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THE PRINCE FAMILY - 4 months ago
Rishanda Jackson
Rishanda Jackson - 2 days ago
MxMari - 8 days ago
Team biaaaaaaanca
TheOfficialSinger - 25 days ago
Krista Wright
Krista Wright - Month ago
Obviously Biannca love you!!!
Yazmine White-Hicks
Yazmine White-Hicks - 3 months ago
Team Biannca
it's Siya M
it's Siya M - 40 minutes ago
9:50 me when my mom doesn't want to buy candy for me 😢
Sydnii Yearwood
Sydnii Yearwood - Hour ago
Damien: Yo B go say bye to Nova
Bianca:*Calls Mom*
Barethraj bareth
Barethraj bareth - 6 hours ago
👍I like this prank where I want to go
Gucci Mukbangs
Gucci Mukbangs - 8 hours ago
this prank went to far !
kamiyah thomas
kamiyah thomas - 12 hours ago
Team biannca all every day
Julia Judson
Julia Judson - 13 hours ago
Laugh my but offf but still to far
Smiley Vibes
Smiley Vibes - 14 hours ago
Omg Damien you went to far on this prank like even tho u want everybody on Team Damien doesn’t mean to push it like you already know how biannca is and I started to cry when she was holding the baby at the end.
Kristalyn Beal-Royal
Kristalyn Beal-Royal - 14 hours ago
I would have beat the heack out of him and snatched my daughter back
Klarice Hopper
Klarice Hopper - 15 hours ago
This is wrong! Way to far!!!
Alyssa Pierson
Alyssa Pierson - Day ago
She shouldn't have to tell him not to joke about stuff like that. That's just too much🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️
Dalia Flores
Dalia Flores - Day ago
This is how many people feel bad for biannca and a hug for her
Anaya Lawson
Anaya Lawson - Day ago
I feel bad and sad for Bianca i cried really loud
Like for Bianca he deserve it 👇👇👇👇👇
Queen Rose
Queen Rose - Day ago
Team Bianca❤❤❤
Karen Hodges
Karen Hodges - Day ago
Y'all gonna split up soon
Tyreione Washington
Team Biannca all day every day
RD_harrisc_4_yt - Day ago
Why dose he have a sparkly phone case tho
Leah Collins
Leah Collins - Day ago
Aww don’t cry
love boahen
love boahen - Day ago
There would have been spilt blood on the floor. I dont care if it was my Husband or The CPR or Both. You are not taking my kid! Bianca is a good calm lady!!!
Chloe 27
Chloe 27 - Day ago
octevia pinkney
octevia pinkney - Day ago
Why in the hell would you do that🤬😈to a mom
Adreanna Davis
Adreanna Davis - 2 days ago
Don’t y’all think y’all are going to far like damn there are other videos then pranks take a damn break and this is the reason I don’t subscribe to couple channels
soosh alamoudi
soosh alamoudi - 2 days ago
That was to far 💔
Leslie Lucy
Leslie Lucy - 2 days ago
He can't just sign over the baby like that.......I. would not have believed this!
Kelaney Chambers
Kelaney Chambers - 2 days ago
I cry😭😭😭😭
Gloria Tillis
Gloria Tillis - 2 days ago
Gloria Tillis
Gloria Tillis - 2 days ago
This is how many times he STEP BACK MAM👇
Taylor Delves
Taylor Delves - 2 days ago
cant play like that
Rabiatu Amadu
Rabiatu Amadu - 2 days ago
Bro I just notice that Damien has a 10 head
No offense there but I am I the only one ☝️
1play F0RTNIT3
1play F0RTNIT3 - 2 days ago
U guys put the ring off and on to much
Kasif Damuilra
Kasif Damuilra - 2 days ago
I married would still be over to be real
Kamryn Kennedy
Kamryn Kennedy - 2 days ago
Kamryn Kennedy
Kamryn Kennedy - 2 days ago
I feel bad for her that is a mean prank.
_iiamteia _14
_iiamteia _14 - 2 days ago
Why yall thumbnails be like that thats how you know what you be doing behind close doors
Mominah Rasul Year 7
Mominah Rasul Year 7 - 2 days ago
can u like this ik kno wun will anyway
Rylee Braddy
Rylee Braddy - 3 days ago
That is a mother and daughter relationship for sure
Braylee's sparkle channel
Ok that’s too far
All About Shena
All About Shena - 3 days ago
Bianca did too much after he told ha it was a prank
Galaxy team
Galaxy team - 3 days ago
This made me cry 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭
Bryana Pierce
Bryana Pierce - 3 days ago
This was not funny at all I lost my 4 kids to the State of ohio I fought for 3 year's for them did my case plan got a job my own place and nothing I did worked when I lost my kids I had a nervous breakdown my family was very supportive my babies are 10 8 4 3
goul timothy
goul timothy - 3 days ago
I almost cried 1 like if you feel bad
Alicia Ivory
Alicia Ivory - 3 days ago
Alicia Ivory
Alicia Ivory - 3 days ago
why the heck you would do that man you are mean
Shaniyah Ingham
Shaniyah Ingham - 3 days ago
This wasn’t even a prank he ain’t give her a proper apology. u just don’t play like that. For
Chloe 27
Chloe 27 - Day ago
Watching her cry is funny that baby should’ve been stabbed in front of her 🤣🤣🤣🤣
Joy Scott
Joy Scott - 3 days ago
Team Biannca
Joy Scott
Joy Scott - 3 days ago
That was pretty mean tho
Annmarie Lewis
Annmarie Lewis - 3 days ago
orionna walker
orionna walker - 3 days ago
Team Biannca
Andrea Castillo
Andrea Castillo - 3 days ago
I hate you
Charlene Thomas
Charlene Thomas - 3 days ago
Lol boys
Pedro Rivas
Pedro Rivas - 3 days ago
Liyah Pooh
Liyah Pooh - 3 days ago
Team Biannca🤩🤩
Liyah Pooh
Liyah Pooh - 3 days ago
Damien to crazy 😭😭😭
Alexis Jones
Alexis Jones - 4 days ago
Looks like a Tyler perry scene🤣
Trinity Cummings
Trinity Cummings - 2 days ago
Naahh fr🤣😭😭😭
Jose Lara
Jose Lara - 4 days ago
Damien you made me cry you cant play like that
Zak Hlll
Zak Hlll - 4 days ago
Wolcme to utube whree wwird sutff heppan
Feeling Derpy
Feeling Derpy - 4 days ago
I have no words but *LOL*
Raven Melancon
Raven Melancon - 4 days ago
That’s too far🤦‍♀️
Lena Harrington
Lena Harrington - 4 days ago
Team Bianca👑
Elvardo Ferguson
Elvardo Ferguson - 4 days ago
She right bro come on now
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