Everything Wrong With Beauty and the Beast (2017)

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Maria Tivanova
Maria Tivanova - 2 days ago
Is it only me or lumier actually DABS TWICE during the ‘napkin dance’?
James McCormick
James McCormick - 3 days ago
Bitch Emma Watson is awesome at singing
Cat Calico
Cat Calico - 3 days ago
This is nitpicking instead of pointing out actual "sins" but nevertheless, this movie is a shameless cash grab which is nothing more than a fancy-but-useless photobook
Johnston Steiner
Johnston Steiner - 4 days ago
Is no one pointing out the whole premise of the curse is crazy? U wipe the memory of the prince and castle from the locals and then expect the beast to find love?
Zareya Byirt
Zareya Byirt - 5 days ago
Lumière dabs.
*sin ding*
Nathan Hermond
Nathan Hermond - 5 days ago
I really enjoyed this film and thought it was well done. I guess thats a sin for me. Ding!
Bekah Davis
Bekah Davis - 9 days ago
Word for bloody word. Why is this happening?!
apeachonahill - 9 days ago
This movie is really bad
CuteNiaRose :]
CuteNiaRose :] - 10 days ago
Am I the only one who actually liked the movie?
May Cake
May Cake - 11 days ago
Ok but I'mma sin you for forgetting that the prince and everyone in it was wiped somehow from the memory of everyone
D1dik0ng - 13 days ago
In 18 min or less!!! Looks at video length-19:22... thats 1000000 sins for you
Ru Deha
Ru Deha - 13 days ago
“That’s bookcist.”

Like to end bookcism 😂
Cursed Moon
Cursed Moon - 14 days ago
How the hell did Gaston see bell all the way from over there
Hikari Ackerman
Hikari Ackerman - 15 days ago
Not only Emma Watson can't sing but she also can't act. This role just didn't suit her at all! In my own opinion at least :/
Mushroom Weeb
Mushroom Weeb - 15 days ago
“Gandalf and Obi wan share a brief moment before heading off to fight Voldemort” 😂
Shae Maree
Shae Maree - 17 days ago
This whole movie
Todd Kerby
Todd Kerby - 19 days ago
I'll admit that while I loved this movie - seriously, am I the only one who ADORES this movie - I loved this video as well. It pointed out a lot of plot holes that I never even noticed when I saw the movie for myself, and had me laughing the whole way through. Congratulations, CinemaSins. You just got a new subscriber.
Funny Bunny
Funny Bunny - 20 days ago
This movie felt just boring they didn’t bother to add authenticity by having French actors or even shooting in French locations such a waste
Evy Phan
Evy Phan - 20 days ago
Why did "Athena" have to wait for Belle to say "I love you" to break the curse? She's a fairy so surely she knows that Belle's in love with the beast right? Even Gaston knew that! And that should be the reason the curse could be broken so much earlier. What if Belle didn't say "I love you" even though she knows she loves the beast? Does that mean that the beast's just gonna die and Belle just casually goes home and feels sad for her entire life? WHAT!!
partsoap - 21 day ago
Beauty and the Beast was also the headline used when Anna Kendrick finally lifted her restraining order on Jeremy.
mystic wolf
mystic wolf - 23 days ago
mystic wolf
mystic wolf - 23 days ago
the biggest thing that bugged me about the movie is the towns people. like okay you think maurice is nuts, okay kinda reasonable. wait, now you believe there is a beast and you’re gonna go hunt him down? so if the beast is real then wasn’t maurice telling the truth. and if he was telling the truth about that, shouldn’t they realize he was telling the truth about gaston too?
The EB Life
The EB Life - 24 days ago
Yes this movie sucks and was completely unnecessary. That's exactly how I feel. I hate when they remake classic movies.
Campos Alejandro
Campos Alejandro - 24 days ago
The beast's new song called Evermore is actually my favorite song in this whole movie
AlaskanWildChild - 26 days ago
And 2 more sins for Lumiere dabbing twice! Sure it was popular in 2017 but now it's almost as stupid as Gaston.
WildKamots - 26 days ago
Sin that Bell dress is raised most of the time up until she gets to the castle. Maybe they think she's funny due to have underwear showing all the time. Also, 4:46 Bell is dick to chickens she hit them with the food.
Clara Krens
Clara Krens - 27 days ago
I tuned out for a second and I could of swore I heard her say “expelliarmus”
My theory is belle is truly Hermione and was the one who put the spell on the castle
Man, my imagination is wack
Natalia Franco
Natalia Franco - 28 days ago
The worst movie I’ve ever seen, thank god i watched it online or else i would’ve lost my money on shhhh**t
Brittany Allen
Brittany Allen - 29 days ago
5:39 Memory of the prince and everyone that lived in the castle, and even the castle itself, was wiped out of everyone’s minds. So how could the villagers be disturbed by the fact that the prince hasn’t been seen in years if they can’t remember his existence?
ItsUni YT
ItsUni YT - Month ago
Emma Watson went from IM HERMIONE GRANGER
Demogorgon Curse
Demogorgon Curse - Month ago
06:58 "your destiny. Flawless victory"
Abigail Carn
Abigail Carn - Month ago
One whack to the face with a frying pan from Belle to Gaston could solve that plotline
bella rose
bella rose - Month ago
3:23 horse kicks backwards, yet mud goes forward
Jennifer Liu
Jennifer Liu - Month ago
It wasn't unnecessary it's bEatifUl
Starts sobbing into the ipad
mohamad mula ali
mohamad mula ali - Month ago
U forgot to add a sin of when the beast was on the tower like king Kong
Also forgot to add
A sin for how the enchanter
Made the whole people behave like nani maqfi .
So am adding 2 sin for fan purposes
superpal43 - Month ago
Thanks for saving me the time to watch this!
punsiella - Month ago
everything with wrong beauty and the beast
Ian Dog
Ian Dog - Month ago
It must have taken Dan Stevens ages to learn all his lines for this film
Aira Cummins
Aira Cummins - Month ago
Gastons friend sounds really gay to me for some reason
Shark Girl
Shark Girl - Month ago
Because person he is supposed to be. Or are you being sarcastic cause it is hard to tell?
Spirit In Motion Studio
I like to imagine this movie as what happens to Hermione after all the Harry Potter books and movies.
7mandoblu - Month ago
Less is more and like the Aladdin remake, this movie is sooo over the top with unnecessary new characters, backstories and new songs. 1/10 stars.
Zuko the rabbit
Zuko the rabbit - Month ago
She was offended that he was nice after she was beautiful. Bitch no. He was nice because you have magic powers that could kill him.
Doesnt Matter
Doesnt Matter - Month ago
Beastiality and Stockholm Syndrome in one movie? What a fckin' combo.
Rot Z
Rot Z - Month ago
There's one question on my mind:
Has the townspeople forgotten about their taxation as well?
Julia Waetzig
Julia Waetzig - Month ago
Paige O’Hara (who’s like 60 now) can sing this better than Emma 😴
jurre oerlemans
jurre oerlemans - Month ago
There are a lot of things that are not correct of
course whatever I agree with , but it would be nicer if you focused
on things that are really wrong , then on "bad cgi" or "unrealistic things" in the story, it still remains a fairy tale, and a fairy tale doesn't exist, so it can't be right either.
A sorceress who turns people into a beast does not exist either ....
Mae McCardle
Mae McCardle - Month ago
"Gandalf and Obi-Wan spend a brief moment before heading off to fight Voldemort"
Boi If you Dont Shut da f up
And I thought the first one had a lot of sins
LordCrazius LOL
LordCrazius LOL - Month ago
6:56 I’ve watched so many CinemaSins videos that I saw that coming from a mile away
LordCrazius LOL
LordCrazius LOL - Month ago
I watched the sin video of animated version of this before I watched this
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