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keda beechem
keda beechem - 4 hours ago
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Kayla Grant
Kayla Grant - 7 hours ago
Love nique self esteem a lot of girls would never do this
Kendall Garrett
Kendall Garrett - 9 hours ago
I like the part when they was dancing 💕❤️🤞🏽💍❤️😍😘
Filamina Filamina
Filamina Filamina - Day ago
He try so hard
Dayton Huntsberry
Dayton Huntsberry - Day ago
Man I’d love to be king right about now ..
Ashanti Singletary
Ashanti Singletary - Day ago
I could never ! Kuddos nique. Them bitches too friendly too. 😂 when he found out it was you at the end I felt so happy inside 😂 i had got goosebumps. Y’all made for each other
Dorothy Logan
Dorothy Logan - Day ago
NIQUE your a gorgeous 👑 you are another queen👍👍👍👍👍
Dorothy Logan
Dorothy Logan - Day ago
Come king you act like you scared to dance you and Nique such a beautiful couple god bless you to
Amya Jones
Amya Jones - 2 days ago
They didn’t season they water lol , Ion want it😂💀
jiren jiren
jiren jiren - 2 days ago
Like this if I can't resist these girls 😂😂😆😌
Madison Dent
Madison Dent - 3 days ago
Ke Will
Ke Will - 3 days ago
I absolutely love this omg ❤️😍😍😍
Kaitlin Suchocki
Kaitlin Suchocki - 3 days ago
Not trying to be mean, but his hair in a pony tail look like a your channel, ha ha ha ha ha
Its Lynell
Its Lynell - 3 days ago
It's crazy how everybody on #4 lol but King know what he got Nique secure... Love you Nique!!!
Anise Westbrook
Anise Westbrook - 4 days ago
Austeja Kraujalyte
Austeja Kraujalyte - 5 days ago
This isn't a challenge really bc king could hear the different voices
ok kuhz!
ok kuhz! - 6 days ago
somebody bring #4 to South Africa i wanna teach her how to carry yourself in the presence of another woman's man. you don't talk undendende, firstly, he doesn't even know you

ok...let's get to how cute they were when king turned nique and hugged her whilst dancing.
A and J Delight !!
A and J Delight !! - 7 days ago
SOMAYAP and the only one that will take 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Itsyogirl Keke
Itsyogirl Keke - 7 days ago
Tbh at first dem girls look like they would really try something with king like on the DL!! But then I realize the one with the ear rings and eye shadow (Ik for a fact she a lil sneaky thang)
B. C.
B. C. - 8 days ago
The girl in blue fucking look like Gabriel Union Wade Daaaaaamn 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍
Mechia Mack
Mechia Mack - 9 days ago
guadalupe gonzales
guadalupe gonzales - 9 days ago
She look like Malaysia
Brandon Campb ll
Brandon Campb ll - 11 days ago
Nique and the girl cooking like they doing chop or something 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Zykeria Roberson
Zykeria Roberson - 11 days ago
#4 like him
Danielle Jankuski
Danielle Jankuski - 11 days ago
This is my first time watching this couple.. I love how she didn’t get jealous once and loved this challenge it’s different definitely gotta watch more of their videos
Bahamian Q Ly
Bahamian Q Ly - 13 days ago
They were literally giving him the answers and don't know it. *First up we have number four* then when he felt there legs they kept talking. Sound has a track its easy to know which direction its coming from. Nice vid tho
Francis B2real
Francis B2real - 13 days ago
Flawless Flaw
Flawless Flaw - 13 days ago
All who said 4 was doing to much don’t trust y’all gots to be wrong cuz she was not y’all saying watch her smh y’all sad cuz all I see all doing is what nique asked
GamingWithDennis7 - 15 days ago
Number 4 is 2 much
Jennifer Lawson-Campbell
Jennifer Lawson-Campbell - 15 days ago
I like the pineapple hair king. He like I not bout to rub no legs
Jennifer Lawson-Campbell
Jennifer Lawson-Campbell - 15 days ago
They in shortest to tallest
Damali Seignious
Damali Seignious - 17 days ago
their the best couple on youtube
Taquera Baker
Taquera Baker - 17 days ago
Are you giving out free iPhones I will subscribe to your Channel that notification that Bell and I'm watching your videos all of your videos. My name is Leah I'm 10 years old my birthday is October 13th and I just really want a iPhone
Life as Nyasia&Nylia
Life as Nyasia&Nylia - 17 days ago
I didn't like number 2 and 4 or whatever they were to into it like that's not y'all man
Jerry Morales
Jerry Morales - 18 days ago
Ask one of the girls if they what to FUCK ME
Rap GuRl Mia
Rap GuRl Mia - 18 days ago
I love this vid so much it shows the loyalty how king know his girl
Ta'Kayla Sanders
Ta'Kayla Sanders - 18 days ago
Ziane Oliver
Ziane Oliver - 18 days ago
You talk to Queen music video
Txmac - 19 days ago
She doing too much rubbing his hair tho
Trinity Skye
Trinity Skye - 19 days ago
I Love You so much❤❤❤❤
John Box
John Box - 20 days ago
Men he is not period pooh
Brittany Lewis
Brittany Lewis - 20 days ago
Awwww when he grabbed her RIGHT when he felt her dancing😍😍 the cutest everrrr
Nashika McClary
Nashika McClary - 21 day ago
What's The Name Of The Song
hodgie boi
hodgie boi - 21 day ago
I really enjoyed this vid!
Londyn Sims
Londyn Sims - 21 day ago
Love y'all
Raee And Keyah
Raee And Keyah - 21 day ago
Lol I'd be just like King what the hell going on 😂😂💀💀
Micheal Jones
Micheal Jones - 22 days ago
Now this was creative
Amber Shanta
Amber Shanta - 22 days ago
curly sue feeling this way too much 👀
d.ayyylin - 22 days ago
that number 4 girl needa stfu like she could really shut up 💀
murracia - 22 days ago
I loved dis challenge buh yeah I agree she was alil flirty buh the ending was really cute tho😍😍😍😍🥺
Mary McKinney
Mary McKinney - 22 days ago
I love you😀😊
Laverne Davis
Laverne Davis - 23 days ago
I still cant get over the intro
Chelsey - 23 days ago
i wonder where nique found these girls 😂
Chelsey - 23 days ago
i feel like the less flirty one is number 3 number 4 was doing too much .
SK sqaud life live as skyline
Team king❤💖
Laylay Maurice
Laylay Maurice - 24 days ago
The ending was so cute❗️😍
Thee loud house
Thee loud house - 25 days ago
That one girl is really annoying
matida diatta
matida diatta - 25 days ago
#2 reminds me of someone from from Tik tok
matida diatta
matida diatta - 25 days ago
#4 was really doing the most and she was really being odee flirty and she know it’s just a test
Paulina Speights
Paulina Speights - 25 days ago
Number 4 prob like him🤣🤣
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