3 Scary True Vacation Stories (Vol. 3)

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Andrew Aleman
Andrew Aleman - Day ago
Don't trust a stranger even if they got a nice head..
dragonlover7196 - Day ago
it sounds like the alyssa chick has read too many edgy mangas
Märta Larsson
Märta Larsson - Day ago
can you make a podcast
Charlie Mayer
Charlie Mayer - Day ago
10:00 911? It's 999 in the UK
mitchi92 o'sull
mitchi92 o'sull - 2 days ago
The 2 girls that went to a random guys house is pure stupid
sharky 700
sharky 700 - 2 days ago
Wow the 3 story batch was just shocking if you didn't scream like a little girl you would have died if I ever find this girl and i have a gun I will not hesitate to shoot her
M - 3 days ago
This channel and "Nukes Top 5" are probably the two best scary channels on YouTube
Spooky Puppy
Spooky Puppy - 3 days ago
PeciBOSS - 3 days ago
Everyone gangsta till a goth girl gets a knife
resistance1207 - 3 days ago
Who the fuck takes somebody up on a random strangers party invite? Even worse, two young women in a unfamiliar, foreign country.
Dumb bitches, and they claimed they only really went cause the guy said it was a rich, upper class party? And women claim they aren’t gold diggers..
Ss Seagul22
Ss Seagul22 - 3 days ago
I can never tell the genders 🙄🙄
Miles Koppenhol
Miles Koppenhol - 3 days ago
story 2 is fake in England, our emergency services number is 999 not 911
Monica - 3 days ago
this is the only youtuber that ads are a good thing
Jen Flinchum
Jen Flinchum - 3 days ago
I call BS on the two girls in England. You don't call 911 over there, for one thing.
Henry Caguana
Henry Caguana - 3 days ago
Roses are red
Violets are blue
Mr nightmare is creepy
And so is my mood 🤯🤯
xxmiss rinaxx
xxmiss rinaxx - 3 days ago
Welp I'm not going skiing....EVER
Alyssia Payton
Alyssia Payton - 3 days ago
Having the same name as that weird girl😂
straw baby
straw baby - 5 days ago
Home alone
On Vacation
shawna jackson
shawna jackson - 5 days ago
Maybe they said 911 in there story because that’s what us Americans know as the cops or emergency help. If they said 999 people would be commenting what’s 999?
Koi - 4 days ago
If you call 911 in the UK it still goes to the UK emergency services since 911 is recognised as an emergency number. 999 would also work in the US
Brandon Hernandez
Brandon Hernandez - 5 days ago
The third guy thought he was gonna get some 🐱
Camal Sumpter
Camal Sumpter - 5 days ago
Mr. Nightmare congrats on the almost 5mil subscribers man your videos rock!
Tuesday Qwepadix
Tuesday Qwepadix - 5 days ago
I went on vacation once and took a massive dump in a plastic bag. I then started screaming "Frankies on the porch!" while I swung the bag of shit around and around like a helicopter blade. Some guy told me to shut up, so I hit him with the bag and the shit got in his hair. It was epic!
K Trigs
K Trigs - 6 days ago
That's true.
Attractive people are listened to more than ugly ones.
K Trigs
K Trigs - 6 days ago
The air b & b owner is a perve.
Jay Leydon
Jay Leydon - 6 days ago
He narration is amazing he should do films
Terror - 6 days ago
11:55 Lol what.....no you didn't have to fabricate anything....you've literally just confessed to a crime and this needs to be reported.
For all you know they were just trying to flirt, and get women.

The drugged drinks are enough evidence.
Gentle Singularity
Gentle Singularity - 6 days ago
Did the girls in the second story not watch Taken? I thought that movie would stop stupid people from putting all their trust into strangers.
Alexander Monile
Alexander Monile - 7 days ago
Why would you just give someone your phone number???
Zafer Yousef
Zafer Yousef - 7 days ago
Uuuuhhhhhh London is in America 😐
Ghostwarrior YT
Ghostwarrior YT - 7 days ago
thought that kid was gonna get laid but remembered this is Mr. Nightmares channel...
Erabella Cantu
Erabella Cantu - 7 days ago
his hormone monster went wild when she asked to go to his room
Nova Angel
Nova Angel - 8 days ago
Haha. Im too poor to go on vacation
natalie_marie13 - 8 days ago
Why does the first story sound like a something on wattpad
Zanaisu Animations
Zanaisu Animations - 8 days ago
Bruh if I found someone hiding in some secret closet with my wife's underwear that man wouldn't even live to see the cops.
KURV - 9 days ago
Imagine going to Vale and not Aspen
Tummy Yummys
Tummy Yummys - 9 days ago
The last one made my heart jump
IDyce88 - 9 days ago
7:31 when a stranger on the street tries to get you to just come to his "party" just walk away...
Rogue Tofu
Rogue Tofu - 9 days ago
The second one is just the Taken story but everyone's dad isn't Liam Neeson so girls should be careful
The Elevator Channel And More
Steps before watching Mr Nightmare

1. Have Cameras on your property
2. Lock all doors and baracade the door to the room you are in
3. Don’t forget to lock all windows and shut the blinds/curtains
4. Don’t Watch in the early morning hours 1AM 2AM 3AM 4AM
5 Don’t watch while on vacation
Nouran - 10 days ago
have those girls never watched Taken or read a newspaper?! red flags from the start!
Alexandru-Horia Hodișan
Alexandru-Horia Hodișan - 10 days ago
Imagine calling 911 in London LOL xD
Rylan Benson
Rylan Benson - 11 days ago
I’m laughing so hard at all of the sjw retards that are defending the girls in the second story. If they were smart they wouldn’t have gone to a strangers apartment in a another country.
Jo Free
Jo Free - 11 days ago
Is the warning at the start at liama arts
Joshua Riedel
Joshua Riedel - 11 days ago
has any one noticed that they went to see big ben but it isnt big ben as it is the clock inside the tower the tower is called the elisabeth tower no big ben
Zay Play
Zay Play - 11 days ago
August Ryckman
August Ryckman - 11 days ago
Sorry about your girlfriend's underwear. I was going to donate them to a clothing bank for the needy, that's all.
hello How u doin
hello How u doin - 12 days ago
Why am i watching this when its NIGHT RAINING THUNDER

Help me
Ashish Philip
Ashish Philip - 12 days ago
I Learned from Mr Nightmare that always lock the door and windows while leaving.
Elizabeth Harris
Elizabeth Harris - 12 days ago
Good advertising for Air B&B, not!
cobalT - 13 days ago
Surprised Liam Neeson wasn't mentioned in the 2nd story.
No1 _n0More
No1 _n0More - 13 days ago
12:34 The moral should instead be: don't be a self-indulgent, fucking moron, especially in a foreign country.
jakedeeyah - 13 days ago
the girl in the last one just needed a good ol' fashioned patriarchal beating
Killer Klown
Killer Klown - 13 days ago
Third story genuinely creeped me out
atotheg1991 - 13 days ago
Calling 911 in England? *Hello, this is the American police, we're taking the first plane to England. See you in 12 hours.*
Steven Ayala
Steven Ayala - 13 days ago
The second story is literally taken 😂😂
Gremmlinz - 13 days ago
Current Objective: *Survive*
Elijah Grace
Elijah Grace - 13 days ago
What's the music in the background
Mr. Scrubbles
Mr. Scrubbles - 13 days ago
Omg let’s go to a random party with a random guy that we never meet at a random apartment
The X Gamer
The X Gamer - 14 days ago
Story 2 is fake
If they where in London the number would be 999 not 911
The Phantom
The Phantom - 14 days ago
Yeah, they're ok stories but not true.
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