music 🎼 so thanks and forget those who would try to put you down. ❤️
Scott Dorow
Scott Dorow - 2 days ago
Lindsey, just discovered you this weekend. One Word "WOW" wish you were coming to Iowa in 2020. All videos have been awe inspiring so far. I have a long way to go it seems only on about the 20th video in the last three days.... soooo I have a few to go (520 ish) 😉 Looking forward to this journey. 🎶🚀🎻🕰📆 BTW - Discovered you on Spotify and then googled / subscribed.
Ronnie Louchart
Ronnie Louchart - 2 days ago
dont they all die LOVE GOD
Gussie Schantz
Gussie Schantz - 2 days ago
i agree kirsty
Gussie Schantz
Gussie Schantz - 2 days ago
love this song love you lindsey and you too switchfoot
Hollis Woods
Hollis Woods - 2 days ago
It's still astonishing that people say things behind the the mask of the internet but would never say the same to your face. Cyberbullying is real bc of the cowards who feel brave using an anonymous account name to spread unnecessary negativity.
Jay Sick
Jay Sick - 3 days ago
being able to have a opinion is a taste of absolute power and absolute power corrupts absolutely
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