Venice floods dozen times a year, but latest inundation is a disaster

Christina Lehr
Christina Lehr - 18 days ago
They have been flooding since the 5th Century because their land mass is so much lower then other land masses around them. They usually flood primarily in the winter. It has increased in-depth mainly because the landmass has been sinking along with Rising water. If they were smart they would have deconstructed and moved all of their beautiful historic monuments away from this area a long time ago, they have known this for 100s of years.... It would have cost billions to do but if they're so concerned that's what they should have done
Endangered Land
Endangered Land - 20 days ago
do you think this is the beginning of the end?
Nasir Chowdhury
Nasir Chowdhury - 20 days ago
I have visited Venice for 3 days in 2003 as part of a training program when had the opportunity to meet Venice city authority officials, scientists, engineers and town planners. All they described that not only Italy, also the EU as well as other scientifically, technically and financially advanced countries of the world were trying their best to face this problem. There was a PowerPoint presentation on the-then underway gigantic task of placing some mechanical devices on the mouth of the Lagoon so these floating metallic devices (some sort of floating platforms, for me, a non-technical person to understand easily) could become obstacles in the time of high tide. We, the participants of the training, were clearly in a position to understand that the presenters / speakers (scientists, engineers, technicians, planners and decision maker) themselves were NOT convinced that the planned intervention would work. Now, after long 16 years, we all see what a grave disaster taking place there in Venice. feeling really really bad for beautiful Venice.
myeyesinside out
myeyesinside out - 21 day ago
At 0:49 is the hotel we stayed bat. Hotel Carmel Walter
..a POS
eugene swayngim
eugene swayngim - 21 day ago
eugene swayngim
eugene swayngim - 21 day ago
Arnold Stollar
Arnold Stollar - 22 days ago
S nor,keling
Arnold Stollar
Arnold Stollar - 22 days ago
Arnold Stollar
Arnold Stollar - 22 days ago
Francesco C
Francesco C - 22 days ago
*Perhaps those who live in Venice ,plus the tourists are dumping waste everywhere around ,climate change is not to blame for that .*
RadRich - 22 days ago
Watch out, you're going to give the Mud Flooders something to talk about. Not to mention the Flat Earthers are going to say "See, if the Earth was a Ball..."
Quack Tron
Quack Tron - 22 days ago
It’s just Sewage water 🚿 🚽
Frank Blangeard
Frank Blangeard - 22 days ago
Venice is sinking That's not due to climate change.
Ekphrasys - 22 days ago
Frank Blangeard It has nothing to do with sinking!!! It has to do with tides! High tide (acqua alta or alta marea in italian) is a daily phenomenon... Problem is when it rains Costantly for two weeks, which is normal in other Italian cities like Milan or Turin , but not in Venice !
psychiatry is eugenics
psychiatry is eugenics - 22 days ago
Had years to move art . Stayed way too long . Will happen in a lot of cities.
Liberty Tree
Liberty Tree - 22 days ago
Joseph Magliocca
Joseph Magliocca - 22 days ago
Did anybody see Jake Gyllanhaal in Venice recently?
SHADOW OF Despair Light
SHADOW OF Despair Light - 22 days ago
Now yall going to listen to that little french girl about global warming
Liberty Tree
Liberty Tree - 22 days ago It floods regularly and has for hundreds of years
Jeff polara
Jeff polara - 22 days ago
God's judgement
J D - 22 days ago
@Pony Express You're one to talk, still believing in fairy tales
Pony Express
Pony Express - 22 days ago
J D and the silly theory that they follow
J D - 22 days ago
Don't be silly, this is poor planning and engineering.
Dodi Gago
Dodi Gago - 22 days ago
The muslim invasion of Europe is a bigger risk than climate change.
Michael Cowan
Michael Cowan - 22 days ago
This happens every time that everyone flushes their toilets at the same time.
carlos andrade
carlos andrade - 22 days ago
Nice place for a swim with dirty sewage water
Silver Dragon
Silver Dragon - 22 days ago
“aqua olta” i dont get english speakers you say one ‘a’ right but not the other because...???
Pony Express
Pony Express - 22 days ago
Silver Dragon Because we dumb asf
jeremy western
jeremy western - 23 days ago
art sky
art sky - 23 days ago
Nice, great time for kayaking
A Spectator
A Spectator - 23 days ago
Expect more of this type of news. Things aren’t going to get any better. It’s coming and it’s close. Nothing will stop it .
Nick Giant
Nick Giant - 23 days ago
Maybe get that anti flooding project done that started construction 16 years ago and isn't even close to completion. Now the cost of damage is close to a billion euros, just to clean it up just for it to continue to keep flooding to cost another billion in a city that will be under water in a hundred years.
Jon Prothero
Jon Prothero - 23 days ago Climate Change Song influenced by Greta Thunberg and others trying to highlight the impact it will have on lives if we dont take urgent measures!
Mike Mike
Mike Mike - 23 days ago
Poor engineering, I do better than that.
Infinitywoke Anon
Infinitywoke Anon - 23 days ago
These m0r0ns havent heard of sewers lol.
D MAN - 23 days ago
oh WELL,
Chef Antonio’s Kitchen
Chef Antonio’s Kitchen - 23 days ago
I need to visit before its totally gone.
Sabine Around the World
Sabine Around the World - 23 days ago
I hope they were not lax and stored the artwork in the basement again.
Nopentire III
Nopentire III - 23 days ago
I went there this summer... it’s hard to believe this is happening
Tekkengirl99 - 23 days ago
ah so it's finally started. Unfortunately a beautiful city will be underwater ;(
J D - 22 days ago
This one was inevitable, you can't build on a swamp and expect it to last. NYC and DC were built on swamps too, now they'll have to spend billions to ward off rising seas. And they're lucky enough to be defendable, Miami is lost as soon as the seas rise 1-2 feet, not even a four-sided wall could prevent flooding in Miami due to the porous foundation.
Bad Cattitude
Bad Cattitude - 23 days ago
They say the same thing about the docks where I live. We had them underwater several times this summer. It was like that when I was a kid, but it's worse now. The reason, however, is erosion. Pilings gradually sink. You can look at people's docks and see how they are uneven. It's just something that happens over time, you just have the dock raised a few inches. It's not friggin climate change
Hallking78 - 23 days ago
If by dozens you mean hundreds.... It literally floods hundreds of times during the winter months
Just a Nigga Trying to Grow a Beard
The children must be havin a blast over there eh?
Efren Rodriguez
Efren Rodriguez - 23 days ago
Let's build a city on top of the water with water canals for streets...what could possibly go wrong...
Christina Lehr
Christina Lehr - 18 days ago
Lol...true... this has been happening for hundreds of years and they still haven't figured out what to do about it
John Bush
John Bush - 23 days ago
City is sinking.
Gallo Pelao
Gallo Pelao - 23 days ago
We don't care
akbar voxobov
akbar voxobov - 23 days ago
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