He Lost the Most Important Race of his Life

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Carter Adams
Carter Adams - 5 days ago
Who else wants to see Danny Duncan at turf wars
Guns are Fun
Guns are Fun - 6 days ago
Next turf wars every 5 CENTS spent on the website is one entry to win the X3
Ethan Amatie
Ethan Amatie - 10 days ago
We want more Ryan and less jake
Ninja - 17 days ago
Am I the only one that loves the smell of racing fuel coming straight from banshees
Levi Scanie
Levi Scanie - 22 days ago
Song name at 1 minute
Cophes - 23 days ago
5:14 WTF is that kid doing
Solid Raftyz
Solid Raftyz - 23 days ago
There’s a big weight difference between a dirtbike and a quad
Isaac Riez
Isaac Riez - 25 days ago
250’s are slow
yes - 25 days ago
Man, I wish I could go to turf wars :(
Evan Lowman
Evan Lowman - 26 days ago
Can I get a dirt bike because I want one and my mom said I could get my 12th birthday and she couldn't she didn't have enough money because my brother took it and he spent it all
Evan Lowman
Evan Lowman - 26 days ago
I'm 4 11 feet tall and 105 pounds also love the videos
Brayden Pike
Brayden Pike - 26 days ago
Mix gas and slap ass
PLEASE. S U B. TO ME I will sub back
I live in wv
PLEASE. S U B. TO ME I will sub back
And I wanna come hang out with u guys but my parents would never let me
SWINESHOWER 2005 - 27 days ago
The kid in the background 😂
Kelly Beckwith
Kelly Beckwith - 28 days ago
Jake can I buy your banchee
Mr. Savage
Mr. Savage - 28 days ago
Put the wheelie bar on the dirt bike
Tanner Elkins
Tanner Elkins - 29 days ago
5:14 the kid in the back ground.
z0v0 ty
z0v0 ty - 29 days ago
Any one else thought it was a video game
Jesus Cobos
Jesus Cobos - Month ago
All you need is paddle tires
Ash - Month ago
E-Bikes are gay
Jasper Gray
Jasper Gray - Month ago
Anyone else realize that the song is also in the DDE intro?
Davian Alston
Davian Alston - Month ago
Jake needs mr 501s rear tiers if he wants to beat people 501s grip
Davian Alston
Davian Alston - Month ago
I want my group dmv outlaw dirt bikes and atv to race them we got that smoke
Cale Phillips
Cale Phillips - Month ago
I always laugh at a Kawasaki trying a Honda.
Zachary Cook
Zachary Cook - Month ago
Nobody else subscribe to them just let it stand at 420k please
Thisisaj14 - Month ago
I'm gunna build a blaster thats gunna wax that banshee Jake😏🤙🏻
A.J. Da Silva
A.J. Da Silva - Month ago
That banshee should have smoked that 450,
Dj Potato
Dj Potato - Month ago
next year race the new yz500 there bringing out in 2020 that thing tuned will smoke anything there
Rocket Riner
Rocket Riner - Month ago
Y’all need to find a front wheel drive car and put like lunch trays under the rerwheels
509 Hughes
509 Hughes - Month ago
HAPPY “420”🤟
Shifttube - Month ago
the ban need to extend the swing arm and put a 100 shot and air shifter and than you might be doing sum also you need to put a light jockey on that not the big dude 220lbs
Yaksey - Month ago
Like if you got that dumb contact lense ad
Distend - Month ago
Wish I could have taken my banshee there :(
mobile games guy
mobile games guy - Month ago
I like how you use #dde music or intro music
Daniel Ortega wilson
Daniel Ortega wilson - Month ago
Will bit Jake with dirt bike 1990 run fast two fast for Jake
Poco Loco
Poco Loco - Month ago
If jake would’ve had studs he would’ve won every race
Dalton Konz
Dalton Konz - Month ago
Go kart class next time?
dirtbike dan
dirtbike dan - Month ago
I hope to make it some year but I'm still saving up to get a dirt bike.
eddy - Month ago
maverick vs banshee pls
RadMan - Month ago
Do y'all have a boat, lawnmower or snowmobile class?
SOLOFOX 24 - Month ago
Literally the best channel on YouTube
Adam Lindsey
Adam Lindsey - Month ago
you guys should come out to North Dakota. lots of places to ride. plus i could have you guys check out my downed sled
Tanner Dawson
Tanner Dawson - Month ago
Do a collab with Tanner Fox
Terrence Trotter
Terrence Trotter - Month ago
If it was me it would be 23 hours
Austin Norflet
Austin Norflet - Month ago
now I KNOWWWW that YALL KNOW daily driven exotics uses that there music for their into at 5;51
Kyle L
Kyle L - Month ago
Dope Chanel. can y’all please get some more of them bangin hats up on the site ASAP!! lol
FishBossMoss - Month ago
give it 5 more years, u guys could do turfs wars around the U.S. guarantee it would be just as big
Re Wadena
Re Wadena - Month ago
17:45 😂🤣🤣 dude that's the craziest drink I've ever seen anyone take!! Ahhh What's in that water??
Tyler Miller
Tyler Miller - Month ago
Sweet vid banging has a loud quad.
Ben Casillas
Ben Casillas - Month ago
Been waitin' for this video since last year's Turf Wars!
Tommy Born2Ride
Tommy Born2Ride - Month ago
Typo at 10:09??
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