Rocket Fishing Rod Catches BIG FISH | Monster Mike

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Rogue Fisherman
Rogue Fisherman - Month ago
My nephew had a first edition. We quickly learned to tie the rocket bobber on our real fishing rods and skip them with the bait inside up under overhanging cover and catch fish.
Kam 1025
Kam 1025 - Month ago
Jessica Bloomfield
Jessica Bloomfield - 3 months ago
I’m down with Sams challenge
Zoë Lkjsdhf
Zoë Lkjsdhf - 3 months ago
They sell this in Amazon too. Fun video
Briddy Hll
Briddy Hll - 4 months ago
I could pee further man.
Steven Stoddard
Steven Stoddard - 4 months ago
Monster mikes videos are the best
Rain 123
Rain 123 - 5 months ago
Best fishing video's
Nessie Dawn
Nessie Dawn - 5 months ago
That mysteryer fish on your video was a suchermouth catfish
the blue Campbell
the blue Campbell - 5 months ago
Fishing rods of terrible but when you use the Rocket fishing rod that is so good
Leroy Blair
Leroy Blair - 5 months ago
I love your videos they are$
Sas Sassy
Sas Sassy - 6 months ago
Fuck sam who is a god damn damn hell ya
Johnnythepillpopper - 6 months ago
Is that made by nerf?
crazysplash - 6 months ago
his vid are more most likely fake every one
Edgar Lopez
Edgar Lopez - 7 months ago
Lily Conner
Lily Conner - 7 months ago
Ah this is Tanner man I love you viotos and so why want make a Toko bell fish rod
RizqyKevin - 7 months ago
You put in the bait in the bomb
Gillian Lawrence
Gillian Lawrence - 7 months ago
Gas Monkey
Gas Monkey - 7 months ago
holy cow !
Michael Sanders
Michael Sanders - 8 months ago
Some guys have all the luck.
Monster mike fishing Whalen
Cut yo hear
Dylan Hunter
Dylan Hunter - 9 months ago
Monster mike is the best in the world
JOHN SALAZAR - 9 months ago
Try the instent fisherman rod.
You can catch snappers and sharks on that rod.
Luis Antonio
Luis Antonio - 10 months ago
Quang Nguyen
Quang Nguyen - 10 months ago
where do you buy
Gemma Luna
Gemma Luna - 10 months ago
Who loves fishing like for love fishing
Hutauruk 117
Hutauruk 117 - 11 months ago
Increíble o el tío del invento está tocado por dios o los peces se quieren suicidar
Melissa Nalley
Melissa Nalley - Year ago
it have fish hook itself
abi a oltayı kaç paraya aldın Türkiye de varmıdır
JOHN SALAZAR - 9 months ago
Niya’s Palace
Niya’s Palace - Year ago
Mavis Machicek
Mavis Machicek - Year ago
You are using it rog
jessica salazar
jessica salazar - Year ago
I wish toys r us was not going out of business
Dont Spread
Dont Spread - Year ago
Don't hold it vertical with no support
Maureen Schoeman
Maureen Schoeman - Year ago
I need a baitcaster
mlggamerbrosxtreme- mlggamercousinsxtreme2
2:01 your laugh tho 😂 😂
Санёк ООО
Санёк ООО - Year ago
Круто у меня есть такая
Skyler Bottoms
Skyler Bottoms - Year ago
Got another subscriber
Shayla Davis
Shayla Davis - Year ago
Pirate ship to my house is 29 before thank you
Shayla Davis
Shayla Davis - Year ago
Send me one of Lake Wales Florida my daughter and her name is she Kayla send this to the address of 29 before thank you
A Barracuda!
A Barracuda! - Year ago
Ya boi Mike loves peacock bass (judging from the intro)
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