1 Star vs. 5 Star Tech Products Test

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Cooldudegaming - Hour ago
Make Tupac
I'm Not Light Skin
I'm Not Light Skin - 17 hours ago
13:42 Mom can I have ice cream for breakfast
Jordan Garza
Jordan Garza - 17 hours ago
8:47 you know what else you can buy for 399 dollars hehehehe
Matt D
Matt D - 18 hours ago
That painting had jiz dribbled on her lips💋🗯
radbray3 gaming
radbray3 gaming - 22 hours ago
Andrea Araiza
Andrea Araiza - 5 days ago
Damn Mr. Predicto is a savage
Space Berry
Space Berry - 5 days ago
The 1 star are usually just useless items
Real Racer 3
Real Racer 3 - 6 days ago
This is a personal time stamp 8:49
A Lowe
A Lowe - 6 days ago
Ramon Villa
Ramon Villa - 8 days ago
"It's back up and where back in.. "
K mills
K mills - 8 days ago
I thought the severed foot was a giant Apple core. 🙃.
Carml - 9 days ago
$11 for that hologram thing?! I made that myself when I was a kid...
Bleys McNutt
Bleys McNutt - 10 days ago
Let’s use the google pixel 3’s water bottle feature to drink some water.
Kermit the Frog
Kermit the Frog - 10 days ago
"Mr Predicto are we gonna be friends?"
Matthew Lawlis
Matthew Lawlis - 13 days ago
Cat lazer pointer is actualy a great product. I have owned one in the past.
Georgia Collings
Georgia Collings - 13 days ago
Imagine spending $65 USD on a freaking water bottle. Like. Can’t you just count how many times you fill it up during the day?!?!
reh4444 - 14 days ago
Dope or nope has joined the chat
James Martin
James Martin - 14 days ago
Link:are we gonna be friends?
Me:*laughing af* GOTTEM
Chocolate BaR
Chocolate BaR - 15 days ago
Rhett: don't put it through your eyes
Link: I'm bout to end this mans whole career
Holland Nance
Holland Nance - 16 days ago
what the hec man
Lunar - 17 days ago
You should have collabed with Jeff Bezos in this video
memethyst - 17 days ago
"mr predicto, are we going to be friends"
".................................. no."

best comedic timing
Star-roid 1243
Star-roid 1243 - 18 days ago
"Would you pay 12$ for a blacklight"? My answer is yes
DragiQQ - 18 days ago
8:10 "Don't Put It In Your Eyes" - Rhett
*Link puts it in his eyes*
*Rhett Thinks Of Erasing This FriendShip*
Cecilia Vallejo
Cecilia Vallejo - 25 days ago
Jacob Johnson
Jacob Johnson - 26 days ago
it's always time for *_E L E C T I C K N I F E_*
Ryan Epley
Ryan Epley - 27 days ago
My dad actually has the smart water bottle
Justin Koch
Justin Koch - 28 days ago
10:32 got me dying of laughter lol
Kristine Metzger
Kristine Metzger - 29 days ago
I know you are wondering how I got so many likes
Possum Boy
Possum Boy - Month ago
Rhett: don’t put it on your eyes
Link: IMMEDIATELY puts it over his eyes
High King Dovah
High King Dovah - Month ago
The way Rhett snatches the knife from Link made me wheeeeeze.
You know Rhett’s been doing these exact things for 35 years
dopey diamond
dopey diamond - Month ago
10:40 did he say da fuq
ConMan1226 - Month ago
“Mr Predicto, are we gonna be friends?”
My social life in a nutshell.
Myla Schroeppel
Myla Schroeppel - Month ago
I'm surprised that Link didn't want the knife.
Isoll i
Isoll i - Month ago
Link: "make tupac"
PoisonFatal - Month ago
Did rhett like shart in his pants at the beginning? What was that face?
Ƒaith 2019
Ƒaith 2019 - Month ago
I love how without saying a word at 4:33 Rhett just shooed Link away from that knife. XD It's just instinct at this point to keep that man away from sharp objects.
Kaitlyn J.
Kaitlyn J. - Month ago
"Mr.Predicto are we gonna be friieennnds?"
" *No.* "
david lynn
david lynn - Month ago
I honestly want the hologram for you phone
Pedddopie - Month ago
aren't you actors??? I swear
Carl Vedin
Carl Vedin - Month ago
Rhett: Don’t put it in your eyes
**immediately puts it in his eyes**
Raven Hirko
Raven Hirko - Month ago
13:38 my favorite part of this whole video 😂😂
Person of marshmallow
Person of marshmallow - Month ago
Rhett’s love for Rihanna is so cute
TheMarvelLegoMaster - Month ago
13:34 - 14:43 😂😂🤣😂
the mr toaster guy
the mr toaster guy - Month ago
I love you guys
ravioli ravioli
ravioli ravioli - Month ago
Moses Oler
Moses Oler - Month ago
10:32 😂😂what link said
doos - Month ago
You can make your own smartphone hologram for like 2 dollars
My boxing Journey With James Stewart
Make two pac
madison j
madison j - Month ago
“make 2pac” same
espyTV - Month ago
I'm 100% sure Rhett snatched the knife because he knew it was too dangerous for Link. The way a protective yet angry father would
julia gulia
julia gulia - Month ago
4:56 Rhett and Link with the knife 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Caileff Wadsworth
Caileff Wadsworth - Month ago
Jay K
Jay K - Month ago
*Burned silicone playdough doughnuts*

A healthy snack any time of the day
Aidan Pack12341 aka ui vegito
Cuz you can make all kinds of hologra-
*make 2Pac.*
colten glover
colten glover - Month ago
it’s funny cause the laser comb actually does work
Clarathe idiot
Clarathe idiot - Month ago
Hmmm I wonder why they gave Rhett the knife and not Link?...
Riley Abercrombie
Riley Abercrombie - Month ago
Badlands chugs!!!
Betadesk - Month ago
ZGJ Finance
ZGJ Finance - Month ago
Shoulda done electric shavers lol
Danielle Sargent
Danielle Sargent - Month ago
Is it cook fully?
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