Coast Guard officer charged with planning mass attack

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gmrrnracr - 5 дней назад
Don Faulkner
Don Faulkner - 10 дней назад
sounds like the government might be planning another Las Vegas shooting
Juuniverse - 16 дней назад
It’s funny how in the news you see the same kind of people planning and carrying out mass attacks and extreme ideals but there is no fear. The media needs to do a better job at making it apparent that these people are real and dangerous. Show their faces with the report. Create associations. With people of color they ALWAYS have a face to match the crime and that creates fear.
Human Man
Human Man - 17 дней назад
Of course the right wing are calling this fake news. They always do. They support terrorism. Innocent democrats could of been slaughtered and they show no sympathy. Once I thought the right wing were good people and just had different opinions, now I know better. The right wing are supporters of murder and terrorism.
Harry Veras
Harry Veras - 21 день назад
But black killing each other is the problem
Gohibniu Goh
Gohibniu Goh - 22 дня назад
What CNN should investigate is WHO did the security clearance background check?
Samuel Anselmo
Samuel Anselmo - 23 дня назад
This network is Communist channel for the new world order...we know who is the top of fake News... Clinton News Network...he was not a far right..he voted for Obama.
Leo - 23 дня назад
This is exactly what the right wing media in the USA has been pushing for BUT they play the Who Us ??? Innocent card after blowing almost silent doggie whistles for 16 +year's ...SHAME ON YOU FOX NEWS , LIMBAUGH , BRIETFART ECT ECT ECT......!
redrock1963 - 23 дня назад
Build a wall around him.
Geoffry Lancaster-castle
Geoffry Lancaster-castle - 23 дня назад
This is what? At least the third Trump Supporting Terrorist who's made National News now? Trump is an Extremist leader and is likely a Russian Puppet and a Traitorous Conman. I feel bad for Byron Trump as his dad is probably going to Prison, hopefully Byron gets a huge chunk of his Father's estate and learns from his Father's mistakes and devotes his life to making the Country and world better.
Dan Suolo
Dan Suolo - 23 дня назад
When it comes to shooting up Democrats they wind up catching the perpetrator before it happens but what about Republicans when they got shot up down in Vegas and plus on the baseball field? There's a conspiracy here for sure!
Jonas Lodahl
Jonas Lodahl - 23 дня назад
Hey, i hate hillary as much as any other person on the net, but killing her is quite extreme, even if shes a war criminal theres unfortunally those blurry lines : /
Israel Estrada
Israel Estrada - 23 дня назад
It’s funny that Democrats wants to make the U.S socialist like Norway and now our coast guard is getting ideas from Norway. THATS SOCIALISM FOR U
The Truth
The Truth - 23 дня назад
Domestic terrorist/ drug dealer
ralph salotto
ralph salotto - 23 дня назад
"Intends to murder innocent civilians." What a crock of sh!t. If they are innocent then the Moon is made of Green Cheese. The Military should rid us of these lefties. It's a comin'.
RocKnight - 24 дня назад
Sounds just about white.
Ralph Gomez
Ralph Gomez - 24 дня назад
Oh yeah sure the FBI what a coincidence they've been around the news all over the place these past few years busting this doing that going here going there catching people doing this for the love of God does anyone anyone out there see something coming does anyone see what's going on or are we all that blind people people people wake up this is a sign of another government cover-up all of a sudden they find weapons and bombs of mass destruction and he is belongs to a what group now people people wake up it's front of our noses what's being violated at this time now our Second Amendment our fourth amendment our fifth amendment our amendment to bear arms hello does anyone Connect the Dots here all these God forbid shootings going on and all over the news is about the FBI found this the FBI caught this the FBI is doing this if anyone is thinking of government takeover meaning the government is trying to control everything we do and everything we see everything we eat everything we buy every little thing we do in our lives is being monitored that's correct people if you think that's the answer you are correct ladies and gentlemen Welcome to the New World Order
linkwaxxx - 24 дня назад
He is a registered Democrat that voted for Hillary ! Lol
Kenneth J
Kenneth J - 24 дня назад
The clearest and most present terrorist danger to the USA are WHITE MALE XTIANS! Their presumed leader is the pumpkinfuehrer currently farting his way through the white house. He has given them permission to remove their hoods, to speak openly about their racist fallacies and to physically attack anyone who is not eligible to enter valhalla.
sam_well - 24 дня назад
How do we know if CNN lies again ? CNN keep lying, so it is hard to believe them.
CNN , what happens with Trump’s collusion with Russia? This is something like Russia collusion with trump.
Daffy Duck
Daffy Duck - 24 дня назад
That's to bad can't believe Hollywood and the democrats have enemies like this!
Michael Vialpando
Michael Vialpando - 24 дня назад
How will that DUMBASS wall stop this again... remind me...👺
chatege75 - 24 дня назад
Not surprising at all, people need to wake up and realize these people are everywhere and all levels of society. They are cowards and see this this as the only way they can win.
kpk1958 - 24 дня назад
More "Well Regulated Militia" just exercising his right to bear arms.
Resolute Support
Resolute Support - 24 дня назад
Terrorist’s deserve to be tar and feathered and hung publicly, no mercy for murderous terrorist vermin. Absolutely disgusting how evil and subhuman some “people” are. G-DBLESS THE INTELLIGENCE AGENCIES!!!
Forever Beauty
Forever Beauty - 24 дня назад
Give him all those viruses leave him quarantined. Maybe he will learn empathy.
USNVA - 24 дня назад
It's fun watching all you mindless puppets fighting over democrat/republican...
Some day you all will realize the online fighting was all for nothing. But until then I get to read all the entertainingr comments:
"Democrat good, republican bad!"
"Republican good, democrat bad!"
"Democrat media good, republican media bad!"
"My Pelosi witch is chaotic evil with level 8 powers. She can take out 2 republicans and 3 wizards!"
CNN: Cunts Not News
CNN: Cunts Not News - 24 дня назад
CNN Caught Fabricating another Hoax!
Bila - 23 дня назад
is this what you do with your life?
wilfridcyr - 24 дня назад
Just following Trumps orders I guess.
Abdulhalim Mohamed
Abdulhalim Mohamed - 24 дня назад
Clyde Pratt
Clyde Pratt - 24 дня назад
Red MAGA hats = White KKK hoods!
John Hampton
John Hampton - 25 дней назад
Man y'all have no idea how many white supremacist and Nazis are in the military
Steven Grotte
Steven Grotte - 25 дней назад
It was 77 Norwegian kids on a Norwegian island.
Steven Grotte
Steven Grotte - 25 дней назад
Rabs Ian
Rabs Ian - 25 дней назад
I'm still gonna wait all the evidence, before anything else...
MrPippinsays - 25 дней назад
Psychopath. Thank God they caught him.
Curtis Winters
Curtis Winters - 25 дней назад
I think something bout to happen. zombie apocalypse and he was preparing himself. stay ahead
Dontlie Tome
Dontlie Tome - 25 дней назад
I'm confussed a little...did he want to kill everyone? Democrats and CNN anchors? Liberals? Civilians? COME ON CNN, is reporting a fact that difficult? Damn!
Dontlie Tome
Dontlie Tome - 25 дней назад
I wonder what got him so upset?! Lololololol!
Lion Kiss
Lion Kiss - 25 дней назад
I don't believe that ( they want gun control)
Petet Kobor
Petet Kobor - 25 дней назад
Now I understand that the wall is so important and that Mexico might pay for it.
TheTruthIsRacist - 25 дней назад
and because there might of been one bad apple in the coast guard, we should get rid of the coast guard too, until Mexico pays for it Orange Man Bad. Open Borders are your friends!
Empathetic Chaos
Empathetic Chaos - 25 дней назад
Faker than my 15 inch dick.
Empathetic Chaos
Empathetic Chaos - 25 дней назад
Look at what they're using as proof (His google search history which isn't anywhere out of the norm.) Wtf is this some futuristic minority report shit where they can just accuse people of shit based on their search history? Shit is hilarious, people need to question everything they see on the news, whether it's coming from the right or left, Trump or Pelosi. Don't believe shit unless it can be verified.
enemyofrome .arcadian
enemyofrome .arcadian - 25 дней назад
Trump voters are scum and so is the traitor rat trump
Ed W
Ed W - 25 дней назад
"49 yr old lieutenant" ...... well that explains everything.
Chavis Batie
Chavis Batie - 25 дней назад
Let me guess....this is an isolated incident? He's a lone wolf? That's what they say any time one of these white guys get caught. When is it gonna be more than that?
Didn't a few weeks ago we were talking about another one of these types who actually succeeded in sending bombs in the mail?
Lastly, as a member of the armed forces these racists are more prevalent then the public knows. This entire military is rot with corruption and racism. I see it everyday overtly and covertly. It's not a coincidence allllllll of the top ranking generals are white or Hispanic who considers themselves as white. Just saying.
Gerald Wilkerson
Gerald Wilkerson - 25 дней назад
Violence is not the way to make change happen. This is an absolute shame. Change, lasting real change, can only be achieved through lawful legal means.
Joshua d'Estoville
Joshua d'Estoville - 25 дней назад
We should be grateful that he was apprehended before he could realize his twisted dream.
4X4 5X5
4X4 5X5 - 25 дней назад
another fine person among the very fine people of trump
Jimmy Bachand
Jimmy Bachand - 25 дней назад
Kill the mother fucker
Jimmy Bachand
Jimmy Bachand - 25 дней назад
Kill the mother fucker
Freier Patriot
Freier Patriot - 25 дней назад
Another delusional trying to save whites from annihilation.
Leighton Lawrence
Leighton Lawrence - 25 дней назад
hey CNN, was he planning an attack whose scale has never been seen before? I didnt catch you the first time. Any questions? Skepticism? No? Just drooling acceptance? Oh okay.
MsReylla - 25 дней назад
And not a word of condemnation from Orange45 who is tweeting about Smollett but not real terror.
Hayden Philbert
Hayden Philbert - 25 дней назад
It's funny how 90 percent of all terrorists attacks in the U.S. is done by white American men but Trump wants a wall and a ban on foreigners from the middle East🤔
Hayden Philbert
Hayden Philbert - 25 дней назад
Traitors within the U.S. is rampant...
WalkiTalkie - 25 дней назад
When are they gonna blow up cnn ?
Rita - 25 дней назад
They will find his van tomorrow covered in trump stickers. In europe leftists are telling the world will end soon because of climate change, so we have to vote for them.
Mark Houberg-Lawton
Mark Houberg-Lawton - 25 дней назад
I am very glad he was caught, these types of things are being carried out or planned far more often than ever before. I believe the president's rhetoric is the cause. He must stop.
Thank you to the police and Coast guard for stopping this massacre and putting this guy behind bars.
Teddy Meen
Teddy Meen - 25 дней назад
Fred Ziffel
Fred Ziffel - 25 дней назад
Wish you were able to carry through with the senator hit list, great plan!
Black P.
Black P. - 25 дней назад
Of course he's White😈😈😈Next he will be diagnosed with mental illness....Don Lemon said it best....White men are the biggest terrorist in America........
DA BUL HEEMIEHEEM SP - 26 дней назад
the purge is real
BBQSmoker NC
BBQSmoker NC - 26 дней назад
Not guilty.
Irma Knight
Irma Knight - 26 дней назад
Another derranged cult follower. His followers are the terrorists.
Funk O'Matic
Funk O'Matic - 26 дней назад
silver spring...?! one of my ol’ hangout places... yikes...
same with the dc sniper...Rockville was one the areas i often frequented... then there's that 9/11 pentagon "attack"... thank God I'm outta those areas by the 2000's.... crazy times in & round DC... phew... 😥😥
American Lost
American Lost - 26 дней назад
He sounds like a typical Donald Trump supporter. Notice he felt like this for the last two years.The same amount of time Trump has been POTUS.
Ra John
Ra John - 26 дней назад
Thats what happen when you have a white supremacist as your president. Who else call Elizabeth Warren Poco Warren? Guess what its President Donald White Trump!
ToastedAF - 26 дней назад
so is he a bad hombre? or a rapist? maybe drug dealer? oh wait nvm hes white so obviously hes just mentally ill. Just like the massive school shooters and vegas shooter they were all just mentally ill and needed help early on. got cha.
Time Too change
Time Too change - 26 дней назад
They're not giving any proof that sounds like a lie where's the proof they got to say more than he was accused
infamous4141 - 26 дней назад
What are you guys doing to make pple want to do this and what is identity politics? I'm young and excuse my ignorance but there a flood of info I can't input. Where can I watch world news like stuff happening in Asia Europe and other stories not related to a political agenda? This man should be hanged
44774477ric - 26 дней назад
Mark D'Angelo Colorado Springs Mountain Biking
Taryon Johnson
Taryon Johnson - 26 дней назад
The white man and white woman are devils and Christopher Paul Hasson proves it.
Taryon Johnson
Taryon Johnson - 25 дней назад
+Jeremy S Oh shut the hell up white devil!
Jeremy S
Jeremy S - 25 дней назад
Oh no, a black man NEVER committed any crimes! Never! lol Look if you want to have open racism, go ahead but don't try and claim the moral high ground out of the other side of your mouth.
kristi michael
kristi michael - 26 дней назад
I was trying to listen but God made it painful. If you don’t think your soul will pay for this, you’re sadly mistaken. It’s not too late to tell the truth.
tip pullthemnow
tip pullthemnow - 26 дней назад
The stupid asshole has a homeland !!! It’s called white Europe or better yet ,, your mother russia
gary castillo
gary castillo - 26 дней назад
Yeah, he's White that's why they did not show his face. If he was Brown or Muslim they would have pictures of him all over. They will also say "mental illness" before even he is even booked....because he is White...any other color...he is a terrorist.
gary castillo
gary castillo - 26 дней назад
Was he Mexican, a Muslim, an Illegal Immigrant? We have a Mass Shooting problem in the USA, and it centers around White one else.
sin car
sin car - 26 дней назад
more white terrorist mother f trump
3089280288 - 26 дней назад
This comes right after the guy from Alabama endorses the KKK ride again
Anselmo Rodriguez
Anselmo Rodriguez - 26 дней назад
I thought terrorist cross the southern border. How in the world is inside now, let me guess still no border wall
Duh tube
Duh tube - 26 дней назад
Damn he makes isis look like the boy scouts 👀
charlespk2008 - 26 дней назад
republicans are 3 times more likely to commit an act of terrorism then democrats.
this is another case to reinforce this fact.
Raven Elmasri
Raven Elmasri - 26 дней назад
Just more evidence that Trump spews and encourages hate. I see the Tiny Hand Clan on EVERY CNN video, "defending" him and just saying "fake news", trying to prove people wrong. Where are they now? LMAO
Raven Elmasri
Raven Elmasri - 26 дней назад
Schlomoe Rabinoezisblattgoldbergstein check his approval rating, the guy is a joke.
Raven Elmasri
Raven Elmasri - 26 дней назад
Schlomoe Rabinoezisblattgoldbergstein so I guess it is fair to say right winged people want more children to be killed by gun violence. It’s only fair to assume both. You couldn’t even come up with a decent argument if you tried... pathetic.
Raven Elmasri
Raven Elmasri - 26 дней назад
Schlomoe Rabinoezisblattgoldbergstein ohhhh okay 😂 when in reality Trump supporters are a joke to everybody. Keep telling yourself that 👌
Bobbihill Lane
Bobbihill Lane - 26 дней назад
Great work ladies and gentlemen!!!!! Sounds like you saved a lot of lives. This guy's mind is warped.
Bobbihill Lane
Bobbihill Lane - 26 дней назад
Great work ladies and gentlemen!!!! Sounds like you saved a lot of lives. Thid guy`s mind wad w
Huckleberry Hound
Huckleberry Hound - 26 дней назад
of course. the only threat in this country are white men with small penis, angry white men. I'm starting to believe black people when they say we are the devil
clover grass
clover grass - 26 дней назад
Oy vey, this is NOT another mossad operation, go back to sleep goyim!
Tanker - 26 дней назад
All these comments about trump have me dead
Democrats back at it again with the most useless and idiotic arguments around.
"This is what happens when trumpists get guns" This man was given guns by the government. Next time it will be "Only the government should have guns" Then it will be "cops kill too many black people" then back to "Only cops should have guns"
Both parties are retarded and you're all degenerates.
Tanker - 26 дней назад
OnLy ThE GoVeRnMeNt ShOuLd HaVe GuNs
Grace Grit and Glory
Grace Grit and Glory - 26 дней назад
Warning: Bunches of Russian bots in comment section defending this monster.
kingrome9 - 26 дней назад
I don’t believe none of this report
M B - 26 дней назад
Lock Him up
Jordan Thomas
Jordan Thomas - 26 дней назад
How did this guy become a lieutenant?, if he always seemed off
guguly maguli
guguly maguli - 26 дней назад
But but but the Mexicans were mean to me....
SPRINDYS - 26 дней назад
It is ironic that the maniacs out there have shown a tendency to aim murderous trump followers to eliminate Democrats and those trying to maintain honesty and integrity. Why haven't those maniacs aimed their vicious weapons at tRump, his family, his administration or his cult! It is laughable that the devils want to eliminate the good to maintain the tRump swamp. It is laughable! Stupid, stupid, stupid people of America! Get up and protect DEMOCRACY, not the corruption that sits in the White House! What is wrong with you?
IRON60 BITCH - 26 дней назад
The story keeps changing first story was Democratic politicians the next story was media personnel now there’s a third narrative out there hard-core liberals would now the target soon he’ll be hunting down coyotes
steven mcclelland
steven mcclelland - 26 дней назад
so glad they got all this info in such a short time...that helps...
yo - 26 дней назад
Haha coast guard 😂
Hypno Coosh
Hypno Coosh - 26 дней назад
Quick let's change the subject from jussie smollett's lies by fabricating a fake news story about a white nationalist with guns, drugs and SPREADSHEETS!
Hahaha imagine actually believing this.
King Breezy
King Breezy - 26 дней назад
White male terrorism is the biggest threat to this country not just right wing extremists just look at the school shootings and the mass shootings all white males...
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