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Alexandra Nunez
Alexandra Nunez - 20 days ago
this is shampoo
Areiesz - 2 months ago
2019 anyone?
John Dope
John Dope - 2 months ago
So did you ship her back to Mexico after you guys breaking up?
Patiswa Patiswa
Patiswa Patiswa - 3 months ago
I love the milk duds and sour punch twist
COYOTE swap or you get DEPORTED
Damn you can tell she in love with you here but later on towards your breakup you can tell she is annoyed and not as cheerful with you so sad
fuzionassassin - 4 months ago
Censors face when Yanet was playing with the Swedish fish 😂😂😂
Gabby H
Gabby H - 6 months ago
its not watermelon its rassberry : aka laffytaffy
ralfie cook
ralfie cook - 6 months ago
Yummy candy all mine lol
John Gates
John Gates - 7 months ago
You are only dating her for her looks because she doesn’t even speak fucking English and she is a gold digging b. U should have 0 subs as*ho**
Ramses Villaverde
Ramses Villaverde - 8 months ago
My fav part is when she blahhh (in Spanish) no
Aaron Grimes
Aaron Grimes - 8 months ago
American candy 🍭 isnt anerican it just all been transferred from 🇨🇳
Joshua Musgrove
Joshua Musgrove - 8 months ago
"My mouth is water when I think of swedish kids" WTF censor
Lant3rn - 10 months ago
She probably got her 50% of this video
Moats Melts
Moats Melts - 10 months ago
The way she reacted after eating the milk duds😂😂
TheLonelyWolf87 - Year ago
You forgot the starburst and skittles ):
Jack Hedges
Jack Hedges - Year ago
yanets kinda boring but i prefer doug's content with her tbh..much love to both of yall tho
frank a
frank a - Year ago
bruh where are the american chocolates? haha we dont just have sour candies smh
Twitch Relax24
Twitch Relax24 - Year ago
Yanet such a gold digger
Hayhee - Year ago
Amargo is bitter
Hayhee - Year ago
Swedish fish are not American dumb ass
Modded Account
Modded Account - Year ago
Did Doug call her a chocolate guy 😂
xJacks - Year ago
Shes a chocolate guy😂😂
Lord Killa90
Lord Killa90 - Year ago
Now give her the check
Mitchowls - Year ago
Wheres the cookies and cream hersheys
Real Willsy
Real Willsy - Year ago
I can’t believe I’m watching entertainment from people eating food
OMG Puppies
OMG Puppies - Year ago
The Mexican candies are kind of dubious but seem to be made out of natural ingredients. American candy is familiar, but it's all very synthetic, chemical concoctions.
Anna-Maria Videnlieva
I don't know why but she reminds me of Lea Gunet
loki - Year ago
I can smell the diabetes
Lorena Saldaña
Lorena Saldaña - Year ago
She picked all the ones I would have picked!
Lauren C
Lauren C - Year ago
jolly ranchers are my all time favorite ! along with laffy taffy’s n baby bottle pops .
Stanley L.
Stanley L. - Year ago
Sweedish fish and sour patch watermelon for life
LN24 - Year ago
I’m the same as yanet with the Swedish fish
Ur wack
Ur wack - Year ago
God i love the way he says “watermelon”
Ny accents ✌🏼 ayyy rep
MBX2 - Year ago
Guys don’t worry Duty over booty am I right!!!!
qxick scope
qxick scope - Year ago
How do they not have diabetes
James Paddington
James Paddington - Year ago
Why is he offended? Whenever she fed him one of the Mexican foods he would spit it out.
Juan Espinoza
Juan Espinoza - Year ago
Her sour faces are cute asf
Javier Torres
Javier Torres - Year ago
My last name is Garcia too
Sick Trap
Sick Trap - Year ago
"Dud Milk's"
Sofi,Jakson,jasper Sheehan
I've had milk dubs
Admiral Sandwich
Admiral Sandwich - Year ago
I pretty much like all candy except every kind of licorice
Jason Womack
Jason Womack - Year ago
You chew like an animal dude. Learn some manners.
Isaac Garcia
Isaac Garcia - Year ago
Mexican candy is better
Anna Colvett
Anna Colvett - Year ago
He needs to slow down a little bit!
Winston Situ
Winston Situ - Year ago
4:36 he said if u dont like this u are crazy.... BRUUH DOUG you dont like 99% of foods whos the crazy one
Winston Situ
Winston Situ - Year ago
This dude can eat candy but cant eat a cheeseburger
Taco Nacho
Taco Nacho - Year ago
Where is the pop rocks
Madelyn Ochoa
Madelyn Ochoa - Year ago
If eating candy is a challenge, then I do a challenge all the time
Kevin Chavez
Kevin Chavez - Year ago
Ummm I'm pretty sure that strawberry lady taffy
Marcus Anthony
Marcus Anthony - Year ago
lol i want to do this :)
Fadekemi Ibukunoluwa
Milk duds
Gaming God
Gaming God - Year ago
Devilz Swag
Devilz Swag - Year ago
Gerardo Torres
Gerardo Torres - Year ago
I like milk duds and sour patch kids and Swedish fish
Grandpa Crew
Grandpa Crew - Year ago
It’s a very good challenge
Adrianna Moran
Adrianna Moran - Year ago
i saw your girlfriend on the news today
Indyturner - Year ago
Can I have likes

I know you are gonna say I'm begging for likes that is the point of this comment so please roast me instead my channel has pictures of me if you need inspiration also my voice is a common thing to roast me on
Luna Ruby
Luna Ruby - Year ago
Ella nunca escupio los dulces como el verdad estan masses ricos los dulces mexicanos 😘
BigHairyJabba a
BigHairyJabba a - Year ago
Did any one else get mad when he ripped the top of the sour patch bag off???!!
Tensei - Year ago
Yanet is so cute
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