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Julian Ochoa
Julian Ochoa - Month ago
Honestly the best LA
Jakub Trunk
Jakub Trunk - Year ago
Checking in from Memphis, Tn
Azeem Ben Ysreal
Azeem Ben Ysreal - 2 years ago
Christine Evans
Christine Evans - 3 years ago
I'm being Mind Controlled by a GOP CIA agent. He's using psychic driving, depatterning, and electromagnetic's, along with a host of other inhumane tactics to bend the law to suit him. I need you to over turn citizens united. I cannot defend myself. I need the radio stations, and the news organizations to talk about the overreaching surveillance from the CIA, NSA, ect.. I realize this must sound like an overly dramatic dramatization, and I'm sorry, but this type of covert torture is happening in America. It began when I voted for the Democrats, and it's only gotten worse. This type of covert torture and harassment is reprehensible. Thank you very much
ruebencult123 - 5 years ago
Ever heard of Cult Leader Roy Masters,his followers are a vehicle for the Beast.
Juanchi Brown
Juanchi Brown - 5 years ago
Song at 0:29 please??
Hussi Timimi
Hussi Timimi - 5 years ago
Tinashe - 2 On (Explicit) ft. SchoolBoy Q
Drugga - 5 years ago
0:19 2nd Song is a trap remix of drake - 0 to 100
Drugga - 5 years ago
Geo Savv
Geo Savv - 5 years ago
name of song starts in 0:39?:)
Geo Savv
Geo Savv - 5 years ago
Michael Thorburn
Michael Thorburn - 5 years ago
TeeFLii - 24 Hours (ft. 2 Chainz)
Bryant Sanchez
Bryant Sanchez - 5 years ago
2nd song ??
Maira Lopez
Maira Lopez - 5 years ago
It's called Love LA by Young Scrap
Michael Johnson
Michael Johnson - 3 years ago
+Power 106 Los Angeles I heard that Station in the 90's with my Homies
Michael Johnson
Michael Johnson - 3 years ago
+Power 106 Los Angeles ls LA Southcentral Classics still in the radio?
Power 106 Los Angeles
Power 106 Los Angeles - 5 years ago
Great identification Maira.
christian johnson
christian johnson - 5 years ago
What was the name of the first song? He was like love la ... These girls
Vaughn Baskin
Vaughn Baskin - 5 years ago
Power 106 True Music Power Since 1986!
Johny Vibe
Johny Vibe - 5 years ago
Power delivers in all aspects. They rule LA. Period.
Andiar Rohnds
Andiar Rohnds - Year ago
they rule the LA county jails, fool
brutisking - 5 years ago
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