An Alex and Eddie Moment - JRE Toons

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Captain Falcon Fvcks
Captain Falcon Fvcks - 5 hours ago
Joe rogan should have never left to pee lol
Chris James
Chris James - 11 hours ago
Best one yet!!!!
Mitchell Emrich
Mitchell Emrich - 14 hours ago
David Heller
David Heller - Day ago
steven sparkz
steven sparkz - Day ago
pissed my pants when they turned eddie bravo into a reporter for ebn eddie bravo news lmfao haha "thats a conspiracy...that's a conspiracy" lol
YFU 2015
YFU 2015 - Day ago
LMFAO I watched this podcast but this is better than the whole thing
BishopLake - Day ago
when cartoon Joe lights a bong with a
Marty  Pello
Marty Pello - Day ago
Dude never stop these videos, pure gold 👍🏼
LibertyMan - 2 days ago
I can die happy! lol
vremetal - 2 days ago
"LISTEN TA MEE!!!!!!"" BAAAHahhAHahhAhahhHhahaHHa...
JJ George
JJ George - 2 days ago
Wait the earth isn't flat??
JJ George
JJ George - 2 days ago
I Love it. That's A Maze.
JJ George
JJ George - 2 days ago
Maze Maze. That's Amazing. LoL
Two Dark Ravens
Two Dark Ravens - 3 days ago
And this is why Americans are loosing Brain Cells Watching this stupid Shit Damn the person that Sent this link to me
bluetrilobite - 3 days ago
What a loss it would be for humanity if the establishment actually managed to ban this legend of a man. xD [i'm crying xD]
Joseph Hartman
Joseph Hartman - 3 days ago
Yunus Bozkurt
Yunus Bozkurt - 4 days ago
im in tears lolllll
hhh - 4 days ago
OK2B American
OK2B American - 4 days ago
Can you please just do that entire podcast in animation? It would be AMAZING!
OK2B American
OK2B American - 4 days ago
Loved it!
J.O'B - 4 days ago
This the best one yet. Excellent!
Anthony Hernandez
Anthony Hernandez - 4 days ago
This is.. my favorite thing is seen in 2019
steven sparkz
steven sparkz - 4 days ago
this is better than the actual podcast
steven sparkz
steven sparkz - 4 days ago
jre toons is the greatest podcast idea I've ever seen
Chavi Jude
Chavi Jude - 4 days ago
Randy Weaver
Randy Weaver - 4 days ago
Radio fucking gold kids.
Alexander Munitis
Alexander Munitis - 5 days ago
You know they're doing coke when they go to"pee"
NativeBoyUSA - 5 days ago
Virginia and NYC you can have an abortion right up till the Brith of the baby.....
Isaac Grine
Isaac Grine - 5 days ago
This is F****** Classic!!!!!!!!
LIZ G - 5 days ago
Timothy Graham
Timothy Graham - 6 days ago
alex jones is mentally fucked
Mark Cuckerberg
Mark Cuckerberg - 7 days ago
They should animate the entire podcast
LSW - 7 days ago
How does this shit not get a million views I'm dying 😂
Hooee Phone
Hooee Phone - 7 days ago
After watching this toon I think I have to watch the re an podcast a second time. Best 5 hours of my life.
KRATOS9219 - 8 days ago
This is the best
Boof - 8 days ago
Im starting to wonder if Alex Jones is Andy Kauffman-ing us all and hes just trolling us.
Walter Thomas
Walter Thomas - 8 days ago
Why do I think of Walter Sobchak every time Alex goes crazy.
Jonathan Booth
Jonathan Booth - 8 days ago
This is fantastic
Private Hudson
Private Hudson - 8 days ago
Raphael Dormer
Raphael Dormer - 8 days ago
What's the timestamp of this moment in the actual episode please?
Andrew Bennett
Andrew Bennett - 8 days ago
Best video on the internet....
farmface - 9 days ago
Lol goatboy!
Ben Dover
Ben Dover - 9 days ago
Oh man I haven’t laughed this hard in a while, somebody’s gotta make a this into a sitcom.
Bad Dealer
Bad Dealer - 9 days ago
If Every JRE Show Was An Animation I’d Watch Ever Episode Rather Than Listen To It OnThe Podcast
L.O.T WORLDWIDE - 10 days ago
Metal army
Metal army - 10 days ago
Free Alex jones !
GS-TV - 10 days ago
Somebody said if cocaine was a drug it would snort Alex Jones.
Mark Cuckerberg
Mark Cuckerberg - 7 days ago
You mean a human
GS-TV - 10 days ago
What the fuck is this Trevor and the virgin shit?
Starmage Seer
Starmage Seer - 10 days ago
Just to clarify the killing of kids is fucked the killing of anyone is fucked.
I am surprised that he is not talking about the extraterrestrial organ trade as there is that also whistler blowers talking about E.T and the trade of there genetic material
Multiple Moon bases and inner Earth beings.
Not to mention the massive coronal mass ejection coming our way around 2024 why do you think the government has giant underground bases scattered everywhere on earth ?
Starmage Seer
Starmage Seer - 10 days ago
That shit is true, these 3 portray it so hilariously :)>
Nathanking99 - 10 days ago
This is so funny hahahaha
Justin Cole
Justin Cole - 10 days ago
This is the FUNNIEST video of all time!
Qellogz - 10 days ago
Piss a little bit
Dink n' Sink
Dink n' Sink - 10 days ago
D Loc
D Loc - 11 days ago
This needs *waaaaay* more views its INCREDIBLE
MODA GAMING - 12 days ago
This is fucking gold bro! 🤣🤣🤣🤣
Apoc414 - 12 days ago
I want the whole podcast this way! Way to bring entertaining value to counter culture, this is a home run idea guys!
Bed Time Bear
Bed Time Bear - 12 days ago
LMAO bahahaha
Pulkit Sharma
Pulkit Sharma - 12 days ago
the original one's better. When Eddie says who would campaign, that was legit the best looking inquiry face ever
Joe Stevens
Joe Stevens - 12 days ago
Lmfao this is exactly what I needed
Trucker Surg
Trucker Surg - 13 days ago
"You think you're tuff, you're bout to get it"!!!... best line ever... put that on a t shirt. I'll buy the 1st 10
Newf Ie
Newf Ie - 13 days ago
i dig the shit out of the regular podcsst but sweet mother of jesus is this a great spin. i watched that fucker live and it was exactly that , just animateed like no tomorrow. three great minds with nothing to loose in one room, and 2 of em are constantly fucin witht he other but u never knw exactly who and what s being fucked with.. great job to the cartoon artists keep it up
Fly Or Die 1208
Fly Or Die 1208 - 13 days ago
CHill TACtics
CHill TACtics - 13 days ago
Aw shit this is awesome
Andre Givogue
Andre Givogue - 13 days ago
Wow, that's funny. Yup, it's about right!
Joey Beans
Joey Beans - 13 days ago
What's up with Joe trying to force Alex to pee the whole time?
Alberto Rodriguez
Alberto Rodriguez - 13 days ago
I love the person who made this lol
Jacob Griffin
Jacob Griffin - 14 days ago
Fuxking great
68camaro - 14 days ago
This is some good shit!
Marcin Michał Marszałek
just lol
Dangerous But Good
Dangerous But Good - 14 days ago
Cartoon version is pure comedy! SOOO good hahaha
Ashlea - 14 days ago
“Cats are knocking things off”
switchgear666 - 14 days ago
OMFG I laughed so hard at this I pissed myself!!
Fart Smucker
Fart Smucker - 14 days ago
I gotta pee in a minute
soto6nine - 15 days ago
Anyone know what happened to the one he did with bill burr I can’t find that one anywhere
FightFan - 15 days ago
oh my god! I'm dying! Rogan bashing his head against the desk. Jamie sititng behind the monitors
man - 15 days ago
It's alright but it would be really cool to see like some really expressive animation, like some egoraptor-tier stuff
Correction Codes
Correction Codes - 15 days ago
Better than any of Alex Jones shows... dude needs to just release his temper and go 100.. no more censorship.. no more holding back.. that shit would hit all time highs..
Flapp em
Flapp em - 16 days ago
I remember watching this thinking, JrE toons. Fucking yes perfect

Edit : Joe ! It’s beyond astronauts !
Timothy Gosline
Timothy Gosline - 16 days ago
Those bathroom breaks 100% are NOT cocaine breaks.
Pomf - 16 days ago
this has got to be the funniest moment of all joe rogan podcast ever, that and maybe the time alex jones says he is retarded
Bruce Wyane
Bruce Wyane - 16 days ago
This is so funny
Jack My-Ears
Jack My-Ears - 16 days ago
This is amazing
Rayner Coslop
Rayner Coslop - 16 days ago
I know this is a great animation and all, but nothing beats seeing alex jones coming short to a stroke live
eric wharton
eric wharton - 17 days ago
Bobby R
Bobby R - 17 days ago
Alex Jones was coked up out of his mind on this podcast. Anyone agree?
kat kat
kat kat - 17 days ago
unhinged doesnt even begin to describe alex jones
Lliam Clifton
Lliam Clifton - 17 days ago
This was so fucking funny when i saw it
Wolfy's Adventures
Wolfy's Adventures - 17 days ago
I HEARD IT...I hEaRD iT...

Wolfy's Adventures
Wolfy's Adventures - 17 days ago
Dont get pissed, go pee
Munch eez
Munch eez - 17 days ago
The earth is flat
conner91518 - 18 days ago
When they use the bathroom there getting jacked up on blow.ftw
Mike Lyons
Mike Lyons - 18 days ago
eLIPHAS3333 - 18 days ago
1:34 - 1:36

I died haha!
Sam Johnson
Sam Johnson - 18 days ago
toRealReality - 18 days ago
alex jones and i have the same nasa shirt
Kramer 1
Kramer 1 - 18 days ago
The look of disgust young Jaime gives Edgy Brah is great
Nate Thom
Nate Thom - 18 days ago
Joe Rogan's laugh makes me happy.
KodakBlacksBrain - 18 days ago
Was that Khabib at the end?
Jared does stuff
Jared does stuff - 18 days ago
Alex was so hilarious later on too when he got super baked
Z - 18 days ago
Fxck Jamie
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