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squatingdog - 4 months ago
Wow thanks @thesmithplays, I appreciate your kind words and shoutout! We should play some duos sometime. Thanks for all you do and your transparency. Keep modeling that we need it!
Daniox - Day ago
u really a dog?
BM CJ - 27 days ago
Shmaiden Entertainment what is his creator code
tyefighter - 2 months ago
Wait I didn’t hear what his name was so I looked back in the vid... Squatingdog... SAY WAT!!
De ultimat Gangsta nugget with bebis
Nikki The Minx
Nikki The Minx - Day ago
The Minigun is soo heavy and hard to use
slappieOCE - Day ago
Im sorry but you have no idea what you are talking about people thought it was OP because of how it impacted the competitive/scrim side of fortnite. Research what you are talking about and also my guy nobody thought bottle rockets were over powered smh.
jevil Deltarune
jevil Deltarune - Day ago
You know what's broken pre patch blue burst to making it headshot doing 99 damage per bullet so yes this Famas was broken for its 80 headshots and it was not broken as an anybody can use it you're just bad at the game
fz7 jackson
fz7 jackson - 2 days ago
The flintlock is probably the 3rd best gun in the game (if you have good aim)
martinZ gaming
martinZ gaming - 2 days ago
When I was a bot I would just use every gun that got buffed
the bounty Hunter
the bounty Hunter - 2 days ago
You say insane to use bottle rockets in 1 of your inventory
Lazarbeam: I wAnT fIvE oF tHeM
Lewis Richardson
Lewis Richardson - 2 days ago
bottle rockets were the best in my opinion it p1ssed ppl off and was a good distraction
Ahmed OtakuBeast
Ahmed OtakuBeast - 3 days ago
im sorry but the flint pistol is op
Mr. Yeet 42069
Mr. Yeet 42069 - 4 days ago
flintknock is op af and suppressed pistol and the turret and the minigun
Omar Manasrah
Omar Manasrah - 4 days ago
The double pump was removed 2 seasons after the deagle was added the deagle was added when season 3 dropped and i got it from my first chest then double pump got removed in season 5
Jonah Chene
Jonah Chene - 4 days ago
I thought thermal scope was op to
Nathan Hall
Nathan Hall - 5 days ago
Ok 1st off im sick of people saying bottle rockets were a joke im a pro player and when someone was in a 1 by 1 they always think u r going to spray an smg or wo a wall glitch to get in but they never expected 3 bottle rockets to get thrown on the ground y was this efective well when the wal broke 1 or 2 rockets would get through to them and the walls broke almost instantly when they got placed so if u stayed there u died and if u tried to edit out the back the wall infront would be broken and i would shotgun them and they would die so going of that its not to bad also they broke down build battles so fast so ye stop going at them
isaiah davis
isaiah davis - 5 days ago
You literally said the flint lock was op in a different video
Anri shahini
Anri shahini - 5 days ago
90% of the items are insane
RANDOM PERSON - 5 days ago
I’m still really good with the suppressed pistol and I’m overpowered with the flint knock
Candlela Wood
Candlela Wood - 5 days ago
flint knock cough cough
Shotgunz Mikey
Shotgunz Mikey - 5 days ago
I miss the Heavy Shotgun😭😭😭
Shotgunz Mikey
Shotgunz Mikey - 5 days ago
Ay, flints are op tho
Drew_V - 6 days ago
Famas was op if u knew how to use it
ChazeTheHaze Pumped up kicks
What about double barrel
NightNight58 - 6 days ago
The music at the beginning, my eighth grade year everyday after school I heard that music.
Brady Ball
Brady Ball - 5 days ago
Rip x😔
elijah dilllard
elijah dilllard - 6 days ago
1:10 was clean
DatBoiTrey _
DatBoiTrey _ - 6 days ago
All my LukeTheNotable fanboys know that the minigun is GOD
Dark Side
Dark Side - 6 days ago
It’s flint knock. Not flint lock 🤦🏼‍♂️
Dark Side
Dark Side - 4 days ago
Brad Hawk oooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooohhhhh
Brad Hawk
Brad Hawk - 4 days ago
Dark Side the gun it’s modeled after is a flintlock
Grizzboy56 - 6 days ago
What about AK-47
Jonathan Wyssbrod
Jonathan Wyssbrod - 6 days ago
You are bad at the game that is why you hate this weapons 😡
Brad Hawk
Brad Hawk - 4 days ago
Jonathan Wyssbrod nobody asked your probably bad too
Sweaty Sticks
Sweaty Sticks - 6 days ago
Respectfully disagree with the Famas if you have good aim and hits headshots all the time you can one shot with no shield but you can also take out more than 150 if you hit all 3 of your headshots great vid btw
Minty TicTac
Minty TicTac - 6 days ago
Thermal scoped ar is actually really good in mobile
Omega Gamer
Omega Gamer - 6 days ago
Sees hand cannon on list
Swift scarab9068
Swift scarab9068 - 6 days ago
I thought the tac shotty was op but no
Inspector Trident
Inspector Trident - 6 days ago
Hold on heavy shotgun #2?!?!?!
Ok buddy👌🏽
Laura Crumley
Laura Crumley - 6 days ago
Dual pistols are my favorite gun
Mista Mixr
Mista Mixr - 7 days ago
Hey could anyone talk about how in that S6 footage he hit 160 headshot??
Jake Metcalfe13
Jake Metcalfe13 - 5 days ago
It was in replay mode and that’s really glitchy sometimes
No.134 435 BTS Stan
No.134 435 BTS Stan - 7 days ago
Flint knock is the most versatile weapon in my opinion
bruh i can't change my pic
The supressed pistol is still really good
Future Fruits
Future Fruits - 7 days ago
TheSmithPlays: 5:56
Me: “I’m unsubscribing”
The Minigun is honestly underrated
JustTheFuckingQueen - 3 days ago
I think so too. But the Pistols are overpowered too.
SYN3R6Y - 7 days ago
The minigun is pretty op now tho
The CatMaster
The CatMaster - 7 days ago
you actually think the minigun is bad

NathanSavageDamage - 6 days ago
If someone has a mini gun. Most likely I would destroy them.
Gabriel Jimenez
Gabriel Jimenez - 8 days ago
I got a kill with a silence pistol and saw the kill feed and was 79 meters and it did 20 damage
Parker Paw99
Parker Paw99 - 9 days ago
I really don’t agree on #8 because before it was valted it was the holy grail of team rumble.
Darren Stone
Darren Stone - 9 days ago
What do you mean the flint knock pistol is bad
NathanSavageDamage - 6 days ago
nonya Xdova
nonya Xdova - 9 days ago
Famas was op on realse but it was nerfed
Emerald kma
Emerald kma - 9 days ago
SquidHomie123 - 9 days ago
flint knock is amazing
solo fortnite
solo fortnite - 9 days ago
Btw flint Knick is op if ure good with it
Kaelido - 9 days ago
As a 740 points arena player I can PROMISE You, double heavy was actually op af.
Brad Hawk
Brad Hawk - 4 days ago
Kaelido stop being a dickhead
Kaelido - 5 days ago
@Raίd Fn lmaoo OK just trying to make a statement, most people would begin to get into a full blown argument at this point but you ain't worth my time so I'm just gonna say stop being a dickhead
Raίd Fn
Raίd Fn - 6 days ago
As a 350 points arena player, i can PROMISE You, no one gives a f how many points you have in arena, and stop trying to flex your time in a video game
Jonahplayz Gaming
Jonahplayz Gaming - 9 days ago
Hello Jonah my name is Israel
Tinytk78 1
Tinytk78 1 - 9 days ago
It’s pronounced scar not scaar
Tinytk78 1
Tinytk78 1 - 9 days ago
The flint lock is op
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