Testing Weird Massage Products

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CircleCeption - 4 days ago
Tens is for pain not massage
Kade Rose
Kade Rose - 12 days ago
Why can't I stop coming back to this episode 😂?
Riley Gray
Riley Gray - 14 days ago
Why get a massage when u can massage yourself😉😏🤫😈😂
Connor - 26 days ago
3:46 it’s like some sad hair therapy for a storm trooper
BriskTea 123
BriskTea 123 - 27 days ago
Am I the only one who thought the title said messEge
Kaitlyn J.
Kaitlyn J. - Month ago
Link never put his shoe back on, I just noticed that🤨😂😂
Logan Berkheimer
Logan Berkheimer - Month ago
The Tens unit is absolutely incredible on a sore lower back
Amanda Whalezzz
Amanda Whalezzz - Month ago
Elizabeth  Goyette
Elizabeth Goyette - Month ago
Weapon, lmao 😂
Michael Hartai
Michael Hartai - Month ago
As a plantar fasciitis haver I can confirm #1 helps
Gaming Grandpa
Gaming Grandpa - Month ago
Oh man, I'm only 3 YEARS late
•Sammy •
•Sammy • - 2 months ago
I love a Rhett tent
Directioner315 - 2 months ago
10:00 I need help, Chase help.... Chase come and help
Directioner315 - 2 months ago
2:25 I'm dying 😂😂😂😂 I'm massaging your book stack 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
its just me
its just me - 2 months ago

dInkY diNk
Peppermink - 2 months ago
Rhett was getting a little.... uhh.... *excited* with the tickle fingers
TH3_SWAN - 2 months ago
I know this is old, but stem is absolutely amazing and I love it
Caper Brown
Caper Brown - 2 months ago
you both should have tried them.
Torrin Productions
Torrin Productions - 2 months ago
Jeffery Woods
Jeffery Woods - 2 months ago
damn getting some rhink feels
Tanner Bramell
Tanner Bramell - 2 months ago
Link just explods
Tanner Bramell
Tanner Bramell - 2 months ago
Link justvexplods
Emily Thompson
Emily Thompson - 3 months ago
at 5:26, Neal doing the Lord's work.
Kaitlyn J.
Kaitlyn J. - 3 months ago
Link: i should not be here for this...
Rhett: oh thats the best!! Right there, can you make it go the other way??!
Link: listen. Don't ever let me walk into our office and see you doin this!
Rhett: HAHAHA!
Link: do not!
Kaitlyn J.
Kaitlyn J. - 3 months ago
Derald Porter
Derald Porter - 3 months ago
Thankfully Chase is always near to help these college educated engineers when they once more get gobsmacked by technology.
Scottish Hens
Scottish Hens - 3 months ago
I might actually need to buy that first product
dboba2 - 3 months ago
Massage helmet...otherwise known as “masterbait helmet”
Amy Reynolds
Amy Reynolds - 3 months ago
This episode was hilarious 😂😂😂
Lynn - 4 months ago
Kaitlyn J.
Kaitlyn J. - 4 months ago
Rhett: ohhaaaahhh!! Ooo!!
Link: i should not be here for this...
Rhett: oh that's the best!
Link: listen...
Rhett: can you make it go the other way?!
Link: don't ever let me walk into our office and se you doin this!
Donkey Animationz
Donkey Animationz - 4 months ago
I think Rhett liked the WheeMe too much...
Bfn - 4 months ago
Ummm my mom walked in on me watching two grown man getting massages from toys and now shes looking at me wierd.
Angela Williams
Angela Williams - 5 months ago
Ooooooh someone gets me in the back

Umm yeah
cute lemons
cute lemons - 5 months ago
Planifsitis is where you have an arch in your foot and when you walk it collapses it's very painful at times, I have it
Miguel Martin
Miguel Martin - 5 months ago
The t.e.n.s. thing is too scary close to shock treatment and aversion therapy dont like it
Luuk 's-Gravendijk
Luuk 's-Gravendijk - 5 months ago
Ooooh the Saw flashbacks with the second item.
Lex Sprout
Lex Sprout - 5 months ago
He pronounced planters fasciitis wrong lol
Chaos: International
Chaos: International - 5 months ago
Corey Williams
Corey Williams - 5 months ago
norah veinott
norah veinott - 6 months ago
it's cassettes m a n
Tori Watts
Tori Watts - 6 months ago
Cutecr33per Gacha
Cutecr33per Gacha - 6 months ago
seeing links biceps flex made me feel uncomfortable...
Mekhi Smikle
Mekhi Smikle - 6 months ago
7:18 Mega Nut
Lex Sprout
Lex Sprout - 6 months ago
Its pronounced like fash-ee-i-tus. My parents have it
defne C
defne C - 6 months ago
When link got hard, it was so hot.
CobaltBomber - 6 months ago
not gonna lie... I wanted to order one of those Wheeme things after seeing Rhett's reaction, but the only one Amazon has these days is $400 friggen bucks!!
Nikita Armes
Nikita Armes - 6 months ago
Rhett using that head massager is one of the funniest things I’ve ever seen I literally laughed until I was crying 😂
Milo McMahon
Milo McMahon - 6 months ago
I feel like I’m getting an uncomfortably close insight into two men’s foreplay here
Lwilderman Vlogs
Lwilderman Vlogs - 6 months ago
RHETT: why go get a massage when you can do it yourself

Half ‘N Half
Half ‘N Half - 6 months ago
The cringiest episode ever
Tori Bradshaw
Tori Bradshaw - 7 months ago
The main reason for the handles on the ball I think is so you don’t need to bend over to grab it. Both my mother and I have issues with our feet but my mother can’t bend over to pick up the rollers we use now so this would be a huge help for her!
Mandi Elkin
Mandi Elkin - 7 months ago
Todd Todler
Todd Todler - 7 months ago
Massage yourself ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
Isis Bianco
Isis Bianco - 7 months ago
Rhett has a boner.. Rip
Zachary Piller
Zachary Piller - 7 months ago
New fan, late to the party. Plantar fasciitis (fash-itis or fash-ee-itis) is swelling of the fasciae on the bottom of your foot. A common symptom is pain when stepping down, particularly first thing in the morning. We tell our patients that rolling a frozen water bottle across the bottom of your foot several times a Day is extremely helpful
cosmic brownie
cosmic brownie - 7 months ago
well usually it's the ladies that use massagers for non-massaging purposes but after seeing that tent i think the fellas are free to join the party
Insobrietive Magic
Insobrietive Magic - 7 months ago
You guys should REALLY include Jen in more of your videos.... I would've liked and shared...
Just Kittens Being Kittens
My mom and brother swear by the tens, I’m too scared to use it.
Chynna Johnson
Chynna Johnson - 7 months ago
I'm pretty sure Rhett was drinking in this one
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