North Korea's Tiny, Terrible Airline

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Patrik Tommen
Patrik Tommen - 4 hours ago
Sadly nobody from North Korea will watch this video in the near future. So sad that they are cut from our Internet
fenderstratguy - 7 hours ago
What a shit show that whole system is.
Elvis Presley
Elvis Presley - 10 hours ago
Are all of your clips so boring.
S S - 12 hours ago
I flew Air Koryo. Was a nice experience
Aeroflot001 - 17 hours ago
Its not terrible i gave the Video a dislike
Woodsy - 18 hours ago
But hey there always on time
A bee
A bee - Day ago
At least they dont beat you up and drag off the plane just because of overbooking
Aidan Doak
Aidan Doak - Day ago
USSRn't was right there and you didn't use it
TheWtfness - Day ago
Pakistan needs these kind of sanctions
Jimmy Jango
Jimmy Jango - Day ago
Oh hai Mark!
Zweihander11 - 2 days ago
Almost tempted to go live in hellish North Korea just to stop watching ads
CodyGames BigBoy
CodyGames BigBoy - 3 days ago
Did I just see a Air Koryo A320?
PrankNation - 4 days ago
Is the background music reallyyyyy necessary 🧐😤
Al_xz - 5 days ago
IT’S not terrible, even a video was made About the Airline and the Service was great
Just because It’s North korean and 1 Star and because you heard it on the media, so shut up you don’t know shit about it stupid American.. 🙄
Aeroflot001 - 17 hours ago
Tarantulum - 5 days ago
Better than Delta
Aeroflot001 - 17 hours ago
Rob - 6 days ago
3:49 “boo ees”
Michael Brink
Michael Brink - 7 days ago
I've definitely been enjoying this channel less lately, honestly the writing has gotten worse. I get that you're trying to use more memey humor but it is kinda just annoying and makes me less likely to recommend your videos to friends.
黑龍 - Hắc Long
黑龍 - Hắc Long - 7 days ago
04:00 The Republic of China 🇹🇼 isn't a member of the United Nations.
Anirudh Kumar
Anirudh Kumar - 7 days ago
Fuck you!
America violates so many UN sanctions & no one even points a finger at them!
What a misleading Anti-DPRK Video?!!
Edward Boone
Edward Boone - 8 days ago
Real missed opportunity here to use “the USSR became the USS was”
M1A1 Abrams 3rd Generation MBT
big train < wing
Miss MEME Chin
Miss MEME Chin - 10 days ago
What year are the North Koreans living in now? 🤔🤔🤔
i could only imagine...
saturn *:・゚
saturn *:・゚ - 11 days ago
The way I didn't notice the background music until I read the comments wtf
Lis B Shala
Lis B Shala - 12 days ago
Im from kosovo and fuck you we hate them as much as the us
[] - 13 days ago
“But then USSR became the USSNOT”
lightbombs - 13 days ago
this music is making me rage grr
Glyphen Hype Central
Glyphen Hype Central - 13 days ago
Macau was spelt Macao.

ha Macao
Underfell Sans The edgy skeleton
Found out about this channel thanks to SlayerCoon

I don’t regret seeing the channel
Ricardo Talikina
Ricardo Talikina - 14 days ago
Tristan Mitchell
Tristan Mitchell - 14 days ago
wait north korea cannot buy from itself HAAAAAAAAAA
Dynamo Tynamo
Dynamo Tynamo - 15 days ago
He highlighted North Korea too
Aleksandar Grozdanoski
Aleksandar Grozdanoski - 15 days ago
I don't know if that applies to whole of China and Russia, but generally speaking, they should nowadays be rather advanced countries. On the other hand, I can only imagine being just able to travel either to Russia or China back in the days of the cold war... That sounds like a nightmare :-D
IkMan - 16 days ago
i hate it when he says bad things about soviet planes, they were and still are amazing aircraft
Jopu 700
Jopu 700 - 16 days ago
OMG I just noticed he'd used some finnish footage
Mek :]
Mek :] - 16 days ago
*NK starts buying plane from Western sahara*
congduyc mc
congduyc mc - 16 days ago
What is the background music on 2:58
Pencil BFB
Pencil BFB - 16 days ago
What's _more_ terrible? North Korea's 100.0% literacy rate. 😉
tabakushpend - 16 days ago
kosovo is a country in fact a beautiful country
Phlegethon - 16 days ago
It actually looks much better than any American airline. Not a joke.
HOBBIT cadillac
HOBBIT cadillac - 18 days ago
wendover is a true alpha cuz he know that truth about trains being the goat
SuperDuck64 - 18 days ago
According to this map, North Korea can’t buy airplanes from North Korea.
aperture confex
aperture confex - 18 days ago
Trains aren't socially egalitarian
Liam Moya
Liam Moya - 19 days ago
I love your videos here and Wendover! I find them incredibly interesting. A good idea for a video may be for the United Nations General Assembly (UNGA), if there's enough info about it. Keep up the good work!
Insert History And Politics Here
I am the 666,666th view
Wierd and creepy
Ur Mom
Ur Mom - 19 days ago
They fly too Dalian China
Lucy_____ - 20 days ago
Can't be worse than United right?
abSurd Hockey 32
abSurd Hockey 32 - 21 day ago
i love Korea
who doesnt
Aeroflot001 - 17 hours ago
Me too
Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un
Sorry but as the first creator as Air-travel I think our planes are invincible!
Jules Owen-Jones
Jules Owen-Jones - 21 day ago
Only certain Air Koryo planes are banned from flying over Europe because they’re under Annex B.
Joshua Burdette
Joshua Burdette - 21 day ago
Can't decide if I like this channel better than Wendover Pro, just keep up the great content.
Natsu - 22 days ago
Air Koryo is not terrible
Aeroflot001 - 17 hours ago
griffisjm - 22 days ago
What Is the most sanctioned country?
Grishanya - 22 days ago
Why terrible tho? Sam Chui flew it couple of time and it's actually not that bad. Well, flying in a cargo Il-76 is definitely not what you might want but flying in Tu-204 which is pretty modern is actually comfortable - it's a russian Boeing 737 that just lost the marketing war
Wunderbar! - 22 days ago
sam is sad because planes dont have dicks and balls and vaginas and boobs
Kerbin5150 - 23 days ago
North Korea: let me just see if bitch reaches here. Shit missed
UN resolution 2397: knock your shit off before you get fucked up. Fuck your planes too.
Russia: bet?
Zeriix - 23 days ago
You should’ve done:
but the USSaRe became the USSisnt.
Cats Dilbung
Cats Dilbung - 23 days ago
I thought he was gonna say Skill share
Eric Thai
Eric Thai - 23 days ago
love this video!
Lauren Buss
Lauren Buss - 25 days ago
haven’t got to worry about retaining this viewer i am a lifelong sam stan
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