An Alex and Eddie Moment - JRE Toons

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SoulSynth2100 - 13 hours ago
Mud master 3
Mud master 3 - 13 hours ago
The best podcast ever by far get that man back in your show brah
Mud master 3
Mud master 3 - 13 hours ago
I wanna get shocked broooooo
KushFriendlyXeX - 17 hours ago
This is fucking awesome, who ever put this together is a fucking boss.
Nicolee - 18 hours ago
This is the funniest ever, oh I laughed to hard.
Billy B0i
Billy B0i - Day ago
Hello freak bitches
Prot - Day ago
Joe: "Don't get pissed, go pee."
Alex: "NO!"
Joe: "Ok."
blackheartsbirth blackheartsgaming
Crazy thing is they really are killing babies
brandon veach
brandon veach - 2 days ago
Dude Alex Jones fucking cracks me up so fucking much! Hahahahahahahaha
Mic Vensa
Mic Vensa - 2 days ago
Oh my god I'm dead 😂😂😂😂😂😂 The animated cut makes it better, Joe's laughter 😂😂😂
Ryan Edwards
Ryan Edwards - 3 days ago
He shut him up with “I got to pee ina minute” 😂😂😂
Pan Beilman Animations
Pan Beilman Animations - 4 days ago
Alex and bravo are crazy nutjobs but they are funny nutjobs
Matej Capov
Matej Capov - 5 days ago
Sounds like a GTA radio station
John Sheffield
John Sheffield - 5 days ago
I LOVE Alex! Crazy as hell but 98% spot on correct!
Buff The Nazi Slayer
Buff The Nazi Slayer - 6 days ago
They should animate their heads to change sizes sometimes.
Jack Grady Magic
Jack Grady Magic - 6 days ago
Alex was more animated then this actual animation.
Hugh Mungus
Hugh Mungus - 7 days ago
Unhumanized - 7 days ago
So many of these moments lmfaooo
S Matthews
S Matthews - 7 days ago
I fuckin love these guys!
Zack Ceasar
Zack Ceasar - 7 days ago
Let's not be pussies, choke me out!
Michael Warren
Michael Warren - 7 days ago
Tony black atheist Malone
They need to have a tv series with Eddie and Alex Jones
The Chef
The Chef - 9 days ago
Alex and joey are the best on these toons, i die laughing every time
srsh12345 - 9 days ago
Human animal hybrids revealed recently by major news (for organ donations in China). Alex was once again ahead of the lame stream news.
Snowman374th - 10 days ago
"You think you're tough!! You're about to get it!!!
mehst one
mehst one - 10 days ago
oreoluis - 11 days ago
Im high and i love this
rationalmuscle - 11 days ago
Alex was right after all... how 'bout that.
Marcos Santiago
Marcos Santiago - 12 days ago
Why in the hell doesn’t AJ have his cartoon??? 😂😂
Patrick Victor Monroe
Patrick Victor Monroe - 13 days ago
These cartoons bring the show to life in the perfect way!!! Brilliant!
Angry HD
Angry HD - 13 days ago
This is Fukn funny as hell!!! 😄
Phoenix - 14 days ago
This is Alex Jones when hes NOT on cocaine.
John Brandt
John Brandt - 12 days ago
Phoenix his brain naturally produces an intense amount of adrenaline more than any amount of blow could cause
Life Lover
Life Lover - 15 days ago
These are SO FUNNY!! i love hearing when Rogan laughs!
Cygnus Prime
Cygnus Prime - 15 days ago
2:03 "im gettin pissed!" "Dont get pissed" Lmfao that was clever.
Furious George
Furious George - 16 days ago
jater 10
jater 10 - 17 days ago
We need another episode with these three.
nathan koroush
nathan koroush - 18 days ago
I could not stop laughing, this was great. Train by day, Roe Jogan podcast by night, all day.
Damon Fields
Damon Fields - 18 days ago
I love these videos, make me laugh so hard, like Alex. I would love to see what nothingness goes on in your head.
Lega-C - 19 days ago
chris brooks
chris brooks - 19 days ago
This is hilarious
Ecom Mentor
Ecom Mentor - 20 days ago
Finalflash50 - 20 days ago
Alex: I'm getting PISSED now!
Joe: don't get pissed
Alex: NO
Joe: ok..
momster - 20 days ago
Omg this is somehow better than watching the show live
nathaniel cowan
nathaniel cowan - 22 days ago
He's not wrong
Beckerphotos - 23 days ago
I love this!!
Joseph Dunphy
Joseph Dunphy - 25 days ago
The last part having Theo von as an animal hybrid was fucking hilarious as if he's into beastality
Chris Carbaugh
Chris Carbaugh - 26 days ago
I’ve been listening to this episode for three days already.
Dragonfly Jones
Dragonfly Jones - 27 days ago
i'm NOT trying to convince U
RoMschay - 28 days ago
Bravo should wear that press outfit next time he's on the podcast, that's spot on.
Ryuk Huga
Ryuk Huga - 28 days ago
my whole body hurts from how bad i was laughing at that lol
Frogboy - 28 days ago
The original is more animated than this xD
K Bra
K Bra - 28 days ago
These are hilarious!!!!! 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Martin Thomasson
Martin Thomasson - 29 days ago
Aqua Emerald
Aqua Emerald - 29 days ago
What the fuck did I just watch? 😂😂😂
mike clark
mike clark - 29 days ago
This is the best clip from jre ever
Kaylene - Month ago
I'm dying ..
Devin Barzal
Devin Barzal - Month ago
Searching up Alex Jones rage is just a normal Alex Jones video
B M R - Month ago
Holy Fck this is funny!
Ethan Kleiner
Ethan Kleiner - Month ago
Eddie is dumber than Alex
Andrew Fields
Andrew Fields - Month ago
I would be kind of suspicious the way Joe Rogan kept suggesting to go to the bathroom... lol
Trump's Neck Vagina
Trump's Neck Vagina - Month ago
Whether you hate Alex Jones or love him, you have to admit this video is amazing.
Lane Broadwell
Lane Broadwell - Month ago
Alex Jones is a national treasure.
themcfaceman - Month ago
funny but this shit is actually real
Josh Leija
Josh Leija - Month ago
Make more of these !!!!
Uncle Kyle
Uncle Kyle - Month ago
Darth Xodius
Darth Xodius - Month ago
Joe Rogan looking like Lex Luther LOL love this shit btw.
Sumeet Mahindroo
Sumeet Mahindroo - Month ago
Loved the animation better than live action.
David _
David _ - Month ago
alex was right too haha hes weirdly right about alot of stuff
nickdabs - Month ago
Jones: Cats they're knocking things off
Keith Byrne
Keith Byrne - Month ago
Should do a hot boxing with mike tyson one that be funny
Mari Campari
Mari Campari - Month ago
Omg Joe lighting a bong with a blunt. Watch out, Snoop Dog!
Mari Campari
Mari Campari - Month ago
Excuse me, Snoop LION
Rgf Dtg
Rgf Dtg - Month ago
That was my favorite podcast of all time.
Insanity Diecast Customs
If you guys don’t make a serous effort to kick off these toon reenactments then your wasting pure gold.
cesar skeezer
cesar skeezer - Month ago
We Want Alex Jones, Alex Jones, Alex Jones✊️
Collin Fisher
Collin Fisher - Month ago
Need to do this more
But go on a mission uncovering a conspiracy
So awsome
Curtis Jordan
Curtis Jordan - Month ago
If you liked that, search for "Alex Jones Unlocks New Power".
Chester Beefbottom
Chester Beefbottom - Month ago
this needs to be its own show
Cody Parmarter
Cody Parmarter - Month ago
i'm crying at work holy shit
Victor Morgan
Victor Morgan - Month ago
Right around 1:31 you can hear Jamie in the background trying to get Eddie to not set off Alex Jones with his fuckery lol.
It didn't work.
niko pantas
niko pantas - Month ago
I love it, when the 3 of them hook up. It`s so epic haha
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