Everything Wrong With Beauty and the Beast (2017)

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Charis MW
Charis MW - 2 days ago
I hope y’all make sin videos forever! I rewatched most of the videos on here at least 10 time each! I watch these videos LITERALLY all day! I’m asking for a few of y’all shirts for my birthday. I have you hoodie and it is COZY! I love this channel! Keep doing it forever!! ❤️❤️
MattPlaysTooMuch - 4 days ago
Why can yo HEAR the autotune in EVERY song?????
PS Stockholm syndrom=love?
cyn salas
cyn salas - 5 days ago
KirbyDude 25
KirbyDude 25 - 6 days ago
The place where the castle is located is clearly below freezing, so why not freeze the rose in an ice cube? That way, the petals will never fall, and Beast would have an unlimited amount of time to find love. Problem solved!
Joy Copen
Joy Copen - 9 days ago
Emma Watson...can't act..or sing, why is she famous??
Aurora Gemini
Aurora Gemini - 10 days ago
I don't care how good the animation or and acting is; this is and always will be nothing more than a movie about a woman falling in love with her kidnapper!! And that's *bad!!*
ladycplum - 10 days ago
I love Ewan MacGregor, but he's no Jerry Orbach.
Krista Vrapi
Krista Vrapi - 13 days ago
Hated this movie. Turned it off after 15 minutes
LilyPlayz - 14 days ago
Everyone with wrong
Rosabella 1014
Rosabella 1014 - 14 days ago
In the brothers grim tale the enchantress caused the beast when he was 7 or 11 for not letting in a stranger in the middle of the night in exchange for a rose when he is home alone
TheEllusionist - 14 days ago
So I’ll admit that this movie was just ok, but did they really sin at 5:37 the fact no one is questioning where the prince or servants went when he literally mentioned and commented on the fact that the witch erased the memories of people from the castle? +1 to CinemaSins for not being consistent (and yes I know they are assholes, not critics).
Lauren Nicole
Lauren Nicole - 16 days ago
Why did she ask him to grow a beard? She was in love with the animal not the man clearly
kalkschaap - 16 days ago
Harmonious Hermione xD
Ken D Howard
Ken D Howard - 17 days ago
Love your post's. They make me laugh, out-loud. Just a question: Do you ever suspend your belief when watching a fantasy film? Just wondered ... Keep `em coming ... I need to laugh more ... ;)
Halloween 24/7
Halloween 24/7 - 17 days ago
I'm sorry but evermore is an amazing song!
Vladimir K.
Vladimir K. - 20 days ago
_CInemaSins inability to understand a rigid social hierarchy between a lord and his servants_
Charlotte Barton
Charlotte Barton - 20 days ago
The cures says after 21 years he will turn into a beast for ever but it was actually 10
The weird potato
The weird potato - 23 days ago
Im going to bed before either of you come up with another clever idea to get us killed ot worde EXPELLED!😤
🤣🤣🤣i litterally tell from my chair😂😂
Tyler Outland
Tyler Outland - 25 days ago
This movie was awesome in my OPINION
Allison Davies
Allison Davies - 26 days ago
A really sin should be Audra not being Mrs . Potts
Kenpaci - Month ago
Beast sounds like kilo ren
Aurora - Month ago
Debatable - Month ago
I’m angered by the fact he made NO mention of when Le Fou says “Je ne sais quoi” and Gaston says “I do not know what that means” when he is French and living in France and does NOT UNDERSTAND FRENCH!
Gaven Mueller
Gaven Mueller - Month ago
+1 sin
"Emma Watson isn't my girlfriend in this scene."
guardianyuki - Month ago
I personally loved this movie (both the animated version and live action adaptation) but can appreciate the humor of all the sins you pointed out. Keep up the good work CinemaSins!
Menno Derden
Menno Derden - Month ago
0:08 "This movie exists" im laughing so hard
Psykofreac - Month ago
Why didn't they just use the teleportation book to save Maurice? :/
Robus WhiteWolf
Robus WhiteWolf - Month ago
Is it weird that I'm reading all the comments in CinemaSins's voice?
Mon Mothma
Mon Mothma - Month ago
The movie is so awful it's excrutiating just to get through this video...
Weeble Flufflycakes
Weeble Flufflycakes - Month ago
When the Prince made the beast noise at the end I fucking screamed! Wtf!!!!
Then We Are Decided
Then We Are Decided - Month ago
I don't get why the wardrobe had female dresses, was it because the wardrobe was female?
Then We Are Decided
Then We Are Decided - Month ago
What's with the whole apples and assholes things? This channel has something against apples? When did that start? I saw it in everything wrong with tangled too
BhargavGV - Month ago
2:41 Oddly enough, he gave a sin about eating an apple in a *Harry Potter* movie. Coincidence? I think not.
kirara2516 - Month ago
First Cin: "This Movie Exists" *ding!*
Me: Hit the nail right on the head.
Emily C
Emily C - Month ago
Today's unfairly given sin count: 22
The final sin count has been changed to: 105
Not liking something isn't sin-worthy. I removed sins that were added simply because Jeremy dislikes live action remakes and just roasts the movie, rather than picking on elements that are genuinely flawed or make no sense. I'd leave them in for my personal final tally, if there weren't so many biased sins
Have a good day
Unfair sins include:
-"____ would be great at Cinemasins" because why is that a sin
-Anything that's accused of being unscientific or unrealistic when it actually _is_ scientific or realistic, and Cinemasins is just wrong
-For the movie just inspiring other, totally unrelated, bad movies
-When there is just a random piece of dialogue or a scene that reminds Cinemasins of something unrelated
-When they infer an innuendo when there was none (Cinemasins literally just making a dirty joke and sinning the movie for the regular, normal dialogue that inspired said joke)
-When Cinemasins misunderstands a plot point or misses an explanation, and sins the movie for their own lack of understanding when the movie does explain it
Also, put your pitchforks away. I love Cinemasins, just having a bit of fun :)
Emily C
Emily C - Month ago
I can guarantee you those songs aren't just new forgettable additions. Human Again from the original was a forgettable song, you can't sin songs just because you don't like them
Ender Dragon prince
Ender Dragon prince - Month ago
beast growls oh fuck you movie
GreenNinja Pony
GreenNinja Pony - Month ago
🎵Hermione can't sing
Hermione can't sing
Hermione cannot sing
She only read books 📖
And she cannot sing
Even if she's reading
A "How to Sing" book 🎶
Sorry, I couldn't help it.
Dominique Ravanelli
Dominique Ravanelli - Month ago
Am I the only one who thinks she always acts the same ?
Todd Kerby
Todd Kerby - 2 months ago
1:13 That's a statement that you should've saved for The Lion King remake.
Reena Tsugumi
Reena Tsugumi - 2 months ago
is it just me, or did Lumiere dab at 10:24 ?
luna_feles - 2 months ago
Does anybody know who the narrator in that movie is? She sounds so familiar!
LumabeeLumabop 4321
LumabeeLumabop 4321 - Month ago
It kinda sounds like cate blanchett too
LumabeeLumabop 4321
LumabeeLumabop 4321 - Month ago
Angelina jolie
Joshua Schneider
Joshua Schneider - 2 months ago
You know, in the original version, the pub song was my favorite, but this remake went ahead and ruined it. Why? Just... why?
encryptlake games.
encryptlake games. - 2 months ago
She shouldn't have been bell. Idk all I think is smart harry potter character.
Dacia Williams
Dacia Williams - 2 months ago
Dang it CinemaSins! Now everytime I watch a movie I sin everything!!!! 😂
Nähwichtel Nähen
Nähwichtel Nähen - 2 months ago
what can he birng her? maybe better cgi, a better greenscreen, less auto-tune... something else? oh a better dress that looks not like a cheap wish product from china for 4$
bongformer sluys
bongformer sluys - 2 months ago
the first drag queen prins lol
bongformer sluys
bongformer sluys - 2 months ago
i hate films like this
bongformer sluys
bongformer sluys - 2 months ago
when he is a beast he looks better lol
Joe Memes!
Joe Memes! - 2 months ago
The mom during from plague scene actually did screw up my childhood
Angelena F
Angelena F - 2 months ago
No sinning that god awful dress? thats a sin for you.
Olivia SUN
Olivia SUN - 2 months ago
Katie Marie
Katie Marie - 2 months ago
1. Emma Watson isn’t that pretty. Nor is she a good singer.
2. The yellow dress is AWFUL.
Draco Malfoy
Draco Malfoy - 2 months ago
When I was little my mother said that Maurice went to a shoulder hospital instead of a asylum
random person
random person - 2 months ago
At least this will prove that live action remakes are BAD
Sargent Puppo
Sargent Puppo - 2 months ago
ADD A SIN!!! What if there was a relative in a different village that wonders where the child of someone went?
32alltheway - 2 months ago
Izzywonder23 - 2 months ago
Also the prince would of been eleven when he was cursed. So the enchantress cursed a kid for not letting a random old lady in in the middle of the night in the pouring rain in exchange for a strange rose.
Matty Sey
Matty Sey - 2 months ago
“This movie exists” well dang 😭
Jade ING
Jade ING - 2 months ago
13:22 Damn, Belle. Want some voice to that autotune? xD
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