Best Motivational Speech Compilation Ever - 20 Minutes of Motivation To Change Forever

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Team Fearless
Team Fearless - 2 months ago
This is the START of your comeback story.
Wax - 13 days ago
You lost me at the creator. Who's that? The god of human sacrifice for zombie jew blood? Fuck hour mythology
Sourav Pandit
Sourav Pandit - Month ago
I will give my all and if I will not achieve my gola,say something about this.
Sourav Pandit
Sourav Pandit - Month ago
I will give my all and if I will not achieve my goal.say something about it.
A&M Jewelry
A&M Jewelry - Month ago
Team Fearless 💎
Maribel Martinez
Maribel Martinez - 11 hours ago
🙌👏👏👏 Thank you!!
CHANGE THE TIME - 5 days ago
Your life should purpose ,without purpose you will not go anywhere
Keep it mind this thing .
Check my channal for baddas quotes....👍👍👍
Kae Arciosa
Kae Arciosa - 6 days ago
Im broken. Pray for me. Thank you❤
Endangered Mexican
Endangered Mexican - 8 days ago
Many of us forget the lessons taught as kids. Get back up keep trying, don't laugh at someone who looks different, etc.
lollipoprobber bk
lollipoprobber bk - 8 days ago
Love your motivations and the energy in the voice! Thank u))) U shouldn't mention Edison here, most of his discoveries were stolen or bought...
Dave Marsilio
Dave Marsilio - 8 days ago
You are going to get whatever you want out of life!
Space - 8 days ago
''Some people fear failure so much they never even try.''
Yes thats me. But i promise i will change!
Sami Rosenberger
Sami Rosenberger - 9 days ago
I would live my life differently if I knew what it would've come to
Mlchael Wray
Mlchael Wray - 10 days ago
TALISA - 10 days ago
"Don't be too great, too ambush you won't fit in." -I've been there💖
Esmael Ahmed
Esmael Ahmed - 12 days ago
اللي جاي من عند مستر عمر يدوس لايك هه
Kylah Lonsberry
Kylah Lonsberry - 12 days ago
Keep going and you will succeed!!!!
kalab nagash
kalab nagash - 13 days ago
Thank you
Landon Woolley
Landon Woolley - 15 days ago
This motivated me to complete 50 push ups and 100 sit ups and i am 12
Larry Goodwill
Larry Goodwill - 15 days ago
Bloody idiot - his voice makes me angry, it does not motivate!
Sonic Boove
Sonic Boove - 16 days ago
Srimal Kumarasiri
Srimal Kumarasiri - 16 days ago
if you can dream it definitely you can do it.. ❤💯💫so believe in yourself💯never give up for something you really want❤💫 so never ever give up💯👍
firedup420 - 17 days ago
I don't care about money I just want to be happy
Fusion GPS Integrity
Fusion GPS Integrity - 17 days ago
Not one speaker on here is white and that’s a good thing. Fuck white people
Patricia johnson
Patricia johnson - 17 days ago
I need this message this morning..
Jason Anthony Witt
Jason Anthony Witt - 18 days ago
Cool guy says, "failure wouldn't make you strong & hungry if others said you were a success. That's bottom-feeding. Winning makes winners strong & hungry."
massresha alemu
massresha alemu - 18 days ago
What Do I Need To Do
Who I Must become .
D. Paul life encouragement
Panglem Nyemnyei
Panglem Nyemnyei - 20 days ago
Thanks team fearless, I have failed before but after this video my failure is just the begginning of my comeback reality
BRICKZ EXIST - 21 day ago
Thanks alot!! get me fired up!!👍🙏
David Siebert
David Siebert - 21 day ago
For a motivational presentation you mention failure more than anything else.
yepisaidit socry
yepisaidit socry - 21 day ago
Ok I like the motivational talk but Edison stold everything from Tesla and so did einstein and oprah is a illuminati puppet so to me those people got it handed to them so use people that r not famous
Focally - 21 day ago
Who’s watching this why’ll working out 💪🏼?
Ryder Calhoun
Ryder Calhoun - 19 days ago
Varkala School
Varkala School - 22 days ago
Thank you brother
Sebastian Geiseb
Sebastian Geiseb - 23 days ago
Amen I was dawn Thank You Jesus 😢I will never give up course God wound give up on us,help my unbelieve Holy Spirit enough is enough I'm doing this for my kids From Namibia
Suresh Naik
Suresh Naik - 24 days ago
You are great for developing positive mind set of people.thanks to all teams.
Tim Hood
Tim Hood - 27 days ago
Who is the guy at the last 5 minutes?
SAHIL - Tòp Trèndìng
SAHIL - Tòp Trèndìng - 27 days ago
Team, i'll be back to this comment after SOME DAYS after changing the *GAME* 😑
Jenish Kalsariya
Jenish Kalsariya - 27 days ago
I loved this 🤩🤩🤩🤩
Alexandria Martinez
Alexandria Martinez - 27 days ago
one word:

Damon Neal
Damon Neal - 29 days ago
Thank you. Not sorry that i will be watching less of your videos. Gotta get it done.
Asma Gomes
Asma Gomes - Month ago
I will continue to fall .. but I will continue to get up after every fall ... I will get out of the hole my mind has created to protect me because now it’s a prison ... I must rise up! I must plan my prison break ... Shawshank Redemption
Jessica TX- Realestate Broker
Love it!
Harvey7878 - Month ago
The guy talking at 16:00 is so cringe smh
Rudy Basaldua
Rudy Basaldua - Month ago
Man Whoever made this I would give them 1m $ thx so much for this motivation speech I needed this
Maria Pershaug
Maria Pershaug - Month ago
Life is not supposed to be comfortable
Amir Afendin
Amir Afendin - Month ago
Who's the last guy? Givel me his name please.
Spencer Powell
Spencer Powell - Month ago
What I got : don’t be like most people
Spencer Powell
Spencer Powell - Month ago
I know this video will change my life
Limits _
Limits _ - Month ago
I needed this it helps so much I all ways thought I couldn't be as smart as some people but if I keep going I can
Don't quit 😀
Thenotgivingmyname - Month ago
I like how both women and men are portrayed in the images. Many times, these videos disproportionately show men achieving athletic success or other types of success. It's good to see yourself in the images.
tiger bend
tiger bend - Month ago
I am writing this down for myself. I am writing this down to get it into my own head. What I'm going through rn is nothing compared to what I have been through and nothing what others are going through at this very second. I have all the opportunities laying right there in front of me. All the knowledge at my finger tips, all the time in the day that everyone else has. I've been through this before, I have gotten out of this before and now I am stronger then I was when I went through it before. I can get up, I can get going again, building myself back up from scratch. I've done it before and I can do it again. And now I'm more experienced in doing so then I was when I first did it, now I'm more fit for the task then I have ever been in my life. I can do this! I can get out of this temporary setback! I can grow again and have a laserfocus! I became the one that was placed first in my business and I can do it again! I am in control of my feelings and I am in control of my actions. I am in control! You know that moment in the movies where they are down and they question if they can do it? That moment between victory and defeat and you question to yourself if you were in that moment, if you would succeed? This is that moment, this is that tipping point, this is that opportunity you have been waiting for to show what you really have in you. This is that moment! This is rockbottom! Let's show yourself what you are made of! Are you a house of cards or are you a diamant? Show me what you are made of! Show me what you can do! Show me if you can make it!
Brilee Smithson
Brilee Smithson - Month ago
I watch videos like these everyday to help me motivate me for soccer. I practice every day for 3 hours and played since I was 3. My dream is to play professional soccer for the USWNT. By making that dream happen I have to work and I’m doing so good rn. Hopefully I will make it and
achieve my dream one day
Gold Mind
Gold Mind - Month ago
Paint is not your enemy, PAINT IS YOUR TEACHER 💪🏻💪🏻💪🏻
mohammed medo
mohammed medo - Month ago
Failure Motivational Video | Fearless Motivation
Most people don’t reach their dream, not because of failure.
Most people don’t live their dream because they GIVE UP.

You see it’s not the failure that stops us…
But that MOST stop at their first failure.

Those who succeed don’t stop at one failure!
They don’t stop at ten failures!
They don’t stop at one hundred, a thousand or a million!

They say:
“This is my GOAL and I will do WHATEVER IT TAKES to achieve it”
I will learn the lessons from any failures
I will learn faster
I will work harder
I will work smarter

That’s the difference between success and failure.

But it makes MOST GIVE UP.
It makes most feel worthless.

WINNERS don’t enjoy failure but they would NEVER LET FAILURE STOP THEM!

From the album: Feed your mind with success:

Next time you encounter failure you’ve got to remember every great thing on this planet is here because the creator learned what DID work but learned more from what DID NOT work.

When we are kids we don’t stop at FAILURE.
When we first learn to ride a bike it’s FAILURE after failure.
We get knocked down time after time.
BUT WE GET UP AND PUSH FORWARD until we achieve our goal of riding the bike

But then,
We get old and most of us get weak.
We come up with EXCUSES
“It must not be for me”
Tell yourself the truth!

Learn why you fell,
And make sure you don’t fall again.
Make sure you are stronger for having that lesson.

Failure is not the end of your story. It is the START of your comeback story.
If failure was the end of the story there would be no greats.
Greats like Jordan. Greats like Einstein. Like Edison. Like Oprah Winfrey.
If these people stopped at failure, the world would not be filled with their greatness as it is today.

Failure is nothing but a lesson to the winner. Failure is nothing but MOTIVATION to the winner. Failure is FUEL.
No one likes to fail, but the difference between those that win and those that lose in life, is the winner decides a better MEANING for their failure.
They decide NEVER AGAIN.

Don’t let failure stop you.
Let it GROW you.
Let it DEVELOP you.
Failure is not the end. It’s just the START. The start of your comeback story.

The only way you can call it a failure is if you quit. If you keep going it’s only a hurdle. One you will overcome!
The only way you can fail is if you QUIT. NEVER QUIT! KEEP PUSHING! You will get there in the end.

Failure doesn’t exist in the mind of champions, all it does is push them to a higher level.

Are you a champion?
Will you accept failure or keep going?

Learn the lessons. Apply the lessons.
Come out stronger than before and KEEP GOING!

Some people fear failure so much they never TRY. They never even start!
Some people give up right when they’re about to succeed. They were so close, but they threw in the towel.

Don’t let that be YOU!

Thomas Edision didn’t fail. He found 10,000 ways that did not work! Guess what! – He only needed ONE WAY that DID work!

Einstein said :

“Failure is SUCCESS in PROGRESS”

FAILURE is just one more way NOT to do something.
KEEP GOING and you will succeed!

Failure is not the end of your story, it is the START of your comeback story!

If you use FAILURE as FUEL – you can’t really fail.
If you use it as MOTIVATION, you CAN NOT be defeated in the long term.
If you USE IT to drive you, USE IT to MAKE you, it can never break you.

If you never accept defeat, you can never fail.
REFUSE to be defeated.

Refuse to be defeated.
Learn the lesson. Find a new path. A different way to your goal.
There’s always a way.
Drive 2 Dive Outdoor Sportsman
Nothing is great about Oprah.,.lol
GURLEEN - Month ago
Wow. I feel like running a mile or something
Weptbadge65 _
Weptbadge65 _ - Month ago
Then half way in the mile I’ll have to watch this over again.
bujjibabu ch
bujjibabu ch - Month ago
Rajagowri Krish
Rajagowri Krish - Month ago
Best ever
anil kumar
anil kumar - Month ago
FAIL=First Attempt In Learning.
Brian Fonseca
Brian Fonseca - Month ago
What can I do when doing my best isn’t enough? I try and I try and I just don’t see any fucking change, I don’t even know what to do, I’m not even that old... and I feel like shit. So this motivations help me
Kim Epee
Kim Epee - 22 days ago
Brian Fonseca keep pushing bro, u will be suprise, sign of greatness
Little Ayah and Tosh play show
Make the plan better and stronger, anything is possible 💙
Sam Squanch
Sam Squanch - Month ago
4:36 in, this is not very clever so far. Anybody could write a speech saying failure, keep trying..over and over. Is there any actual substance to this or...?
Jaye Rozzell
Jaye Rozzell - Month ago
I don't think the point of this is to be clever. The point is to persevere.
Matteus Haugland
Matteus Haugland - Month ago
failure doesn’t make you fail, you decide if you accept it or not
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