The Weirdest GOOGLE Searches

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Heavenly God
Heavenly God - 38 minutes ago
Says no but keeps scrolling
Oreo Jo
Oreo Jo - 38 minutes ago
Nyan twinz
Nyan twinz - 38 minutes ago
Google staggering beauty 😉
Laura Jenkins
Laura Jenkins - 38 minutes ago
Penguin can fly if you throw them hard enough.......... JK
Zman Old
Zman Old - 38 minutes ago
Hey lazarbeam, since there is now a 3 hour time limit in creative you can CRUSH your max trickshot score
Hithership 8003315
Hithership 8003315 - 39 minutes ago
Search up the most random website ever
lee ward
lee ward - 39 minutes ago
Blue waffles example a dick with pimples and its blue and vaginas
Mr.MajesticMan - 39 minutes ago
2:28 Does anyone else know who beaks is cuz thats his profile pic
Notninjagamer - 39 minutes ago
Lol I said it before I saw it
Kooper Keith
Kooper Keith - 39 minutes ago
Yeah that spider doesn’t look like a bad guy maybe he or she has a family
IlIlIlllIl IlIlIlIl
IlIlIlllIl IlIlIlIl - 39 minutes ago
2:29 What was that word? Does anyone know what it was?
GachaEli Videos
GachaEli Videos - 39 minutes ago
Lazer beam: I love waffles and I bet I would like blue waffle
Me: See that was your first mistake
Call of duty Man123
Call of duty Man123 - 39 minutes ago
Why is there is your wall filled with blood 🔴🔴🔴
Mix223_YT - 39 minutes ago
I googled blue waffle I regret it😑😑
Chase benner
Chase benner - 39 minutes ago
That’s not blood on the walls, that sounds exactly like what a serial killer would say
Chris Hollis
Chris Hollis - 39 minutes ago
Fbi agent not liking this
Giovanni Arellano
Giovanni Arellano - 40 minutes ago
K I know the blurred word it rhymes with corn
hi my man
hi my man - 40 minutes ago
U should google:
The useless website
Lots of randomness
Dan White
Dan White - 40 minutes ago
Type upe up the longest word in the world
A V - 40 minutes ago
What’s the word that he blurred ?
Quingul Yeeterson
Quingul Yeeterson - 40 minutes ago
Zelda is a boy and you play as him
Notninjagamer - 40 minutes ago
Lol look up corn hub
wolves of Shadow
wolves of Shadow - 40 minutes ago
I google blue waffels
Sully Wolf
Sully Wolf - 40 minutes ago
one is muselk
warframe hunter
warframe hunter - 40 minutes ago
*cornhub* I swear to God I'm dying!😂😂😂😂
casey Culwell
casey Culwell - 40 minutes ago
Google traumatizing stuff
Tony corley
Tony corley - 40 minutes ago
Everyone is a cerealkiller we have all Eyeton cereal
Jax Semik
Jax Semik - 40 minutes ago
If u dare search up Gukkon 2:44 that’s what he is looking at right now
Money Master07
Money Master07 - 41 minute ago
Search porn hub
Texagg - 41 minute ago
do the reddit 50/50 challenge. trust me ur gonna wanna blur A LOT OUT
Axel Garcia
Axel Garcia - 41 minute ago
Jaeden Slayer
Jaeden Slayer - 41 minute ago
leito's lacrosse
leito's lacrosse - 41 minute ago
Serch Sorry jon
IanDoesStuff - 41 minute ago
Google is water wet
DJ Inkling
DJ Inkling - 41 minute ago
youtuber zim
youtuber zim - 41 minute ago
this video is very fucked up as well.
MarioDaGod - 41 minute ago
Good thing it’s December lazar beam
Collin Elzy
Collin Elzy - 41 minute ago
Look up meow woof moo
PHANT0MCOOKIES - 41 minute ago
Weird toe thing check
AFL FuzzBoii
AFL FuzzBoii - 41 minute ago
Did anyone else see the post at 3:40 look down
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