Film Theory: The Broken Mind of Salad Fingers (Salad Fingers 11 Glass Brother)

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Duncan Ferency-Viars
Duncan Ferency-Viars - Час назад
When Salad Fingers is talking to Hubert Cumberdale towards the beginning, some little bits of Marjory's hair is sticking to his face, and it looks an awful lot like the beginnings of facial hair. It can be seen around 8:36 in this video. I think it could tie in to the whole theory.
Carlie Watson
Carlie Watson - Час назад
4:55 Matpat that is a vertebra not a hip bone! I would guess a cervical vertebra since the spinous process (the long part facing the back of the drawer) has bifid spinous tips, which only cervical vertebra have. Thanks radiology! ;D
Stiles Jarrett
Stiles Jarrett - 3 часа назад
*RAT_ QUEEN* - 3 часа назад
*Starts feeling bad for salad fingers*
Why do I relate lmao
Crocoman 723
Crocoman 723 - 3 часа назад
Wait until your father gets ho-- what tf could that mean??? His dad is worse???
elArqui22 - 5 часов назад
you would say "dazzling dreamboat", "sugar cheeks" and "THUNDER THIGHS" to a baby? are you Michael?
Seth Siuda
Seth Siuda - 5 часов назад
Salad fingers is not boy or girl becuase glass brother refers salad fingers as a brother, but he ends up giving birth.
Zuriel 883
Zuriel 883 - 17 часов назад
I always thought of "Hubert Cumberdale" as exactly what Salad Fingers would look like if he was a normal, happy, free, sane individual. Whether Hubert is someone he once was, or someone he never was but wants to be, Hubert represents Salad's ideal self. A life that Salad is denied from due to his dark past and deep insecurities represented in "glass mother." And by sowing the dead skin onto Hubert, it's symbolic of how Salad is bringing his ideal self "into the flesh." A chance to be someone he truly wants to be
Kathleen Glauner
Kathleen Glauner - 19 часов назад
That bone looks like a cervical vertebra
alligatorgladiator lol
alligatorgladiator lol - 20 часов назад
worse than bird box and when i say that i mean scarier than bird box
Kira ILTD - День назад
H o w t o g e t v i e w s . .
petitnicka - День назад
That bone looks like a bone on your spinal cord, specifically on the cervical region.
PlayerX 2313
PlayerX 2313 - День назад
Continue,if it's possible !!!
Ginger Snape
Ginger Snape - День назад
MatPat, I am disappointed in you. That bone is not a small hip bone (pelvis) That's a vertebra, a spine bone. I thought you would know that.
Damion Heileman
Damion Heileman - День назад
Hey matpat i got a theroy i think ya like to check out. I dont know any other way to contact ya other than in comments or Instagram. You can get back to me at
Or I'm on Instagram as winter_white_rose on instagram.
Lemon - День назад
your voice sounds like its trying to make every thing more optimistic about things but its not working
DarkFuneralD - День назад
I guess the bone hip from the drawer belongs to Kenneth, Salad Fingers older brother
Divya Ai Iris
Divya Ai Iris - 2 дня назад
Damn for a horror shet, you can real learn some lessons i suppose... 😨
Eternity Dague
Eternity Dague - 2 дня назад
this show agen i dots the shivers
박Pasta - 2 дня назад
this is so impactful
Craig P
Craig P - 3 дня назад
I always wondered if Salad Fingers was connected to Rubber Johnny.
Madison-Rose Star
Madison-Rose Star - 3 дня назад
Okay but do an umbrella academy theory. Ty
Emperor Pizza
Emperor Pizza - 3 дня назад
7:10 there is a face at the top left corner. When things go side ways there is a face in between the transition.
Nightmares 303
Nightmares 303 - 3 дня назад
Anyone else think the corpse really creepy?😰
Grace Butler
Grace Butler - 3 дня назад
With the reflection on Hubert we see it in first person so isn't it salad looking in the mirror because Hubert isn't alive
BringMeThe BaconCat
BringMeThe BaconCat - 3 дня назад
I keep questioning why Hubert Cumberdale is mirrored in the end of the episode, compared to the beginning.
Northeast Reaper
Northeast Reaper - 3 дня назад
How does this have more views than the actual episode lmao
AlterLynx - 3 дня назад
Glass mother says “wait until your father-“ twice once at the end and once when he’s breaking the mirror
Itz_ Kookiez
Itz_ Kookiez - 3 дня назад
What if, glass brother is the real salad finger?
Aiden Laplant
Aiden Laplant - 4 дня назад
Is it just me who watched the befinning 4 times before realizing the tree is matpat....... I was xhecking for clues and realized that that was mat
Rn Spurgn
Rn Spurgn - 4 дня назад
Remember when this channel was about FILM theories? Ya, me neither
Brian Mcnicholl
Brian Mcnicholl - 4 дня назад
These are the theories of yours I enjoy.
A_ Girl
A_ Girl - 5 дней назад
I'm over here crying for salad fingers
Tiny Valkyrie
Tiny Valkyrie - 5 дней назад
The bone is a vertebra, possibly cervical.
Waylon Moore
Waylon Moore - 5 дней назад
How did you keep this video monetized.
nyla skipper
nyla skipper - 5 дней назад
nyla skipper
nyla skipper - 5 дней назад
Shawnee Longbow
Shawnee Longbow - 5 дней назад
If Salad Fingers takes place during, or soon after World War 1, then it takes place way before the 40's. Try more along the lines of the 1914-1918 range. Or, at the latest, the early 20's. Which would be after the signing of the Treaty of Versailles, in 1919.
Nathan Mendoza 3
Nathan Mendoza 3 - 5 дней назад
7:52 this actually made me sad 😞 cause I’m a younger brother and I’ve felt this way
hassan king
hassan king - 5 дней назад
so basically sallad fingers is teaching you *in a very very weird way* to stand up to your fears don't be let down by people who say bad stuff about you just don't pay attention to them or say I don't care about what your saying and
Anine fan
Anine fan - 5 дней назад
Watch 9 from 2009
Taes tea Cup
Taes tea Cup - 5 дней назад
7:10 look in the top left corner your welcome
gama tastica
gama tastica - 5 дней назад
The is what deep is. Not the photo compilations of fake woke content.
Nick Lewis
Nick Lewis - 5 дней назад
The bone looks more like a vertebra section to me.
David Bear
David Bear - 5 дней назад
I personally don't find salad fingers scary at all
Alistair Moriarty
Alistair Moriarty - 5 дней назад
maybe glass brother is salad finger's TWIN brother
yourtrollolol - 5 дней назад
The Bone is a cervical vertebrae
JordinsWorld559 - 5 дней назад
Wow salad fingers actually sewed nips on that meatboy😐😂
Roberto Alarcon
Roberto Alarcon - 5 дней назад
Mat pat your cool
Give me the tea
Give me the tea - 6 дней назад
Salad fingers scares the LIFE out of me
GAME THEORY/GAME PLAYER bro hub - 6 дней назад
7:10 who else saw that face?!
jenn vlasic
jenn vlasic - 6 дней назад
Ain't Nobody Got Time For Dat!
Dirty Duppen
Dirty Duppen - 6 дней назад
Now, that's some deep shit right there!
Jelley - 6 дней назад
I haven't watched salad fingers. But after your videos I'm definitely going to have nightmares. And I never have nightmares lol
Patrick Fitzgerald
Patrick Fitzgerald - 6 дней назад
Henry Wheaton
Henry Wheaton - 6 дней назад
Didn’t david firth literally say you were wrong?
Midnight Gaming/Gatcha life
Midnight Gaming/Gatcha life - 6 дней назад
I can relate to looking in a mirror and having bad thoughts about myself. Who else relates? #relate
unluckyG0 - 6 дней назад
Finally, thank you
Mandy Grenier
Mandy Grenier - 6 дней назад
Is there any clues about the songs that salad fingers had song please look at this comment I'm very curious
FNAF is love Same if it scares me
FNAF is love Same if it scares me - 6 дней назад
Thats a good theory, but I think there is something you missed. Salad make the Hubert Cumberdale become ´the real boy’ and is eye is at is left (but at our right). When Salad glass brother stole ´the real boy’, we can see that is eye is now on the right (but on the left for us), and it means that it’s now a reflection or something like this (because he is in the mirror). Then, when Salad came home after saving ´the real boy’, he breaks the mirror and we can see that the eye is still inverted (left for us), and it probably means that Salad is STILL stuck in the ´mirror world’...
Aystraid Kropas
Aystraid Kropas - 6 дней назад
You should do more theories on David Firth’s videos, or Llamas with Hats because They have a lot packed into them
Morgan Sims
Morgan Sims - 6 дней назад
This episode of salad fingers made me cry he almost lost his child and also was abused
Morgan Sims
Morgan Sims - 6 дней назад
This episode of salad fingers made me cry he almost lost his child and also was abused
Morgan Sims
Morgan Sims - 6 дней назад
This episode of salad fingers made me cry he almost lost his child and also was abused
Sirevix - 7 дней назад
does anyone remember? at that time there was another show, with a girl, she sees a boy playing with one of thoes toys that you squish and theyr eyes pop out, she ask the boy where he bought it ans he points at the toy store, wich is close to a pet shop, she enters the pet shop by mistake and begins killing hamsters... i think that was the first episode, i can't remember more hahaha
Malcolm The Seal
Malcolm The Seal - 7 дней назад
Watched this while eating lunch... bye bye appetite
Diamond on Darkness
Diamond on Darkness - 7 дней назад
I’m a little bit confused with what you said mostly to do with the mother and father because Salad Fingers being Hubert Cumberdale the mother died during childbirth and Jeremy Fisherthe father was killed by the her father so does that mean that Salad Fingers was adopted by the horrible glass mother (in the non glass world) so with Salad Fingers family besides his mom and dad we know he has a grandfather, a grandmother who was there at his birth, an aunt and a brother possible half, step or twin and due to his black ancestry was probably disown and abandon then adopted by the glass mother and her husband and was abused horribly he probably knew about his original family due to him knowing his brother and possibly was the only family member he got on will with hence why he imagined him being alive and fighting in the Great War since that probably means he misses him and why would you miss someone who treated you unwell and let’s just say that so much shit happen in Salad Fingers life and not being able to escape physically from his adopted parents his mental state got worse and probably developed quite a few disorders I’m guessing by what I’ve seen it’s probably along the line of skitzophrenia and a personality disorder but he was effectively a somewhat physically healthy man so I’m not really sure but he may have fought in the Great War and that’s where my timeline ideas of Salad Fingers past comes to a stop but there are still some questions left unanswered
Such as where Salad Fingers is because he definitely can’t be imagining a whole town as a desolate wasteland and with the way some characters act this may be that actual world my theory is that unlike our Great War this one ending a bit badly which may has caused some serious damage to some areas of Britain and maybe even other places and if nuclear weapons where a thing in World War 1 it may explain the embryo person and possibly Salad Fingers mental unstableness and others racism caused him to leave and live in the wasteland and that could explain how Salad Fingers looks but that an even bigger question what caused him to look like that if nuclear weapons were the cause of the wasteland it probably wasn’t the cause of Salad Fingers looks at it is not something I think radiation of the real (somewhat) world could do I think I read a story someone made about Salad Fingers being captured and experimented on during the war I think that might be a good explanation on how Salad Fingers looks like that
Hey MatPat if you read this thank you this is much longer that I expected
Diamond on Darkness
Diamond on Darkness - 7 дней назад
I forgot to put down his feminine personality so wow people were racist to him and embarrassed about his not very masculineness (not a word I know) guess that adds even more horrible childhood trauma I wonder if I forgot to add anything else
Diamond on Darkness
Diamond on Darkness - 7 дней назад
Okay I did some quick reasurch and there was no nuclear weapons of any kind so that clears it up for me so instead I theorised that this Great War was much longer and more deverstating which caused some of Britain to become barren wastelands as well as other battlefields and there sorrounding areas and the mutants I have a new explanation for the Germans in this Great War were much worse then ours and did awful experiments on people they capture like the Nazis and after they where disposed of, released for there enjoyment or “rescued” Salad Fingers being one of them
Alex Benavidez
Alex Benavidez - 7 дней назад
I cannot be the only one who got a massive phallic vibe from the rebirth of Hubert.
Allusions to a boy growing up already comes with connotations of a sexual awakening, and a ridiculous obsession with their own genitals
Hubert is fleshy, gross and fucking dick shaped. He looks like a dick. It's disconcerting and gross and I'm not trying to be immature, but especially with the constant petting of and that weird licking of glass shards at the end of the episode. He loves Hubert and he is his "fleshy boy".
You could maybe bring the topic of circumcision too, with all those weird separate flaps of skin
But circumcision for non religious reasons is not also common practise in the UK, so I don't think that holds too much weight. But there was the line of "I'll teach you to steal my flesh boy" which is plain weird.
Demasculination is also another one as what was mentioned at the start of the episode, his masculinity could be called into question for his actions and behaviours and disassociation into female personalities
But yeah, it's a graphic symbolic topic to analyse but I don't think it's coincidental
SufferYT - 7 дней назад
I used to be creeped out by Salad Fingers.
No I feel really bad for him. UwU
luftwaffe pilot
luftwaffe pilot - 7 дней назад
Death The reaper
Death The reaper - 7 дней назад
This theory is really sad just watch cause you know how broken and torn down he had become
Charles Tennis
Charles Tennis - 7 дней назад
It feels like salad is a finger puppet........owned by his mother..
Charles Tennis
Charles Tennis - 7 дней назад
He has 3 fingers.... but sometimes he has........4...........?
Charles Tennis
Charles Tennis - 7 дней назад
Salad fingers a little different...
Charles Tennis
Charles Tennis - 7 дней назад
That milford quibicle hat...he said he would wear it to the very end..... hes not here.... what happened to the hat? The birthday......WHERE DID HE LIVE *BEFORE* THE GREAT WAR?!!
hexcaster - 7 дней назад
One thing I thought was very intriguing is the fact that Fleshboy Hubert Cumberdale, after being rescued from the mirror, is mirrored. Look at his eyes.
Big Chungus
Big Chungus - 8 дней назад
*I l i k e r u s t y s p o o n s*
Mackenzie Skye
Mackenzie Skye - 8 дней назад
That moist slap before the Glass Mother's introduction scared the ever-loving STANK outta me.
Vampyire Gutz
Vampyire Gutz - 8 дней назад
salad fingers said trans rights
INS0MNI0 - 8 дней назад
Never thought I’d feel bad for salad fingers
Crazy Basil
Crazy Basil - 8 дней назад
Comic Sans
Comic Sans - 8 дней назад
I think that all the abusive parts that salad fingers acts out COULD be his father- more physical abuse happened at the father's hand at that time, though mothers did it as well.
Sir Bob
Sir Bob - 8 дней назад
Im happy salad fingers has a happy ending for now i think
Star’s LaByrinth
Star’s LaByrinth - 8 дней назад
I’ve found a show even more terrifying than DHMIS and salad fingers: Popee the performer. It is a great candidate for a theory.
Emery and Flame
Emery and Flame - 9 дней назад
Don't forget about them T h u n d e r T h i g h s
Limey Blimey
Limey Blimey - 9 дней назад
So you're just straight up ignoring David saying you're wrong, huh?
The Molten Man
The Molten Man - 9 дней назад
I legit thought Mat was gonna go off the rail and say Salad Fingers was trans or something
- REN -
- REN - - 9 дней назад
Anyone else notice that the wrong salad comes out of the mirror???nobody mentions this
very. cool.kid.
very. cool.kid. - 9 дней назад
Kinda late but the bone in 5:05 is from the spine, not sure which one specifically
Dave Mueller
Dave Mueller - 9 дней назад
Pastel Pink Sapphire
Pastel Pink Sapphire - 9 дней назад
Aww that’s pretty sweet
Gantulga Ganhuyg
Gantulga Ganhuyg - 9 дней назад
Do a theory on adventure time
Samsgarden - 9 дней назад
The commentary is grating
Aierie - 9 дней назад
I honestly thougt you were gonna say Salad Fingers is transgender.
jason alexander
jason alexander - 9 дней назад
Why 6 years I’ll be 17
emily shadow
emily shadow - 9 дней назад
When salad stands up I feel like a proud mother honestly I relate deeply to him
I am a person
I am a person - 10 дней назад
There is NOTHING wrong with my uncle.
Imagine2019 - 10 дней назад
The bone in the drawer looks like a vertebrae
kim burlinson
kim burlinson - 10 дней назад
what if his "brother" is his father and he left to fight the war
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