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squatingdog - 28 days ago
Wow thanks @thesmithplays, I appreciate your kind words and shoutout! We should play some duos sometime. Thanks for all you do and your transparency. Keep modeling that we need it!
Mr.Bananananananananananana Man
ive actually been using your cheats for like 3 seasons now sorry ill use u code
Martin McGuinness
Martin McGuinness - 20 days ago
U shit hole the thermal and famas are class
The range Gamer
The range Gamer - 21 day ago
Famas is the best you freakennidiot it did so much damage
ThirstyMetal 730 Halo
ThirstyMetal 730 Halo - 23 days ago
squatingdog I will kil u all with da thermal what do you mean
ZizOmni - 24 days ago
I love u dog
ExPoX-fastbal l
ExPoX-fastbal l - 4 hours ago
After this video I’m going to double do you go in season eight
PublicSalt - 9 hours ago
And the thermals are good
PublicSalt - 9 hours ago
Who else was triggered by the thumbnail and by the way its op
Bonnie 20643
Bonnie 20643 - 11 hours ago
If any one does the like to undo comment don’t like the comment just like the comment like don’t press the like button just say I like the comment in the replay
Skully _miZo
Skully _miZo - 19 hours ago
Next ten people who sub will get a sub back and 1000 vbucks each
BigMac TheKilla
BigMac TheKilla - 20 hours ago
Shit list
DC D_Man
DC D_Man - 23 hours ago
I remember when people would take a blue burst instead of a famas because the sucked, also LMG?
Andrew Guttman
Andrew Guttman - Day ago
I hate the scar.Assault rifles suck.
Yely Team Yellow BTW
Heavy shotgun is OP.
Evan Nash
Evan Nash - Day ago
Tbt to top 10 zombies. What a time to be alive....
Captain - 2 days ago
The Famas is still awsome
MoGo - 2 days ago
How is the infantry rifle not on this
Rebecca Andres
Rebecca Andres - 2 days ago
12:56 bitch what
Trike Kid
Trike Kid - 2 days ago
I mean the silenced pistol i still clap kid with them
TB Animations
TB Animations - 2 days ago
Bcc trolling thinks emotes are OP
AKiller HD
AKiller HD - 2 days ago
BLADE_KILLER211 - 2 days ago
I hit all my flint knock shots
A.S Vlogs
A.S Vlogs - 2 days ago
I love how he doesn't realise that the pistol got nerfed and just thought the community was overreacting
Garlik Tube
Garlik Tube - 3 days ago
You know you should not talk about (your) opinion most of your (opinion) is b.s rly flint knock is accurate and some guns need skill like flint knock or double pump/heavy but bye don't rly have time for this b. S Mr.top5 is even better and he at least plays de game and stop with ninja plz first up myth tfue ghost aydan and plenty more players are beter than him
FixMyRecord - 3 days ago
Silenced pistol at release was hella op
Toff P3PS1
Toff P3PS1 - 3 days ago
GUNS in title shows explosives and port a forts
Scybrinth - 3 days ago
Bro famas is devastating if you hit all 3 shots
G Bradyyy
G Bradyyy - 3 days ago
The mini gun is so overpowered you have no idea what you’re talking about
Amaan Shaheen
Amaan Shaheen - 3 days ago
Flint is sick wdym
Saulius Video
Saulius Video - 3 days ago
11:51 to 12:00 super smart
fionn kelly
fionn kelly - 3 days ago
I'm a season 2 player
Ewa Wieczerzyńska
Ewa Wieczerzyńska - 3 days ago
No ghost ayden sometimes used double deagles when he found two . This was when the pump and deagles meta was around
Scraffy GG
Scraffy GG - 3 days ago
Flint knock is actually good
mustafa hasan
mustafa hasan - 3 days ago
The flint know is a good gun it is not over powered just good like a deagle
Emiliano Gaming YT
Emiliano Gaming YT - 4 days ago
I do think the flint knock is good but not op
CashShark - 4 days ago
No offense but you should do your research before you make you videos like no one thought that the bottle rockets were op and the suppressed pist9l was op b got nerfed it used to do 70 headshot
John Leonard
John Leonard - 4 days ago
Look at the title the port of fort is not a gun
Jesse Weismantel
Jesse Weismantel - 4 days ago
I headshot a dude in tilted with the Flint nock and did 122 damage and insta killed him
Calum Crook
Calum Crook - 4 days ago
Most of these guns were op, the heavy shotgun had the most headshot damage and it was good from range and obviously it’s not too op but it was pretty good, they guns were just good before the nerf BECAUSE it’s so good
M4ddoggy - 4 days ago
FK pistol is atcually good man
*Inaudible Screaming*
*Inaudible Screaming* - 4 days ago
I loved the famas🤷‍♂️
Dawood Halawah
Dawood Halawah - 4 days ago
The heavy shotgun was the best shotgun in the game for me soooo ya...
Pixel Book
Pixel Book - 4 days ago
10 FORTNITE *GUNS* puts porta fort & porta fortress on the list
nugget ditch
nugget ditch - 4 days ago
Samuel M
Samuel M - 4 days ago
The silenced pistol is better than the scar
Samuel M
Samuel M - 4 days ago
The silenced pistol is better than the scar
Fastknight Gaming
Fastknight Gaming - 4 days ago

Me - silenced pistol is better than the scar😎😂
DLTD, I made this channel to comment
The minigun is a lot better now with faster firing
Oracio Lara-Castillo
Oracio Lara-Castillo - 4 days ago
Yo the famas tho 😭😭
Mathieu Faraj
Mathieu Faraj - 5 days ago
The turret originaly had 5k health
Indictly - 5 days ago
ur not that good no offense but that’s why some aren’t good to you
Harry walker
Harry walker - 5 days ago
the way he says scar tho
Lucky Winner
Lucky Winner - 5 days ago
Double pump was removed in early season five deag was added in early 3
Nikolay Martinsen
Nikolay Martinsen - 5 days ago
Where The fuck is the double barrel?
Oh Yeah yeah
Oh Yeah yeah - 5 days ago
He says scar weird
Noos - 5 days ago
Flint Knock IS over powered though? Like it goes : Your favorite AR your favorite shotgun your favorite SMG your favorite sniper and a flint knock.
Or whatever order you want it
Dara Boatwright
Dara Boatwright - 5 days ago
Themel Scoped AR are better with smoke grenades
Dylan Smith
Dylan Smith - 5 days ago
I miss the famas is was so gooooood
Hazer 123
Hazer 123 - 5 days ago
The silenced pistol is insane
Sawyer DeCleene
Sawyer DeCleene - 5 days ago
This is terrible. Come back to zombies
Emil Seppälä
Emil Seppälä - 5 days ago
But flintlock always end up in my loadout
pH21 - 6 days ago
Epic games logics be like:
A 50 cal can NOT shout you
back but a small handgun can do it
Brody Hammons
Brody Hammons - 6 days ago
Totally disagree doulies are awesome
Satan - 6 days ago
I miss bursts
No Gamer
No Gamer - 6 days ago
Hand cannon isn't bad
Matt Da Meowstic//Summer Springs
I double pump with pump and dual pistols
Matt Da Meowstic//Summer Springs
Excuse me but the flint knock people is very accurate
Rubensky318 - 6 days ago
Six shooter? That had a lot of hype but now it sucks
Marques Torres
Marques Torres - 6 days ago
If you are a real OG you know that the silenced pistol is in OP weapon
Kermit Deh Frog
Kermit Deh Frog - 6 days ago
Thermals are op early game. I pub stomped 17 kills (my most) with it in pleasant.
Ev0LiC_Zachyboy Gamez
Ev0LiC_Zachyboy Gamez - 7 days ago
Bring back smoke grenades epic then the thermal will be more insane
Megan Blenkhorn
Megan Blenkhorn - 5 days ago
thoughts of r6
Kimba - 7 days ago
I wish I had a support a creator code or even got noticed
Trey Wiley
Trey Wiley - 7 days ago
👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌 Why do you Keep giving us Neck
DNX ACHO - 7 days ago
Where is the double barrel
Misti - 7 days ago
It triggers me how he always does this 👌 with his hand
Chef Boyardee Chungus
Chef Boyardee Chungus - 7 days ago
You said flint lock but it’s flint knock
Mr Thot
Mr Thot - 7 days ago
Why if the thermal had a switch where it would turn on/off the thermal aspect. And just valt the scoped AR?
JD Studios2019
JD Studios2019 - 7 days ago
When I use a thermal I spot out the enemy then swap to a sniper to kill them
Emmanuel Marion
Emmanuel Marion - 7 days ago
Actually the hand cannon was released in season 3 and double pumping was removed in season 5. The hand cannon was not released the same say as double pumping was removed.
ItzSamBam YT
ItzSamBam YT - 7 days ago
xTheRealZnrGx - 7 days ago
Quad launcher lol
OrahhFFA - 7 days ago
Bursts in general are op. When you can get a 150 damage in one burst it's fucking bullshit.
KL0VES YT - 7 days ago
i can use the flint lock pistol well and i didnt think it was op lol but it is
HenryLouis Baer
HenryLouis Baer - 7 days ago
The lmg was not over powered
Lil Cred
Lil Cred - 7 days ago
4:57 not a boom box
ElectroTE - 7 days ago
Plug my non-existent code
SnEakY HoG
SnEakY HoG - 7 days ago
I wouldn't be the only one who thought FLINT - KNOCK Was OP!
Lewis Murphy
Lewis Murphy - 8 days ago
Silenced pistol was very good and I still use it. It was super accurate good fire rate good range and very decent damage
David Meyer
David Meyer - 8 days ago
A gun people thought was op was the drum gun but it actually was op
Pigster - 8 days ago
Rizbur DarkMoose497
Rizbur DarkMoose497 - 8 days ago
Now the boom now is really op
TBF_ Blinded
TBF_ Blinded - 9 days ago
Silenced is actually insane most people probably don’t know the feeling just cause most people don’t have a beast trigger finger
prodbyvxid - 9 days ago
double deagle was fun tho
Joanne Povah
Joanne Povah - 9 days ago
I said it about the six shooter
Kn - 9 days ago
Everybody said blue burst were better than purple scars
Kdontknow - 9 days ago
I know he's Canadian but scar-scour?
I Kill Naggers
I Kill Naggers - 9 days ago
The LMG wouldnt be overpowered if they jacked up the recoil on it
Nadir Green
Nadir Green - 10 days ago
Double Barrel?
Yes Desi
Yes Desi - 10 days ago
I’m actually a really big fan of the suppressed pistol. If you hit your shots, it can be 4 hits to kill (On someone with only 100 health.)
GamingWith Dan
GamingWith Dan - 10 days ago
Welp guess I’m insane then 😂
That kid in the third grade
Dual pistol doesn't have a 1st shot accuracy. but somehow, when I use it, the bullets always lands in the center dot.
Adrian Donald
Adrian Donald - 11 days ago
The flintlock pistol is better then your mam in bed and that’s saying something
Lucas Battistoni
Lucas Battistoni - 11 days ago
I use thermal to find people but don't shoot it only use of with sniper
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