Nintendo HQ Store Shopping Spree Showdown - Nintendo Minute

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Chewi - 5 hours ago
What's the employee discount though? Lol or do you get a credit to spend at the store every month.
Sammy - 5 hours ago
Sammy - 5 hours ago
Sammy - 5 hours ago
Győrödi Peti
Győrödi Peti - Day ago
i want a switch
Evelyn Salto
Evelyn Salto - Day ago
I really love the Nintendo
I like memes
I like memes - 2 days ago
7:18 I have that item!!
TheMemeBros :P
TheMemeBros :P - 9 days ago
Sexynes - 11 days ago
Cashier must be super busy in this store
Pug Dub
Pug Dub - 12 days ago
That’s stupid that it’s not open for the public
BUSH YT - 12 days ago
Why have a store not open to public?
red inkling boy
red inkling boy - 12 days ago
6:11 this is were y saw it
red inkling boy
red inkling boy - 12 days ago
Guy:ditty king get out of here
Ditty: :(
Nates gameing shack
Nates gameing shack - 12 days ago
MDethCKR - 12 days ago
Why even show the storefront? "Check out what you can't go to". The real question is...'Is there exclusive merch' ?
Deper Ultimate
Deper Ultimate - 12 days ago
When you shop at your own store
all of the lights by kanye west comes on***
the only store where nintendo items are actually in stock
PabyMunchkin Enterprises
PabyMunchkin Enterprises - 13 days ago
would they get fired if they buy a PS4?
Ishimaru Jebel
Ishimaru Jebel - 20 days ago
Thanks for reminding me I can't buy stuff from there.
Clem - 22 days ago
5:19 , on the back i see a black blue joycons , not neon blue , this is black blue , look ! Ah the back and the right
Billiejo Vazquez
Billiejo Vazquez - 22 days ago
I’m mad now
Jo Smith
Jo Smith - 29 days ago
If I'd go there that place will go out of business and I'd carry on buying stuff. #Nintendo for LIFE.
Jo Smith
Jo Smith - 29 days ago
They make a f*#&ng store ,no, the best f*#*ng store and they don't open it to the public. Really Nintendo, REALLY!!!!!! MAKES NO DAMN SENSE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And it's soooooooooo cool toooooooooooo.
Alpha Stunna
Alpha Stunna - Month ago
If that store was public, I would go insane in that store lmao. I'd buy one of everything.
Malek Hassan
Malek Hassan - Month ago
I want to go but I don't know where that store
O. B. A.
O. B. A. - Month ago
I love luigi
Pu Koh
Pu Koh - Month ago
Mmmmmmm kit
#jack games
#jack games - Month ago
It’s crazy how tall kit is compared to krysta in the beginning of the video
gabriel durand-aird
gabriel durand-aird - Month ago
You lucky boy. XD didnt thought kit was so big!
MultiVolt - Month ago
Nintendo promotes Super Mario Bros. everywhere you look, the clue ‘1985’ shows up and they don’t know what that means?
bart finnegan
bart finnegan - 2 months ago
How do u get a job there.
Sp//dr - 2 months ago
Why is it exclusive to employees? It’s kinda stupid. They’d make more money if it was open to the public it makes no sense mentally or financially
Elizabeth jones
Elizabeth jones - 2 months ago
damn I didn't know you where so tall
Some random person
Some random person - 2 months ago
*This video in a nutshell*
Alright so we have this great store but only WE can shop here. **continues to flex all items in store**
mega blast
mega blast - 2 months ago
I wish Nintendo would keep up with their online store so we could buy their stuff online. Their splatoon clothes are such good quality bUT i cant buy them unless i go straight to the store
F0RY0U - 2 months ago
Honeyhorse104Roblox - 2 months ago
Seeing all the stuff in that store was so cool! Like all the Splatoon and Breath of the wild stuff (my two favorites). Can I apply somewhere? xD
Banana Split
Banana Split - 2 months ago
75% of the comment section is about the joy-cons
24% are about a shop only for employees
1% other
Spy boi
Spy boi - 2 months ago
What's the point of opening a shop if it isn't public?
Jin Kazaze
Jin Kazaze - 2 months ago
I want him to choke me to death
Bark Bork
Bark Bork - 2 months ago
Disney infinity in a Nintendo store?
Bark Bork
Bark Bork - 2 months ago
He is so much taller than her omg like a whole meter
Carla Montoya
Carla Montoya - 2 months ago
y si compraron las cosas ?
Rhys - 2 months ago
Did anyone see the cashiers hiding behind the counter 😂😂😂
mouse mice
mouse mice - 3 months ago
Nintendo heaven store im jealous
Dogski28 - 3 months ago
Huh. Is Nintendo hiring by any chance?
Mr Gory Giant
Mr Gory Giant - 3 months ago
What’s the point in having a gift shop if it’s not open to the public
R.O.B loves to hack N64
R.O.B loves to hack N64 - 3 months ago
I guessed them as soon as I heard the clues
kristis LTU
kristis LTU - 3 months ago
What is there at 9:23
Carl Williams
Carl Williams - 3 months ago
Not fair , I'd luv to shop there
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