Public Shaming: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)

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Scott Franco
Scott Franco - 14 минут назад
Welcome to modern stoning...
Jacob Burns
Jacob Burns - 14 минут назад
Once again, John Oliver and his crew knocks it out of the park. I don't always agree with him, but I sure as hell respect his opinion and how he articulates major social issues.
Mr. Tattoo ASMR
Mr. Tattoo ASMR - 14 минут назад
You can public share anyone for anything apparently.
Dank Potatoes
Dank Potatoes - 14 минут назад
Wonder why these talk show hosts got so quiet about the Nick Sandmann controversy after it was debunked. It is almost like they want to get angry when they disagree politically with the targets, and jump to their defence if they agree
Saket Iswara
Saket Iswara - 14 минут назад
I’m so glad you covered this topic. It’s amazing how people won’t try to consider context and consequences. Because of that and considering how others will respond, I tend to hesitate before responding in comment sections. Thanks for covering this.
Cara Me
Cara Me - 14 минут назад
LoL super
Garrett Rincon
Garrett Rincon - 14 минут назад
I’m 22, and I am definitely a fucking idiot, don’t worry
Mara4Mara - 14 минут назад
She is such a strong woman now!
Liam Beckett
Liam Beckett - 14 минут назад
wuh!? #1 on Trending!! yes!!
ChibaTTs - 15 минут назад
Wow these comments
huy tran
huy tran - 15 минут назад
She does look real great
Gail Spangler
Gail Spangler - 15 минут назад
"If the sound 'Thud' grew a face" LMAO!
julio castro
julio castro - 15 минут назад
what everybody seems to have forgoten the way she did things and how she saved the sperm soaked dress what she thought was her pay day back fired
Danny - 15 минут назад
is it just me or did monica age really tap that.
Hellsong89 - 15 минут назад
Talk about lack of self self awareness...
mdimarov - 15 минут назад
this is so bad
Ondrej Korec
Ondrej Korec - 15 минут назад
This was actually a boring show for me, but... When Lewinsky scandal was hot, I was in the age of "Haahaaa, he said penis" so it definately did not passed me unobserved. But I have never realised that there was public shaming happening in US that targeted Monica. From the point of view of European society I would expect Monica to be more seen as a person who may have made some unwise decisions but nothing worse than all of us have done many times and actually to see her more of a victim... I have never been to US so I do not understand why the society was shaming her. Hipocrisy of people or what?
Nathan Watson
Nathan Watson - 15 минут назад
if the internet was around lets be honest 4 Chan would definitely be hacking Monica's accounts 24/7. It would be SO much worse.
Adrian Janssens
Adrian Janssens - 15 минут назад
Well done John Oliver. You are showing a caring attitude and Monica Lewinsky shines as a bright light as a result. I have been embarrassed by past mistakes, and Ms. Lewinsky helps all of us realise it does not have to define us for the rest of our lives. We too will move forward despite our human frailties. Thank you John and Monica.
Demeter !
Demeter ! - 16 минут назад
I have to say prior to this episode I really never considered how much Monica went through after the scandal. Thank you, John, AKA Jax, for spreading wisdom.
Beth Buelow
Beth Buelow - 16 минут назад
Monica, we see you and your humanity and unbelievable strength, and we're grateful that you are shining a brighter light on the horrible reality of bullying and malicious public shaming. Thank you.
Monica - 16 минут назад
I’m so honored to have the same name as this fantastic woman
J Fish
J Fish - 16 минут назад
I'm happy she came through the shit that society put her through pretty well. GIRL POWER!!!
fortnite Roberts
fortnite Roberts - 16 минут назад
Watch nicksway
jason morgan
jason morgan - 17 минут назад
Tucker Carlson is the Meat head of news anchors.
O Architékton
O Architékton - 17 минут назад
@ 19:00 her reaction says a lot about how hyper conscious she is of what is being said. She instantly thinks about the effect John Oliver’s comment will have on his 22 year old viewers. That only comes from years of living under the spotlight.
Mimi M
Mimi M - 17 минут назад
Jeez, all Monica did was suck a dick, for cryin' out loud. Unless you're Hillary, who cares?
Taylor Layton
Taylor Layton - 17 минут назад
Every once in a while John Oliver gets things wrong...
Tucker Carlson wasn't defending Jeff having sex with an underage woman. He was saying that it wasn't fair to charge him for accomplice to rape** when all he did was marry two people, even if one was underage --- the charge usually being reserved for someone who had direct, hands on involvement with a rape itself.
Good reporting from my local paper, Salt Lake Tribune, made this clear. Sad to see John Oliver nudging the facts and going for a cheap shot, when it's exactly what the right criticizes the left for doing...

**Not sure the exact charge name.
Felicia Gardner
Felicia Gardner - 18 минут назад
I feel bad for Monica. Was what she did wrong yeah, she had an affair with a married man. Was she the one at fault? I would say the blame belongs to the older man. At 22 no one really makes good choices. But as a public figure Clinton should have never done what he did. Looking at how it is okay for men to get away with it, but a woman is treated like scum for making a shitty choice. It is still the same way.
VonViddy - 18 минут назад
Interesting how the Covington kids weren't even mentioned
jason morgan
jason morgan - 18 минут назад
Insurance inside scam on that story.
TrackForField - 18 минут назад
I miss Jay Leno so much
Mimi M
Mimi M - 18 минут назад
Really choking on irony over here from hearing Tucker Carlson whine about the Outrage Machine...isn't he the lead cheerleader for the Outrage Machine??? WTF. Not even a HINT of self-awareness in him, is there?
pejpm - 16 минут назад
Mimi M I think he knows exactly what he’s doing, that’s the problem. It’s not just stupidity, it’s more sinister than that.
Nappyheaded Josh
Nappyheaded Josh - 19 минут назад
Monica is an amazing person. As someone who has been bullied she shows the phases of rising from the darkness
First you do feel bad, then you move on, and then you combat it. She is an incredible woman
Southern Hemisphere
Southern Hemisphere - 19 минут назад
I stick my finger up at Lewinsky but, I gave him the pinky because he was acting so Kinky.
Jazaray - 19 минут назад
You should have also mentioned Stella Liebeck, poor woman. :( She didn't even do anything wrong and people just got all over her.
Clisp Random
Clisp Random - 19 минут назад
Will Riker
Will Riker - 19 минут назад
I have never heard of Monica Lewensky in my life before of this video. Might be because I am a young German.
Kyoumi masu
Kyoumi masu - 20 минут назад
She's just a normal person! Great personality 😊
Drops2cents - 20 минут назад
I'd say kudos to John Oliver for not only being a funny guy in general, but also being able to do such a sensitive and respectful interview like he did at the end of this clip.
Drilgon Hoxha
Drilgon Hoxha - 21 минуту назад
Subscribe please 🙏🙏🙏
Suzy Simons
Suzy Simons - 21 минуту назад
I don't understand why the shit storm didn't fall on Bill Clinton himself. He was in a position of leadership and took advantage of that power. She was basically a kid when this happened. We all do shit we aren't proud of especially in our early 20s. The shame should have been placed on him.
Henrique Segundo
Henrique Segundo - 21 минуту назад
Very, very good. How can someone dislike this video?
Donald Trump
Donald Trump - 21 минуту назад
I could do public shaming way better than this guy. Nobody knows about public shaming more than I do. I'm the best. Thank you.
AmberAmbitions - 22 минуты назад
Her outfit is so cute, and she seems like an awesome person that made one high-profile mistake when they were young.
Michael Sh.
Michael Sh. - 22 минуты назад
The interview is great but for some reason looks fake as shit.
Please adjust the lighting, makeup and camerwork for the future.
Thank you :)
MsAsh3070 - 22 минуты назад
You know who else has never apologised to Monica Lewinsky? Bill Clinton. He was 49 and the leader of the free world. She was a 22 year old intern. There's not just a huge age gap but also who tf is going to say NO to the president of the United States and risk losing their job? And we know that he never apologised to her because he said so himself when he did that press tour for the book he wrote with James Patterson.
Dan Williams
Dan Williams - 22 минуты назад
They should add Monica Lewinsky as a political reporter. She's very lucid and balanced.
Mix Pick
Mix Pick - 23 минуты назад
This whole thing baffled me from the beginning (I.E. the Lewinsky "scandal")... Great interview with Ms. Lewinsky and it's a great story to see her rise above all the BS! Nicely done.
LeTechPreneur - 23 минуты назад
The double standard is just hypocritical.
Asonta Simone
Asonta Simone - 23 минуты назад
I'm 22 lol! You will never lose me John!
Crushi! Official Music and Video Channel
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Jen Xiong
Jen Xiong - 23 минуты назад
Can we take a moment to appreciate that reference to The Scarlet Letter in the title card and how well it works given the topic at hand.
Cooper Gelb
Cooper Gelb - 23 минуты назад
this was one of the best lwts in a long time
ItalianoYMexicano - 24 минуты назад
I'm honestly curious who are the"majority of comedians" that have supposedly recently apologized for Monica Lewinsky jokes they made 20+ years ago. Getting a comedian to apologize for a joke is a pretty difficult thing to do.
J Rod
J Rod - 24 минуты назад
A big part of good show is about public shaming
RubyBinxx - 24 минуты назад
This deserves to be trending at #1, which it is!!!
Krishna Thaker
Krishna Thaker - 25 минут назад
Paul H. Kircher III
Paul H. Kircher III - 25 минут назад
How can you be concerned about Public Shaming when three dudes are both literally and figuratively dying in the Desert.
Chris Jones
Chris Jones - 25 минут назад
SourGir1986 - 25 минут назад
This was such a wonderful segment. Thank you John & HBO!
Razzy1312 - 25 минут назад
The two girls going to USC is evidence of a big problem plaguing higher education - a lot of the students are only going to college for the social life and will either drop out eventually of pursue the easiest degree possible and their parents pay for it all. The system is corrupt, but it is also clogged with these kinds of people. Colleges try to justify their tuition hikes as a response to "supply vs. demand" and a large part of the issue is that much of the "demand" has nothing to do with higher education. Colleges recognize this and often sell themselves on their social scene today thus sparking further demand. The "college experience" is the selling point.
Kobra Thor
Kobra Thor - 26 минут назад
Woe is me and my dirty sluttish ways. Of course it's all Bill's fault and she didn't want that D or expected a promotion for it. Typical wahmen. Poor little victim, no talk about sucking a MARRIED MAN'S dick and whatever else she did, let alone the President, himself. Yeaaaaah, no. It's not that she doesn't deserve this, but that she, as a postmodernist woman, deserves everything that's coming for her and her ilk.
Interesting how such a Progressive, Far Leftist show is willing to throw their main man, Billy Clitton, under the bus to further support the wahmen victim narrative. Was she forcefully put over his dick aka oral rape? No? Then fuck off... but apparently the Far Left is already doing that, by eating itself like an Ouroboros of vitriolic bile and hypocritical hatred.
SuperGoooooooof - 26 минут назад
this was VERY well done.
Kay2Jay - 26 минут назад
That idiot carlson has a very punchable face, and he should be removed from TV for just being an all around asshole in general... on a global scale.
Deborah Cassidy MacPhail
Deborah Cassidy MacPhail - 26 минут назад
I love her. I watched a TED Talk she did and it was very inspiring and it made me feel so bad about what she had to go through. I would love to ask her what she'd like to do to Linda Tripp, but I could probably guess.
G- Field
G- Field - 26 минут назад
Jay Leno is a hypocrite
Clint Hill
Clint Hill - 27 минут назад
Her humor, her beauty, her intelligence blew me away. The fact that she was able to go through that meat grinder and come out the other side so squared away is amazing. Bravo to Monica. And, John, thank you for a respectful, smart interview.
Ryan Syler
Ryan Syler - 27 минут назад
I was Monica Lewinsky's age during the height of the scandal and was just as dumb as she was (by her own admission) but I never had all my dirty laundry aired in public the way she did. After seeing this interview I'm more and more convinced the we as a nation owe this woman one huge apology and we should be on our collective knees begging her forgiveness. She's the very definition of grace, integrity, and dignity. For whatever it's worth, I apologize for all you've had to endure over these years. Hold your head up high, Ms. Lewinsky. If anyone's earned that right, you certainly have.
ItalianoYMexicano - 27 минут назад
I remember that Chris Rock stand up special back then, that I watched on HBO, where he made several Monica Lewinsky jokes. He also said there are only 3 types of women: A. women who don't give head (chris yells, "BYE! FUCK YOU! SEE YA!"). B. Women that will give ya just enough head to shut ya up (Chris imitates a girl reluctantly giving a blowjob and gagging) I HATE THOSE WOMEN!!!! C. women that love nothing more than to suck a dick!

I'm positive Chris Rock would tell anyone asking him to apologize for any of those jokes to go fuck themselves and he would be in the right to do so. Jay Leno shouldn't have to apologize either. It's a comedian's job to push boundaries. I'm glad George Carlin isn't alive to see this.
Arntor 1184
Arntor 1184 - 27 минут назад
Never understood the circus around Monica. She did something that every girl on the planet has done, but with the most powerful man on the planet. Also who the fuck was calling her ugly.. Monica was and still is fine af.
Sherman Cater
Sherman Cater - 27 минут назад
I am suddenly questioning everything I thought I knew about Monica Lewinsky.
TheBlarggle - 27 минут назад
Wow. What a great interview.
Mike Camaro
Mike Camaro - 27 минут назад
Bill Hicks Remembers Jay Leno =
gruntqueen - 27 минут назад
The interview was excellent. Public shaming has its' place - exposing racists on Twitter comes to mind - but I prefer shunning.
Sn00pyGRL - 27 минут назад
The video was blocked for UK IPs, may I ask why?
googleboyny - 27 минут назад
She brought it on her self. She didnt have to tell the world she had a blue dress, it was NOT evidence of any crime.
Laley Scott
Laley Scott - 28 минут назад
Jokes on you Oliver, I just turned 23
ka2rwp1 - 28 минут назад
monica lewinsky did it to herself and she wanted everyone to know about the blow n tell game that she knobbed pres clinton or she wouldnt of shown the blue dress trophy with clintons blue veined custard gunk on it
Gerald Baria
Gerald Baria - 28 минут назад
❤️ for Monica. A beacon of hope for every single person being shamed unfairly right now.
Beechpilot - 28 минут назад
Doing well now. Go Monica! Good job John. Great interview.
Sidhe - 29 минут назад
I was just 22 I didn't know that having sex with the president could blow up in my face! Really? That fact just completely blindsided you?
Also I kept waiting for the Covington Catholic kids to pop up in this considering how recent and relevant their story is. But I guess I also knew it would never happen.
dragontiff1 - 29 минут назад
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Silver space
Silver space - 29 минут назад
I am confused as to why you didn't talked about false rape allegations?
Brian Hensley
Brian Hensley - 29 минут назад
You can't have freedom of speech and expect to never be offended. It speaks to the quality of character of the individual who shames on Monica Lewinsky over what's done. By far most people likely never sink to this level of behavior and I certainly never have, or known anyone who did. Most of the people I know who ever said anything about the scandal she was involved in blamed the president for being unfaithful. Miss Lewinsky seems like a reasonable attractive woman and maybe a little high maintenance but stylish and articulate at the same time. Frankly, making a big deal out of this is deeply shallow. But I still think the president at the time should have faced prosecution by court martial as commander in chief of the armed forces he should be expected to uphold the same standards and Sodomy at the time was an offense against ucmj. Miss Lewinsky on the other hand was a civilian and was not subject to the same consideration, in fact some efforts should have been made to protect her identity, which was a complete fail.
Xerus - 29 минут назад
I remember growing up and hearing the name "Screwinsky" often and seeing Monica take the fall while people in general still like Bill. People in power, like Trump cheating on his wife with a porn star, do awful things and encourage others into hurtful situations just buy their way out and never receive enough punishment. Seriously, it's like no one cares what Trump or Bill did anymore, but people are quick to hold blame on those with less influence. I'm glad Monica was able to move forward. Bullying is never fun.
Allen Caruselle
Allen Caruselle - 30 минут назад
What a tough lady.
DarkLuke2005 - 30 минут назад
Wait, Rap God.
mecaka - 30 минут назад
lmao that makeup review though who even
mecaka - 19 минут назад
Also as a 22 year old? yes I am a complete moron. Such a huge dumb ass. Like my god. I'm gay, depressed, have an anxiety disorder, am probably on the autism spectrum, have 2 degrees, don't have a "real" job yet, and am living with my homophobic, racist, misogynistic parents after getting kicked out of the apartment I was sharing with my now-ex, and I'm just such a fucking idiot.
mecaka - 25 минут назад
Also the scarlet letter 'A' in the victorian-esque font in the title card?? Someone is very proud of their graphic design and literature knowledge
Tyler Chamberlain
Tyler Chamberlain - 31 минуту назад
John Oliver getting on a high horse over public shaming? What an irredeemable, leftist piece of shit. To actually have the balls to criticize “call out culture” when YOU’RE FUCKING JOHN OLIVER, is the stupidest thing I’ve heard from a liberal since yesterday. These people have no shame or character.
King Nikhole
King Nikhole - 31 минуту назад
I guess you could say this interview....sucked.... Okay I'll show myself out after I put on my pun Beret.
Chad Stewart
Chad Stewart - 31 минуту назад
Time is running out!
David Ejike
David Ejike - 32 минуты назад
first last
first last - 32 минуты назад
26 minutes to tell me people are assholes. Thanks.
Avery Anderson
Avery Anderson - 32 минуты назад please watch this! Like and comment please!
Tilen Krejacic
Tilen Krejacic - 32 минуты назад
John 194 songs she is mentioned in, i checked every last one on your list and there was no rap god by eminem lol
simone riccardi
simone riccardi - 32 минуты назад
Who genuinely laughed at that Alvin like Jacks did? :}
ItalianoYMexicano - 33 минуты назад
I think the idea of internet/public shaming is important and should be discussed because it's pretty toxic out there these days. The tangent about Jay Leno was kinda weird for multiple reasons.
1. It frankly just sucks seeing comedians call out other comedians or demand they apologize for a joke.
2. It was also weird to talk, at moments, seriously about the subject or see like that footage of Monica crying, but at the same time you're telling Jay Leno to fuck himself for something he did 20-30 years ago and demanding he apologize. I mean nomatter how good the argument is... you're making a case that it is OK to humiliate 1 person, but not OK to humiliate another... like at the most basic level that is your message.
Do you see how that just seems hypocritical?

You could have generally said maybe people should think about apologizing for jokes made back then, but to specifically call out Jay Leno came off, to me, more personal than anything. Like it distracted from the topic because it left me wondering, "Does John Oliver or HBO really dislike Jay Leno or something?"
bukovinian - 33 минуты назад
Think of Clinton was a Republican, he would get so much heat from media. But did John ever mentioned anything about Clinton being a sex predator?
Annele555 - 33 минуты назад
I came to the comments expecting the worst.. I have never been happier to be disappointed. ♥ Monica truly deserves the best in life. She is strong, determined, well articulated and beautiful, inside and out.
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