Black Mirror S03E01 Airport scene

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Zackariah - 2 days ago
Just wait, this will be our future soon
Nehemiah 1:9
Nehemiah 1:9 - 9 days ago
This scene is everything to me LOL. The Airport agent is hilarious!!!.. Finally we see a scene where a liberal is getting hit with their OWN LAWS. Intimidation and Profanity lol. Ima use that against a liberal next time.
Gabe Meytanis
Gabe Meytanis - 10 days ago
1:41 ᵒᵒᵖ
Ron Cobb
Ron Cobb - 11 days ago
Ron Howard has a beautiful daughter. At 1:12 she said "Christ" and was asked to moderate her language.
Chris The Big Fredo Cuomo
a social credit system in america will mean WAR. best arm yourself.
Erica - 12 days ago
This is happening in China.
Erica - 12 days ago
This is terrifying.
paul carter
paul carter - 12 days ago
Scary stuff, but how far do you think we are away from this becoming reality?. I'm guessing 10 years if not sooner. People need to wake up, and they can start by using cash for every transaction. use it or lose it.
Dominick Sebastièn
Dominick Sebastièn - 15 days ago
Aren't they implementing something like this in China?
Jonathan White
Jonathan White - 23 days ago
GOOD old communism
Seculair - 25 days ago
OWWWWW. I would love it to live in such a society. Finally order and discipline. And not a bunch of people not conrolling there impulses.
Seculair - 11 days ago
@baq Ok, now you are involving religion in this i can not take you serious any longer. bye!
Seculair - 11 days ago
@baq But AT LEAST you have concrete evidence in every public space wherever people do not behave according to the already existing social norms. And by the way: There are no negative consequences for people who just behave themself to the already existing social norms. So in other words: You have nothing to fear if you have nothing to hide.
Seculair - 11 days ago
@baq Ok. And what is your solution to accomplish social justice if there is no surveillance whatsoever?
Seculair - 11 days ago
@baq Yes ofcourse you should be allowed to critisize the government. The thing in China is that it was already illegal to critisize the government even before the introduction of the Socia Credit System. But if we introduced this Social Credit System here in the west we will still be allowed to critisize the government because the constitution give us the freedom to do that.
Seculair - 22 days ago
@William Tyndale What you can see in this video is actually more or less reallity right now. In China they have the so called: Social Credit System. (Just look it up if you don't know what it is) And living is such a society is no problem for me. I can behave myself.
Skusioh - Month ago
I don't think this universe is plausible because everyone who recieves a downvote would downvote the downvoter. In the end everyone would have just terrible scores. But the idea is neat :)
ItsJustErik - Month ago
*C A L L T H E F * * * * * G S U P E R V I S O R*
crystal 12
crystal 12 - Month ago
this airport women was funny as hell 🤣🤣❤❤👌🤣👌🤣👌🤣 i give her 10 stars
Jennifer Chiang
Jennifer Chiang - Month ago
Happening in China right now. The social credit score
Jake4595 - Month ago
Perfectly explains the internet upvoting system. Once you roll in a few negative downvoted, everyone will nosedive you and chain vote you down regardless if theyr truly stand by their vote or not
Yannick - Month ago
Everyone is saying this is happening in China, but they don't realise something similar to this is already happening in the society. People judge other people based on how many followers they have on social media, or based on their looks or status in the society. You're considered a 'creep' if you're ugly and not famous when you are flirting with someone. If you do the same but when you have a lot of followers and are good looking, people will think you're charming.
Vanguard - Month ago
And iiiiii am sooooo sorayyyy hand clasps on chest but the eyes don’t lie 😍
partsgeriausias - Month ago
She still has to book her on another flight or give her a refund you cant just say im so sorry and thats it
Saad Ahsan
Saad Ahsan - Month ago
the fake smiling is so creepy. I'll kill myself if this ever happens in future
MHDCGaming - Month ago
The airport security dude is also Bayek from Assassin's Creed Origins.
RiotRanger - Month ago
irl china right now
SYNCR0NIZE - Month ago
The views is 911K is this shit trying to tell me sumthn
Bottle Green
Bottle Green - Month ago
If I were Lacie, I would’ve jumped over that counter and beat the shit out of Hannah.
_pinah - 2 months ago
Tracy!!! Now I know why you are no longer in bubblegum. You work at the airport now huh girl
Matt Frazier
Matt Frazier - 2 months ago
Tied for my favorite black mirror episode with Metalhead.
Justin Bishop
Justin Bishop - 2 months ago
I wont have technology this advanced. Life is too precious for all of this higher technology entering the world. I wish people as a whole would realize and take a stand. They already have people here feeling like they cant be happy much less even “Know who they are” without their social media or phone. Sad.
Sa Sa
Sa Sa - 2 months ago
Now, it is true in China social credit system !! Very terrible!!!! No funny !!! Over 17 million Chinese can’t buy tickets from train/flight etc
LEGO JOEY - 2 months ago
Cool scene
AJ Jackson
AJ Jackson - 2 months ago
This is literally how China is now with their social credit. People can't travel easily if their score is too low.
condescendingsmile - 2 months ago
THis is now china
ZafiroRiverSpirit - 2 months ago
I haven't even seen the episode yet, but I can already tell that flight attendant was a condescending bitch and I want to punch her in the face.
Freddy Jones
Freddy Jones - 2 months ago
This system already exists in China.Everything in this episode is already in effect their.Its called social credit scoring.....Hasnt reached the US & Europe yet but its on it way.We are going to walk right into it.
michael hobbs
michael hobbs - 2 months ago
A flight cancelled and rank 4.18 and not being able to get to her wedding and no other options well in my opinion about this film I’m sorry but the passenger actress did have a right to complain against the staff as it was their responsibility to do their jobs to help customers first with no excuses , I know she did go a bit to far and I can understand that security is doing a right to protect their workers and everybody’s welfare but still not good enough and very frustrated she was.
Manuel Nuñez
Manuel Nuñez - 2 months ago
They all could have helped her at least get a 4.2 yet gave her double damage downvoting.
Laurus - 2 months ago
Fuckin blacks I tell you.
Alex Sosna
Alex Sosna - 2 months ago
Id be a mass shooter in this universe. I’d kill em all laughing while abouting die all you fake smiling motherfuckers die!
Ginger Snap
Ginger Snap - 2 months ago
This scene hurts so much. She’s showing signs of being human and being judged so harshly for it.
Seculair - 11 days ago
I guess you are a American because this comment of yours was so retarded. There are laws and enforcements to deter people from just act on your impulses. Thats why there are laws and enforcements in the first place. Otherwise i could just for example: Beat or kill anyone who slightly annoy me or rape someone because i have as well destructive impulses as well as sexual impulses. Would that kind of act on your impulses also fall under your so called 'She’s showing signs of being human'?
supernova girl
supernova girl - 22 days ago
Welcome to life
Thu Duong
Thu Duong - 2 months ago
This is basically China
Kid Arachnid
Kid Arachnid - 2 months ago
*_Ernie prepares for a hate crime_* 😃
Daury Davis
Daury Davis - 3 months ago
The attendant ruined her life
SnakeEater866 - 3 months ago
The guard's uniform looks like a Starship Trooper military uniform, which seems very fitting because that movie also delivers its message by presenting a very fake commercial tone.
Milk - 3 months ago
I'd have turned around and screamed my best fuck you at the attendant
Neuronaut Alpha-1
Neuronaut Alpha-1 - 3 months ago
If we don't eliminate liberals and the agendas they push, this will be Our country soon.
shielsy1 - 3 months ago
Social engineering to the highest order (((They))) always reveal their plans to the public in movies and tv shows ahead of time, it's psychological warfare.
Ksenia - 3 months ago
It is kind of ridiculous though that she booked a flight and they just told her "sorry it's cancelled" and did nothing to book her onto another one....
Domino TV
Domino TV - 3 months ago
Status: Oh God Oh Fuck
red_wheelbarrow - 3 months ago
Who is here from Pewdiepie? Come on Lads no reason to be shy.
Tomas Biagioni
Tomas Biagioni - 3 months ago
Fucking Ryanair!
EditingGeek - 3 months ago
1:41 invented “and i oop”
Under Aged2974
Under Aged2974 - 3 months ago
Oh shit, thats so amazing serial, fuck it im gona kill my self :)
Iggles88 - 3 months ago
“It’s above me”
Jandi Jandi
Jandi Jandi - 3 months ago
Does anyone know the name of this guy @1:42
Jim Callahan
Jim Callahan - 3 months ago
This show is so fucking basic
Jose Jose
Jose Jose - 3 months ago
elle est laide la noire
mejw1 - 3 months ago
Liberals and the Chinese Communist Government. Yep, that's what this episode is all about!!! ;)
mejw1 - 3 months ago
since RUvideos hides my Truth comment. I will give myself a Like ;) lol
Diego Echeverría
Diego Echeverría - 3 months ago
The fact that I’m just finding out about Black Mirror and watching this scene made me so uncomfortable omg can’t imagine watching the whole episode
12squared Network
12squared Network - 3 months ago
The only thing wrong with this scene is that in the future baggage claim will be automated and there will be no human attendants only kiosks or maybe just an app-based interface
jul sabbi
jul sabbi - 3 months ago
This scene uhhhhhh hahaha smh
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