Frozen 2 Official Trailer

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sweet potato
sweet potato - Hour ago
people : Titanic's ice berg is one great danger
Elsa : Move ice , you're under my control
Those stone pillars something
laliysa tommo style
laliysa tommo style - Hour ago
My name is Elysa and all of my friends call me Elsa frozen and always asking me about frozen2 story 😂
!「Wooffle」 !
!「Wooffle」 ! - Hour ago
49% of the comment section- YES comments
50% of the comment section- Questioning the yes comments
1% of the comment section (me)- I DON’T SEE ANY YES COMMENTS—
Elmer Phitts
Elmer Phitts - Hour ago
Lord forgive me for the sin I’m about to commit
Me: unzips pants
Me: grabs cock
10 minutes later: dear god my dick ain’t frozen anymore
Raghu Seetharaman
Raghu Seetharaman - Hour ago
*I'm going to seriously shoot myself in the head in two hours. I've become something I can't recognize...a shadow of a human. I want to die and there is no going back.*
Please add this many hours
to my life >>>> 👇
Junetya tyang owen
Junetya tyang owen - Hour ago
im waiting this movie...
Gavin Bone
Gavin Bone - Hour ago
1:40 . Elsa is in peril, until she sees the Blackbird show up and the X-Men swoop in to save the day *X-Men 90s cartoon intro*. "Hello Elsa, my name is Charles Xavier. We are here to help you, please, come with me." END.
Shoimatun Nurazizah
Shoimatun Nurazizah - Hour ago
I'm waiting for
Galaxy Forest
Galaxy Forest - Hour ago
They could have just stopped after the first movie but nooooo they can’t
I still don’t understand how this is a children’s movie 🎥
gomaゴマ - 2 hours ago
no body
no body - 2 hours ago
한국인 손
Melody Edington
Melody Edington - 2 hours ago
한동원 2019
한동원 2019 - 2 hours ago
hey~ elsa fuck you
El Boy
El Boy - 2 hours ago
Falou Frozen vim mais rápido do que ejaculação precoce 😂😂
Iana jhezelle Canumay
Iana jhezelle Canumay - 2 hours ago
Yes after waiting for years
Marsdyn WATERHOUSE - 2 hours ago
crx - 2 hours ago
its nice seeing elsa and anna not braiding their hair.
Kitty Yang
Kitty Yang - 2 hours ago
defiantly gonna watch this who else?
crx - 2 hours ago
"how much do u want this trailer to be dramatic?"
disney: yes
Nathan Thompson
Nathan Thompson - 2 hours ago
Just gotta say November is not fall, that is straight up winter. And that's fine but don't call it fall.
Fantasy Music by Some
Fantasy Music by Some - 2 hours ago
The soundtrack too awesome.
S.E.A Gamer
S.E.A Gamer - 2 hours ago
Who can't wait to watch?
GAMER PRO!!! - 3 hours ago
This is my childhood!😊😊😊😊
Xeno Hyper
Xeno Hyper - 3 hours ago
Im sorry but......
Dont wanna talk
I need a moment
Before i go..
Kassie Ailey
Kassie Ailey - 3 hours ago
Why us descendents 3 and frozen 2 the best Disney movie in 2019
solomon muhammad
solomon muhammad - 3 hours ago
Omg isn't that the boogie mans Horse rise of the guardians 0:39
Stephen Brix
Stephen Brix - 3 hours ago
Where's Jack Frost?
Potato- Nation
Potato- Nation - 3 hours ago
I rember like 5 years ago there were these fake trailers and I would detach up Frozen 2 everyday
Gina Sari
Gina Sari - 3 hours ago
Kapan tayang di tv?😂
SoorgioArmhany S
SoorgioArmhany S - 3 hours ago
2-5 tahun lagi keknya
Antares of Scorpio
Antares of Scorpio - 3 hours ago
Oh good Lord nooooooooooo !! Not again ! Not just at the moment my little daughter stopped breaking my balls by asking me to watch the first Frozen twice a week on television :'( :'(
Black Tie
Black Tie - 3 hours ago
This trailer reminds me Dark Sould :/ lol
Cryadvantage _Cos
Cryadvantage _Cos - 3 hours ago
Why does frozen always have like some deep meaning behind it sjsjjxksksk
bhavin d. desai
bhavin d. desai - 3 hours ago
whoever like Disney movies comment
Chakudi La
Chakudi La - 3 hours ago
I like
nympha leigh27
nympha leigh27 - 3 hours ago
I cant help thinking about Xiumin.
jomari carl
jomari carl - 3 hours ago
May 2 na 😯😯😯😯😯
Somaricraft 110
Somaricraft 110 - 3 hours ago
Millitrix - 3 hours ago
Is #GiveElsaAGirlfriend still a thing?
Kenshin XCory
Kenshin XCory - 3 hours ago
Olaf:Ah shit, here we go again.
Nguyễn T. Linh Chi
Nguyễn T. Linh Chi - 3 hours ago
đẹp vl
Hyrule Girl
Hyrule Girl - 4 hours ago
Anna : I will let nothing happen to her.
Elsa : Where the F* are you I am almost drowning!
Hyrule Girl
Hyrule Girl - 4 hours ago
Astronaut Primate-G
Astronaut Primate-G - 4 hours ago
I'm safe from the hypebeasts here
Bby_Kekamalei - 4 hours ago
OMG i cant wait to see it
Dennys Ryan Leonard
Dennys Ryan Leonard - 4 hours ago
Elsa have new power
Me: Am I a joke to you
damian ferguson
damian ferguson - 4 hours ago
I thought the pain was over 😭😭😭
Mina Park
Mina Park - 4 hours ago
Geez they are back
Amassco - 4 hours ago
Repi Dwi Oktivah
Repi Dwi Oktivah - 4 hours ago
apa cuma gw yang udah umur 20'tahun tapi kalo liat anime atau kartun yang ceritanya penuh perjuangan trs nangis??
zahfira - 4 hours ago
Mampir aj dl sptau nyaman🥰🤣
TheSharples22 - 4 hours ago
How the white walkers came to be
Team VLCN - 4 hours ago
I REALLY hope this movie doesn't suffer from Good Trailer Syndrome.
Ilham Muhammad
Ilham Muhammad - 4 hours ago
Wah nih kartun kesukaan adek gw nih mudahan cepet di liris
ναlєɾιє νєитισи
Did anyone notice those large tall rocks towards the end looked a lot similar to the ones in 'Brave'? 🤔
some japanese cat
some japanese cat - 5 hours ago
I love the animation
dafid 25
dafid 25 - 5 hours ago
this movie needs gulags
Wini Abri
Wini Abri - 5 hours ago
E m o t i o n a l
E m o t i o n a l - 5 hours ago
(My opinion) *when frozen actually becomes good*
Quyen HA
Quyen HA - 5 hours ago
Dang ky Minh Minh voi m.n choi
XboxKillerz - 5 hours ago
They don’t make a Bugs Life, but they make this shit?
Sarah Azzaura fitri
Sarah Azzaura fitri - 5 hours ago
Aghhh can't wait😫😩
Clever Girl
Clever Girl - 5 hours ago
My teory:
What about if Anna is owned the fire of the love just bc when we sawed in the first trailer Elsa is freezing a purple or magenta colored heart shaped fire maybe Anna made that fire 🤔
SoorgioArmhany S
SoorgioArmhany S - 3 hours ago
Ow.. maybe.. nice!!
The Deadpool
The Deadpool - 5 hours ago
I swear if this is a movie where they introduce the Disney multiverse I'll lose it, in a bad way. Disney's Princesses will be coming out sooner or later and probably see Elsa combining her powers with Frozone to fight Hades and his resurrected Disney villains while Woody infiltrate the source of Hades' power then found out that he stole some kind of power from the land of the dead but Miguel helped Woody and bla bla bla
hannah chan
hannah chan - 5 hours ago
Disney:Any questions for frozen 2
Me:What the flip is going on I did not watch frozen 2 to get a twisted turn
Angel Xhen Capadiso
Angel Xhen Capadiso - 5 hours ago
Elsa: The past is in the past!
FROZEN II trailer: The past is not what it seems.
B. Alhajrii
B. Alhajrii - 5 hours ago
ILike lt good
Syahla athaya nafisa
Syahla athaya nafisa - 5 hours ago
Waw so swet✨
BLINK BLACKPINK - 5 hours ago
nochook 97
nochook 97 - 6 hours ago
a movie that completes my childhood
Abdullah Omar
Abdullah Omar - 6 hours ago
اللي من العرب لايك😇😅
KING CHOUAIB - 6 hours ago
Man Vogo
Man Vogo - 6 hours ago
I reading novel at watpad, elsa and jack forest (from guardian movie) being love and they know each other since kids. I hope thats gonna happen.. huhu.. btw i believe that not gonna happen because in watpat everyone cn make their own story.. huhu sory 4 my bad english.. i cn understand english but hard for me to speak and writing.. i really love elsa in frozen, and i love jack forest.. i really hope this gonna heppen.. i regret to read tht novel, because its give me hope and imagination to story that will never happen.. 😭😭
Cool Dog
Cool Dog - 6 hours ago
I hate this "franchise"
Myeonnigot7 - 6 hours ago
Its still far from xmas?
Bribear0420 - 6 hours ago
So all of a sudden brave is apart of frozen too😱😱😱
R&N Gaming
R&N Gaming - 6 hours ago
Just me or is the screen smaller...?
Victor Medina
Victor Medina - 6 hours ago
Frozen is dogshit
I'm a BIRD! DEEZNUTZ - 6 hours ago
0:38 is this some new footage of Moana 2?!😂😱
Jumahan Purba
Jumahan Purba - 6 hours ago
Fabian Gonzalez
Fabian Gonzalez - 6 hours ago
Boys’ locker room: gory game clip
Girls’ locker room:
Fabian Gonzalez
Fabian Gonzalez - 6 hours ago
What is that? Who is that? What’s that horse doing in the water?
I don’t remember anything from the first one.
Perhaps - 4 hours ago
Fabian Gonzalez It’s a mythical Norse creature called Nokk. It’s the guardian of the forest and Nokk holds certain secrets that Elsa wants and the only way to get those secrets is by proving your worth. An almost impossible task. That’s why she’s trying to cross those waves.
USINA DE ESPANHOL - 7 hours ago
*Gracias a las imágenes y la narración de este tráiler, se da a entender como las hermanas viajarán fuera de su reino Arendelle para tratar de encontrar la verdad y resolver un misterio importante en sus vidas. Para ello, deberán utilizar su astucia y por supuesto, los poderes de Elsa ¿será suficiente? ¿cuál será la verdad que quieren buscar? Muy pronto lo descubriremos*
Kelvin Daugherty Jr
Kelvin Daugherty Jr - 7 hours ago
Her mom is at 0:55 go look I nearly screamed my head off!!!!!!
Fabian Gonzalez
Fabian Gonzalez - 7 hours ago
But Jacksfilms already uploaded the trailer like 4 years ago. That trailer seemed alot more interesting. This is just boring.😴💯
Nita Lindsey
Nita Lindsey - 7 hours ago
usually I'm not this excited for movies like these but I'm getting hyped
Unicorn Bunny
Unicorn Bunny - 4 hours ago
Nita Lindsey What do you mean by “movies like these?”
Francisco - 7 hours ago
Sha q salga :v
Mak Sood
Mak Sood - 7 hours ago
Hannah Pralle
Hannah Pralle - 7 hours ago
a s s t h e t i c
a s s t h e t i c - 7 hours ago
Courtny Weathers
Courtny Weathers - 7 hours ago
Uggggg what about Anna
kermit frog
kermit frog - 7 hours ago
I became so HAPPY when I saw her in a onesie, because all Disney princesses wear dresses and it makes me triggered that the can’t wear pants!
👖 < 👗
Diego Vargas
Diego Vargas - 7 hours ago
Not sure if genuine adventure story or clever advertisment to mask another god damn musical
Jaison Jaison
Jaison Jaison - 7 hours ago
I like elsa
Aziza B
Aziza B - 7 hours ago
This version of vuelie makes me eyes sweat😭❤
jaida knight
jaida knight - 7 hours ago
this isn’t the one
Chelinie Ngo
Chelinie Ngo - 8 hours ago
why do people think that elsa is les in this movie?
Mauricio Altamirano
Mauricio Altamirano - 8 hours ago
Bruno Gondim
Bruno Gondim - 8 hours ago
Damares, corre aqui!
Angelina Dallas
Angelina Dallas - 8 hours ago
My favorite parts in this trailer are 1:14 and 1:16 because it has more action like purple fire going up in the air and Kristoff saving Anna even though the music’s not a song. It’s just beautiful music.
KK Ice cream
KK Ice cream - 8 hours ago
The first one came out when I was 5 I’ve been waiting but now I’m 10!!!!
katie acker
katie acker - 8 hours ago
wait, doesnt anna have fire powers or did i see a fake trailer.... shoot.
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