I Was Shocked When I Found Out Why My Teacher is after Me

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Kelvin Issac
Kelvin Issac - 7 hours ago
Arent you helen from that step mom and laptop video?
107masoncowen - 21 hour ago
JustGetOverIt LMAO
JustGetOverIt LMAO - 2 days ago
Y am i thinking about dora da explora.
Aaron McKenzie Powell
Aaron McKenzie Powell - 2 days ago
But it was me, DIO!
KrYpt1c Crazyy
KrYpt1c Crazyy - 2 days ago
The kid at 1:08 looks like he has a really bad case of jaundice 😂
Js Lopez
Js Lopez - 2 days ago
Yep and i picked her now
sharky network 2
sharky network 2 - 3 days ago
I don't feel bad for mrs smith
Arin Guha
Arin Guha - 3 days ago
Boy I had faced horrible things, I regret for not standing up for my self that time. But now I don't care about it no more, and kept them secret from everyone. I don't want any sympathy and any one to feel bad for me.
Veirene Rosal
Veirene Rosal - 4 days ago
I hate this girl (helen) she shouldnt have done revenge!! Revenge isn't right you moron if i were u i won't do this stuff instead.. I would say "thank u.."
Cameron Worthen
Cameron Worthen - 4 days ago
You should record her then she would get firered
Bluesniper 171
Bluesniper 171 - 5 days ago
I have a math teacher like this but after he made me and my friend fight no one liked him I wish he got fired but he didn't
Mia Ciccarelle
Mia Ciccarelle - 5 days ago
my teacher in 4th grade kept me in from recess to tell me i will never have friends
oOf Sense
oOf Sense - 5 days ago
Where are her parents tho?
Cameron Kirk
Cameron Kirk - 5 days ago
Yes IV got picked on by my teacher
DeMontra Smith
DeMontra Smith - 5 days ago
Where does this teacher live I would love to beat the sound out of her and her boyfriend
DeMontra Smith
DeMontra Smith - 5 days ago
High juju smith
Onitic - 6 days ago
why does she sound like emirichu
Geux - 6 days ago
the funny thing is all my teachers like me cuz I'm the Isaac newton type of student who's literally the only person to raise his hand sometimes
Megan Guess
Megan Guess - 7 days ago
I would sue Mrs Smith and everyone at the school who wronged you. Also have Mrs Smith hooked up to a lie detector so she can't lie about anything
Salt - 7 days ago
my 2nd grade teacher yelled at me in front of the entire class because i broke her nail when she needed me to hand her a math book. im pretty sure she got fired and i dont go there anymore.
Amy pink lover
Amy pink lover - 7 days ago
Plz do a part 2 i love the story
Christina Solomon
Christina Solomon - 7 days ago
this girl kinda looks like"dora the explorer"
SS Toxic FrappYT
SS Toxic FrappYT - 7 days ago
My fifth grade teacher always made fun of my name
ashlee Marrow
ashlee Marrow - 7 days ago
Yes I have been picked on by my teachers but never in a bad way it was always in a playful manner and every single one of my teachers I had a tight relationship except one and she was just strict and now that I'm not in her class she is like a aunt to me so I guess I just got lucky
Karter Sells
Karter Sells - 7 days ago
Lots of people got bullied by my teacher Miss Turner
Anime Pro gamer
Anime Pro gamer - 7 days ago
I wish she would do that to me because we would fight and wen I Winn I will spit on her
Leah Ashe Fan
Leah Ashe Fan - 8 days ago
Why did you not tell your parents?🤔
Nya-Ni Blast
Nya-Ni Blast - 8 days ago
No. My teachers either loved, liked, or feared me.
Cam P
Cam P - 8 days ago
My teacher called me urkle
Sohzen Rodriguez
Sohzen Rodriguez - 8 days ago
How about you just change schools?
Bye hOe ;D
Bye hOe ;D - 8 days ago
Dora who
Sassy Sassy
Sassy Sassy - 8 days ago
She looks like Dora the Explorer
Bright Cats
Bright Cats - 9 days ago
She siad anything so you hade bing bong ?
kaylie de la nuez
kaylie de la nuez - 9 days ago
i was bullyed by my teacher and she would pick on me and never told my mom all cause of my teacher and when i told my best friend shd said i was liying so i said if you think i am just going to here doing nothing well you are wrong so i told my mom and then my worse nightmare pasted away
Dale Baughman
Dale Baughman - 9 days ago
Who ever creates these vids contact me
Claire And Papa
Claire And Papa - 9 days ago
Teachers: You're the bad guy.

Billie: No i'm the bad guy.
Zombies Earth 06
Zombies Earth 06 - 9 days ago
My parents would beat her ass then press charges on her. The teacher not the girl
random - 9 days ago
Next Video Title: I was shocked when i found out i had super powers and joined the justice league
Trilian Nguyen
Trilian Nguyen - 9 days ago
Do u not know what common sense is?
Tell ur parents bro
Arief Da BOSS of MEME
Arief Da BOSS of MEME - 10 days ago
Bully vs Bully
Zara Daniel
Zara Daniel - 11 days ago
She low key looks like Dora 😂
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