Murda Beatz - Shopping Spree (feat. Lil Pump & Sheck Wes) [Official Music Video]

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YBO Richie
YBO Richie - 43 minutes ago
Sheck Wesssss!!
LisveDaniel DanieLisved
Murda on the beats so its not Nice !
Rafaelle B
Rafaelle B - Hour ago
My baby 👽❤️
DaDizzle - 2 hours ago
This music video is so damn hilarious tell lil pump to put me in his next video on god
Xenoslyce - 4 hours ago
i hate my life
Peepsfan 2005
Peepsfan 2005 - 5 hours ago
WTF IS THIS. Its Lil Pump?!!!
Seriously? naaah. Nahh.
Its bullshit
fun time
fun time - 7 hours ago
W. T. F lil pump still makes music
Дмитрий Куценко
заебись качает
Mihai Matcas
Mihai Matcas - 7 hours ago
The song has a deeper meaning. He takes precious things from people by traiding them with money. The people he buys from are at the begining happy, but in the end they were sad and miss their stuff. In conclusion the video tries to show us that money are less important than family, health, friends and other things, because money are temporarly they come and live.
( Guys this might be the meaning or lil pump just got high and wanted to flex with his money😂😂😂)
pro kert
pro kert - 9 hours ago
I can sell you my phone
lil gummyworm
lil gummyworm - 9 hours ago
Lil Pump is the guy to buy him self
odjebite - 9 hours ago
damn he ordered bread that's so bada$$
TinzaBeatz - 10 hours ago
Imagine lil pump buy your pennis
rxco beatz
rxco beatz - 11 hours ago
matheus souza
matheus souza - 12 hours ago
money you buy everybody
Dhimas Db
Dhimas Db - 13 hours ago
What is the meaning of life anymore..
Gavin Mordan
Gavin Mordan - 13 hours ago
yo pump, either start rapping like you did when when d rose dropped or quit. your music sucks dawg
Joaquin Suarez
Joaquin Suarez - 13 hours ago
Fuck you lil pump
Андрей Ушаков
Я не понял в чём смысл клипа том что все могут одать всё за бабки или как много и него денег или как он ебал мою мать. Скорей всего 3
Casual Introvert ❶
Casual Introvert ❶ - 21 hour ago
damn this video never even blew up, what happened?
Appleheads Queen
Appleheads Queen - 23 hours ago
Judge: you are sentenced to 44 years in prison
6ix9ine: Do you know Lil Pump bought a baby in a music video
Val Thompson
Val Thompson - 23 hours ago
who else saw Travi$ Scott's Jordans????
MJDasher - Day ago
I was waiting to see him buy a slave
Always the best....
Ximena Paredes
Ximena Paredes - Day ago
Piiiiiiiiiich. 🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘✌️✌️✌️🤟🤟🤟 Lil pump
Young CHF
Young CHF - Day ago
thats is fireee homies ******here i dropped fireee also*****
Stealth Cobra
Stealth Cobra - Day ago
0:49 wtf
Haze. - Day ago
When I got suspended for 1 Month and come back 1:35
Futxre Acxito
Futxre Acxito - Day ago
Lil pump is a fucking genius
sven tutt
sven tutt - Day ago
Sorry but are you fuck a rockstar stop lying to yourself
gus barty
gus barty - Day ago
Fr la ou quoi
Yung Rex
Yung Rex - Day ago
i want dat patek philipp
* sb1 *
* sb1 * - Day ago
Marcelo Virgolini
Marcelo Virgolini - Day ago
Monde Mngadi
Monde Mngadi - Day ago
damn i like the idea of this video
kidmolly - Day ago
daffy - Day ago
0:25 me when i came back from GameStop and my mom asked where i was
daffy - Day ago
0:25 me when I come back home from GameStop and my mom asked where i was
Cabo GH
Cabo GH - Day ago
Based in " Pemex" from Fat Nick and Shakewell
Felix Calvo
Felix Calvo - Day ago
Mmgvo que lacreo tu video Lil
Nick Wood
Nick Wood - Day ago
His lyrics are usually garbage but “Knock on his door with a chopper, ding dong” was awesome
LaLa Laura
LaLa Laura - 22 hours ago
How is that fire ... ?
Irvin 999 Gang FOREVER
Marco Jaen
Marco Jaen - 2 days ago
Wtf did i just watch
j l
j l - 2 days ago
This is such a trash ass song lol, I was drunk and this randomly was suggested to me and Jesus, rap has took a turn lol
Ashvin Cruz Escamilla
Ashvin Cruz Escamilla - 2 days ago
What a fuckin' shit 🤮🤮🤮🤮
Mac Delin
Mac Delin - 2 days ago
ayyyyyy sheck wes is back
T H - 2 days ago
daniel santana
daniel santana - 2 days ago
•Zenox •
•Zenox • - 2 days ago
Whe i go shoppin uhh
Alan Montanez Bustamante
Gavin Nelson
Gavin Nelson - 2 days ago
This video proves money is the root of all evil.
Z R - 2 days ago
0:20-0:30 That Michael Jackson reference tho😂
Kein Wein
Kein Wein - 2 days ago
8 year old me: shuts door loudly after arguing with mom
mom: 1:34
Kein Wein
Kein Wein - 2 days ago
her: I'm 13
FBI: 1:34
Алмаз - 2 days ago
Blyaaa sheck Wes лучший
aasquared - 2 days ago
can i just say that murda is getting hella weak? he literally steals samples, adds the same drums every time (the clap, the crispy hat, murda vox and shit), i cant respect that
ThEgOoDjUjUmAn - 2 days ago
I was waiting for the lyric to change and it took me 1 minute and 30 seconds, it changed... For 30 seconds...but im confused on why people LIKE these type of TRASH
Randy Marsh
Randy Marsh - 2 days ago
2:35 really? what is wrong with that kid?
Crispy Cream
Crispy Cream - 2 days ago
Ребёнок теперь дебилам блять вырастет,спасибо за дистабелезацию страны дезза..... дисто......дизатаста.....хуй соси короче
арс кэт
арс кэт - 2 days ago
Кто из Раши?
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