Kendall Is Pissed At Kourtney But Whose Side Does Khloé Take? | KUWTK | E!

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Vikram Sharma
Vikram Sharma - 16 hours ago
Hmmm...I got your point very well..😉
Xena Luna
Xena Luna - Day ago
Kendall has a dead personality.
Xx•Gacha Queen•xX
Xx•Gacha Queen•xX - 2 days ago
To be honest Kourtny is the the oldest and in my family I’m the oldest some people don’t understand How hard it is to be the oldest and I really don’t think kourtny wants this huge life anymore
Xx•Gacha Queen•xX
Xx•Gacha Queen•xX - 2 days ago
She’s also raising a family That’s ding more then coming out with a stupid makeup lins
Duchess Royal
Duchess Royal - 2 days ago
Khloé will take Kendall's side
Nat Terrazas
Nat Terrazas - 2 days ago
Why the hell would Kourtney go if she was gonna act ratch
tfit tread
tfit tread - 3 days ago
Kim, Khloe, Kendall, and Kylie have all their own friends. Why doesn't Kourtney have any friends?
beverly a
beverly a - 3 days ago
this family takes cuts at each other constantly. if kendall has a problem with kourtney she shouldnt go running to kloe in hopes kloe would take her side. she is doing the samething she accuses kourtney of doing.
Regina Phalange
Regina Phalange - 4 days ago
Lol at last they blamed coco saying she was the reason they had miscommunication, I didn’t get it though like how ?? 🤣🤣
paul thomas
paul thomas - 5 days ago
they are both so gross. gross and loose girls.
Jay Love
Jay Love - 6 days ago
Jennifer Loves Make-up, Nails, Hair & Lashes
Kortney absolutely tries to hard. I think she's the most dumb out of all the sisters.
Kelly Coccia
Kelly Coccia - 6 days ago
Seriously? People watch this trash?
Sami Rendel
Sami Rendel - 3 days ago
Kelly Coccia but but but you are watching it though
ColoredReality - 6 days ago
Idk why everyone defends Kourtney. She is very passive aggressive and just as mean as everyone else. Anyone forget about the time she locked her family out of their house?
AMRL4 - 9 days ago
What a coincidence! Everyone is having problems with Kourtney again! Wow! What a surprise 😂
Kourtney is starting to seem like a really toxic person.
Satvika Mareedu
Satvika Mareedu - 12 days ago
Never make others laugh at your siblings fight with them, laugh at them, prank them and almost kill them... But in front of others they come first
Lilinass Melinass
Lilinass Melinass - 12 days ago
They are talking about their own sister,own blood that is sad,incredible waw they love no one but themselves
Ashley K.
Ashley K. - 12 days ago
The more important thing is that Kendall never has had a Hershey’s Kiss!!
LadyHannahGaGa - 5 days ago
i was so shocked, like what american has NEVER had a hershey kiss?? they're like the standard chocolate candy
Melissa Ivy
Melissa Ivy - 12 days ago
I kno lol 😂i was more distracted by that then the drama
Pochonesian - 12 days ago
Khloe and Kendall are the only mature and smart sisters. No wonder they are so close.
ii lyn
ii lyn - 13 days ago
Kourtney: Problematic
Khloe: A great listener
Kim: Bratty
Kendall: Bratty
Kylie: Not involved in any drama
Am I right or am I right?
Lauren Hall
Lauren Hall - 14 days ago
I think Courtney is over the material things and additudes associated with them.
Aisling xox
Aisling xox - 15 days ago
Kendall is so pretty 💅
Allies Mini gacha
Allies Mini gacha - 15 days ago
lol 😂 if they weren’t sisters they will have sued each other
Emiii Le
Emiii Le - 16 days ago
Kendall is always so angry she never looks happy
Mavis - 14 days ago
That’s a Scorpio women 🤷‍♀️
Achala Gahalot
Achala Gahalot - 16 days ago
kourtney is such a annoying sister, she always has problem with everyone. whether its scott or kris or even any other sister... she just want to be centre of attraction all the time.
Honk Kong
Honk Kong - 16 days ago
So cool robs the most girl like
Angel celest
Angel celest - 16 days ago
I understand kendall's point but I get the impression that kendall can be really uptight about alot of silly things like a key and a shopping list, which can be super annoying! They're trying to ski and have fun and someone keeps banging on about a key being safe in a pocket
bou hou
bou hou - 17 days ago
This conversation make noooo sense
monia elhadad
monia elhadad - 17 days ago
lol kendall is jealous af that kourtney was hanging with her friends
kitty fairy
kitty fairy - 18 days ago
kourtney is extremely rude and selfish, she seems to be going through something
Akshera Siddi
Akshera Siddi - 18 days ago
Can't take Khloe seriously with those nails. How does she take care of a baby?
Daniel Ezekiel Peneha
Daniel Ezekiel Peneha - 19 days ago
Yeah Kendall your cool even more when your mature so sexc 😛
Jordan Thomas
Jordan Thomas - 21 day ago
They are jus sicking to look at little things they making big problems
Latya J
Latya J - 21 day ago
It’s Kim’s fault lol
gala baldevarona
gala baldevarona - 22 days ago
who isn’t pissed at kourtney
Adriana Rosillo
Adriana Rosillo - 23 days ago
I hope that’s not a real fur blanket on the bed ...
Natalie Valenzuela
Natalie Valenzuela - 24 days ago
Kourt is the lamest one out of them all. If she finally decided to leave the Kardashian show I don't think anyone would care. It's not like it would even make an impact on the shows ratings. I mean it true, she is the least interesting to look and hear about with her annoying monotone voice.
Joan Holliman
Joan Holliman - 26 days ago
Kendall is the only sane one.
Monica Morese
Monica Morese - 28 days ago
When is Kourtney going to the homeless shelter?
Dana Carter
Dana Carter - 5 days ago
Good question! I'm wondering the same thing, and I also wonder if her kids will placed in foster homes. Let's wait and see.😂
gianna ama a dios
gianna ama a dios - 29 days ago
Khloe looks so good with blonde
gianna ama a dios
gianna ama a dios - 29 days ago
Kourtney fasho been going through a mid life crisis
Cody Al Hoiles
Cody Al Hoiles - 29 days ago
Jon B.
Jon B. - Month ago
"Headboards" lol
Fenty - Month ago
They’re both the most uninteresting ones this drama was so dumb lmao
TheOMGRamen - Month ago
Kourtney hangs out with people half her age and has been stated to have a mid life crisis
Now what do you call someone like me that enjoys hanging out with people twice my age??
Rose Rodriquez
Rose Rodriquez - Month ago
Kourt needs to grow up! And BE A MOM!!!
M M - Month ago
I wonder if kim was there... to knock out kourtney😂
Nirosha Khan
Nirosha Khan - Month ago
Sick and tired of Kourtney drama since day one and she is still doing it. She will never change. I feel sorry for her kids.
Jazmine Lashe
Jazmine Lashe - Month ago
Kourtney was showing off 😂
Denise Lay
Denise Lay - Month ago
Also you both look amazing and I hope to see more of this so good
Denise Lay
Denise Lay - Month ago
Who's your hair dresser I love your hair cut so cute and the blonde hair is so pretty
Theresia Bunch
Theresia Bunch - Month ago
I’m sorry but literally every clip in the show that Kendall is in she is complaining....
Ori’s Blogs
Ori’s Blogs - Month ago
Is it a coincidence that every Kardashian has problems with kourtney
Xx•Gacha Queen•xX
Xx•Gacha Queen•xX - 2 days ago
Vic Kenneth Joshua Sinining Agreed
Xx•Gacha Queen•xX
Xx•Gacha Queen•xX - 2 days ago
B E E I’m the oldest and I think that all of the oldest are the Most dramatic
Xx•Gacha Queen•xX
Xx•Gacha Queen•xX - 2 days ago
I don’t think Kourtny wants to be part of this “ famous “ Life anymore
Vic Kenneth Joshua Sinining
Cause kourtney is more beautiful than them lol😆
B E E - 29 days ago
Ori’s Blogs she’s the oldest and most problematic lol
Dream Angell
Dream Angell - Month ago
They all act so stuck up like it’s not that serious
Dream Angell
Dream Angell - Month ago
She’s never had a Hershey’s kiss ? Wtf lmao
Lili Ana
Lili Ana - Month ago
I think Kourtney is going through menopause
Pnut Butter
Pnut Butter - Month ago
Advice... Kendall hang out with your friends and not the 40 yr.old sister, who needs attention
Kourtney go hangout with folks your own age.
Oh wait a minute..
Let me guess🤔..your own friends don't want to hang around a 40 something year old teenager.
Bye Cor-ney!
napperforlife - Month ago
Kendall is hella sensitive and Kourtney is insecure. Great.
Matthew Alkman
Matthew Alkman - Month ago
1:20 pornhub baby
Oniket - Month ago
Khloe and Kendall should be besties lol 😂😂😂😂
senorgato70 - Month ago
Kourtney is the oldest but is the least successful, least popular (based on social media following), and shortest. She’s always had a insecurity Complex about her and she’s very bossy.
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