Rhett's Slighty Morbid Zoo Story

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hoot hoot
hoot hoot - 12 days ago
Someone's never read Watership Down lol. Never saw a rabbit the same after that
T Wilson
T Wilson - Month ago
Rabit over Rhett
itsmadimay - 2 months ago
i'm crying at the "i would die for you" AGAIN i promise you i will never get over it
Philip Ballerstein
Philip Ballerstein - 2 months ago
Use the rabbit from Monty Python's Holy grail
James Pelton
James Pelton - 3 months ago
Has no one watched "Monty Python and the search for the holy grail"? "It's got big teeth!"
Joseph Pellerito
Joseph Pellerito - 3 months ago
4:11 what was that Rhett? Haha just casually adding letters to words. I dig it haha
Princess Sparkle Pixie
Princess Sparkle Pixie - 3 months ago
Weird, today's episode of More also featured a Patrick Swayze Ghost reference.
Rebecca Hanley
Rebecca Hanley - 3 months ago
2019 03
Jadeybugz - 3 months ago
A tiger turned around and sprayed pee all over one of the other people one time not me thankfully lol the zookeepers had to restrain the man to keep him from going after the tiger he was soooooo mad
HeyThere BuddyBoi
HeyThere BuddyBoi - 3 months ago
Coming back to this episode to hear one of the sweetest lines Rhett had ever said : "I would die for you". wHy iS tHat sO adOrAble
Steven is sneaky
Steven is sneaky - 4 months ago
This is one of the best GMMore ever man lmfao
N Kundu
N Kundu - 4 months ago
Nandan Kanan😨😨😨Oh my😨😨😨It's in our country
Varonica  Diaz
Varonica Diaz - 4 months ago
I would die for you ♥️
the invisible me
the invisible me - 4 months ago
"I would die for you" "I would die for you" he said it twice as is the first time he realized that in fact he would die for Link if he had to
Alyssa Crowe
Alyssa Crowe - 4 months ago
The important question is.... Are they still together?
xydoit - 5 months ago
This is sexy when Rhett is holding Link.
foleyosha the first
foleyosha the first - 5 months ago
(‘-‘)/. |——————-l
lailinshale - 5 months ago
"I would die for you. *I would die for you* " LINK DOESN'T ACKNOWLEDGE IT. Ow, my heart.
Kai Squad
Kai Squad - 5 months ago
Rabbit guns😂😂
Mr Gurto
Mr Gurto - 5 months ago
Storytime is the best time with you guys lol
Trisha Gay
Trisha Gay - 5 months ago
"If you were a gorilla, I would not die for you" haha, def a shirt. Gonna gave to make one for myself.
MusicalMachineEtc - 5 months ago
I just realized after 3 years that the title says Slighty not Slightly. 😂😂😂
Wolf Thorn
Wolf Thorn - 5 months ago
You know your wife is a real keeper, when you would voluntarily throw yourself "naked" into a lions den, to escape her nagging.
Usually I take my wife and kids to the zoo, I hand them each a bag of rabbits, and tell them it's ok to pet the lions and tigers.
Wolf Thorn
Wolf Thorn - 5 months ago
"Funner than a bag of rabbits."
That is my new "go to" like saying.
eg How was your day.....?. "Funner than a bag of rabbits."
Shelley Bancroft
Shelley Bancroft - 5 months ago
I can't stop thinking of the killer rabbit in Monty Python's The Holy Grail. 🤣😂
Imani Miranda
Imani Miranda - 6 months ago
Cgase Zimmermagan
Cgase Zimmermagan - 6 months ago
There’s not 800 left, there’s still like hundreds of thousands
Mason Nevitt
Mason Nevitt - 6 months ago
On time when I was at the zoo a goose got stuck in the manned wolf exhibit. You can guess what happened. (It was eaten in two minutes)
Rhianna Parlaman
Rhianna Parlaman - 6 months ago
Killer rabbits exist in Minecraft.....yeah
Victoria Varnedoe
Victoria Varnedoe - 6 months ago
Monty python and the holy grail: rabbit. Look it up boom there ya go.
Eva Owens
Eva Owens - 7 months ago
3:02 I like the Of Mice And Men reference
Denise Newman
Denise Newman - 7 months ago
So if a gorilla co-hosted the show would that be like the "missing Link?" ....lol
Levityz - 7 months ago
Link with the last burn!!! *Fire*
Eli M
Eli M - 7 months ago
A rabbit bomb is when you put 2 rabbits in a bag and then leave it there.
ZomBwarrior 101
ZomBwarrior 101 - 8 months ago
I just noticed that they spelt slightly wrong they said slighty not trying to be rude but I just noticed that
Maygan Phynix
Maygan Phynix - 8 months ago
screw zoos. Animals deserve Freedom, like we do. Visit a Sanctuary instead. ❤️
Stephanie Shannon
Stephanie Shannon - 8 months ago
He was sleeping....then he fainted..huh
Eli Walker
Eli Walker - 8 months ago
Link was genuinely offended for a few seconds there 😂
Leah Kleinfeld
Leah Kleinfeld - 8 months ago
i love watching rhett literally come to the realization for the very first time that he would die for link
the invisible me
the invisible me - 4 months ago
So precious... their friendship give me hope
SMOOTHIE SOUNDZ - 9 months ago
7:16 there's the awkward moment
Sally Otley
Sally Otley - 9 months ago
"A gorilla could be my co-host for this show!"
"SCREW YOU, man!" 😂
Iron_ki_ Laufeyson
Iron_ki_ Laufeyson - 9 months ago
So does that mean that all mythical creatures exist somewhere?
prachi adapwar
prachi adapwar - 9 months ago
40 year old indian man and his wife..hmm....but i could bet you that even after surviving the suicidal attempt of being eaten by a lion alive, they still would not get a divorce maybe his wife would leave him but not officially....speaking with experience....
Gutslinger - 9 months ago
The best time to go to the zoo is in the spring.
BookMilla - 10 months ago
People enjoyed watching a rabbit getting toutured?? thats really messed up.
James Weldon
James Weldon - 10 months ago
Rhett predicted Harambe
Mayasounds - 10 months ago
Lolll the song at the beginning of this reminded me so much of Flight of the Conchords
Elli Sowers
Elli Sowers - 10 months ago
I went to the zoo today and got to feed a tiger
Dakota Summers
Dakota Summers - 10 months ago
“Fetch me the holy hand grenade of Antioch!”
Rebekah Jackson Vlogs
Rebekah Jackson Vlogs - 10 months ago
Wanna get drunk, take a shot every time Link pushes up his glasses in any episode of GMM or GMMore.
Star !
Star ! - 10 months ago
all the dislikes are rabbits :(
Deija Wyse
Deija Wyse - 10 months ago
If you think about it, the kid that feel in the exhibit with Harambe could have turned out just like the rabbit.
Sarah Mcneil
Sarah Mcneil - 10 months ago
I'm starting to understand why rhett's son is so scary
I’m Free2OffendNE1
I’m Free2OffendNE1 - 10 months ago
7:02 but flat earth is a stupid theory...
Evarínagarm Guardian
Evarínagarm Guardian - 10 months ago
5:32 2016

I’m sorry 2015 Rhett.
Rosie Josie
Rosie Josie - 11 months ago
It’s 2018 and that is still not a T-shirt I need that
Denise Thomasson
Denise Thomasson - 11 months ago
If I had to choose between a gorilla and a rabbit I would pick rabbit, I have 7 rabbits, a dog, and a cat.
Carlos Danger
Carlos Danger - 11 months ago
He moans like a ghost when he's getting bf'ed
Thee IkeMaster
Thee IkeMaster - 11 months ago
R: "and there's like a hand coming up, and that's all the action that you get get"
L: "oh well I got something about that, (R: "oh really" 😏😏) but I'll save it till you're done"
Nobilissima - Year ago
Sorry.. I pick the rabbit to live XD much cuter...
Della Cole
Della Cole - Year ago
Rabbit Guns
Destiny Syms
Destiny Syms - Year ago
i don't like you no more RHETT!!!
Kyle N.
Kyle N. - Year ago
a garila or rabitt nonono I would have the rabbit and garila have a baby and then just keep the baby
Timothy Bell
Timothy Bell - Year ago
Little did they know a few short years later a toddler would be the ultimate fate of our dear harambe
Sarah Abbott
Sarah Abbott - Year ago
Vampire rabbits ha in what universe would that exist?

Excuse me
Dogofwar - Year ago
I would want the rabbit to survive in the wild. because it is lower in the food chain.
Nish - Year ago
The first time I went to the zoo a silverback gorilla squished poop onto the glass window and starting eating it. Apparently he was showing off 😂😭
TylerHoodMusic - Year ago
I spy a Sturgill shirt! Nice!
ilya korr
ilya korr - Year ago
Biggie Cheese Boi
Biggie Cheese Boi - Year ago
*s l i g h t l y*
Hope Scott
Hope Scott - Year ago
Is this before Harambe?
Erik N
Erik N - Year ago
“Screw you, man”
That was so funny. I did expect Link to say that. LOL
Diana Frida
Diana Frida - Year ago
sonali s
sonali s - Year ago
Aerial Williams
Aerial Williams - Year ago
Rhett, get your own channel and talk ethics.
Adoria - Year ago
And now (ear biscuits no. 132, 2018) you are telling us you will build a monument with a bunch of gorillas named George hanging around :DDD
Jimmy D
Jimmy D - Year ago
I like rabbits...
LTG FANBOY - Year ago
Whenever Rhett says naked he says “nekkit” 😂😂😂
Someone make that animation!
Aidan Mitchell
Aidan Mitchell - Year ago
Aidan Mitchell
Aidan Mitchell - Year ago
I've seen Ghosy
ROZYLAND2008 - Year ago
Slow down the playback × 0.5 and you're welcome to drunken dumb mode of gmm.
Amanda Eastham
Amanda Eastham - Year ago
seeing that happen to the rabbit would be very upsetting to me.
Misquoted Buffalo
Misquoted Buffalo - Year ago
Maybe a rabbit and a guerilla could replace Rhett and Link for an episode 😂
Jbird - Year ago
Ok didn’t need to know the rabbit story geeeeez
Bishshayon Sen
Bishshayon Sen - Year ago
Supriya is pronounced 'soo-pree-yaa', not supraiyaa
ebiven1563 - Year ago
Those first 30 seconds would make a nice gif
Riley Ann
Riley Ann - Year ago
Once I was at a zoo, and there was a pigeon chasing a bunny, then the pigeon tipped the bunny, and the bunny would chase the pigeon! 😂😂 lol they were playing tip and it was hilarious 😂😂
L J.
L J. - Year ago
Rhett: "I would die for you."
Link: "You vs gorilla? Gorilla"
Well dang 😂
Emma Hearen
Emma Hearen - Year ago
Awkward start to this episode
Gel M
Gel M - Year ago
man, why cant animals all be held to one standard!? no one animal is greater than the other.. no insect, reptile, mammal, what have you.. at least imo. i mean, i just feel like why is any one species of animal more important than the other!? what is the criteria.. if a species is endangered it is more important?! i get that some animals contribute more to the ecosystem/environment, and yeah, technically there are millions of rabbits everywhere and only a handful of gorillas left.. but i just cant see any logic in it.. its like animal racism, lol. like, is it better if more east asian people die because there is more of them!!?! dont make no sense! all my opinion, and i respect yalls b/c everyone is entitled to their own, just wanted to state my case. (i am a vegetarian of 14 yrs, though.. and i know, ppl are gonna be like well what youre not vegan you eat things with eggs and dairy thats animal stuff tewww! yes, i know, its somewhat hypocritical of me, but its much much harder said than done to just avoid anything with animal byproducts in them.. *i mean, i bet half of the vegans out there dont even realize that most beer have animal byproducts. so do a lot of things like shampoo, bar and liquid soap, a lot of diff things for hygiene, i mean, its impossible to avoid that jazz. hey, i know im justifying my hypocrisy, or trying at least, lol, but thats just the truth ppl!*) btw, that shirt rhett, MM MM MMM. =X i still love ya guys, though... still respect ya, and still gonna remain a mythical beast!
Autumn Rain
Autumn Rain - Year ago
Poor rabbit.😢
Kuichio - Year ago
Link needs to watch "Monty Python and the Holy Grail"
Bunnn Babyy
Bunnn Babyy - Year ago
I love bunnies so I pick bunnies
Rachel - Year ago
I wouldn’t enjoy watching the torture of the bunny, but I can see what Rhett meant—that they were observing a natural behavior of the gorilla. it’s “cool” in that sense, not because another animal is hurt/dying, but because you’re observing the ‘exciting’ parts of animal behavior
Rachel - Year ago
the real test if you should get divorced: do they make you want to take a nap in a lion enclosure
Kelsey Gierach
Kelsey Gierach - Year ago
SLIGHTLY morbid?!
Anna Grace
Anna Grace - Year ago
Stephanie Coral
Stephanie Coral - Year ago
I would've cried if i saw them do that to a rabbit :(
koolio13199713 - Year ago
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