[MV] CLC _ No

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Luísa Ledra
Luísa Ledra - 2 часа назад
1:25 with headphones omg so good
A T - 2 часа назад
Wtf is this group??! Why their song so bomb and why did I slept on them for so long? Damn damn Omg this song is legit fire
Poliana Zarzecki
Poliana Zarzecki - 3 часа назад
te amo
Gisella Trujillo
Gisella Trujillo - 3 часа назад
Please give STARS for CLC on IDOLCHAMP STARGIVING !!! We need 500 cheshires to contribute 100 stars !!!
그러나 BTS 에 더 미친중국에 대해 미친
-YouTube = No
-1theK = No
- Fandom = No
-Yes or Yes = No
Matt R
Matt R - 3 часа назад
Keep STREAMING 😭❤️❤️❤️❤️
Chantal T.
Chantal T. - 3 часа назад
Let’s get 10M ❤️
kookie Monster
kookie Monster - 4 часа назад
Next clc song "i love me"
123hihihi Vicente
123hihihi Vicente - 5 часов назад
C'MON 10M ❤
Dimitar T
Dimitar T - 5 часов назад
Guts vote on idol champ for clc on the idol of february event
Rissi Jade
Rissi Jade - 6 часов назад
Is one of the girls mixed/half Korean? The one with reddish hair? Maybe it’s just me. She looks half latina or half white to me.
123hihihi Vicente
123hihihi Vicente - 5 часов назад
Chris Tos
Chris Tos - 6 часов назад
1:08 Me: Stop
1:11 Me: No seriously, stop
2:10 Me: STOP!!!
2:14 Me: *DEAD*
Chris Tos
Chris Tos - 6 часов назад
I almost had a heart attack because of Elkie's beauty...
Kiddie Cat
Kiddie Cat - 6 часов назад
I don't know anything about clc but I just learned that Seungyeon is a fucking badass and killed this shit.
슈가Genius - 6 часов назад
True that 😂 if you want to know them more watch 10 ep show on cube ent channel! It has eng subs!
Hoseokb ts
Hoseokb ts - 7 часов назад
2:02 who is she?
슈가Genius - 6 часов назад
Chang Seungyeon, leader, great dancer, check her choreo videos!
Sunday Soyeon
Sunday Soyeon - 8 часов назад
CLC are making 2019 their bitch 💅
shiyaan L
shiyaan L - 8 часов назад
Guys go and check this clc tribute video on asiakore channel. It's really sweet and beautiful! https://youtu.be/MY6fhc4F4Cw
Budsayamas Sata
Budsayamas Sata - 8 часов назад
1.25X แดนซ์เลย 😊😊
Cheshire Inspirit
Cheshire Inspirit - 8 часов назад
1month=10milion! Go!
Day Dreamer
Day Dreamer - 8 часов назад
Where are all the haters that said that CLC is a flop. All I see are queens
새끼고양이 - 9 часов назад
améee está canción
Kim sowon fan
Kim sowon fan - 10 часов назад
lala la
lala la - 10 часов назад
Earrings: no, High heels: no, Makeup: no.... and they're all wearing them. Yay.
Sunday Soyeon
Sunday Soyeon - 8 часов назад
Yeah... that's not what they mean though
% %
% % - 10 часов назад
already 10M views!!
Sebi Key
Sebi Key - 10 часов назад
Feminism is on🔥
Say life's a bitch but mine's a movie
Say life's a bitch but mine's a movie - 10 часов назад
I think this song suits CLC more than La Vie en Rose :)
Calvin Mitchell
Calvin Mitchell - 3 часа назад
Well, technically, we could have had both, la vie en rose mid last year, and No beginning this year. This is the real demo of CLC singing la vie en rose. ruvideos.org/uQEga8Ot9q0-видео.html They all did good, but Seunghee would have killed it.
CNA Conceição Divulgação CNA Conceição
god is a maxista
kak long mari
kak long mari - 11 часов назад
I hate CLC
Maria Eduarda Albuquerque
Maria Eduarda Albuquerque - 11 часов назад
remember meghan trainor NO
kim Sun Kae
kim Sun Kae - 12 часов назад
재능이 있기 때문에 포기하지 마라.
TaynanGonzaga - 12 часов назад
NEXT::::: 9KK
Budsayamas Sata
Budsayamas Sata - 12 часов назад
paolin .T
paolin .T - 13 часов назад
Hey chesires , i am a fellow chesire, carat and monbebe. Well apparently monsta x is having a comeback named "alligator" right now so please give em some luv 💖 thankyouuu. And congratulations to our queens for their second win 👑👑
Oh Min GABRIELLY - 13 часов назад
Oh Min GABRIELLY - 13 часов назад
Magicaloid 44
Magicaloid 44 - 14 часов назад
Whoever disliked deserves the electric chair
Baldoxxx4000 - 14 часов назад
When they No it almost sound like Now :P
슈가Genius - 12 часов назад
Beacause their are not native speakers
just dance
just dance - 14 часов назад
โครตเท่~ มีแปลคำว่าซีแอลซีด้วย เฉียบบบบบ
LostMyHalo - 14 часов назад
damn my bisexual heart can't handle this 😍❤️❤️❤️
BANGTAN SONYEONDAN aRMy - 14 часов назад
Mbb Esereth
Mbb Esereth - 14 часов назад
Red lip? NO
High Heels? NO
Earrings? NO
Handbag? NO
さいんふ - 15 часов назад
So full of underrated..so full of talent...such a wasteee PLEASEE DONT DISBANNNDD
บิวตี้ งับ
บิวตี้ งับ - 15 часов назад
Zengin Suho
Zengin Suho - 15 часов назад
Go stream Cheshire Fighting !😊
sapnu aw puas
sapnu aw puas - 16 часов назад
I love the 8D effect this song has.
Liv Beauty
Liv Beauty - 16 часов назад
Yasss the girls deserve the win!
Nessi Nessa
Nessi Nessa - 16 часов назад
*wins ;)
Aura민 - 16 часов назад
Amo esta canción
Herman Chen
Herman Chen - 16 часов назад
歌曲雖然短了點 但副歌的氣勢很棒 超喜歡!
I will to love you forever Eunjung
I will to love you forever Eunjung - 17 часов назад
8.763.128 fighting cheshires
Elena CS
Elena CS - 17 часов назад
This is a little bit gay
•*ash the unicorn*•
•*ash the unicorn*• - 17 часов назад
This is Mom's favorite song
Shaizan Barde
Shaizan Barde - 12 часов назад
+Readioheed true
Readioheed - 12 часов назад
Your mom has taste. :)
– nu.clear
– nu.clear - 17 часов назад
Congrats for the 2nd win! The promotions are coming to the end but we gotta still fighting Cheshires, let’s get more wins for our girls, they worked and work really hard! Let’s hope also for more comebacks in the future really soon
슈가Genius - 16 часов назад
Don't forget to keep collecting starpass point for uncoming comeback!
JIMIN BTS you can't stop me lo'ven myself
JIMIN BTS you can't stop me lo'ven myself - 17 часов назад
Storm2016 - 18 часов назад
One of the best K-pop songs I've heard.Really good 👏👏. I already love these girls ❤️❤️. I hear the group for the first time.Is this a new group or has it been around for years?Many subscribers write that they should win.What should they win?Are the girls in a TV show and what does GI-DLE have to do with the girls?Could it explain me one🙂🙂? Greetings from Germany 🤗🤗🤗.
Readioheed - 12 часов назад
They also have Cheatkey behind the scenes episodes on the United Cube channel. You may want to check out some of their other songs: Hobgoblin, Black Dress, Pepe, and all the songs of their current album, No. 1, among others. There's a full English song there called I Need U. You might like that. :)
슈가Genius - 16 часов назад
If you want to stan them you can also check Sorn's (one of the members) yt channel called Produsorn, our fandom is called Cheshires! we would gladly welcome anyone who supports CLC! ❤️
재커리 - 17 часов назад
Storm2016 So glad you enjoy it! So they actually debuted in 2015 😅 but despite producing great music for years they never got a win until now. The “win” refers to coming in first place on any qualifying Kpop music show, and wins are taken very seriously by both idols and fans. Some groups got their first win only days after their debut, so you can imagine how disheartening it can be to go several years without one. CLC and (G)I-DLE are both from the same company, Cube Entertainment. The girls from both groups are very close and even help each other with music production. CLC has a 10-episode reality show on youtube if you want to get to know them better. They are such a great group in so many ways, you won’t regret stanning them.
Bew Best
Bew Best - 18 часов назад
ซีแอลซี มีภาษาไทยด้วย555
Kratui Cover
Kratui Cover - 18 часов назад
OMG THAI ซีแอลซี!!!
Jade L.
Jade L. - 18 часов назад
This music tells you that you can go out with crocs and a pyjama if you feel comfortable with it.
Just do what you want. Even if girls are not supposed to do it.
j. wilde
j. wilde - 18 часов назад
8.7M! let's get this to 10 milli, cheshires ♡
dipa ritchil
dipa ritchil - 18 часов назад
CLC is soooo Jose...
LOVEAAA大好き! - 18 часов назад
w w
w w - 19 часов назад
itspurpleruby _
itspurpleruby _ - 20 часов назад
Tempest Peace
Tempest Peace - 20 часов назад
Cheshires, Dreamcatcher has dropped to 4th place in STARPASS! 😭 If you haven’t voted, may I humbly ask that you save up for just 1 vote? If everyone here voted one time, it would make a huge difference. Even if you only voted or watched “Piri” once, I thank you from the bottom of my heart. ❤️Every little bit counts and it means the world to InSomnias!❤️
Cheshires x InSomnias 💕
Malcolm Ng
Malcolm Ng - 10 часов назад
i have voted for DC… but the gap is really huge
Hak Aben
Hak Aben - 20 часов назад
Love yeeun rap 💗
최종인 - 20 часов назад
노래는 걸그룹노래 치고 괜찮은데
Lalisa Manoban
Lalisa Manoban - 20 часов назад
Matthew Schwer
Matthew Schwer - 20 часов назад
See we figured it out. Relax now I only go to hell and it's not so bad
Suwapith Kunnarat
Suwapith Kunnarat - 20 часов назад
so much dislike whyyyy
junkyu stan
junkyu stan - 21 час назад
1:27 i thought that was rosé from blackpink
irem akın
irem akın - 21 час назад
Yellow one is hot
뿌엥 - 21 час назад
apink %%
L Quân Ng
L Quân Ng - 17 часов назад
재커리 - 18 часов назад
뿌엥 That’s a great song that sounds nothing like this lol
Nomuka Nyamaa
Nomuka Nyamaa - 22 часа назад
I am obsessed with this song and egotistic by mamamoo since yesterday
Sephiroth - 22 часа назад
The second girl who sang looks like Hyuna
DoubleV Twenty
DoubleV Twenty - 22 часа назад
We still have a week and its about 12.3 combined for now It's kinda difficult for 15 M but let's get atleast 13.5M :D
Octamun - 19 часов назад
+DoubleV Twenty oh ok. Thanks. Time passes so fast.
DoubleV Twenty
DoubleV Twenty - 22 часа назад
+Octamun Before its one month(31days) Today is 24th days after release so…
Octamun - 22 часа назад
A week for what ? What do you mean?
Kim Tae Yeon
Kim Tae Yeon - 23 часа назад
10M in first month ?
Juliana Wolf
Juliana Wolf - 23 часа назад
Juliana Wolf
Juliana Wolf - 23 часа назад
Lee Know
Lee Know - День назад
10M Fighting
Calvin Mitchell
Calvin Mitchell - День назад
The ladies of CLC showing their talent acapella style, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mROL_oT_r8c should check it out.
lkuukiks - День назад
jaelaxy - День назад
thisis missdark
thisis missdark - День назад
So after I heard this, I wanted to join the Cheshires. Can anyone tell me the best place to start?
재커리 - 18 часов назад
thisis missdark Yess do everything mentioned above. I also suggest checking out their other recent albums and b-sides as well. If you like this song I recommend any of these songs: Black Dress, Show, Like It, Hobgoblin, I Need U, I Like It, Call My Name, Meow Meow. Welcome to the fandom!
siti hazirah
siti hazirah - День назад
Watch their 10 episode variety show. One of the member, Sorn have her own YT channel Produsorn. Subscribe the channel. Also watch their hillarious in Cheat Key
hendery is an art
hendery is an art - День назад
Irmayanti Maya
Irmayanti Maya - День назад
Sorn 😘😘😘
N'noom Tip
N'noom Tip - День назад
ซีแอลซี 💓💓
Sora Sarana
Sora Sarana - День назад
I don‘t really know any one of this group. But the blonde one really brings me to the edge of gay
nicole - День назад
she's yeeun <3
Sally Lee
Sally Lee - День назад
I thought they were saying “NOW” for the longest time.
Adrielli Siqueira
Adrielli Siqueira - День назад
Quem é do Brasil🇧🇷?
May Santt
May Santt - День назад
Just queenz being queenz ♥️🔥😏
Andina Rodriguez
Andina Rodriguez - День назад
I can only imagine if this song was recorded on English this would be awesome
재커리 - 18 часов назад
^Yesss check out I Need U!
PEACE SIGN - 19 часов назад
They have an English song call I need you. Its on their mini album
心愛 の
心愛 の - День назад
I just don't understand why they're wearing everything they're saying *NO* to. Like it would be cool if they were natural while tossing aside these things in the video lol
心愛 の
心愛 の - 20 часов назад
+Greg Hogarth hmm I can understand that and makes more sense. Thank you for clarifying for me!
Greg Hogarth
Greg Hogarth - 20 часов назад
They're not saying no to the items, they're saying no to the suggestions. The point is, wear it if you like it and you want to wear it, not because other people expect you to.
Troye Cervantes
Troye Cervantes - День назад
air rings? 😂😂
lilah ovadia ॐ
lilah ovadia ॐ - День назад
In the million times and they fucking killed it ❤❤❤
Lee Toya
Lee Toya - День назад
내가 본 짱께중어ㅣ 젤예쁘다 엘키
Mehdi Bn
Mehdi Bn - День назад
Guys what a nice comeback ! First win ! 2 wins in total, they finally hit the spotlight, now we Cheshire have to stream as much as we can until they next comeback ! views are so slow Right now, only 8M6 We have to get at least 12M Views before March, Fighting Cheshire
Mehdi Bn
Mehdi Bn - 7 часов назад
+Tempest Peace Thank you when CLC will hit 30M vieuw i will sure help Dreamcatcher ! PS nice song piri !
Tempest Peace
Tempest Peace - 20 часов назад
InSomnia (Dreamcatcher stan) here! I will help stream! 💕
yoo kihyun
yoo kihyun - День назад
b.maaax - День назад
We can finally see Sorn's beautiful legs 💗
b.maaax - День назад
Belle Bugie
Belle Bugie - День назад
¿Alguien me puede decir cómo se llama la chica del segundo 0:18? La que aparece de primera, por favor.
Benjamin VERGÈS
Benjamin VERGÈS - День назад
Se llama Seungyeon, es la líder del grupo
Lady Blink
Lady Blink - День назад
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