Best of the Worst: Hawk Jones, Winterbeast, and ROAR

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Dabombinable Mi
Dabombinable Mi - 4 days ago
We need a PETC.
superjoker - 4 days ago
Everyone is cutting Shawn off it’s pretty annoying
Voldermortization - 7 days ago
Guy on the right can get in the bin. McCulkin is fantastic.
Chappy Slaphappy
Chappy Slaphappy - 8 days ago
That bunny ears guy sure can suck the fun out of a room
Nostalgia - 10 days ago
Two bros chillin' on a red couch
Five feet apart 'cuz they're not gay
Rossta 888
Rossta 888 - 13 days ago
under rich's right elbow is a movie called "a minute to pray a second to die!" ... just wanted to point that out ! looks badass
Ten - 21 day ago
Elephants are just giant bulls lol. They're very aggressive
MagmaVision - 21 day ago
Rich and the wizard switching places during the discussion made my brain hurt.
Cbo The Second
Cbo The Second - 22 days ago
I see Shaun is standing, well sitting in as the victim of Star Trek...
Derek Connors
Derek Connors - 22 days ago
4:41 Only Culkin would dare high 5 Rich Evans because he is the only mortal strong enough to withstand his power. Most would be reduced ash.
Adam Levine
Adam Levine - 23 days ago
I never knew McCauley Culkin was a trekkie. He and I could be friends. That's nice.
Bacteriophagebs - 25 days ago
After doing some research on Roar and seeing the movie, I have a theory: Tippi Hedren blames her trauma from Roar on Hitchcock.
1. Hedren alleges that Hitchcock harassed her and made her life hell during the filming of The Birds, during which she was actually attacked by birds on-set. However, no one, including Hedren herself, ever made these accusations until many years later.
2. Hedren started making Roar not long after The Birds.
3. Hedren has gone on record saying that none of the crew were harmed making Roar "unless someone hit their thumb with a hammer, or something." There is documented proof that several crew were seriously injured, including the cinematographer, who was scalped (not Melanie Griffith, though she did need reconstructive surgery for a different kind of facial injury). Clearly, she does not remember the filming very well.
4. The filming of Roar took five years.
5. Hedren divorced Noel Marshall shortly after the movie wrapped.

My theory is that when Tippi Hedren looked back at that period in her life, she projected the trauma that her husband, Noel Marshall had subjected her to onto Hitchcock, conflating the bird attacks with the lion attacks and whitewashing the problems with Roar for which she was partially responsible. She acted horribly traumatized by Hitchcock but the worst she has to say about Roar is to complain about how long the shooting took and laugh about how the people at the hospital made jokes about naming a wing after Marshall because he was there so often.
Charlie Ballew
Charlie Ballew - 26 days ago
that twink clapping every time someone gets injured is hilarious
Armalight - 27 days ago
Hawk Jones looks unironically amazing.
Oakie Arkie
Oakie Arkie - 27 days ago
Shawn sucks.
Griffin Cost
Griffin Cost - 27 days ago
Does Culkin just live in the back of the Lightning Fast set now? 😂
Some Canine
Some Canine - 28 days ago
Hahaha that look at 15:57 when they start talking about Star Trek
Holden Cole
Holden Cole - 28 days ago
I loved Shawn. It would be great to see him on the discussion more.
Intermezzo - Month ago
Every time I watch this episode I feel bad for Shawn. Roar looks amazing but he just can't handle the stress and tension it creates.
BeavisSaves - Month ago
I think these shameless celebs cheapen everything. We get it, you know Hollywood Superstar Rich Evans, show us something cooler. Like that Pizza Underground guy.
the guy on the couch x
Yeah well I sleep with 2 min pins and a cougar. ROARFFFF!!
Aleksandar Stojsic
Aleksandar Stojsic - Month ago
More Macaulay Culkin please!
albino shamrock
albino shamrock - Month ago
Mac is definitely my favorite guest you guys have had, and I'm not just saying that because my bedroom walls are wallpapered with his pictures.
Red Jackal
Red Jackal - Month ago
Id love it if Maculkin becomes an official member of rlm
Blueunknown - Month ago
Watching Roar created a feeling of unease, and fight or flight like no other piece of media I have seen.
It was captivating and nerve wracking at the same time. Like watching a vehicle accident, or some other distaster unfold.
Erik van Duyn
Erik van Duyn - Month ago
Shawn bored out of his mind when the guys start talking about Star Trek is my spirit animal.
marvelous LIE
marvelous LIE - Month ago
I love how Mac just casually walks into frame as if he spent the previous night there just crashing. LMFAO.
Osama Been Fartin
Osama Been Fartin - Month ago
I fucking hate Josh
Meat Munster
Meat Munster - Month ago
23:16 pretty sure Hawk Jones is using FF7 music lol
capsRage - Month ago
Shawn's impression of that old man was ON POINT. I was looking at something else and didn't realize it was him doing a voice. :D
No U
No U - Month ago
Is saying there's no gimmick when there's a gimmick the new gimmick?
Christoph Zeit
Christoph Zeit - Month ago
Moving into RLMs basement has to be Macauley Culkin's best career choice so far.
Alexander Gonzalez
Alexander Gonzalez - Month ago
Eastern Seaboard on Suicide Watch.
motherhorsefucker - Month ago
Anybody look at Macaulay Culkin's YouTube channel. Bruh.
Eddie Cutler
Eddie Cutler - Month ago
Ah, kids....
Think I saw one once....Even threw a rock at it.
Frogborne - Month ago
people scare me more than feral lions
Forsaken Algonquinia
Forsaken Algonquinia - Month ago
wait does Macaulay actually live with them now? it sure looks like it
light dot
light dot - Month ago
The Lions were the assholes in roar, the tigers were always just vibin, just straight chillin
Rafferty1968 - Month ago
The elephant is trying to save them! "Don't get in the fucking boat, stupid humans! The tigers will get you!"
Hello24 - Month ago
Winterbeast looks like a 90s industrial metal music video
Marc S.
Marc S. - Month ago
This episode was amazing! I'm truly interested in watching Hawk Jones and Roar.
joshua hensley
joshua hensley - Month ago
38:30 and then you asked that man to explain it
Dylan Slye
Dylan Slye - Month ago
Contrary to popular opinion, I thought Shawn was hilarious and they should bring him back
bvansenu - Month ago
Mack's a Star Trek nerd? I love him even more now.
Jordan Giles
Jordan Giles - Month ago
25:58 Yoshikage Kira?
cody - 2 months ago
macaulay is so cute
Bloodlyshiva - 2 months ago
Lions are beautiful, wonderful creatures.
They are also LIONS. The two don't counteract.
Ma20102 - 2 months ago
Nice pagemaster reference there
Fishy Justice
Fishy Justice - 2 months ago
As a man terrified of big cats.
My god.
Jim X
Jim X - 2 months ago
No mention of "Bugsy Malone" in your "Hawk Jones" review?
eVoTUBE - 2 months ago
Anxious and just being really nervous are two completely different things. Mac's friend can piss off. He's annoying anyways.
The Opal Fox Channel
The Opal Fox Channel - 2 months ago
This is bullsh*t. Winterbeast had a creepy old guy, boobs AND a poping-and-locking monster. And a dick.
hmjenks guy
hmjenks guy - 2 months ago
Bruce Campbell would be a fun guest. Guess he’s still not taking your or anyone’s calls.
Eric Lefebvre
Eric Lefebvre - 2 months ago
I look at movies like winterbeast and wonder why the heck I haven;t made a movie yet. LOL
Eddie Romero
Eddie Romero - 2 months ago
@39:43 "I saw that." 😂 Kills me all the time.
Dead Zed
Dead Zed - 2 months ago
Thank you so much, Mr. MacCuklin!
charles gee
charles gee - 2 months ago
Good to see you finally let JJ Abrams sit at the table.
Barry Johnson
Barry Johnson - 2 months ago
Roar is literally a horror movie! A lion is a about 12 times stronger than a man, and can rip you apart like a piece of fried chicken it's a miracle nobody fucking died!
Russell Hall
Russell Hall - 2 months ago
Roar is not a bad movie. Actually, it's $%&*ing AMAZING!!! It might be the only film that falls into the "so dangerous it's genuinely scary" catagory, despite its not being intended as a horror movie. It also simultaneously manages to be uproariously funny in several instances, mainly during those scenes that involve the black guy from Africa, who seemed to be the only person on that entire set with a lick of sense. Sure, Roar fails to present its audience with a comprehensible narrative and its character's, though certainly not bland, are two dimensional at best, yet in it's unique spectacle Roar somehow transcends the medium of film itself. If Leonardo Da Vinci were born in this era of modern cinema, and at some point in his life became heavily addicted to methamphetamine, I'm sure he also would have enjoyed Roar. Regardless, there will never be another movie like it.
EFCasual - 3 months ago
The MA shittalk was pretty good.
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