Film Theory: The Broken Mind of Salad Fingers (Salad Fingers 11 Glass Brother)

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LUCIAN 666656
LUCIAN 666656 - 3 hours ago
joins the battle

Ten Arts
Ten Arts - 18 hours ago
I think that the reason Salad was going to France was to perhaps find his dad??
Star Gamer
Star Gamer - 19 hours ago
Watch salad fingers they said. It will be fine they said
Dolphin Gamer
Dolphin Gamer - 22 hours ago
WW1 in the 1940s?

It is confirmed that salad has taken over the channel....
6SamChat9 - Day ago
This is an amazing Theory thank you so much!
Budi Ariesanto
Budi Ariesanto - Day ago
welp new vid nice work matpat i scartch my hair again
Samael Edwards
Samael Edwards - 2 days ago
"loo-look mum he-he's doin it *_tears up_* "
i feel bad for salad fingers :(
Memory Love
Memory Love - 2 days ago
Is it weird I find salad fingers kinda cute?
memer man
memer man - 2 days ago
No I feel bad for salad fingers
Narcotic NC
Narcotic NC - 2 days ago
At 7:11 you someone’s face in the black
Lieutenant Keef
Lieutenant Keef - 2 days ago
Ace 97
Ace 97 - 2 days ago
Why does salad fingers sound as if he’s recording ASMR?
Celine C Rvr
Celine C Rvr - 2 days ago
Had to push my plate away from me while watching this... ugh... so gross.
Sophie Young
Sophie Young - 2 days ago
Surely Jeremy Fisher is his father because u said he was hubert cumberdale and in a previous theory u said that huberts dad is jeremy
•Tea San•
•Tea San• - 2 days ago
What happened to the Mom ?
Atticus Lutes
Atticus Lutes - 3 days ago
An ad as soon as the glass mother reveal. Good goin mattpatt!
Parker Green
Parker Green - 3 days ago
I thought his father was Jeremy Fischer
Parker Green
Parker Green - 3 days ago
MatPat tree is creepy
LimJahey - 4 days ago
This is clearly the prequel to us.
Ashlyn Galaxy
Ashlyn Galaxy - 4 days ago
Salad Fingers is the FNAF of Film Theory.
Danny Strickland
Danny Strickland - 4 days ago
I'm going to have nightmares! thanks curiosity !
Brandon Avant
Brandon Avant - 5 days ago
5:01 that’s not a hip bone baby that’s the axis vertebra
Lilly - 5 days ago
Victorian111 - 5 days ago
Is Nobody Gonna Talk About The Amazing Acting MatPat Did At The Beginning? That Was Definitely Him, Right? Because If So, OH BOI THAT'S QUALITY!
Tim New
Tim New - 6 days ago
7:03 what does it say on the table? And did anyone see the Easter egg face at 7:11?
peaches 1905
peaches 1905 - 6 days ago
It’s confirmed salad fingers is a sea horse
Dance to the BaileyBeat
I just realised... When he says 'I like it when the red water comes out', It could be him cutting himself to relieve the stress of life, and he gets taken to a happy, peaceful world for a short amount of time till he gets taken back to reality.
And I wasn't the one who came up with this, but he likes rusty spoons so he can't see his reflection.
He also might get some sort of 'burn' like a rope or carpet burn, but with rust. The same with nettles, they hurt and are a bit like self-harm.
Stupid dumb animation ;-;
Salad Fingers ASMR....
I’m thoroughly traumatized
King Frank Records
King Frank Records - 7 days ago
good story
Blue Paw Studios or loop noodle
Look here at this channel
Puppymia Bramblepelt
Puppymia Bramblepelt - 7 days ago
Eye bleach if needed: just look up cute dogs and cats playing together into google.
I may or may not have needed this after watching all these Salad Fingers theory videos in a row...
Prepared Elite
Prepared Elite - 8 days ago
So is salid fingers bieng berated 4 bieng black or emasculate?
Kitty_Dash 333
Kitty_Dash 333 - 8 days ago
David Firth: Ummmm... you’re wrong.
Autumn Lewis
Autumn Lewis - 9 days ago
I dozed off
Miyazaki 90909
Miyazaki 90909 - 9 days ago
Oh Jesus when I saw the title "Salad Fingers" again I SWEAR I got the shivers and the hairs on my neck went STRAIGHT up.........😖😖😖😖😖😖😖
Lim Woon Seng
Lim Woon Seng - 10 days ago
The bone in the drawer is from the dead body of Milford Cubicle
Kassandra Rahman
Kassandra Rahman - 10 days ago
Ummm who would have ever thought this series would be so deep?
gloombois -
gloombois - - 11 days ago
salad fingers calls his baby sugar cheeks and stuff but why thunder thighs???
FailureToFire - 11 days ago
4:55 That bone is a vertebra :)
Cryptic Peach
Cryptic Peach - 11 days ago
David Firth: Matpat’s theory was wrong and it’s not want i meant at all, and the next episode will disprove him
Matpat: mmmmmm I STILL THINK I’M RIGHT
bleukreuz - 12 days ago
That is a piece of vertebra bone (back bone)
sunflower - 12 days ago
Glass mother and brother: exists
Salad fingers: ah shit, here we go again
Chris McDuncan
Chris McDuncan - 13 days ago
I still love that this was uploaded on my birthday. Best gift ever, loved it so much I've seen this video twice 👍
Almighty Egglord
Almighty Egglord - 13 days ago
Nebula Colinski
Nebula Colinski - 13 days ago
Hes just a normal zombie....

*waiting to eat you organs*
Nightcore Sana
Nightcore Sana - 14 days ago
I feel like since so many people like saladfingers, I really want Matpat to do Dead Sound's Short films, which i believe are "Being Pretty," "No Monsters," "Mother of Nature," "Childrens Toys," and "Don't Feed the Freaks." I don't know if these are all of them, as he does crossovers, and mixes clues in other creations like his trailer. I can never wrap around which goes first, whats happening as it is so hard to understand. It gives lessons, a scary factor, and so many hidden clues I don't even know. I tried to answer these question but I just can't. So Matpat, I believe this is just would be so amazing if you can make a theory on this and answer some of these questions! A challenge to heard!
Untalented Tuber
Untalented Tuber - 14 days ago
Another thing. You can take the part where she said "wait until your father gets home," differently. It could be that glass mother doesn't know glass father is dead from the war. After all, salad fingers was the only one we know that uses the radio, which announces people that died in the war. Salad fingers might just be ending it on a vengeful note by not telling glass mother the truth. And then glass mother has a more painful realisation once she actually starts thinking about where he is, because for all we know she was never thinking about him but for backup,when she was defeated. That's another thing. If I'm true, that again resembles that glass mother is messed up because she only thinks of her husband as a person that helps keep salad fingers trapped with his negative thoughts. In a way keeping her alive.
Fahad the Random Guy
Fahad the Random Guy - 15 days ago
Imagine Salad Fingers Father. If his mother is already so mean, imagine the father. Because when glass mother said “wait till your father comes home” this was indicating the the father may be more mean.
dead and cool
dead and cool - 16 days ago
I think salad fingers has an eating problem on top of the other mental issues he may have; only started to believe this during the scene of salad fingers cooking- seems like it could reflect the struggles of trying to cook a meal for oneself when there is a voice internally screaming “YOU’LL EAT WHAT I TELL YOU TO”
no matter how disgusting a disordered individual may know their behavior is, the voice doesn’t shut up.
maybe his self-doubt and disturbed perception of himself manifested itself as an eating disorder, and he’s learning to defeat that inner voice which could be represented by the mirror. past traumas and the relationship with his mother could have a lot to do with this,
But hey, that’s just a theory.
Yumi Call
Yumi Call - 16 days ago
I don't think that Glass Mother is actually Salad Finger's mother. More likely is that she's his Grandmother -- who never got over the anger towards her daughter for having a relationship without her permission, for having a mixed-race child.
Gerry Portuguez
Gerry Portuguez - 16 days ago
The bone is part of the spine.
saorwen - 16 days ago
The bone is a horse vertebra
Fictitious Character
Fictitious Character - 17 days ago
Oh... That's what's in the fnaf box

A bloody glass shard that has a mean mommy in it
Mystery Wryter
Mystery Wryter - 17 days ago
Wait does this mean Salad is trans? If so, I love that, if not, that’s fine
EmB - 19 days ago
Sounds and looks more like Schizophrenia than DID.
Pastel Honey
Pastel Honey - 20 days ago
Our boy salad fingers is growing up, im so proud 😭😭😭💕💕😩❤️
dunno really
dunno really - 20 days ago
Why does everyone think that that is creepy
corrina douglas
corrina douglas - 21 day ago
Is this ok for kids to watch because i'm only 10 and i watched all saled finger and dhmis aka dont hug me im scared and its my fav thing to watch for some reason
Mikala Coleman
Mikala Coleman - 22 days ago
Roses are red,
Violets are blue,
You theorise amazingly,
So I subbed to you.
Tsuiseki Bado
Tsuiseki Bado - 22 days ago
As someone who struggles with identity issues myself, I can see alot of myself in this storyline
In a weird way...
uraraka scott
uraraka scott - 22 days ago
i may just be crazy but i don't think salad fingers is scary
Officer Beepsky
Officer Beepsky - 23 days ago
I'm pretty sure this episode confirms my personal theory that salad fingers is ftm transgender and just wants someone to love him for what he is.
Veestaron - 24 days ago
does hubert cumberdale have boobs? i mean..look at 'em
GLiTCH-Rpersonal - 24 days ago
So groooossssss
Ulysses Chrome
Ulysses Chrome - 29 days ago
9:02 thanos fingers
TermicrafTeron 27
TermicrafTeron 27 - 29 days ago
soooo, you got salad fingers pregnant, huh?
Jonathan Chi
Jonathan Chi - 29 days ago
5:07 it was the first cervical spine
Un-uh, peeling
Un-uh, peeling - Month ago
7:11 top left corner
Sean Noyes
Sean Noyes - Month ago
That "hip bone" looks like a vertebra
Clumsy Plumbob
Clumsy Plumbob - Month ago
Wow... this really hit home for me. I wonder if one day I'll get to destroy my Glass Mother and Sister.
Pandora Ring
Pandora Ring - Month ago
How I got here (I was looking through furry videos before this all)
1. I was watching messyourself
2. I clicked on videos with him reacting to scary things
3. Then I found something to do with bird box
4. I searched up everything wrong with bird box
5. I found a few of film theory’s stuff
uurtel the turtal
uurtel the turtal - Month ago
The epasode was dark like when he cuts himself
824warrior - Month ago
Please tell my why I watched this while eating pasta
Niko_ Bellic_Greek
Niko_ Bellic_Greek - Month ago
7:52 Why ich glach brutha, chooo miin
Skull kid 637
Skull kid 637 - Month ago
I had a MCdonalds ad
_ CJEMM5D _ - Month ago
Slow day for content huh (c'mon he's theorizing about a YouTube series)
Just Me
Just Me - Month ago
What episode did salad fingers start wearing skin-shoes?
kaden jerrams
kaden jerrams - Month ago
if salads mother doesn't want "dirty immigrants" in her house why would she have sex with one?
Jacynth Atienza
Jacynth Atienza - Month ago
PERFECT BLUE and PAPRIKA film theory vid!
TheDogCat - Month ago
In the begging fleshy boi has the eye in the right side... my right, his left... but in the end was... the other way around?

I just keep coming and keep encountering details
Randoms_stoff channel
Randoms_stoff channel - Month ago
Mat pat if he does to break free does he see the real world or stays in the creepy disturbing world
音Sarto楽 - Month ago
The bone in the drawer I'm pretty sure is a vertebrae.
Alex King
Alex King - Month ago
Matpat, that is a cervical vertebra my guy! Just thought I'd let you know! I believe the bone is probably from Milford Cubicle's neck!
Gios Life
Gios Life - Month ago
Hey matpat when you said that he never talked about a father it made me think what if there is no father salad fingers dad must have left him as a child or infant so he had no opinion on his father he isn't a glass father he isn't a corps and salad fingers is talking to the ball of flesh how he would want to be treated from his father and his mother is taunting him for not having a father at the final line sort of a reminder that his father is not there and won't be coming this a bit sad ik but that's what think.
LaBamba - Month ago
looks like a vertebral bone
Michaela Prucha
Michaela Prucha - Month ago
In all honesty, salad fingers can be cute... *sometimes*
BladeAddict - Month ago
I now desperately want glass mother to be added to Smash Bros
J O - Month ago
I watch this when eating...... bad idea😔
Nadia's Crazy days
Nadia's Crazy days - Month ago
Who else saw that CREEPY FACE IN THE CORNER????!!!! 😨😨😨😱😱😱😂😂😂
Rob M
Rob M - Month ago
"He was raised under the beast's sun."
I thought this was an interesting quote. Obviously the "beast" could be Salad's mother, buy why use the word "Sun?" Was this supposed to be a reference to Lucifer (the morning star)? This could be a reference to his father. However, Venus is actual "star" that's referred to as The Morning Star (aka: Lucifer) and Venus is usually associated with the feminine so this could also refer to his mother. Fuck.
caden moriarty
caden moriarty - Month ago
There a white face on 7:11
Adam Khatatbeh
Adam Khatatbeh - Month ago
I actually think that in ep 10 the brain and flesh the salad fingers are eating i think its the BBQ guy because he gets mad at the horses but no blood are on them so yeah........

Well bye
Yac Moung
Yac Moung - Month ago
I feel like this episode was the final boss.
Sarah Phillips
Sarah Phillips - Month ago
Matpat is a tree *CONFIRMED*
NEXUS BCW - Month ago
Lol I laughed so hard though when the reflection in the water was "rasping him"
NEXUS BCW - Month ago
Lol I teared up when glass brother was blocking his plate.😣
nomorekarma - Month ago
David: (watches video)
David: (Releases 50 more episodes)
Shreky Boi
Shreky Boi - Month ago
7:11 what’s that in the top left corner?
It’s a metaphor Brian
Glass brother
XEvie_GraceX - Month ago
I watched the other salad fingers videos yesterday.. I had a scary ass nightmare last night , and now watching this today. YAY 😁
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