Bombshell (2019 Movie) Official Teaser - Charlize Theron, Nicole Kidman, Margot Robbie

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OhLook - 14 hours ago
Finally! A teaser trailer that doesn’t give everything away!
Justin Brown
Justin Brown - 19 hours ago
Boys are boys...
YouTube-tied - 23 hours ago
That's some damn freaky CGI and makeup effects to make Charlize look just like Megyn Kelly.
MiraiStar 未来星
Who else was confused at the beginning but immediately recognized the plot of this movie when they saw the fox news logo? I went "ohhhh damn"
Uruba -
Uruba - - Day ago
Felicia !
Felicia ! - Day ago
More than suspense, the music is quite haunting and disturbing for some reason
Troy Taylor
Troy Taylor - 2 days ago
What’s the song?
Gideon Heilpern Adventures
to the rest of hollywood - NOW THATS HOW YOU MAKE A TRAILER!!
LaLaGrunge - 2 days ago
Will Don Lemon tell us why this is mandatory viewing?
toErehWon - 2 days ago
White supremacist propaganda heading into 2020 and strong as ever. 😜
Aida Poparić
Aida Poparić - 3 days ago
Music is superb.
Oliver Chimply
Oliver Chimply - 3 days ago
Which one was which?
Austin James
Austin James - 3 days ago
I'm sorry but this is creepy all kinds
Gisele P
Gisele P - 3 days ago
Margot is holding her shit so bad to 2nd floor toilet.
Nicole came in and dropped a Bombshell, stinky fart!
Charlize smell it and look around.
Nicole has to say something to distract and quckily exit.
Kahi K
Kahi K - 3 days ago
Damn, this trailer is freakin amazing. So intense!
James Kelvin
James Kelvin - 3 days ago
Aden Music
Aden Music - 3 days ago
whenever I see SNL characters i know its gonna be a flop
Matt L
Matt L - 4 days ago
Good God get me in that elevator
Kenny Nelson
Kenny Nelson - 4 days ago
Out of the 7.3M views I’m easily 4.5M of them
Abe Olivares
Abe Olivares - 4 days ago
That was intense. Can’t wait to see this!
baby boo
baby boo - 4 days ago
goodbye j lo oscar...
Gladies Sutandar
Gladies Sutandar - 4 days ago
Did I see Elizabeth Banks?
Joe Mincey
Joe Mincey - 4 days ago
What idiot would even make a movie about this?
ag2407 - 3 days ago
Joe Mincey Of course idiot liberals election time is right around the corner. what better way to get people not to listen to Fox News
Ardika Pradnya
Ardika Pradnya - 4 days ago
Can anyone explain to me the trailer? I'm aware of the story of the film, the real-life scandal and who is playing who. But why does Margot Robbie look petrified the whole time? Why was everybody looking at her? And her reaction when looking at Charlize Theron (Megyn Kelly) in the elevator, why is that? if anyone has a clue please shine a light!
Alper Gündoğdu
Alper Gündoğdu - 5 days ago
the plot of this movie is about finding out who farted on the elevator and its most likely nicole
Gisele P
Gisele P - 3 days ago
That's why she said cgetting hot here" to cover up
Rhabdo B
Rhabdo B - 4 days ago
I knew it
Miss Ravenclaw
Miss Ravenclaw - 4 days ago
Joshua Waddell
Joshua Waddell - 5 days ago
You could cut that tension with a knife.
Rpg Gamer
Rpg Gamer - 5 days ago
After this comes out let's make a CNN film. With all the propaganda and fear mongering they spread you could make a dozen movies off them.
ADAM CG - 5 days ago
I've heard this one before: *Three blondes walk into an elevator*
Sean Gavin
Sean Gavin - 5 days ago
Charlize Theron was in junior school with me. Hard to believe she would become a Hollywood star thinking back to it. We went to a small school in a small farm area called Putfontein which was on the outskirts of as small town called Benoni.
Laure - 6 days ago
What's up with Nicole Kidman's face? Is she wearing a prosthetic mask?
Darren Baker
Darren Baker - 6 days ago
Glad Fox News upheld good Christian values. Not sure where in the Bible it says about forcing sex but good for them glad their values can waiver. Love how republicans can shout god at the top of their lungs but will rape and grab women by the well you know. Sin is sin but glad you can spin it in your favor. Gretchen Carlson is a national treasure for taking him down. Who’s the dumb bimbo now Roger?
Ayesha Jasmine
Ayesha Jasmine - 6 days ago
I'm so confused. But I love it already. This casttt!!
josue4everyone - 6 days ago
Fallon could've dated her, man.
Meisterlan Ralte
Meisterlan Ralte - 6 days ago
I tot charlize was robin wright lol wtf
MooreAndrew - 6 days ago
I have no idea what this movie is about from that trailer but I definitely want to warch and find out
youbetter watchout
youbetter watchout - 6 days ago
I thought I was hallucinating when I saw Kate McKinnon there.
POTThaesslich - 7 days ago
This is either really good makeup (and then deserves an Oscar) or Theron and Kidman have overdone the surgery just like the women they portrait. I did not recognise them until their names came up. Scary...
Danillo Fleetwood
Danillo Fleetwood - 7 days ago
Charlize Theron looks like Elizabeth Banks here.
El Ram
El Ram - 7 days ago

Faux Booze sux! 💯
Pom Jonghyun
Pom Jonghyun - 7 days ago
Now this is a great Trailer!!!
Santo Juditas
Santo Juditas - 7 days ago
Margot robie looks so freaking old
Yhanz Kie
Yhanz Kie - 7 days ago
I just realized .. I held my breath for as long as I don't remember .. definitely, will watch this!!👌
Jack Hollins
Jack Hollins - 7 days ago
If I didn't know what this movie was already about I would have guessed it is about Charlize charcter is crazy and she is gonna try to kill robbie and Kidman's characters.
Hosni Guiling
Hosni Guiling - 7 days ago
I wonder if Theron's playing the role in an Oscar-bait fashion. I saw clips of Megyn and going by the way she talks, it'll be a challenge for Theron while Kidman's supporting role Gretchen is a great one to play with that could possibly lead to her elusive 4th Oscar nomination. It's her only chance this year since Goldfinch bombed critically.
I took me some time to figure out where Charlize was. I was confused
desert punk
desert punk - 8 days ago
I would love a three way with harley quinn,Dr chase meridian,and Hancocks wife.
desert punk
desert punk - 6 days ago
@OverlordKinsey her too
OverlordKinsey - 6 days ago
desert punk aka aqua mans mom
bebop palooka
bebop palooka - 8 days ago
This is an awful trailer. What is this? Great makeup?
garrettzkool63 - 8 days ago
so much virtue signaling here, Hollywood making a movie about a toxic male culture at fox news, why not save money and film right at the studio about ALL THE SEX SCANDALS in Hollywood? oh yeah because h-wood is a fucking dump
Xavier Garcia
Xavier Garcia - 8 days ago
WTF?..more Me-too should seriously boycott this crap...
RnBFAN06 - 8 days ago
ugh disgusting. you're complaining about me too, meanwhile trump is trying his best to make sure your days are numbered in this country, mr garcia. tragic
mwells219 - 9 days ago
Yeah seeing as how one of these women probably sucked off Harvey Weinstein, hollywood has no place lecturing america about sexual harassment.
Exelex e Exa
Exelex e Exa - 8 days ago
But it's not a lecture, they're just exploiting something topical like they always do.
Pineapple Pineconehead
Pineapple Pineconehead - 9 days ago
I can't stop going back to this trailer god it's good!!
Maj Hill
Maj Hill - 9 days ago
Okay but Margot Robbie transforms so well
K Kingeee
K Kingeee - 9 days ago
I really enjoyed how these woman systematically destroyed this predator in public with grace .
Andre Sienes
Andre Sienes - 7 days ago
And that predator is now DEAD.
Carlos Perez
Carlos Perez - 9 days ago
A lot of strong necks
JTrainer trainer
JTrainer trainer - 9 days ago
I'm probably gonna get slammed here, but Gretchen Carlson seems like the type that played along, using her looks when it suited her - until it suited her more to blow the whistle. I believe that's true of many (not all) of "MeToo" cases. Men aren't the only ones who use and manipulate. Just sayin.
You are clearly correct, But
So is the next one in this series about Harvey Weinstein? Or maybe Bill Clinton?
garrettzkool63 - 8 days ago
fat chance, you know who runs h-wood
Channing Parker
Channing Parker - 10 days ago
Sooo.. Marry one, Fuck one, kill one. GO!
Eddison Tollett
Eddison Tollett - 10 days ago
Margot Robbie's bone structure is perfect.
MrSuperrajab - 10 days ago
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